No, The Holy Ghost Didn’t Used to Have A Body


It is a popular apostate idea that the Holy Ghost had a body once, and is not having a separate situation of not having one. This ties into Adam God theory which is false.

They say the Holy Ghost needed to have had a body so to comfort others regarding the pains we go through on earth.

In reality, the Holy Ghost is the messenger of the Father and the Son, He is the Testator of truth. He conveys their message, it is not his own. Therefore, he needs not to have every experience to perform that function.

The only possible way I see him having a body in the past as a possibility is if he is merely awaiting his (one and only) resurrection. But this idea flies in the face of logic and revealed truth, as we know being separate from a body is a prison.

The conclusion is that the Holy Ghost must be in his pre-mortal state of the regular appointed time for such.

We do not need to perform for an eternity as a human, then as a Holy Ghost, then as a Jesus Christ, then as a Heavenly Father, each with its own accompanying mortality! We are joint heirs with Christ. We are saviors on mount Zion. Our path in the plan of salvation is TYPICAL as demonstrated by the Godhead:

In the premortal world, we testified of Christ similarly as the Holy Ghost does.

In this life, we serve others and work miracles, similar as Christ did in his mortal life.

In the post-mortal life, we will, as joint heirs with Christ, inherit all Heavenly Father has, and do whatever they do, worlds without end (and what they do is govern systems in which their ever increasing posterity live on).


So now you see, each position in the Godhead is typical of the 3 positions of the plan of salvation we are NOW passing through! Pre-mortal, mortal, and post-mortal.

Its like the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The whole time, the main character things he is getting ready for some future thing, but (spoiler alert!), he learns that the whole time he has been fighting the real battles. Before he “begins”, it is over. Are we performing at our best now? Oh how we must! Is this not the message of the prophets? Repentance is part of our plan of salvation based on the inherent weakness designed into our flesh, but we are genuinely expected to overcome through Christ, to in reality develop Christ-like attributes in this life. The April 2021 General Conference drove this home, that we aren’t just looking to become perfect in the next life, we are to obey the command to “be ye therefore perfect.” Others of our race have developed Christ’s attributes, and therefore, so can, and so must, we. It is within our capacity. Well did Joseph Smith teach that if we are to expect to gain salvation, we must get it in the same way that Christ got it, by obedience to law (see TPJS).

So what then do we make of this and other Adam-God related theories, supposedly taught in the past by leaders of the church? We dismiss them on their grounds of not squaring with the scriptures nor the words of the living prophets. To express these views is to demonstrate a lack of spiritual knowledge and maturity.

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  1. Wow, good article. Thank you. It is always beneficial to have our minds stimulated. Can you please give me the scriptural references to back up your ideas here. Of course, I have heard them before. But I am not always good at finding the right key words to find the references. So I would really appreciate having scriptural references to share with others. Thanks, Sue

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