Reasons Why I Homeschool: A Topical Introduction to a Zion Education


I speak strongly about the subject of how we take care of children. Remember the Lord’s words to not cast pearls before swine. This means we must make serious judgement calls when deciding what is best for our children.


Government is bad at everything. Further, public schools are simply not constitutional. This reason alone is sufficient to never send students to public schools. We do not want to use government money, as we will be under their authority. We do not want to feed into their fundamentally broken system.

Originally students were homeschooled or at private non-government schools in the United States and learning rates were much higher. When there were schools, they were either self-funded or charitable meaning that the parents would pay or there would be organizations which would help students be enrolled when the parents could not afford it.


The Corona virus is one of the biggest government scandals of all time. We will not subject our children to wearing masks all day and social distancing. The masks are not only ineffective, but likely unhealthy. The government actions related to this virus are clear evidence that we are being manipulated and need to get government back to its proper place.

When schools shut down in 2020 there Was a great awakening among millions of parents toward long term homeschool plans. Parents learned that much of public school is non-individualized low-quality busywork nonsense packed with liberal agendas through and through. Millions of parents have turned into homeschooling this year alone.

Satanic political forces are working hard to make homeschooling increasingly regulated and illegal. Some states have much higher regulations than others when it comes to homeschooling and this can be a very helpful factor when deciding where to raise your family. I foresee a day when home schooling will be illegal in all of Europe and the USA. Those who chose to not take advantage of it while it was a possibility will have deep regret. Homeschooling is patriotic, through and through.


Religious based education is one of the core reasons why many homeschool including myself. There is simply not enough time in a day for students to be taught false things all day and then to come home and learn the true things.

There is so much more that the children could be learning. You’ve heard the phrase work smarter not harder. Teaching students correct history is how we work smarter not harder. Family Life curriculum is an excellent resource designed by a latter-day saint which teaches an entirely different perspective on history than most parents even know. Usually parents need to catch up and learn the truth.

One reason parents struggle at parenting is because they learn falsehoods at public school and they stand on those falsehoods as adults and try to use them to leave their children to salvation and it doesn’t work. Therefore, one of the glories of homeschooling is education of the parent alongside with the student.


Seminary classes are wonderful, but they are rarely talk to the needs of the student. Seminary (a study of the scriptures and religious history and doctrines) is not just a thing to be done for a few minutes a day.

A professional seminary teacher simply cannot teach a large number of students at the appropriate level. Sure, he can teach in parables to where the more advanced students can get more out of it, but this is not enough.

No one can question the superiority of an adult parent who knows exactly where that child stands teaching them spiritual things regularly all day long, and at times very directly and in great detail. Many parents are too spiritually stagnant to do this for their children because they don’t learn this way spiritually for themselves. They do not grow in spiritual knowledge. Rather they stick to the basics and give a perfunctory non-relative overview of religious talking points.

The scriptures call for this to be an all-day thing. Jewish children’s textbook is the Bible until they are around 8 years old or even 12. Who among us has been sufficiently trained in the Bible? The five to ten-minute evening family scripture study, and even the seminary class at school, just doesn’t cut it. The only way to rightly serve our children is by affording them an education which mixes religion in with every subject being taught. I would much rather send my child to a Catholic or Protestant school than a godless public school.


Do the parents know a musical instrument? If not, they are missing out on one of the most exquisite experiences of life and may want to rethink their priorities. The parent and child can learn it together. We live in the day of YouTube tutorials, and a prolific availability of educational literature at our fingertips in bothering and online.

While some instruction is helpful in music, the vast majority of learning any skill is self-disciplined practice. A student needs to spend hours a day on their own whittling this out.


What sort of dance is taught at public school? If ballroom ballet Irish English country swing or some other uplifting form, then good. But that’s not what you see when you go to a dance in high school. You see people jumping around like primates, sexual gyrations, and the music is pure Babylon.

Enough is enough with all of the bad music at assemblies, PE, dances, etc. We don’t have to vote for this being ok by our attendance.


Students school at home are eligible by law to participate in extracurriculars of the public school if they so desire in many (but not all!) states. This includes various clubs and sporting

There are also often community sports and various homeschool group activities (including prom).

The home and the school should be an educational setting. Like the Bruce R. McConkie family, we should not be an entertainment-based family. We often place far too much value on extracurriculars.


It’s a false idea that children need tons of friends. Their siblings are heir friends, as well as their parents, and some neighbors they can play with in evenings and summers.

How many children just go to school to goof off, flirt, fashion show, and sluff classes etc. rather than focusing on their schoolwork? There’s a time to work and a time to play. Schooling is working time. It can be fun, but it’s primary focus is mental training. There are other times for social training.

NHERI studies show that students are just as well socially adjusted in home school as public school.

If the child longs for more social interaction, kick them out of the house in the evenings tell them to go make friends in the community. Seriously! Let them go! Naturally there are better, more structured ways of going about this, but you get the idea.

Your child needs to be taught ambition. Ambition doesn’t come naturally or freely. If they want something, such as more friends, they need to go out and get them. This does NOT, however, excuse the child to go for 8 hours a day to mess around with friends at school in a Babylon setting, where the child is supposed to be learning, but is being taught the wrong things in the wrong way, etc.…

A truly responsible parent will help their child to foster relationships with the children of other wholesome families. Yes, the child should reach out to other children who need a friend but who have not been blessed with righteous teachings, but those whom your child creates a close circle with should be closely monitored.

There are many homeschool groups and forums and opportunities for groups to meet together to study things and to recreate. I live in a rural area and get just a few miles away there is a thriving homeschool group.


Some accuse homeschooled children of being sheltered. The real sheltered children are the ones who don’t learn the truth, who are coddled by lies, lack of discipline, and lack of rigorous deep instruction. There are plenty of mature materials from which the students can learn at home, which throughout expose them to the harsh (and beautiful) realities of life.

To be home schooled does not mean to live under a rock. There are many ways to be involved with the community outside of the public-school system.


The books assigned to read in public schools are often nonsense garbage. Unclean, and non-classical, often filled with rudeness, disrespect, & a lack of morals. It’s not enough to just get kids reading, we need them learning morals while reading.  Good better and best. Why settle for less when more is so easily available?

I remember one author of children’s books who gave an assembly. He says the first assembly he gave, an angry grandpa came and scolded him for making his books without moral teachings. The crowd laughed when he told of this encounter. Apparently this encounter is sticking to his conscience and memory. I agree with the grandpa. Authors of children’s books have a moral duty to uplift, not just to pacify. To instill wisdom, not just skill.


Since schools are by law prohibited from discriminating, many of the teachers are extreme in their lifestyles liberal political views, etc., to the point that it is disturbing the learning environment of the classroom & the content of the presentations. We simply do not want this type of person to be teaching our children. Let them teach whoever they wish and let whoever wants to have this person as their teacher select him, but also allow those who don’t want him to be their teachers select someone else.

Righteous discrimination when it comes to who your children’s teachers are is an eternal truth. The Book of Mormon says to ensure your teachers are men of God.

I’m not saying we should discriminate against someone when it comes to giving them food or a place to live or a job in general, but where they are negatively influencing children, we can chose to have someone else be their teacher. The idea of carefully selecting teachers who would pass on society’s morals to the next generation is as old as civilization itself.


Some students are slower learners and or have different learning styles and will simply not be catered to in a public-school setting. The occasional individualized education plan is usually weak, not well implemented, and not well constructed. You cannot trust government employees to execute what your child needs just because there is a legal document with some goals written on it.


In my training as a special education teacher, all the research keeps begging for education which is individualized to the child. There’s only so much of that you can do in a public school.

Often students are not being taught manners morals and discipline at home, so teaching them on the same level as children who do get those things becomes very difficult, and often impossible.


Studies show that a very small amount of time at school is actually spent learning. And even smaller amount of that time is learning at their appropriate level. And even smaller amount of that time is students doing constructive work. This accounts for only about a half hour of their school day.


The grading system and homework system of public schools is fundamentally ridiculous and depressing. I have written that length elsewhere to the point that the status quo grading system in public schools is not motivational and negatively labeled students.


Children are no longer punished for bad behavior, and negativity and vulgarity are often allowed to prevail in the classrooms.   The teacher who removed a student from class is shunned as ineffective rather than applauded for insisting on a wholesome  classroom environment.


Public schools will never have enough funding to do all the things they want the teachers to do. To get someone to be as individually focused on your child as you want them to be, it would be at least a six figure salary job. Never going to happen in public schools.

And getting quality teachers in who aren’t just in it for the money at that point would be neigh impossible with all of the teacher unions, etc. Many are the stories of terrible teachers who simply can’t be fired.

Let the rich hire private tutors. Let the poor become private tutors, and let charities be set up for the poor. If we continue to be obsessed with riches instead of education, we will never give our children the education that could have otherwise been theirs.


Some communities are smaller and have higher quality public schools. Parents are more involved, and teachers are more often religious conservative respectful people. However, by law they are forbidden from teaching religious truth at these public schools. They can’t talk about the prayers of George Washington and the miracles of the revolutionary war. They can’t talk about how the reason that civilizations fell was due to projecting prophets. They teach an economically-based rather than religious based history of civilizations. The religious AKA true history of the world and correct science of government, nature, and every other academic subject, is simply not legal to be taught correctly in public schools.


If you think true doctrines are simply something you can mention off-the-cuff in the evening to your children, you are mistaken. A serious education is very deep. Most children are capable of a getting a serious deep education with the correct doctrines being taught, but not if they’re spending eight hours a day getting partial truth and lies, and a few minutes a day getting full truth from their parents.


A culture of entitlement bathes the public school setting. Students are expected to do relatively nothing to get good grades. Gifted students are rarely given additional opportunities.


Family based culture is the key to life. At home students learn not only book smarts, but how to work hard, take full accountability, and help their siblings. At home there is more time to learn homemaking, gardening, and other forgotten skills. A one semester class in home type skills of cooking sewing etc.? What a joke! No wonder no one can cook these days and we’re all falling over dead from store bought foods.


Public school can’t cater to my child. The teacher doesn’t know him nearly as well as the parent, the teacher doesn’t care nearly as much as the parent, & the teacher is dealing with a set of students from very different backgrounds who have very different behavioral and academic cultures.


Children learn bad habits and culture from peers who grow up without responsibility and moral training.

While we can correct some false teachings at home, correcting the attitudes they learn from their peers is almost impossible.


Kids cry when parents force them to leave their side to go to school. Their spirits want to be with their parents at this tender age, and rightfully so. At minimum, students should be home schooled through elementary school.


A key to learning is teaching. The home siblings give the ideal opportunity for this. Older siblings teaching younger siblings is a true principle.

Siblings aren’t just any old tutors. They understand well the standards and expectations of the parents, and have applied the moral teachings of the parents. This makes them not only a convenient tutor, but the best possible tutor.

When parents welcome many children into their home students automatically live on a sort of dormitory. The dormitory they live on is not just any school it is a private highly specialized religious school.


Socialism and communism are relentlessly taught at every public school. The school itself is socialist in its funding! Why should I pay the taxes for public schools when I homeschool?

Look at the percentage of liberal versus conservative college professors. Many parents pay for their children to go to university and the children come home hating their families and brainwashed and socialism and communism. To think that this is unique to colleges and not to government funded educational secondary and primary schools is wistful and absurd.


Evolution is the single leading theory of science and public schools. They don’t even mention creation-based science. The insist on many false doctrines of a billions and millions of year old Earth. Simply saying God did it that way will not build the foundation of student needs to have a thriving testimony. Evolution was written as a way to dismiss God and to think that we can use evolution to teach God is something the writers of evolution laugh at They know it is impossible.

Evolution reaches into many fields of naturals and social sciences. It permeates our entire modern education system, and is false doctrine.

Yes micro-evolution happens, but macro-evolution, the changing of one specis into another, is false, and has many evil and godless implications such as relativity of morals and social Darwinism.


Sex education in public schools are void of abstinence, completely void of religious doctrines, and increasingly promote beastly practices.

Rampant immodesty is another firm of sex ed, delivering the message that we should be obsessed with sex! Schools these days are absolutely spineless in enforcing dress codes, and the codes themselves are spineless too.

Guess what here’s evolution again, they’re teaching us to act like animals sexually, and have no regard for higher and moral thinking in these regards.

They dish out condoms to further drive home the idea that this is all just a sport without moral consequences. Some say distributing condoms at school is justified since students are sexually active anyway. This is akin to giving out machetes to prisoners since they are going to kill anyways, and we may as well help them so do effectively. No! We should rather make and insist on a culture of moral character! If someone wants to reheat what we are teaching them, let them Bear the full weight is their choices. When we seek to remove natural consequences, we defy God’s perfect education system, and heap the find on our own heads, as well as perpetuate the problems for generations.


Deep seated pride has overwhelmed our cultures in and out of the church. students in public schools are put under immense pressure to have certain styles qualities and quantities of clothing.

We don’t want our children to think immodesty is the norm. There is a subculture of modesty in the homeschool networks.


Sex, drugs, violence, these things do not have to be the norm in life for young people or anyone else. It didn’t used to be that way.  To say a parent is sheltering their children when he doesn’t want them exposed to these things is like sending them to a rock concert when there is an opera house next door they could be going to. Parents make the choice for what their children will be exposed to. God will provide plenty of trials in life for everyone we don’t need to think that it’s our job to make our children’s lives hell. The scripture says live in but not of the world but it also says stand in holy places and be not moved until the Lord come. By definition, the way we live in but not of the world is by fleeing corrupt institutions. We can join wholesome institutions, or when they are not available, make our own This is the true spirit of a pioneer. When there are no visible trails to the kingdom of God, we blaze them.


Homeschooling is not for everyone. The way to know if it is for your child is to know if you are willing to do it as an adult. Sometimes a child needs to be totally removed from a house due to repeated unsafe behaviors, but this can usually be avoided. If the you are committed to continual education, are not married to false doctrines, and are willing to take a portion of your day to focus on educating your children rather than getting a free babysitter, then you might be a homeschool family.

The primary way to tell if home school is right for your child is by whether the parent is willing to do it. Its less about the child than it is about the parent when it comes to qualifying for and excelling in a homeschool setting.


When it comes to something as important as the education of a child and what the child does 8 hours a day, this decision cannot be left up to the child. Parents, your children need you as a parent more than they need you as a friend. Be willing to show tough love and do what you know is best for them.


As a society and as a church we are by and large losing our children to the casual and sensual ways of the world and are nowhere near approaching a Zion culture.

As much as we like to say our children’s behaviors are not our fault and are totally out of our control, we are in some measure accountable for what we chose to expose our children to, and whether we are educating then in a Zion or a Babylon method.

Are we justified in leaving these cultures and starting others? Absolutely! Eventually things get so bad that the right thing to do is to leave. Read Atlas Shrugged for some fun perspectives on this. Read the scriptures which insist that we refuse to support things with corrupt foundations and policies, and command us to flee Babylon and build Zion.

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Homeschool: A Topical Introduction to a Zion Education

  1. I don’t agree with your statement on evolution. Scientists are not evil people, the way your article portrays them. Scientists are people who study the earth and nature and tries to understand this amazing planet God has created. Some scientists study bodies of humans, animals, plants, and all living organisms to figure out how they function and work. Some scientists study how the earth works. The planet is also alive with energy and moving parts. Scientists wonder how the earth was created, technically speaking. Its fun to learn how God created the earth, and all living things. The Bible explains in very simple terms the basic process of how the earth and organisms were created. More importantly, religion explains why the earth was created. Many, if not most, scientists are also very religious people.

    Another point you hinted at is that not all students learn the same way or at the same rate. Some students learn faster, some learn slower. I have 9 children that all have unique needs that the government-run public schools simply can not cater to. Gifted children, if forced to attend public school are at risk for depression and suicide.

    1. Organic macro-Evolution was designed as anti-god, and will always be anti-god. It is unscientific and rediculous. It will yet be exposed as one of the greatest deceptions of modern times.

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