The 25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and how to Avoid Them by Randal A. Wright, PhD

The author is a long-time social scientist and church member who has worked teaching in the CES program.


  1. Home environment
  2. Quality time
  3. The crossroads
  4. Family traditions
  5. Children’s friends
  6. Peer pressure
  7. Television
  8. Music
  9. Movies
  10. Parental example
  11. Expressing love verbally
  12. Physical affection
  13. Support
  14. Marriage
  15. Family fun
  16. Discipline
  17. Worldy heroes
  18. Teaching correct principles
  19. Human intimacy
  20. Steady dating
  21. Underage dating
  22. Communication
  23. Self-worth
  24. Spiritual experiences
  25. Warning signs


Some detail on these 25:


  1. Home environment (that reflects the gospel)
  2. Quality time (and quantity)
  3. The crossroads (be there at critical times)
  4. Family traditions (have them to teach, indoctrinate, & unify)
  5. Children’s friends (don’t allow them to associate too closely with those who don’t share their values)
  6. Peer pressure (teach how to deal with it)
  7. Television (limit exposure, none in bedrooms)
  8. Music (limit access to inappropriate)
  9. Movies (prevent exposure to inappropriate)
  10. Parental example
  11. Expressing love verbally (daily to family members)
  12. Physical affection (give it)
  13. Support (each other’s events, games, & activities)
  14. Marriage (build it strong to show how it works)
  15. Family fun (& laughter)
  16. Discipline (be consistent, non-harsh, non-lax)
  17. Worldly heroes (discourage over-involvement)
  18. Teaching correct principles (don’t assume church & society will)
  19. Human intimacy (teach the importance and proper role)
  20. Steady dating (prohibit during teen years)
  21. Underage dating (before 16)
  22. Communication (keep the lines open with your children)
  23. Self-worth (build a positive self-image in your children)
  24. Spiritual experiences (take advantage of inspired church-sponsored programs)
  25. Warning signs (recognize)

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