Animal Rights Quotes

Though we do not worship animals nor equate them the same status as mankind, they do have rights and are loved of God. They are not the children of God as humans are, but they are beloved nonetheless.


The Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis speaks of man being required to give an accounting for how they treated animals.

Scriptures speak of the lion & the lamb lying down together, and a future day when there will be no death, including no death of animals.

2 Nephi 2 says that before the fall of Adam, there was no death, including no death among animals.


Animals have intelligence and rights -Brigham Young


Only for their ignorance of what they do are men not punished for harm they do to other creatures of God’s creation. -Brigham Young


Animals fear covenant keeping humans. -Hugh Nibley

(they are in the image of their creator)


Every tree is a living soul. -Nibley


Animals will appear at God’s judgement bar to accuse those who’ve wronged them. -Nibley



Zion means beauty. -Nibley


Why God weeps over this earth in the book of Enoch? For all his earths are interconnected. -Nibley


Prophets see Jesus and Lucifer in personal interviews. -Nibley

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