Popular Speakers Rebuking The Saints for Utah Statistics?

It seems a popular sport these days for popular general authorities, scholars, or other ‘renown’ speakers to show up at a spiritual Saturday night stake conference session, and roast those present for Utah statistics on pornography use, anti-depressant use (actually they don’t roast us for that but it’s popular in Utah), and other lowly Utah statistics.

Don’t they realize that those who show to Saturday night stake conference aren’t the scum of society, and don’t really need a scathing rebuke along those lines?

Don’t they realize that only about 1/3 of Utahns are latter-day saints, and that even less of those are the active members who show up to these conferences?

Why can’t these scholars and charismatic leaders come up with some independent ideas, something uplifting to say? Sadly, often their remarks are just virtue signaling us to not be evil racists, and other non-issues among the active members of the church.

It is no longer appropriate to associate Utah statistics with the church. It is demeaning to the church to do so.


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