They Sold Their Soul for Rock & Roll & Hollywood’s War Against God: Documentaries by Good Fight Ministries

They Sold Their Soul for Rock & Roll & Hollywood’s War Against God: Documentaries by Good Fight Ministries (from

Here we have a documentary on the evils of rock music historically and today. We also have short films about the same. Finally we have a documentary about Hollywood’s use of Gnostic undertones to teach rebellion against God’s plan for us (the core idea of Gnosticism being that the creator is a wicked dictator, and Lucifer is the “unsung hero” bringing wisdom to mankind).




This documentary and short video by Good Fight Ministries ( show that the Satanism once reserved for death metal bands is now pushed into main stream pop music. They also show the roots of Satanism in Rock and Roll:

Documentary: They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll: This documentary includes themes such as the following:  literal pacts with the devil for talent/fame/wealth/pleasure seen frequently in the rock music industry; rock song writers being inspired by the devil for lyrics and tones of songs “seeing concerts and taking notes on them” to create their music and the playing of those backward (or even just forward often) speaking of overt Satanism, which backward lyrics are sophisticated creation of Satan not of the musicians; the creator of the documentary reports that when he was a song writer before being born again, he too would have lyrics of songs come to his mind, even to the extent that he would have to look up the meanings to the lyrics which came to him, not knowing their meaning; the roots of Aleister Crowley and other Satanic leaders; the pervasiveness of Satanic themes in old and modern rock rap and even pop music; from bluegrass singers who sold their souls to the devil at the cross roads, to Elvis, to the Doors and the rest of them, these singers are deeply involved in the occult; pedophilia rape murder drug abuse free sex homosexuality and all manner of evil are openly promoted by rock singers and their intellectual forefathers. Terms such as New Age and New World Order were inspired by the devil. The Peace spoken of in the 60’s was about how people could like wickedly and yet have peace, the thing most negated by the scriptures. Crowley points out that the family is the biggest hurtle against the Satanic agenda, and thus homosexuality is promoted. Also is covered the demons plaguing these artists which they drown out with alcohol etc, and their eventual sad disappointed forsaken deaths. It is shown how yesterday’s extremists are today’s moderates, and how we would today laugh at what offended people in the 50’s. We are desensitized to evil. It is shown how music is the most powerful venue for Satanic doctrines to be spread, such as the phrase from the Satanic Bible, “Do as Thou Wilt” which became “Do your thing”, and moral relativism in the false name of tolerance which dominates society today. Demonic doctrines of humans being no more than animals are promoted. The extremism once reserved for metal bands is now becoming mainstream as seen in pop music. More modern examples of this are documented in other films at While contributing to the delinquency of minors used to be illegal, we see this is no longer the case. This documentary makes it painfully clear that the religion is alive and well today, namely Satanic religion, and their churches are the rock concerts.  Let me note that this documentary gets one thing wrong, they say the doctrine of being able to become a God is of the Devil, but in reality, Satan’s doctrine is to become a God by evil, whereas God’s doctrine is to become a God by good.

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll: Part 1:

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll: Part 2:

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll: Part 3:

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll: Part 4:

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll: Part 5:


Now look at this on Gnosticism etc.:

Here is a documentary titled “Hollywood’s War on God”: speaks of Gnosticism which turns God’s plan upside down, saying the creator is evil and Lucifer is good and that Lucifer is manifest in Sophia or learning; they state that rules and limits are bad, and that the creator (God) is an evil dictator who punishes us by putting us in bodies; they hate bodies; they think they can change the future and eliminate the second coming of Christ by initiating some new order. Speaks of the root of scientology as being Satanism as seen in the writings of Aleister Crowley. Shows how V for Vendetta, The Matrix, Harry Potter, and others are hidden gnostic teachings.

HP Lavatski is a witch which Harry Potter is based on. Harry Potter’s escape from the material world into the spiritual one is via communication with a serpent. Aleister Crowley also discovered he was a “wizard” at age 11 like Harry Potter, and other analogies of Potter and Crowley are shown.

Alan Moore a film maker in whose films the heroes are always the devils.

Gnosticism of The Truman Show exposed, where “Moses” and “Christoff” are the bad guys, and Truman must escape the world he lives in which is a set up, and Truman gets a hint that the world is fake with a “falling star” item like Lucifer falling from heaven (the old Prometheus tied to a rock as being the good guy who brought fire to mankind and being punished by God inverting God as bad and Lucifer/Prometheus as good). Truman sees a woman who tries to tell him he is deceived she is sitting by a tree whose name is Sophia like Eve in Eden. Truman also looks within himself for divine identity rather than looking to Jesus Christ. They show 139 often to mock Psalm 139 which speaks of God constantly watching us. Truman becomes his own savior with the help of the fallen star, the woman, and the self-discovery. Truman’s freedom is in his daringness to break the rules of the creator.

In the x-men movie, the hero’s job is to overthrow the creator. The winged man is like the fallen angel who like Lucifer starts as good then becomes bad, and who rejects his father, then falls from a window just before catching himself. The dark angel shape changer as the 4th horse of the apocalypse is also featured. The Beast is one character, whose job is to be a US ambassador to advocate for mutant rights. The mutants represent homosexuals.

Dan Brown’s Divinci Code is also based on Gnosticism and thus strikes the doctrine of Christ. It leads people to worship a dead woman’s bones rather than to worship Christ.

In a movie Pleasantville, when they sin, the world becomes more colorful and beautiful and a rainbow appears.

Truman wants to escape the real world to go to Tahiti.

But in reality, God created color, God created Tahiti and beaches etc. Rebellion is what taints the beautiful creation.

Hollywood has reintroduced the Gnosticism to deceive us in these last days.



Here are shorter films from Good Fight Ministries on the music industry etc:

Summary of musicians who use 666 openly:

The Noah Movie, Gnosticism, and Satanism:

Robert Johnson, Satanism, and Satanism:

Little Richard and Satanism:

Bill Haley and Satanism: The Trojan Horse of Rock and Roll:

Elvis Presley and Satanism:

Jerry Lee Lewis and Satanism:

George Harrison and Satanism (including song starting with Hallelujah, changing to Hare Krishna):

The Beatles and Satanism:

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Satanism:

The Beach Boys and Satanism:

David Crosby and Satanism:

David Bowie and Satanism:

Pink Floyd and Satanism:

The Grateful Dead and Satanism:

Jimi Hendrix and Satanism:

Carlos Santana and Satanism:

Fleetwood Mac and Satanism:

Hill & Oats and Satanism:

Black Sabbath and Satanism:

Led Zepplin, Jimmy Page, and Satanism (including performing directions rite on stage):

Led Zepplin and the Stairway to Heaven and Satanism (including automatic writing & reverse lyrics):

The Eagles and Satanism:

Van Halen and Satanism:

KISS and Satanism:

AC/CD and Satanism:

Sting and Satanism:

Iron Maiden and Satanism:

U2 and Satanism:

Prince and Satanism:

Metallica and Satanism:

Michael Jackson and Satanism:

Bob Dylan and the Devil at the Crossroads:

Beyonce and Satanism:

Queen and Satanism:

Ariana Grande and Satanism:

Lady Gaga and Satanism:

Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), James Franco, ACDC, Ted Bundy, and Satanism:

Ellie Goulding and Satanism:

Miley Cyrus, Perverted Sex Pusher, Her Dad’s Lament for Not Being a Good Dad, footage of an AIDs diseased man, and Satanism:

Kesha, the Satanic Cult Leader:

Katy Perry, the Super Bowl, forsaking Christianity, and Satanism:

Bruno Mars, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Super Bowl, and Satanism:

Satan Worship at the GRAMMYs:


X-Men Movies and the Gay Agenda:


Here’s a little note I wrote to the editors at Good Fight Ministries:

I want to thank you for your profound work, I’ve watched all of your videos and look forward to more productions. I’m going to spread your videos all I can…I still strive for guidance on how to chose Christian music, and I was praying for more guidance on that subject when I came across your website. I have knelt to thank God for leading me to your website.

I am a latter-day saint and know there is a difference between us doctrinally about becoming gods. Briefly I say yes Lucifer wants people to TAKE GOD’S PLACE and become gods via evil. But god would rather have us become like him (NOT TAKE HIS PLACE) like a father wants a son to become like him, but this is only possible through righteousness. We wouldn’t take God’s place ever, but would be extensions of his enterprise, so to say. “Joint heirs with Christ”, “if children then heirs”, etc. For a bit more on this topic, my favorite sermon on this topic about how we need a Savior (Jesus Christ) because of God’s justice, and that’s how we avoid Lucifer’s tyranny.

One more thing I think you will like. You speak of the evils of Gnosticism, and how they hate our bodies etc. (‘why are you wearing that man suit?’ said the rabbit in Danny Darko, etc.) I believe that Jesus Christ currently has a body, that he always will, and that we too will always have our bodies after the resurrection. In other words, I believe in a literal resurrection, and I think any Gnostic would detest that. So I’m very satisfied with that belief. You might be familiar with the scripture in my faith from the Doctrine and Covenants which reads that spirit and matter connected are where we have joy; in other words, we need bodies to have full joy (D&C 93:33-34) (also if interested, here is an article on how bodies are a blessing in greater detail drawing from scirpture: “The Body as a Blessing” by John S Tanner, Ensign Magazine July 1993

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