Valley’s Exalted: A Vivid Dream of the Sudden Joy of Christ’s Return

Nov. 30 2014 taken from my personal journal; this woke me in the middle of the night and sleep fled from before me. I urgently wrote every detail I could recall over the next hour or so.

I remind the readers that these are my own views alone, and that dreams are often representative rather than reality based.


key points: earth form change; power via Priesthood; joy via Christ’s return; suddenly ; gathered saints



Can my heart ever again sorrow? I have been given a key to knowledge wherein my heart does exceedingly rejoice, and surely the angels have declared it unto me. The mountains did cease, the valleys did depart, and things became a new heaven and a new earth, only the righteous were spared. The people of the Lord were gathered together and they survived the earth’s surface changing shape. The entire time my heart did burn within me. Such power was given to the righteous. Only to those who strictly obeyed their priesthood was it given them to stretch forth their hand, and the thing which they commanded to be moved was moved. I did this to a measure, but I also did need training in this. I would also pray for a thing, and there it would be. I needed my journal printed, and when my computer would not work, I prayed, and there came the image of the document in my mind, which I hit the print button to in my mind, and at that time, the document was printed to the nearest printer. I weep even now to tell you- it all happened so so so very suddenly! I compose myself lest I lose my mind- I must continue to relate this unto you. So many scriptures were fulfilled. And the level of the joy of a person was continual, yes my heart did swell within me continually, I was perpetually glad. I saw that no person had time to flee to their homes to grab something they had left behind. No person would have; the earth was changing so quickly, but yet there was organization among the Saints; somehow they knew where to go. The land mass all of a sudden before our eyes became flexible, and formed into the shape that it would. It buried the wicked, etc. I did not see the wicked get buried, I just know that had taken place for after this having happened, everything, and I weep as this i do relate, everything was peace. It was still very real; we still had meetings about what to do. These things are hard to understand, but in my dream it was so real to me that it was like these things were really happening. All through the night, it is now two a.m., I felt as though these things were really happening. And my precious wife was there with me, and with overflowing joy I did speak to her, telling her that these events meant the fulfilling of certain scriptures. It was OBVIOUS that they were, for the entire earth was changed. It was also planned out that we would travel to certain parts of the world for the teaching of the people. We would go to Jerusalem etc. on a journey as we educated the people. It least this is what I gathered as I looked at a map of the world which had several key locations mapped out on them, and I saw that we would travel from ocean to ocean by the means of the mass of land physically moving. We also saw Abraham Lincoln there, and he was in his traditional attire, and he was at the head of a big meeting of government wherein we were planning things to do. He had a stern but divine look upon his face, it was amazing. He was there, so was President Hinckley… as were a few others near of kin that we have worried about pertaining to their spirituality. Those who knew the gospel were at so much the advantage, for it was a delightful dream to them, they knew what was going on. There were military generals there etc. which helped in the planning, some were not of our faith, but they were so upright it was astounding. They were busy helping the plans be made, I presume they would join the faith as they progressed spiritually, and had more opportunity to learn.

My joy was continual in this dream, my heart continually burning; I don’t know what I did to deserve this vision. Some of the aspects of it may be symbolic, and I deem they are, but others are quite literal. Also people were generally with their families. I think we could look into the future or the past with ease, merely to think it and there the vision thereof was before our minds. We had no needs, all was provided by some higher power whom we knew was God, even Jesus Christ. We understood that it would not be long time distant before the Millennium would come. We understood that these things were preparing the world for the Millennium. I saw the portion of the future which included God fighting our battles. I also saw that continual filling of the land occurred, places which had no land became filled therewith. We had to move out of the way. One occasion I was in the way, but nevertheless I could not die. We jumped for joy, and were glad in our hearts, seeing that this was the day of the Lord. This was everything coming together. These were the signs of the times. Not all details are recalled unto me in perfect clarity, but I exclaim them to be a gift from God. I had a hard day yesterday and was persecuted several times. This is like the scripture where God gave persons visions to their sleep, or that prophecy which says that in the last days, the young men would dream dreams. I see to print my journal and other things I’ve read; I see how important it is to obey God right away in all of the good things he impresses you to do immediately, for like turning a corner, that is how sudden the movement of the earth will be. And when the news comes to us that the time for such is upon us, we will have pure joy. There will be no sorrow. It will be the day that the Lord God has finally come for his people in the final deliverance. The Lord’s people were no longer persecuted. I see that all the people of the demeanor of persecuting the Saints were simply no longer around. They must have been slain. In this dream of mine, the flow of the mass of the earth is what mainly occurred for the accomplishing of God’s purposes. I tell you also the people like Abraham Lincoln and President Hinckley, they were seen as brothers, and no person was withheld from speaking with them, nor did they see themselves as higher than other people, they were merely involved in the planning of the people, in the meeting of planning. They were most helpful. There was no time to get anything from home, it was everyone here we go it’s time. There was a great announcement I think. Also these things were shown me to motivate me specifically to continue to become a bible scholar and to continue to share the gospel for I got to do so during my break at work yesterday as well as inviting others to the choir performance. At any rate, these things did happify my heart. These things showed me that there is no need to procrastinate. I saw that getting into debt was not putting me ahead at all, and that such was silly, for I want to be free as a bird. I saw that the only things which really paid off were keeping the council of the prophets. There is a level of joy and light and direction and instruction and knowing of the future that I can’t quite lay my tongue upon, I have forgotten it already. God is testing me. It’s like I’ve been to heaven and back, and now I need to go onward in faith even though I don’t remember everything of heaven or of things to come. I was so filled with joy as I saw these things. It was like every burden was gone. Literally the old earth passed away and a new one was made. We had a new social system, the land mass flow made an ENTIRELY different setting for how the lands were organized and divided, it was all so very beautiful. The good people and the Saints did only so much. It was mostly the doing of the Lord. They did however do their best, and all they could, and when worn out, these things came flowing like a river. I think this thing I’m having difficulty describing is that perhaps the Saints are gathered in one place, and a piece of the earth on which they stood was lifted up into heaven while all the earth was changed, with as it were flowing lava upon the entire face of it, going to make land where such was not before, and filling areas that were before empty. It was like we were lifted up into the sky on an island of earth, and thus were protected. It was interesting, somehow the Saints (the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who cared about their religion) and also the good folks of the earth, were safe in this certain area. The things we saw were majestic, it was as though God was saying alright it’s time that we start things anew. I remember that we had all peace and that we knew with certainty that we were in the hands of the Lord. I could write for hours upon this to try and preserve its memory, but I can only get so close. These things are glorious to me. All the cares of the world are gone there. There is no money to worry about there, it was a barter system. It was actually NO system for the time I was in the vision. We were not trading at the time, there was only standing still and beholding the salvation of God. It seems that joy had swallowed up our appetites, or that such was available because of our preparation but mostly because this was obviously God doing a mighty work. I don’t recall seeing God, I think it was the time just before his coming. Or perhaps God was at a helm of a ship I was riding just out of my view. Certainly he was there, we knew without seeing him all of the time because of the majestic things that were occurring all around us. It was like this: we hereby announce (the leaders of the Church), that the time has come; Then all element would flow, and no one would have to tell you not to go home to get your things, because it was obvious, as one would see the element enfolding itself around us, and hence the need to get going to the secure place which surely was established. The entire thing was peculiarly entransical, I was so entirely swallowed up in the joy that these things were happening, and that the Saints could finally rest without being persecuted more. The serenity of being with family I do recall- my mother was there, and it was part of the greatest joy, for here I was, at the end of days, experiencing with her all of the things which she had long since the days of my childhood prophecies to me would occur. Neither myself, my wife, or mother seemed to have age much. This was not a distant event, not more than five years ahead of now. It was TODAY! It was happening! There was no waiting! It was fall asleep one night and the next day was the end of all things! I long for my pillow that I might see more; or even simply recall that which I saw, for it was so exquisite and real and sweet to me; yes some major aspects I simply know I am neglecting in this account, for had I memory of all of them I peradventure would collapse for joy. This is part of what I saw: I saw that it is well with the souls of them who are trying to do good, but especially well with the souls of them who are learning of and preaching the gospel, and who are not only generally obeying God, but are obeying him NOW. Those who don’t put off the promptings, or I would say even the INCLINATIONS to do good, to prepare, these things in every needful way. The part which I saw was the part where we were no longer on our own as families or individuals, we were brought together back as families, and we were called together. I REMEMBER NOW A PART,  it was that the Saints were called together before the world expected anything, yes we were called together as in the days of Noah before the rain, very soon thereafter, once we had all gathered, then we beheld the changes upon the earth, and that a new heaven and a new earth were coming into play. We saw that the day of the Lord was upon us. It was the President of the Church who called us together. I don’t say whether other groups of Saints met in other places and had their own island or whatever it was, a hub of protection or something, but I do speak from my first person experience. To me, it was as though all were come together to one place, but after the greater part of the torment, I did see persons there whom I did not recognize as having been in the same safety area as I was in, NAMELY the person who were not Saints, but who were honorary, namely that war general that wanted justice. He I say was either an individual, or a representation of all of his class. These persons would withstand all. They were bent on the welfare, and were not merely beholding, but were, after the main events had occurred, at the meeting, and planning, wanting to organize and prepare the people, yes they were involved in our little government of survivors and persons who cared. Perhaps in this vision not all of the wicked were slain at once, or even had been slain by a certain time, but as the scriptures say, in my vision we were protected. The wicked were not a big fear to us anymore, for we were united, and hence powerful, but our main source of power was the OBVIOUS provision that the Lord was extending to us. There were certain benefits and powers that were especially in play that we do not currently enjoy, or that we do not take part in on a regular basis, like power of seeing and traveling and loving and communicating and experiencing things together. I pray to be there again in vision, but not long is my prayer, for I know these things soon, oh how soon I would weep to tell you, will be upon us. I don’t know how this level of joy came, but I tell you this, when it’s so OBVIOUS that God is with you, and confirmed to you in such a way that you are on the right path, and so clear that the Saints are called to act together in a thing, one sees that they can as it ware fall back onto their back, or stand still on their feet as they watch the events of the end of days occur in one setting, watching them occur in the time interval of approximately one day. Yes, of a few hours I would say. It all happened in daylight I think. It was like getting in a space ship and dropping your jaw as you see your world change. It was in every sense marvelous, and beyond my wildest dreams. I have had great expectations for the day of the Lord, but this was surpassing them all. I look forward to this day now with all the more zeal for the joy to be found therein, in this day of fleeing Babylon by coming to Zions camp or the local area or whatever. IT seemed like all the Saints were together although I could not see them all, I only saw a few persons. The number of survivors was small, although filling vast congregations. We were instructed to do something, that the time of the end had come, and we were in the attitude of saying our day has come and we are delivered, make ye haste to the place of thy Lord and with thy family there have peace, and stand still to behold the salvation of God. There were magical occurrences like unlimited supply and receiving according to the thoughts, and these things may have been symbolic of having all we need, but surely they foresee a future day when such powers are upon us. I am speaking of powers we do not currently comprehend or use. Power of seeing things that occur universally, or that all can see what occurs, also the power of being present for such, also the power of receiving a copy of what you desire my meditating thereon. Also the memory with increased power, perhaps to access any document. Like having a computer in the head where a vast library can constantly be accesses, and one can write in the mind, and organize therein, and prepare the most wonderful dissertation or organization of ideas, having all resources at their expense, and no limitations, seeing in the mind’s eye all information as it’s requested, and building therewith, and hence the understanding sky rockets forward. In the vision, and I have no shame in claiming my dream such, not being able to mistake the feelings that I felt, they being clear and undeniable to me, yes I had a vision tonight, it was like I was there, but I was in my bed. I did of coarse not realize I was in my bed. I suppose when these things transpire, not only will I be better prepared for them, but I will be in the nature of saying, yes, this is the place and situation whereupon I did trod in the vision of my eyes and heart and soul not long ago. This is all correct. This is how it indeed ought be. The understanding of occurrences, because of the grace of God, being upon me. In this I have no shame, for it is reality that I am recipient of great things, and this by way of the grace of God. Hence I am not ashamed. It seemed to me in the dream that the time had come for answers to come, all of them, and one by one things were unfolded to my view. Oh the joy as the Saints traveled together! Oh the joy as the Lord was with us and fighting our battles, for is it not written that such will occur? The earth. That is the sector we speak of. Not of fire or wind or water. We speak of moving earth, it’s SURFACE being heaved from one place to another. And it was as an obedient servant marching forward in obedience to it’s God, for mountainous waves did it make, and not those natural. Then the crust of earth would harden, I think, at least for a time or manner, and things would thus be new.


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