No Sexual Perversions in Marriage

There should be no sexual perversions in marriage taught President Spencer W. Kimball.

He taught that not only should there be complete fidelity in marriage and all sexual relations reserved for marriage, but that there should also be no sexual perversions in marriage.

What this means must be pondered upon with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, and here I make a few suggestions.

The use of pornography in marriage as some sort of sexual training tool was attempted by some in the church such as therapists etcetera president Hinckley said that is not appropriate

Urging one’s partner to intercourse and such as not wanted can we come abusive must be monitored. Jason Carroll at BYU a professor of Family Life reminds his students that being married to someone does not give unlimited access to them and that all courtesy and respect should be showed to one another, especially when sensitive issues exist in the psychology or physiology have one of the married persons.

Two-thirds of women over the age of 30 struggle with fertility issues, and a couple must take into account tender feelings associated with intercourse and the frequent loss associated with it.

Sexual acts which are not observed in nature should be avoided. There is one course which provides pleasure to the man and woman which is the biological natural method. Intercourse is a natural act, and methods should be limited to those which occur in nature.

Public modesty of married people must continue as it did before their marriage. Moderate public display of affection is a sign of a healthy marriage, but a couple should not attempt to draw too much attention the sacred parts of their bodies. Full viewing access to a body is reserved to the person to whom they have promised their whole soul.

Use of contraceptives is not prohibited in the church priesthood manual used by bishops and giving formal council to the saints. However it does say in the same that the commandment to multiply and replenish the Earth is still in force. Historically, prophets have cast great caution regarding the use of contraceptives, and one would do well to consider the depths of the eternal holiness of childbearing.

The priesthood leadership manual states that sexual relations serve the purpose of both pleasure and childbearing. That leaves family planning issues between the couple and the Lord. Let us be reminded of the many sermons of old end of present day which suggests the great pleasure the Lord has in a couple who attempts to be fruitful.

Some prophets voiced an opinion that there should be no closed door regarding children to a home. Recently as 2017 check the date elder Anderson an address entitled children when he reminded us the children are not a hobby but rather a commandment. Other times profits have suggested in plain terms that those who fail to use procreative powers to procreate will be denied those privileges in the world to come.

Any form of manipulation of one’s partner with sex as a tool of bargaining would not please the Lord. Lengthy periods refusing to give oneself one spouse would not please the Lord. Abstinence in marriage often reflects contention. Some health conditions such as physical or emotional trauma may necessitate abstinence in marriage for a short or long season, but where this is not critical for health and is rather an issue of pride, there sin lies at the door.

Let us remember the happy fact that the resurrection will reward faithful stewards with celestial bodies, which far surpass the blessedness of healthy bodies in this telestial world. Ever since the fall of Adam the human race has been less than ideal physically. That will be remediated in the near future when the Lord initiates the morning if the resurrection.

Brigham Young taught that exalted man and woman will become more beautiful than can now be comprehended in the celestial day. He urged saints to not separate due to such trivial things as appearances. He said he would take a woman with a head 3 feet wide if she were true and faithful in the gospel. He understood the doctrine of the resurrection which clearly states that all will come into the likeness of God as they follow his path.

Failure to maintain one’s health is a form of marital betrayal. To think that your era of courting is ended just because you made vows together is folly and will not carry enough inertia to coast you into the celestial realms together.

It is the duty of a married person to maintain their attractiveness and appeal to their mate so they can have abiding joy in one another’s company. Careful attention should be given to the word of wisdom regarding health in the scriptures. Regular exercise has also been encouraged by prophets wise men and scientists, as it is calculated to increase beauty, peace, and connection to the spiritual nature of our souls.

Refusal to spend time together and recreational activities in regular dates can lead just sexual frustration. Marriage requires time together serving one another love me stay fresh throughout life.

Sexual dissatisfaction is, as President Kimball and many social scientists today teach, one of the, if not the single greatest, predictor of divorce. While attending to their individualized specific needs, a couple can reject the false doctrines and traditions of our day, and avoid the calamity associated with perverting the holy relationship of marriage.

Note: Podcast from an LMFT active church member on marital intimacy (I haven’t viewed all of his material and don’t give him a blanket endorsement, but the reader might benefit from viewing his materials inasmuch as they are congruent with the teachings of the prophets) (


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