Fantasy: Wonderful Creativity or Desensitizing Waste? Listing The Pros & Cons

Let’s consider the pros and cons of reading fantasy. This could also include video games with fantasy.


In favor of fantasy:

Fantasy can help us learn things which are difficult to understand in realistic settings.

Our nature as children of God is to create and be creative.

Joseph Smith taught that there are many animal forms, such as those mentioned in the book of Revelation, which do in reality exist on other worlds and in heaven, which do not exist on our world.

Science fiction is a similar genre, of futures which could perhaps exist.

Fantasy is a setting which could not in reality exist, but uses exciting scenarios and characters to teach us about ourselves and the circumstances we find ourselves in. The object of any writer is to connect with the reader, no matter how fantastic the characters.

Fantasy often involves witches and wizards. This is potentially dangerous as the bible speaks against them. However, many suggest that the magical world of the fantasy books is in an alternate universe and is very unrelated to what we know as witches and wizards here in this world, which the bible condemns.



Against fantasy:

Perhaps lessons which can’t be learned in realistic settings don’t need to be learned at all.

Perhaps reality is a better teacher than many allow.

Several prophets have spoken against consumption of the fantastic, as it desensitizes a person to reality. Joseph Fielding Smith suggested that Christ would not try to teach us with far removed fantastic ideas. Joseph Smith said to not dabble too much in the fantastic. Some prophets have even said fiction in general is unworthy of our time.

God is creative, but he doesn’t create bazar things. He follows the standards of the universe & regular nature.

Some say, “without fantasy, what would we read/play?” this is an embarrassing statement, showing great ignorance. We live in a time of greatest availability of books etc., and this is no longer a good point, if it ever was.

It could be said that fantasy is to be used only sparingly, that it is like eating French fries. Is it healthy? For those who know anything about nutrition the answer is an obvious no. Is it fun? Of course. Is it worth it? Rewarding alternatives can be found, but if we are to use the ‘junk food’ of literature, it should be done only sparingly. (Naturally this is offensive to those committed to the genre, and yes I’m sure there are some meaningful points in those books)

Fantasy often involves witches and wizards. This is potentially dangerous as the bible speaks against them, despite of the possibility of them being unrelated to reality in their alternate universe.


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