A Few Notes on Joseph Smith

-To hear the prophet Joseph Smith speak at any time on any subject, Brigham Young always went, even when it meant hunger and poverty would result for himself and his household.

-storekeeper, general, Mayer of Nauvoo, general in Nauvoo, Chief Judge in Nauvoo, store builder, service project leader, prophet, farmer, city founder, pioneer, employer, temple builder, translator, student of languages, interpreter, reader of ancient texts, editor of a church newspaper (in Nauvoo?)

-“keep the commandments, and a halo of glory will be around your path” -teachings on charity chapter JS Teachings.

-“seek own furtherance while brethren are in poverty can’t have the spirit” -JS teachings; on charity chapter

-JS after playing in a ballgame would say to the people to come build a cabin, or hitch up and gather wood for poor and cut such, or give his shoes from his feet for a man without, and put people up in his home to care for them and sleep in a tent his 4 room house so full. -JS teachings; on charity chapter

-Satan flatters us of our own righteousness. No man ought declare his own righteousness. -JS teachings RS chapter and another perhaps the one on charity.


JS walking from his farm said you would look at it several times too knowing you would never see it again.

JS said to a guard at Carthage: do I look like the fearsome man you make me out to be? The man said no quite opposite actually. But I can’t tell what is in your heart by your appearance. JS said that is true, but I can see in yours. You thirst for blood and won’t be satiated until you see plenty of it. And you will (The Civil War). And cannon blast will be pointed at you from a source you know not (cannons in Civil war in great amounts).

Hyrum shot by the nose JS said holding him oh my poor brother Hyrum! JS went for the window and said My Lord and My God! Then was shot as he spoke this on both sides and fell from the window, hit the ground by a well, and after a few breaths there, 3, he died.

*How heartbreaking for JS to see his brother die in the cause that he called him to! How frightening to be running for your life and to be attacked by mobs and running from one corner to another to escape death! How wretched to know you are walking to your death! This is the fearsome fight for Christ and all men.

-for some of these martyrdom descriptions, see “Joseph and Hyrum their final days with historian C. Michael Trapp”

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