CPR Training by the AHA – Notes

Based on American Heart Association Training


100-120 compressions per minute.
2 inches deep compressions, not more than 2.4, most people don’t go deep enough.
Stop compression for breaths for less than 10 seconds.
Need bare chest.
Carry pocket knife so can cut clothes.
30 compression then 2 breaths.
For breaths watch chest rise
Hold mask in c shape with 1 hand other hand lift chin.
Keep a bag valve mask handy.
If heart rate returns but no breathing, give 2 breaths every 5 seconds.
Place aed pads one above right breast other on left side of torso, should be labeled.
Have a razor to shave chest hair.
If have 2 sets of pads try one with hair and shave if aed says not connected then place the new set on.
Not place aed pad over med pad or heart monitor implant.
Anyone over age 8 use adult aed pads.
Infant CPR use thumbs to do 1.5″ compressions.
Infant compression to breaths 15:2.
Mouth to mouth must plug their nose.
Cardiac arrest give 2 breaths but just 1 for respiratory arrest.
Baby choke can hit back just between shoulders 5x then 5 chest compression if not conscious, 5 stomach thrusts if conscious.
Adult Heimlich if pregnant or too day do the thrusts over chest instead of abdomen.



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