General Conference Highlights: October 2020

Disclaimer: These are my notes and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I have selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it is bias toward what I felt were ideas of particular importance. This should not be considered a scholarly work, but rather an informal sharing of discovered ideas. I alone am responsible for this article, which I share via my personal non-profit website.

Song: truth eternal

Song: praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Song: I feel my Savior’s love

President Nelson:

Kids sharing thoughts on Come Follow Me helps us know what to pray for them.

In this shutdown pandemic time make particular efforts to improve spiritually.

Elder Bednar:

Teachers key role is helping students learn how to learn for themselves.

Tests are critical in teaching.

Food storage and other emergency prep is still in effect. (Note: it seems there has been a half hour of silence on this topic at general conference, which had now ended)

Reviewing notes regularly enables us to understand not just memorize.

When prepared, the final exams are easy. (Note: this can apply to last days . If we are prepared spiritually and temporally it will be easier thank our present condition.)

Be prepared to gather together in holy places and be not moved until the Lord come.

Middle ground options will be removed.

Not making a choice is a choice. Learn to make choices now.

Whiting of the Seventy:

The call to be as Christ in this life is real.

If others can attain Christ’s attributes, do can we.

Focus on one Christlike attribute at a time.

Sister Smith:

Always on the phone in lines etc. makes us like the priest who passed by the winded man.

Hope to be like Christ when he appears

Song: come ye children if the Lord (note: it’s a song about the millennium)

Elder Cook:

Feed any strangers who come to your home asking for food.

200 years have passed since the first vision. This is a hinge point in the church. 200 years passed between Christ to the Nephites and the time they became wicked. In the 201st year people became horrendously evil. God had to send judgments upon them.

Elder Rasband:

A temple recommend means we are recommended for the presence of the Lord.

We stand in for our deceased family to be recommended for the Lord when we seek their info to take to the temple.

Let go of cultural practices not in harmony with the gospel.

Song: have I done any good

President Oaks:

Don’t make political statements in church meetings.

Obeying God’s commands are possible because he said ask and ye shall receive.

To be angry is to give in to Satan. No one can make us angry.

Christ said don’t do a revolution, be subject to the law.

As Abe Lincoln said, there is no grievance which justifies mob activity.

Mob activity is anarchy and undermines individual rights.

The USA must do better than other countries, our constitution calls for it.

Song: love one another

Song: beautiful Savior

Elder Christofferson:

Civilizations can fall when they ignore basic principles.

Life should be defined by duty and obligation to family God and country, not entitlement.

When consent is the only restraint to sexuality, the society is in decay. Poverty and abortions are some of the bitter fruits of the sexual revolution.

Our most fundamental service is to live and teach the gospel.

Steven Lund young men president:

Quotes Elder Bednar saying if we wish to be as missionaries, we should do what missionaries do. (Note: apply this to senior missionaries’ preparations and ministry)

Elder Gong:

When we share the gospel we are fulfilling prophecy.

Let kids use the gospel living app.

Brother Waddel:

Despite our poverty the Lord does not excuse us from getting food storage water storage and other preparations. If we prepare we can have bread.

Next guy:

Satan whispers that our trials are from our sins.

John the revelator saw us as those that came out of great tribulation. (Note: this verifies that the 7th seal opened in year 2000, that we have come out of great tribulation, and qualify to fulfil the scripture of the multitude spoken of in Rev. 7 symbolic of the Palmyra Temple dedication.)

Next guy:

Don’t hold on to false cultural traditions.
(Note: this is the second time this was stated at this conference. This could suggest our society is so corrupt it’s getting hard to remain pure therein, which could suggest it’s almost time to leave.)

We aren’t here as a cosmic accident.

We don’t have to leave behind righteous parts of our culture.

The world is in desperate need of healing. (Note: this affirms the time of trial is now, and the time of healing is eminent.)

Elder Uchtdorf:

We like seeds are being buried by trials so we can become flowers.

Something wonderful & unimaginable is about to come about.

Speaks of city of Enoch.

Things might get worse before they get better.

Chose how to prepare and react in times of crisis with clarity. Do this by returning to fundamentals. Make decisions on best proven practices.

The day will come when we will look back on this time period as one where we learned new ways to build gods kingdom on a more sure foundation.

The Lord will cause unimaginable things to come from your righteous labors.

(Note: increase outreach on whatever platforms etc. possible)

Song: how firm a foundation

President Eyring:

Every day we approach closer to when the Savior will come again

There are glorious promises to be fulfilled before He returns.

The Lord will come to a people who have gathered and prepared to live as the city of Enoch.

God will preserve his people in the midst of blackened skies and a shaken earth.

There will be a holy city the new Jerusalem where we will look forward to the Lords return.

We will create a Zion culture and live in new Jerusalem.

The angels can’t be restrained from being your associates, you are being prepared for that, live up to it.

This dispensation is distinct because the Lord will prepare us to live as the city of Enoch.

The city of Enoch will return and join the new Jerusalem.

If the pat repeats itself the women will be more than half of those ready. Likely far more than half.

You will live in the sociality of Zion. You will be blessed by the Lord there.

God will go before your face as you help him make his people into the promised Zion.

President Oaks:

Be of good cheer after the trials come the great blessings. You can find joy in the trials that lie ahead.

In the long view of eternity opposition will not be allowed to overcome us.

The riots now are the most severe many of us can remember.

Find joy in the fruits of our labors.

Poverty persecution frustrations and martyrdom were what marked Joseph Smith’s life.

Joseph Smith maintained a cherry temperament and the love and loyalty of his members.

Many missionaries were sent out at the time that could be called their worst.

Missions back then we’re 3-7 years, and not considered very long.

Our decisions are in the daily ones of life, but he not weary in well doing, for we are laying the foundation.

Life is meant to be hard not so we fail bit so we succeed through overcoming.

Song: my heavenly father loves me

President Nelson:

The way to face these last days is simple: if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

Store food water and financial reserves.

Even more important than temporal preparation is spiritual and emotional preparation.

In the Book of Mormon to prepare they made places of security, and never stopped preparing the people physically and spiritually.

When Lamanites attacked Nephites they were astonished at the prepared walls etc of he Nephites.

Your home is the first line of defense.

Stakes of Zion are also a refuge as they are led by key holders.

The temple is a place of security unlike any other.

The endowment gives constant access to God’s power.

A place of security is where you can feel the Holy Ghost.

You can teach truth even when it’s counter culture.

Having places if security to which you can retreat will help you embrace the future with faith.

Faith increases as seek learning & obey God.

Always remembering God is what learning by faith means.

Few things build faith more than regular emersion in the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is our latter-day survival guide.

Life with God is a life filled with peace.

Personal revelation is one of the greatest blessings.

We can obtain boundless gifts of the spirit.

Moroni never became complacent. Satan never stops attacking, we can never stop preparing temporally or spiritually against Satan’s relentless assaults.

Instilling faith in your loved ones will bring blessings for generations.

This is the latter part of these latter days.

The future will be glorious for those who are prepared to be instruments in the Lord’s hands.

Turbulent times allow our influence to be much more penetrating than in calm times.

We can hope for deliverance.

Song: more Holiness give me

Song: press forward saints

Song: if the Savior stood beside me

President Ballard:

Watch and pray to be prepared to be with the Savior.

Troubled times will precede the Second Coming.

We are at a major crossroads in history.

Pray for your country and national leaders. For those who hate you.

Speaks of one who lead her family to a different land which brought safety.

Redouble your commitment to prayer in your closet your walk always in your heart, for church leaders to receive Revelation of how to guide us, etc.

Pray to be able to focus on your important work and clarity will come to your mind.

Sister Harness:

People panic even when they’re not in much trouble. We can help them calm down.

Elder Soares:

Temptation is like a magnet; it has no power if we keep it far away. (Note: consider ways to flee Babylon)

Like the prodigal son wake up from your nightmares and join the Lord

Godoy of the Seventy:

Church activities are essential for people to integrate into this religion.

The Lord is always looking for people who are willing to he angels in others’ lives.
(Note: make social activities with friends a higher priority)

Church members are a giant army of angels set apart to minister to others.

Elder Anderson:

In the last 10 years 30 million people have stopped believing in the divinity of Christ

A serious study of the Savior will make you a new man.

Talk often to our children about the parables of Jesus.

Speak of Christ more as others speak of him less.

No matter the topic of a gospel discussion or lesson, tie it in to Christ.

Be more open on social media in talking about your trust in Christ.

We care more about being Christ’s followers than being liked by our own followers.

In the days ahead those who believe in Jesus Christ will need each other’s friendship.

He displayed a picture of glorious Christ coming to a modern group of people.

Can you imagine being caught up to meet the Savior? That is his promise to you. That experience will change you forever.

Song: God is love

President Nelson:

He has been praying and fasting on meanings of gathering.

Israel means Let God prevail.

The Lord is gathering those who will let God prevail in their lives.

Foretold gatherings are happening right now. As the event before the millennium it is the most important thing in the world.

Anything that helps people make and keep covenants is gathering Israel.

When we fuss about death it is myopic (near sighted).

Pray to be lead to those who are willing to let God prevail.

Let what God needs you to do take priority over every other ambition.

Let your will be swallowed up by God’s will.

Despite feeling alone or tired fight temptation by saying let God prevail.

When you say let God prevail, you know the kind of person you really want to become.

Have personal daily habits to study the gospel, this takes great effort.

Learn to receive and act on personal revelation, this takes great effort.

Embolden evil abounds, Satan is no longer even trying to hide his tactics.

Over the next 6 months, make a scriptural list of all God has promised for Israel in the scriptures. Speak of these with family and friends. Watch for them to be fulfilled in your life.

Song: for I am called by thy name

President Eyring:

If it’s not hard times for you now, it will be.

God fed manna to Israel as they wandered to the promised land.

Joseph Smith one of God’s greatest prophets had to go to jail.

Our tests must be so hard so we can live in his presence.

As you live worthy of the Holy Ghost, the Lord will guide you to safety, even when you cannot see the way.

Our hearts can he softened to love forgive and invite others to Christ.

Help others even when we are being surely tested.

When we lift another’s burden even a little, our backs are strengthened.

His mother’s last words to him were, ‘Hal, you sound like you’re getting a cold, why don’t you take care of yourself?’

President Kimball said when we suffer deeply for a long time, it is because the Lord is polishing us a little more.

Jaggi of the Seventy:

The book of James says when we are tried, count it as joy.

Patience is the key to letting trials work to our good.

Be of good cheer is the command (Note: this guy seems very good at this, he smiles lots)

Elder Stevenson:

Sometimes we are not called to go to special gatherings while others are due to how far away we are geographically. (Note: This could apply to a forthcoming Adam-ondi-Ahman meeting, or the gathering to the New Jerusalem in general.)

Like Nephi we have many afflictions but are highly favored of the Lord in all our days.

New testament accounts God’s servants preaching singing etc. even while shackled or on house arrest for years.

While running from those who sought his life, Joseph Smith wrote of how the gospel makes us glad, and said have courage and go forward, and said let the earth break forth into singing.

Brother Camargo:

His mother taught him to pray by saying ‘I’ll pray first, then you pray.’

An Apostle recently said, Pray about your concerns fears and weaknesses then record your impressions and follow through. Repeating this, you’ll grow into the principle of Revelation.

Personal revelation comments.

Song: guide us oh thou great Jehovah

Elder Renlund:

The standard for dealing with others is mercy.

That which is hateful unto you do not unto your neighbor, that is the whole of the Torah.

You became a physician to care for others, not to judge them.

To be just is to be civil.

Johnson of the Seventy:

Elder Holland:

Most often faithful people have it rough.

Life can’t be faith filled while stress free.

We can’t ask God to keep us from the very things that made Him divine, then expect to have his virtues.

Christianity is comforting but often not comfortable.

The right path takes time and tenacity to walk.

We are working spiritual gardens. The seeds must be nourished, and we must wait for it to mature.  When Alma talked about this he repeated 3 times that we need patience and to keep working at it.

Those who trust the Lord will mount up as with eagles wings, run and not be weary.

President Nelson:

Have joyful anticipation.

God wants us to be optimistic about the future.

Our divine mandate is to prepare ourselves and the world for the Second Coming of the Lord.

Song: God be with you till we meet again


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