Natural Love Resulting in Childbirth: The Highest Romantic Expression

To the couple who is sexually active yet forbids from marriage, and thus forbids procreation of children together, we also ask: If your sexual intimacy is always hindered by the placement of some unnatural item between you, such as a condom, or some unnatural act such as spilling the seed outside, or some unnatural medication to kill life in your which was a result of the intimacy, is that relationship really natural?  In other words, you can’t long separate sexual intimacy from childbirth. While childbearing isn’t the express purpose of sexual intimacy, children are the natural consequence of true love as expressed by the consummating act of sexual intimacy. In the old days, a marriage was consummated, made entirely valid, by sexual union, and not before. Think of it: you loved each other so much, that you spawned a creature whom is the spitting image of the combination of the both of you. I can think of no greater expression of love for another person, that you believe they are the prototype which should be mixed with you to provide the next generation of ideal human beings to walk the earth. Oh how majestic is the power of the human race, they together can create life! Oh nature, cry out for joy! Adam has found Eve, and the earth is filled with songs of joy! Unending is the fruit of the womb, let the human race burst forth through space filling the planets with the overflow of their majesty!

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