Creation Fall & Atonement Narrative

Elder McConkie taught that there are 3 pillars of eternity, as follows:
1. creation of the world,
2. the fall of Adam & Eve, and
3. the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Here are various scenes where we find these 3 pillars to be of use. These are analogies which help us understand these pillars. I view the original pillars to be factual accounts, not purely symbolic, though here we will consider various symbols.

Let me know of more you think of!

A. Life
1. Pre-mortality,
2. earth life,
3. the life to come

B. Bodies
1. living as spirits,
2. living with bodies on earth,
3. living with resurrected bodies in the kingdom of God

C. The Batman Film Series
1. “Batman Begins” with fear,
2. episode 2, Batman falls in chaos,
3. episode 3, Batman rises by pain.

D. The literary theme
1. Hero learns of identity & mission
2. Hero embarks on the mission and finds much difficulty
3. Hero overcomes through great sacrifice, successfully completing his mission

E. Star Wars
1. Luke learns of the force
2. Luke fights against the dark side of the force
3. Luke becomes a Jedi master and restores balance to the force

F. Candide by Voltaire
1. Candide begins with pure optimism
2. Candide experiences set backs of every kind
3. Candide resorts to his garden, where his feelings are tempered with wisdom as he seeks to live a quiet life

G. College
1. The student hears of many possibilities & of his potential
2. The student fails in obtaining all of his ambitions as he seeks to balance work school family life and his various passions. He is saddened by his inability to learn all things and help all people at the present time.
3. The student relinquishes various academic aspirations and performs in a specific field, trusting that someday as time goes on, his heart will find knowledge, and he will somehow make a significant contribution to human kind in the various ways his heart feels to serve. He finds hope in religion which promises that he eventually shall obtain all knowledge and all power to serve others.

H. The Family Man
1. The young man is ambitious about family life, and obtains a wife and children
2. The man experiences all manner of difficulties and is pushed further than he ever thought possible. He makes many mistakes and searches his soul to find strength to rise to his tasks
3. The man becomes temperate and charitable, and is a legend among his people, playing a large role in the redemption of his posterity. He is not perfect but he knows that as he continues improving he will become a God in eternity, and gain the title which is the highest: Heavenly Father.

(Note: for the woman, same narrative, and she obtains the title Heavenly Mother, whom is Father’s secret weapon, or in other words, she is the nucleus of the universe around which all else goes, she is the definition of purity and good, and Father’s job is to help people become like Mother. On a smaller scale, as President Russel M Nelson said, he chose to be a medical doctor because he could not chose to be a mother. He and God both have complete reverence for woman. The Hebrew word for God is actually a plural, Elohim, the im meaning plural, which suggests that God is the team of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.)

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