How to Do What You Love: Philosophical Discussion on 3 Options For Vocation

How to Do What You Love: Philosophical Discussion on 3 Options For Vocation
by Nate Richardson,,

It seems there are a few ways to do what you love.
1. persuade people to pay you for it
2. focus on getting money so you can arrange to do it
3. fit it in on the side, not letting vocation be too consuming

-option 1 is rare. Church leaders said we don’t have to live like monks to promote good causes per se, though those who feel so inclined may do so.
-develop a love for things that promote the betterment of mankind, and God will help you enlarge that part of your life in a meaningful way. If doing what you love means playing video games, eh you better just keep that to a minimum. Anything that is merely for pleasure we always keep to a minimum.
-some promote their ideas via swindling and other bogus. The Jews had a tradition of not going into too crazy of careers, seeing the dignity in simple work and craftsmanship.
-as usual, follow the spirit. For example: prophets have taught women’s primary role is in the home, that nothing can replace motherhood as a token of a life well spent for a woman. But prophets have also taught that if a woman has great desires to, for example, go to med school and be a doctor, etc., then it is her prerogative to do so, but she must be careful lest she becomes consumed with this secondary interest.
-as for option 3, this is likely the best option. Being too obsessed with careers is always toxic. However, it is true that during college a person needs to be particularly devoted to his field so he can get established and earn money to maintain his family long term. Note: This doesn’t mean post-pone family creation until after college. It also doesn’t mean neglect church duties in stressful stages of life. President Nelson in a 2018 Priesthood session conference address told the brethren to do their callings even when life is busy, like when he did his while working tons of hours as a new surgeon.

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