Guns, Freaks, & The Zombie Apocalypse: Hidden Anti-Conservative Agenda

It seems people think anyone with a shotgun is afraid of an apocalypse. That’s what students say when guns are brought up in my classes. Have they forgotten the cycle of wars from the beginning of time? what makes us so special that a war won’t happen in our land? Are we so extremely righteous that no wars will come to our land? It used to be considered normal to have guns on hand, especially in one’s home, now those people are seen as radicals and laughed at. Further, I think the zombie narrative is the Devil’s successful strategy to get people to doubt the accounts in the book of Revelation about forthcoming plagues. The funny thing is however that the idea of apocalypse persists in our society. We hold on the idea even if remotely that big things are at our door. They are indeed. The religious man knows it, the secular man believes it.

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