Marijuana: The Gateway Drug to Meth & Mental Illness

I’ve been doing some work at the Utah State Hospital in Provo (formerly known as the insane asylum). Amazingly, most people are there not for natural mental illness, but drug induced. They get fried from meth and are permanently mentally disabled. The other interesting thing is that the common thread among these patients is that marijuana was the gateway drug that got them into the harder stuff. The head psychiatrist at this hospital says that when people have schizophrenia from natural means, we can use drugs to treat much of that; but when someone has it as a result of drug use, there is little that can be done even with drugs, because there is no brain to work with; the brain is fried.


marijuana is so bad and the gateway drug for this reason: it introduces the concept of getting something for nothing. The idea that you can experience pleasure without working for it, without a moral character. Then the mind is lead to think “that was the easiest fun I’ve ever had. I will go and find more easy fun.” Then all values fall away. Everything that used to be the framework for happiness drowns in the background of their new-found hypnosis. The spend their time swimming in the deception that their life is of value because they are experiencing pleasure, all the while they have reduced themselves to a corpse plugged into the matrix, vegetating day by day, approaching their death without ever having really lived.

one finds themselves saying “here is the life! why was I wasting time on that other garbage like work and ethics and social skills and honesty and industry and patience and faith? Everything I need is RIGHT HERE.” So they throw in the towel and disbelieve everything any authority figure or positive role model has told them, and they deliver themselves up to the wolves. Then when they think the meal is about to be served in this their new pack/tribe, they find out they ARE the meal. Of course then it’s too late.


For a book on how marijuana itself, not even meth, can cause mental illness and violence, read “Tell Your Children: The truth about marijuana, mental illness, and violence” by Alex Berenson.

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  1. Drug users or any of those addictions turn to this as a means to escape PTD in there life, most of them come from broken homes, been molested or raped or even there parents have fed them drugs and alcohol. Before you can help anyone with addiction you need to get to the root of the problem. We can never really judge them because we dont know what brought them to that place they are now in.

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