The Condemnation of Modern Mental Health Science, & a Gospel Based Family Oriented Alternative to Our Perpetually Broken System

First, I acknowledge that much good can come of mental health treatment, and mental issues are often real and needing serious attention like we would give to physical illness (as taught by Elder Holland in his address “Like a Broken Vessel” Any opportunity to serve others in a genuine way is of the Lord. I will discuss in this essay higher ways we can help each other as we climb out of the modern broken system of mental health treatment. I will talk about a mass exodus of sociological thought from government and professional intervention/welfare, to family centered intervention/welfare.

-If you need professional mental help, seek it from someone of your own faith (though that certainly won’t guarantee you proper treatment as the established norms of the field itself are so controversial and often downright immoral), and avoid conscience numbing psychotropics at all cost, using them in the rarest of cases after having researched alternative solutions thoroughly, and with an understanding that the body can heal rather than assuming that such must be used indefinitely. Nutrition can often bring healing surpassing what physicians are allowed to confess. Read Joel Fuhrman’s plant based whole foods studies on that topic ( Counseling will generally take you further than dopamine and serotonin etc. modifying psychotropics. Also read Anne Blake Tracy head of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (

-In the days of the great patriarchs, men and women could preside over their families and be their councilors, including being each other’s councilors. Such is not always the case today, but the coming of the Lord will prove to be a season where men and women again learn to take upon themselves the glorious mantles of righteous presiders, assuming the entire government of their clan. Well does the Doctrine and Covenants teach that Zion will be redeemed by the faith of the fathers. This is the song we are to sing when the Lord comes: “The Lord hath brought again Zion; The Lord hath redeemed his people, Israel, according to the election of grace, which was BROUGHT TO APSS BY THE FAITH AND COVENANT OF THEIR FATHERS” (D&C 84:99). Family (including extended family) (not government and professionals) are the original intent of the Lord for the operation of the redemption of Zion. Truly God Himself is the head of a family, and is positioning us to follow the eternal pattern of family-based government.

-The aspiring person will have a greater impact by focusing on family rather than focusing on professional mental health treatment. President Kimball taught that the real need in the world is not for more therapists but for more and stronger families. Professional roles must always take the back seat compared to family roles when it comes to our aspirations to benefit the human race. See also my document “Therapist VS Father as Saviors of Mankind: A Particular Family Size Theory”.

-it is a religion, seeking to find the why of an otherwise unexplainable universe, a why which they insist cannot involve a creator. they believe not in the repentance of sin, nor that there is sin, nor that there is punishment for crimes by anything but the state. Indeed, their views of atheism are dogmatic, and rather than being fair, they are promoting a one-sided religion of faithlessness. This religion is complete with temples (schools, hospitals), priesthood offices (professors, therapists, social workers, law makers, lobbyists, psychiatrists, etc.), rites (degrees, certifications, licensures), ceremonies (graduation, etc.), faith based (not research based) doctrines (focus on the self, hedonism, free use of the body, majesty of the state, moral Darwinism, organic evolution, transgenderism, etc.), promise of salvation (government welfare, deletion of theology and assurance of the absence of moral requirements), and every other component of any other organized religion known to man. Priest craft is practiced openly and flagrantly, charging large fees for small counseling sessions which were formerly accomplished by one’s spouse parents and trusted peers of intelligence. These preachers are only forbidden one thing: mentioning the name of Jesus Christ in their sermons.

-the training for practice in the field is utterly devoid of substance and intelligent information, so they spend their time training on “what is the initiatory phase vs the working phase” and other useless trap such as the difference between empathy and sympathy, the types of communication, the types of phaticities, etc. Rather than feeding the minds of intelligent beings with intricate mechanical processes founded on the laws of physical science, they stuff the students with doctrines of idleness and entitlement, which greatly dulls the will of man, and leaves persons bored and void of purpose, who then themselves become menaces to society, and the blind lead the blind perpetually.

-The few things can be useful in treatment should be taught on site, rather than in years and riches of college educations.

-they cannot exist without the heavy reliance on medications which hush the conscience, and promise a stress-free easy-going life, where minimal growth can occur.

-they give no heed to herbal and wholistic remedies which actually work, they are rather in bed with big pharma in keeping patients chained down to expensive medications which they cannot afford or manage on their own, thus tying them forever captives to the state and welfare therefrom

-they diagnose everyone as ill who is really healthy; We have seen the diagnostics pamphlet change into a large textbook, where one can find any successful person. Further, they suggest any amount of stress is unhealthy, and thus even if subliminally, discourage work, their scale of mental health being a scale of stress from 0-100, 0 being no stress full health. Labeling everyone and their dog with a mental illness is a way to target people for confiscation of firearms and a broad spectrum of other rights. Once they have you pinned to a diagnosis, you are a tagged rat, and they watch you, making negative predictions about your behavior based on your diagnosis. They tell you limitations about what you can accomplish based on the stereotype of those who they’ve labeled similarly. If you were to swap the labels on the rats, the students and professors would suggest the opposite, and there are many self-fulfilling prophecies in this regard. Health professionals are tied to diagnosed labels even when evidence points to the contrary. They are further hesitant to try things outside of the normal parameters of how to treat people with that specific diagnosis.

-they make confusing models, the which are not based on fact, but opinion, and if you were to swap around the positions and titles of the subsections of those diagrams, you could make just about as much sense of them as you could in the first place. What they call science there is usually just abstract art, wherein one has to make a meaning for himself, as no real intrinsic meaning there stands. It is not like realism in art, not classical portrayal of reality, but a fictitious deranged conglobulation of semi-facts jumbled together to make some vomit of a mess which, if you do not appreciate, you are considered intolerant, bigoted, uninformed, and unable to discern things of true or higher intelligence

-the boards of committees which approve what gets published in academic journals are highly politically bias. God forbid someone show the benefits of a stay at home mother, or the dangers of homosexuality for children, or the insanity of transgenderism (and obviously, the trend to perform a sex change without parental consent is another sign of the obvious march toward alien-like lifestyles.)

-they outlaw words to show that they have power over thought, muting opinions of those who do not comply to their created whimsical definitions of reality, including the titling of a male as a female, or the same sex relation as one of gaiety (“gay”), changing “committing suicide” into “dying by suicide” (being more accepting of suicide as a “lifestyle” choice rather than looking upon it as a horrid crime),  or a multitude of other nonsensical ideas. Obviously, the trend to perform a sex change without parental consent is another sign of the obvious march toward alien-like lifestyles. Their agendas are clearly manifest when it comes to sexualizing children and obliterating the family ties and affections in order to turn more power into the hands of the state as seen in the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, or “1984” by George Orwell.

-they base their calculations in Darwinism, and otherwise organic evolution, suggesting that humans are more animals than divine, and thus seek to excuse vial behavior rather than to remediate it

-the general theories of Freud and others like him are pure fairy tale, not based in scientific evidence, and often found to be hushing facts, and loading bias research sample sizes and populations

-a license is required for about everything now. Translation? We are not free. The government has lost it’s role of keeper of the peace, and has assumed the role of Lord God Almighty, except this false god of government mirrors the ways of Satan more than the ways of Jesus Christ, in that it’s ways are of forcing others to do things it’s way rather than letting people have the freedom to operate in a free market according to the dictates of their own conscience. They are suspicious of conservatives, as the professors are almost entirely liberals. The schools are one sided. The anti-capitalism liberal spirit in the mental health field today promotes fairness rather than competition and greatness, equal opportunity rather than striving for personal excellence, and receiving rather than giving. Though they call conservatives/capitalists selfish, they are in fact the ones selfishly taking from one and giving to another. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for more on that. Charities formerly functioned to help the poor before people voted in government to do it. Now we have no feeling of natural affection to care for the needs of our neighbor and the poor among us, since we justify ourselves in saying a penny of our tax dollar will feed them. We have all seen how ineffective and wasteful government is compared to private business. For example, the Latter-day Saints are usually on scene before government relief workers. Citizens are picking up trash at national parks during shutdowns where government employees do not do it. See also Ben Shapiros video presentation on how democratic socialists aren’t what they hype up to be, but are the same run of the mill socialists, historically famous, like popular Che, for murdering millions. Socialism and communism are two ways of getting the same thing, the one (socialism) being slavery we vote for, and the other (communism) being slavery we are compelled into. Both lead to slavery.


-with the great shift of state to federal government as chief in power, control of issues is moving from local to remote, and less of the policies enforced upon councilors are actually effective to the local population they are being delivered to.

-the focus of meeting social needs of people must be brought back to the family. We must return the focus to the family. We have mandatory college classes on how to be nice to people, this is a sign that there is no confidence in the family. If the family dies, so will everything else, no matter how elaborate the public training programs and certifications. May your focus be on your home. The impact you have on people out of your home is a fraction of a percent compared to the vast impact you have on those inside your home. Yes reach outward and beyond even to the ends of the earth, but keep your focus and your heart on your home. And remember the home as it now stands is usually a place of pansy enabling of bratty children without siblings who never have to work and are never pushed to really learn anything beyond passing from one grade of low bar public training schools to the next. Yes, if that were the substance of the home, I too would say let’s go find something else. But the real home, the home which corrects these great flaws, this is a home of excitement and compelling growth and progress for adults and children alike.

-the state sets a low bar in the name of tolerance not in the name of not giving offence. They march under the banner of “everyone is different” rather than the banner of “everyone can become great if they conform to moral standards”. The larger the state gets, the smaller our morals at large become. Well have the prophets taught that a virtuous people need few rulers, and that only a virtuous people can be governed under the system of the divine US Constitution.

-we are lost in the endless depths of defining and confining every human behavior and hobby rather than relying on the “this is good, that is bad” which used to guide us so universally. Where conscience once held all things, now all falls apart, and we dissect things which need not dissecting, and we ignore things which should not be ignored. Every important thing we look away from, and we fill the void of our souls by feasting upon the useless nothingness that is the endless definitions of political correctness. We make things complex which were once understood. We write endlessly on the most simple of subjects, and say that the whole of our massive writings amount to the summum bonum of knowledge, when they are in reality a pile of chaff which looks large but easily blows away in a wind storm. We cover our cowardice and ignorance by vast piles, yes even mountainous piles of scholarly essays, academic articles, and trumping about minor trivialities, swallowing the camel and straining at the gnat. We leave no room for holiness. We study and are tested on things which really have no right answer, and we pride ourselves in selecting a supposed best option among many correct options, when that option really isn’t a best option, but is only a whim of a professor who had a certain flavored cereal that morning, which lead him to select that option over the other. We pretend like we know something, when we’re really just escaping work. An example of this is our endlessly long tax codes, and other long bills full of garbage which we pretend to adhere to as our law. So, have textbooks become full of hype and drag nothingness filling our students with boredom and anti-American sentiments. Perhaps never before have we seen a group of people with so little to say take so long to say it. The reason common sense is no longer common is the dissolution of the family. Children must see an adult male and an adult female working together in perfect harmony as a typical symbol of what the human race in general can be, people who build things intelligently. Without the role models seen in family, including grandparents etc., children will indeed be at a loss of how to function, regardless of how much other social training they receive. How could you possibly teach morality in a classroom setting, especially a classroom which denies the existence of independent facts defined by empirical data rather than feelings?


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