Significant Future Dates

2021: 40 years have passed since President Benson’s talk mentioned in 1981. President Bensons talk that there would be a momentous hour, that was given in 1981, an hour (about 40-42 years) after that would be somewhere around 2020-2023. He says as sure as the destruction of the temple in Jesus’ day was after 40 years of Jesus’ speaking to them, so it is with our generation. Note President Nelson’s statement in 2020 that this is a hinge point in the church.

Rev. 12 water cast and swallowed – potentially a Utah flood as Utah sits on some fountain? When I was working for BYU physical facilities, I was told by my supervisor who had been working there for decades that BYU is set up to withstand a massive dam breaking, with its own satellites, radio, etc., prepared to be a city independent of surrounding areas.

2021 Spring: If we count from the September 27 2017 sign of Revelation in the sky being fulfilled and giving birth to the child at which time the church flees into the wilderness for 3.5 years, that 3.5 year period is over by this time.

At some point the political arm of God’s kingdom is put into operation. Dallin H Oaks and D. Todd Christofferson and others with legal backgrounds are in place perhaps to begin the political component of the kingdom of God as the ecclesiastical component is already set up and will remain through the millennium, so does the political component need to be set up and last through the millennium.

2023 Oct. 23rd: It’s been 3.5 years since the temples closed March 23 2020. There may be scriptures referring to significant things taking place after the place of daily sacrifice was closed for 3.5 years. They are beginning to open in 2021, perhaps the will fully open before this time.

2024 Major historic Utah temples remodel to upgrade earthquake-proof foundations is completed. Expect major earthquakes in Utah etc. Perhaps the great earthquake of the 6th seal which prepares the way for the return of the 10 tribes.

2024 April 8: Solar eclipse, completing (when combined with the 2017 eclipse) an “x” painted over America near Kentucky or Missouri (the New Jerusalem location.) In it’s path 7 cities named Salem which means peace. These crossed out suggests “there is no peace”. Prophets have said Missouri will be wiped clean so we can start construction of the New Jerusalem temple and world headquarters there. This x over this location is an omen that destruction is coming there soon. The X can also significant signify a crossroads or a division, meaning the time when the wicked being separated from the righteous is eminent.

The x marks where, according to Book of Mormon heartland geography specialist Rod Meldrum, Lachoneus fought a final battle against the Gadianton robbers, with their 7 years of food gathered together. Perhaps the Egypt-like famine of the last days happens in 2024, perhaps earlier.

2024 NASA prediction of major asteroid coming between earth & moon that year. This asteroid is unstable & irregular, which can result in it hitting earth. The book of Revelation vividly describes a major asteroid hitting the Earth. Could hit Yellowstone, Missouri, or other key locations associated with the destructions to America.

2024 Presidential election

The government collapses after Ezra’s Eagle prophecy is complete, & the feathers & eagle heads are finished, and the lion has ravaged them. Some suggest the lion is the 10 tribes, some suggest its the native Americans / Latinos who storm the USA wiping them out. Perhaps the meaning is more broad meaning the house of Israel generally.

As recorded in the Book of Mormon, after the fall of the government in 3 Nephi 9-11, people break up into tribes. These chapters state that these tribes have agreements to not war against each other.

Major cities such as Boston, New York, Albany, etc. either are burned, sink into the sea, or are destroyed by earthquakes etc., as predicted in the D&C. See this reference and supporting statements here:

“Upon my house shall it begin” as indicated in the D&C as the desolating scourge could indicate that an area near Utah where church headquarters are located will trigger world-wide chaos, such as a Yellowstone eruption which would greatly disturb all of the US. Upon my house shall it begin May likely refer to Missouri that’s where the New Jerusalem will be and that’s where the saints were so heavily persecuted.

2027 there are not only a solar eclipse crossing out the United States in the New Jerusalem Missouri but there is a solar eclipse two of them crossing out the old Jerusalem in Palestine area just like it was 2017 and 2024 for the New Jerusalem the old Jerusalem’s come in another seven and a four which is 2027 and then 2034 both of them are 7 years apart.

2028 Presidential election

2030: 200-year anniversary of the organization of the church

2033/4 2000-year anniversary of the atonement and resurrection of Christ. A potentially significant time for one of the returns of Christ.

2033-2034 Return of Christ matches Book of Mormon timeline: Christ appeared there AD 33-34. Isaiah says to liken scriptures to our day. Mormon said the book was written with our time in mind.

2034 the x of solar eclipses over the Egypt & Jerusalem area is completed

The long promised millennium, where Christ reigns on earth with his saints.

~3000+: End of the millennium. 2nd battle of Gog & Magog. Adam/Michael defeats Satan’s hosts one last time. Earth’s 7000-year temporal existence is completed. Earth dies and is resurrected as a celestial planet. The saints live there forever until they expand, then they make earths for their spirit children to dwell on. See Doctrines of the Gospel institute manual quote about this.

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