Know, Not Just Believe


People who “Know” the gospel is true (not just believe), and how they came to know.


-Alma 5:45

-NT: Jesus said ye shall KNOW (not just believe) the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

-We have heard many prophets declare they know God with a sure witness more powerful than even that of the sense (for some of those quotes see my Special Witnesses document in the Restoration book). Joseph Smith taught that these blessings are available for all church members, not just the leaders.

-see Truman Madsen lectures on revelation, sources of knowledge, etc.

-Jesus said that he is full of grace and truth. Many have expounded on his grace, but do they allow his truth? The restoration brings much truth which the world of Christendom at large will not receive! They remain with the Greeks and philosophers, floundering for truth, rejecting it when it is right in front of them, to save face in front of their friends and scholarly peers. They mix scriptures with the philosophies of men. Jesus wants to tell us of our pre-mortal life, of our exaltatory potencial, and of the history and origins of God himself, the character of God, what God does, where he is, but will they hear it? No they will not.

-It is lying to say you know when you don’t actually know. But it’s equally lying to say that you don’t know when you really do.

-Only the Holy Ghost can give perfect knowledge.

-If you have to ask some trusted or wise friend, even an ecclesiastical leader such as your bishop the question of whether you have a testimony, you don’t have a testimony. Go work on that.


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