On Using Alternate Methods to Cast Out Demons in the Mental Health Field

The patients report hearing voices, and those are usually derogative voices and often tell them to hurt others or widdle self-esteem. So yes, I agree these are demons!
I think though that the population at large doesn’t have the faith to be healed. Some of our mental patients have less agency and many of them are innocent, but also many of them have “permanent” mental illness because of drug abuse. Granted there is a root cause of drug abuse like depression or loneliness etc., but perhaps God is punishing them for turning to bad coping methods. Again, we don’t judge because we don’t know, but it seems that either because of low faith of the patients, or low faith of the people in charge of the patients, the healings are rare.
Perhaps the family members aren’t willing to seek spiritual healing for their diseased family member, and the diseased person suffers because of the lack of faith of the family. Perhaps the “works of God” being manifest in the ill client is also manifest not only in healings, but in the increased compassion the caretakers have the choice to develop from shepherding that ill family member / friend.
Seeking spiritual healing, I think, cannot be done by the government. It would be priestcraft. Spiritual healing must be voluntarily entered into by the client, or by the family members of the client if the client is incapable of seeking them himself.
Currently we have state funded and operated mental hospitals. The one in Utah is in Provo, called the Utah State Hospital. The issue here is that we have mentally ill people which people aren’t willing to help, so the government picks up the slack. The only way to optimal mental health treatment is through private organizations, particularly churches. In a Zion society, I believe the focus is much less on state welfare, and much more on volunteerism, particularly based in religious operations.
I am happy to report that recently I saw a person at the mental hospital who was active in the church, praying etc. often, and he was miraculously set free from the hospital; out of the blue the judge decided to let him go, and I attribute this to the boy’s faith, which perhaps he had developed during his hospital stay.
Granted other patients have faith too but aren’t let go or fully healed, despite their efforts to seek spiritual healing. Again, this could be to teach them and their care givers patience.

Another note on this topic is that we likely agree that the SSRI’s antidepressants SNRI’s MAOI’s etc. have many toxic side effects, many of which are covered up by the powers that be. Joel Skousen says perhaps the worse side effect of these drugs is that the “diminish conscience”; that they quiet the whispers of the Holy Ghost.
I also find it interesting that most psychotropic meds are absolutely toxic for pregnant women, and perhaps Satan is using these “easy out” drugs as a way to get women to not have children. I also note that rates of suicide are far lower among married women and mothers than among single women, so Satan could be giving them these false fixes rather than the lasting healing which can take place in the satisfactory lifestyles of family creation.
The withdrawal from psychotropics also often is connected to symptoms of illness even worse than the illness being treated in the first place. It looks like the Devils signature on the contract, that if you try to leave it, you’ll go through hell for it.
I also note that inasmuch as they are effective and safe, psychotropic meds can be useful. Much progress is being made in this field of research, but given the politically conspiratorial and Satanic influence in these sciences, the progress is slow. I only suggest using these as a very last resort. Big pharma etc. don’t tell people about alternative treatment, and the field of nutrition is demonized. Further, many people are unwilling to make personal life choice changes needed to improve their mental health, like diet, exercise, spiritual repentance and obedience, etc. The D&C specifically points to use of herbs, and there are other methods of healing too, which you likely know more about than I.
My favorite outspoken person on the dangers of psych drugs if Anne Blake Tracey of drugawareness.org she has published several books and has documented hundreds of cases of domestic violence directly related to use of psychotropic drugs. She has interesting lectures on YouTube and at latterdayconservative.com in the downloads section.
In recent news, it’s of interest that Robin Williams’ suicide occurred when they put him on dopamine related drugs for his Parkinson’s Disease. He dealt with his depression for years but when they messed with his dopamine is when he was too far off balance, and took his life.

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