Possible Hebrew Meaning of Genesis 3:1

The scriptures treating Eden say that Satan was the most subtle, above all the beasts of the field (Gen. 3:1). Subtle can be translated to naked in Hebrew. It also uses that word to describe Adam and Eve, stating that they were naked. Later we read of being clothed with coats of skins. One possible interpretation is that this scene took place before a physical setting where man and beast had bodies, and were later clothed with bodies (coats of skins). We know the earth was created spiritually before physically. It could be calling Satan the ‘most naked’, suggesting that Satan would fail to receive a body, and remain ‘naked’ / without the glory of having a body, forever.

The fall could mean an entrance into mortality, a step in the journey that would be difficult but necessary. A place where we could procreate physically and thereby obtain bodies which could become eternal, akin to that of God.

God is not a sprit, but a full and exalted man, meaning a spirit clothed with a physical body, which will never decay, and which body can procreate (procreation is only permanently afforded to those who prove faithful in all things).

An analogy could exist that Adam and Eve were coming out of a cave at the event of the fall. The Legends of the Jews text, if I recall, describes something of this nature. This could be symbolic of a rebirth, coming forth from the womb of the earth into new life.

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