Evolution by God is Laughable – Joel Skousen Quote

June 2019, a letter to me from Joel Skousen,

“There is no way that evolution and God are compatible. True evoluionists laugh at the notion because the whole purpose of evolution is to explain how things happen and exist without intelligent control or design and God’s entire purpose is to design things and allow others under his direction to do so as well. There are whole teams of design scientists up there design new ways to produce plants that grow under extreme conditions. Why would God wait millions of years for things to happen by chance (producing 99.9% errors that don’t survive) when he has the power to design, command and control the elements to get things down. That’s were human growth comes from, not from sitting around waiting for randomness to produce something effective. In fact as long as command and control exists in the universe by spiritual beings, one can NEVER know if anything is random.

In God’s elevated understanding of how to do a magnificent test on earth, he even created the earth from other parts of other earths and put down layers of fossils to give the appearance of evolution—just to give Satan a chance for selling this bogus explanation of life. But he also put gaps in the fossil—layers where there is no life, just to prove that life could not have gone on continuously getting past these dead layers. In other words, dinosaurs probably never actually lived on this earth, and certain the vast quantities of oil deep under the earth didn’t come from decomposing animals.

There are many flaws in evolution like the paradox of perfection where certain things like eyes and feather wings don’t provide any use at all until they are complete and perfect—in other words, they cannot evolve.”

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