History of Fashion

Well did Brigham Young encourage the saints to make their own clothing rather than following the fashions of the merchants of Babylon!

Too many saints today think that if their swim wear isn’t ‘extreme’ that it’s appropriate. The issue is that the definition of extreme gets pushed further back all the time, whilst the standards of the Lord and the culture of the kingdom of God in heaven, which we seek to emulate on earth, remain stationary.

In reality, many of the clothing & swimsuits suggested even by latter-day saints and other religious communities today are simply back in time a decade or so, when in reality, modesty likely died at least a century ago. In today’s secular culture, there is little to no difference between private lingerie and public swimwear. If such clothing is ever appropriate, it is in the private setting of matrimony (between man and woman), where full access to the body is legal in God’s law.

-Swimwear used to not be form fitting until about 1930. Swimwear in a 2 piece bikini style became socially acceptable around 1950.

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-Video: Glamour: history of pants (I’m not against women wearing modest pants, but this shows how the trend went from dresses, to pants, and now to essentially underwear. Click here

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