Notes & Commentary on Kent Hovind’s 7-Part Creation Science Seminars

Notes & Commentary on Kent Hovind’s 7-Part Creation Science Seminars by Nate Richardson,

Topics: Age of Earth, Garden of Eden, Dinosaurs, Lies in Textbooks, Dangers of Evolution, Noah’s Flood Mechanics, etc.



Kent Hovind Encourages Using & Spreading His Work Freely. 2

Kent Hovind Introduction. 3

A Few Topics Where I disagree with Creation Scientist Master Teacher Kent Hovind  3

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 1: Age of the Earth – Highlights  5

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 2: The Garden of Eden (& Pre-Flood Conditions) – Highlights  19

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 3: Dinosaurs & The Bible. 34

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 4: Lies in the Textbooks – Highlights  48

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 5: The Dangers of Evolution – Highlights  58

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 6: The Hovind Theory (of the Flood) – Highlights  70

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 7: Questions & Answers – Highlights  88

Kent Hovind Smashes Atheist “Professor Dave Explains” in Debate on Creation Science – Highlights  120

The Few Remaining Kent Hovind Creationist Lectures Online. 122

Finding Resources of Kent Hovind. 126


Kent Hovind Encourages Using & Spreading His Work Freely


Hovind says feel free to copy and spread around his videos. He says feel free to use his material however you want. He says if there’s something in there you don’t like edit it out. He says eat the meat and spit out the bones, a very good lesson. He says copy everything he does, it’s fine.
Hovind expresses his desire for us to share his work freely in his 7 part lecture series multiple times, particularly in lecture 3.

Note- this is the spirit of Zion, far too many people are selfish about their writings and so forth when it was God who gave it to them in the first place, and they should use it freely to reach people. Many a noble idea has gone unnoticed in history due to the author of it hoping to make profits from it. Particularly in the realm of evangelism, we should not seek profits and exclusivity. Some claim that exclusivity adds strength to a product, but I disagree with this, and say, let that masses hear the truth, set the light on a hill for all to see! Most of what I’ve learned has been from free resources, I would have never learned much if everything was for a price other than my time, which time is the mite which we have to give, and the only real reasonable cost for precious things. You paid your time to find something and you had breadcrumbs showing you where to look, now share that with others so they too can progress like you have. The savior said it best, “freely you have received, freely give.”

Kent Hovind Introduction


Kent Hovind is a brilliant creation apologist. He isn’t a fan of the latter-day saints or the doctrine of theosis, but he still has lots of great and faithful teachings on the creation.

View his research at He has also shared many of his lectures available online free at YouTube.

Here are a few of his key sayings:

“Evolution is a carefully protected state religion.”

“Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups.”


A Few Topics Where I disagree with Creation Scientist Master Teacher Kent Hovind

First let me say Kent Hovind is a legend, he is a saint, he knows tons of science, he is a fearless defender of the faith, and I deeply admire him. I will point out how in the work of establishing creation science, we must avoid the tendancy to distance ourselves who see things a little different than ourselves. Now here are some things I likely disagree with him about:

First here’s a religious point which is related to science. Hovind isn’t happy about Mormon’s and their belief about becoming Gods. Hovind is a baptist, and this isn’t part of their doctrine. Hovind does well in admiting that early Catholics also taught theosis (becoming Gods). The main issue here is they see us as wanting to overthrow God, not so. We are just becoming like God, and when we move up, so does God. And we create, and creation is ongoing rather than a 1-time event. Hovind is right that it is Satanic to think that evolution is going to turn us into Gods. Latter-day saints believe that to be like God (our Father), we have to do what he says, believe in Jesus as our savior, and continue “growing up” so we can become like our parents! It’s more like joining the ever-growing righteous family business than becoming tyrant’s of the cosmos.

A general issue with creation scientists is they don’t see God as a tangible being working to continuously create more children and more worlds, like the Latter-day Saints see things. It’s ok, they don’t have the added light of the restored gospel. We can still work together to promote God as the creator!

He doesn’t believe in pangea, I do, and it’s scriptural of Peleg in the bible, & D&C. We also know the continents will come back together at some point. But the future of the earth’s conditions, returning to the paradise of Eden and likely lost parts of it returning, it’s hard to say what earth will look like in it’s celestial crystal state.

I think he promotes a large water firmament overhead which contributed significantly to flood waters. This could be true, there is scripture to support it, I don’t know if that was used for flood water, or if it just means the atmosphere, and most water was contributed from under the crust (fountains of the deep, also cited in scripture). Firmament speculations are common among creation scientists, but we can’t really make scientific measurements of this today, so I don’t bother with it very much.

As far as coal etc. being from an ancient earth with forests where current oceans are, I don’t think so. I think there were always oceans. I think the continents split at Peleg’s time after the flood (cracks forming in the flood, then spreading over the next few hundred years). So the Atlantic ocean would be relatively young.

His ideas on how the flood happened I see a little differently.

So, as I recall, Hovind sees the earth as not having oceans before the flood, and that the oceans were made during the flood. I think there were oceans in the beginning. I see the continents as essentially floating on water, and at the flood, the continents being dunked (baptized by immersion) under that water, then re-emerging after the flood.

I also would like to add that I love his desire to share his seminars with all he can, not straining to be paid for every time it is viewed.


Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 1: Age of the Earth – Highlights

See and CSE – Creation Science Evangelism. Purchase the slides from the series!

Hovind is also liberal about sharing the presentations, he just wants to get the word out. These my notes on the series are likewise shared freely in that spirit and with that invitation.

I occasionally add notes of insights of my own and I make it clear when I do so typically by indicating “note…”.

Note- Hovind is a Baptist and has some fun bashing on those who aren’t so bare that in mind as you watch the series. He has lots of great things to say about creation science and we won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here we go:

Satan uses evolution as a false path to exaltation.

Note – Hovind does not believe in theosis (exaltation, becoming like God) as a doctrine. I do, but I agree that evolution is Satan’s counterfeit to truth, but do state that indeed, becoming like God is in fact a true possibility (the only way to become like Heavenly Father is to follow Jesus, not cheap immoral evolution as Satan claims).

There are different kinds of evolution and the evolution of one species or kind turning into another has never been observed and when defending evolution they only use examples of small changes within the same species

The 1st law of thermodynamics says matter cannot be created or destroyed so you cannot have a big bang creation

The Big bang theory kept getting smaller and smaller about how much stuff exploded until now they say it was nothing at all that exploded.

We don’t know where God came from but they don’t know where the big bang came from so these are two different religions of belief.
It’s not science versus religion, its two religions and you choose which one to believe.
The difference is that the evolution religion is tax supported so it has many followers.

Where did the laws of the universe come from and why aren’t they evolving? They can’t answer.

Eight moons and two or three planets spin backwards, this violates the law of conservation of angular momentum if they all came from an explosion that was spinning quickly.
Some planets have moons going both directions.
There’s an entire galaxy that spins in the wrong direction.

The Bible says the heavens shall pass away with a great noise; in other words the Big bang is yet future.

Jesus dying on the cross is meaningless according to evolution. And God said he’s going to restore the Earth to the way it was, but according to evolution the way it was has always been death.
You cannot have theistic evolution.

See book The evolution cruncher.

The second law of thermodynamics is that everything tends towards chaos – this violates evolution. Receiving energy from the sun doesn’t overcome this; solar energy destroys things, only plants use it.
Note – you cannot say natural selection overcomes this law of thermodynamics either.

One little plant cell is more complex than a space shuttle.

Whenever a textbook says millions of years ago, that’s your warning that a fairy tale is coming next.

The Bible says those that hate God love death. According to evolution, death is the god that gave them life.

Note – indeed, evolution is all about praising death

Learning evolution, that you are an animal, impacts the way you behave, and this is very much associated with today’s crazy death music and behavior.

Nobody knows everything and for those who claim that there is no God, God could exist in the area of knowledge that they do not have.

Atheists have no basis for deciding what is right and wrong. They just decide for themselves.
Note this is why so many babies are being killed today by abortion.

The Bible says do not make any cuttings in your skin.
The Bible says do not make any marks on your skin (tattoos).

As far as laws go in the United States the law is that you cannot require creation science to be taught, but a teacher can teach it if they want to. There’s no law prohibiting the teaching of creation science in school. ACLU promotes a falsehood that it is illegal to teach Creation in public schools.

Evolution obviously destroys children’s faith in the Bible and Jesus said people who destroy the faith of children are in big trouble.

In the early 1900s school textbooks had hardly any evolution. Then the Russians were beating us in the space race and people blamed that on Russians teaching more evolution in their schools, so we put lots of evolution into our textbooks at that point. But evolution has nothing to do with putting a satellite in space.
In 1959 the 100 year anniversary of Darwin’s book, Eisenhower asked Congress for an additional billion dollars to push evolution in schools, and he got it.

When they put in all the evolution and they took out prayer from schools, that’s when every age bracket of immoral sexual activity skyrocketed. 10 to 14 year olds got way more STDs, etc.

Timothy was born of a marriage of a Jew and a Greek, and the Jews were not supposed to marry anyone but Jews. However Timothy decided to live a good life, and that’s how you should react if your parents had you out of wedlock (which at the time of the making of this lecture was 1/3 of people now it’s one half) then you don’t complain about your life situation, you just get up and make something of your life.

Woman should dress modestly to help man not commit the sin of lusting after women in his heart, which sin of course leads to bigger sins. If you’re not in business don’t advertise.

When Kent was young none of the cars were locked and many of them had rifles hanging in the back window of the car. Back then no one got shot in school.
Columbine shooters were strong believers in evolution and they intentionally did the shooting on Hitler’s birthday.
Note of course Hitler was big on evolution and eugenics obviously.
The Columbine shooters broke 18 gun laws yet people responded by saying we need more gun laws. Blaming guns for Columbine is like blaming a spoon for being fat.

Over and over they make the SAT tests dumber so that scores don’t look like they’re dropping so bad.

National geographic should be called national pornographic. Note it is because the false theories they push are destroying people’s spirits and minds and morals and ultimately bodies. An analogy could be made that pornography poisons people against real Love and real connection similar to how false science poisonous people against the real creator and the real truth, so I agree with Hovind that much blame is to be placed upon this company who fearlessly promotes evolution.

The majority of people don’t believe in evolution even though most scientists do.

The Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood Leviticus 17:11 if they would have read this they would have known that bloodletting was bad and George Washington would not have died when he did.

Fossils don’t talk and they don’t have a date stamped on them.

There are many ways to date the age of the Earth and several of those ways give a very young age to the Earth; this makes a limiting factor demonstrating that the Earth is young, similar to how if you find money on a sunken ship with the date of 1780, you know the ship came no earlier than 1780. The youngest coin is the limiting factor, like the youngest dates are the limiting factor.

The Bible is clear that by man came death, and that Adam was the first man, and that it was the sin of man that brought death into the world, and that Eve was the mother of all living.
Evolution teaches death before sin and that is a heresy.
The Bible says that sin came into the world at the time of Adam, and that is when death came into the world. Adam lived around 4000BC based on simple calculations from the bible which all agree on.

BC means before Christ but textbooks now are saying bce before common era, you see Christ is gone from the schools.

People wonder who Adam’s children married, but an even bigger problem is how did evolution make life and how did that life finding something to marry.

They think it’s hard that all the dogs came from a common dog that was on Noah’s ark, but what’s even harder is to believe the evolutionary theory that all dogs came from a rock!

In the beginning men married their sisters, it wasn’t until the law of Moses that the rule came not to do that, this was a viable system because there were no genetic defects in the early times.

Just about every book in the Bible references Genesis and the average person reading the Bible will not find millions of years, and the Bible was not made to be so complex that some guru needs to tell us what it means. Genesis is legitimate, Jesus sited it 25 times.

The world is not overcrowded, 6 billion people could fit in Jackson Florida twice.
The world is not overcrowded but if evolution is true you would have major overcrowding with that many years of people. The growth population curves take us back to about 4400 years ago, which is when the flood was. Scientists recognize a dramatic reduction population a few thousand years ago, the reality is at the flood the population was eight.

God told Adam and Eve to have a bunch of kids and Satan wants the exact opposite, he wants everyone dead, he’s trying to avoid the prophecy that someday someone would come around and crush his head. It’s like when Herod killed babies at the time of Christ.
Many globalists promote the idea of reducing the world’s population dramatically and they see human life as a cancer.
Georgia guide stones is a random monument calling for population to be maintained at under 1 billion. In 12 languages these 10 commandments of the New World Order are written in stone.

See book seeds of deception about GMO crops causing all kinds of health problems.

75,000% increase in autism in Illinois from vaccines.
See on vaccines.
In Australia when they made vaccines not mandatory 50% of the people dropped out and they had a 50% reduction in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

If the universe is old there should be way more supernova remnants.

No one has ever seen a star form.

Planets and stars are cooling off very rapidly it does not take billions of years as they claim.

Stars in the middle of spiral galaxies spin faster than the ones on the outside, so the spiral should not be there.

A star blows up about every 30 years but we have only found about 300 supernova remnants this is evidence of a young creation, only a few thousand years’ worth rather than billions of supernova remnants.

Ancient astronomers said Sirius was a red star. Today it’s a white dwarf, so we see it went from red super giant to white dwarf in a matter of thousands of years not billions!

Saturn’s rings are expanding quickly and cannot be billions of years old based on their present location.

The Moon is getting further from the earth meaning it used to be closer – this limits the age of the Earth to about 1.2 billion which is when the moon would be right next to the Earth and of course tides would have been much bigger.
Note the 1.2 billion is obviously not the true age of the Earth but it demonstrates that the Earth cannot be as old as they claim, 4.5 billion.

Comets are losing material; the material should be gone by now if they’re is old as they claim.
Most astronomers say that a comet cannot last for more than about 10,000 years.
They use the Oort cloud theory, that there is a theoretical large amount of comets deep in space that we have never observed that replaces comets as they die out. Oort theory is made to get around this limiting factor of a 10,000-year-old creation!
The Oort cloud is all based on a mathematical mistake.

Evolution is the opposite of the bible!
Evolution theory says the Sun and stars were made before the Earth, the Bible says the Earth was made before the sun and stars.
Bible says oceans before land, evolution says it backward.
Bible says light before Sun, evolution says sun before light.
Bible says land plants first, evolution says marine life first.
Bible says fruit trees before fish, evolution says fish before fruit trees.
Bible says fish before insects, evolution claims the opposite.
Bible says plants before Sun, evolution claims opposite.
Bible says marine mammals before land mammals, evolution says land mammals before marine mammals.
Bible says birds before reptiles evolution, says opposite.
Bible says atmosphere between two layers of water, evolution says atmosphere above water.
Bible says man brought death into the world, evolution says opposite.
Bible says God created man evolution, says Man created God.

People ask if God could have used evolution to create, and he could have, but that is not the god of the Bible. The god that would use evolution is cruel wasteful and retarded.

People who consider what God has done are not impressed by what man can do

The Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker and cannot be more than 25,000 years old
They tried to explain this weakening of the magnetic field by claiming that there are reversals but this is not the case

Different parts of the same animal carbon date to be radically different ages.

He does not like pangea because all the continents are connected under the water by oceanic crust, but note, I do like pangea theory. He also points out that most pangea maps dramatically shrink Africa and delete Mexico, but note, I don’t think we even have the same amount of material on the Earth today as was existing anciently.

The Earth is slowing down and they add a leap second every year or two
That means it used to be going faster and if the Earth is billions of years old the Earth would have been spinning ridiculously fast
Coriolis effect wins would have been 5000 miles an hour
If the dinosaurs live this long ago they would have flown off the Earth by centrifugal force

Dessertification shows that the Sahara desert is only about 4,000 years old which puts us at flood time, and you can’t have a desert underwater in the flood. This also begs the question of why we don’t have a bigger desert if the Earth is so old.
Note- you could also have the sand deposited by fountains of the deep during the flood which created the Sahara desert.

There’s 20,000 PSI that oil comes up from beneath the surface and the rock caps above this pressure can only handle that amount of pressure for around 10,000 years or less.
The pressure in the well after 10k years is greater than the pressure of overburden rocks on the surface.

We now have the technology to make oil in a very short amount of time, about 30 minutes.
Oil was created by the burial and pressure of the flood of Noah.

Ice core sample rings are assumed to be annual but they could be shorter.
In World War II some pilots ran out of gas and landed in Greenland, they were called The Lost Squadron. The planes were recovered 48 years later and were 263 ft below the surface in ice. That’s five and a half feet of ice accumulation per year. The deepest ice we have drilled is around 10,000 ft and based on a five and a half foot deposition per year rate, this would only take a little more than a thousand years. Yet they claim the ice rings from that 10,000 ft drill had enough rings to demonstrate some 150,000 years. And the 48 years those planes were buried there were hundreds of ice rings not 48 rings. The rings represent periods of warm and cold not just summer and winter. You can get multiple periods of warm and cold in one week. One man reported having 15 distinct layers of snow on his car from an 8-hour storm in an Arctic area.

The geologic column does not exist!
Petrified trees are found standing up connecting these Rock layers so they cannot have been deposited millions of years apart from each other, but were rapidly deposited in a single event.

It does not take millions of years to petrify, there are many examples of rapid petrification.

A massive Delta New Mexico is reported to have taken 30,000 years for all of the deposit but this doesn’t make much sense when you consider a very old Earth – the whole of Mexico would be covered in deposit. Flood waters could have washed out this deposit in a matter of minutes.
Note- we don’t need to use the deposit rate we see currently when we have catastrophic past events. We have never seen events big enough to create some of the alluvial fans that exist, they were formed in the flood.

Tree ring dating is not an exact science, a tree can produce two or three rings a year.
Also there are issues with overlapping tree ring dating charts.
The oldest tree is 4,300 years old and if the Earth were much older we should have much older trees.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia must be less than 4200 years, old they announced this after watching it for 20 years wondering how fast it would regrow after WWII damage.

Niagara Falls erosion rates show 9900 years old. But if the Earth is as old as they say it is, it should be eroded back much further. But the flood could have washed it out in a matter of minutes.

The oceans continue to get saltier. The current salt amount shows around a 5000 year old ocean, and if the Earth was ancient it would be much more salty.

The flood was probably mostly freshwater and over time it has gotten saltier. It has been shown that fish can adapt from fresh to salt water over a short time, and you put those same fish right back in freshwater and they die. This is minor adaptation, this is very different from evolutionist claims of rocks turning into animals over time.

Caves: There are 50 inch stalactites which formed under the Lincoln memorial that took only 40 years to form.
There’s a bat covered in flowstone before it could rot.
There are cave rock formations growing off of a refrigeration shed which grew 2 inches in one year.
One building has massive cave formations from a water leak made in just 40 years.
A mine in Australia was closed for 55 years, when they reopened it they were massive cave rock formations.
They claim 2 inches in a thousand years as a max creation rate for cave rock formations, but it’s more like a max of 2 inches in one year.

Erosion and fossils: At the current rate of erosion the continents will erode flat in 14 million years. Why do they tell us there are fossils 300 times older than that still above sea level? They should have washed out to sea 300 times.

Language: National geographic says the oldest writing systems started around 3,000 BC. They say the oldest languages are modern sophisticated and complete.
Note- In my Egyptian class the professor said it’s more like 4000BC for our oldest records. Very remarkable!

Calendars: On the Chinese calendar they said the year 2000 was 4700; they may have started their calendar with the flood or the birth of Shem.
The Hebrew calendar said the year 2000 was 5760, but a rabbi took out 164 years to try and make it not line up with Jesus, and to make the Daniel 9:25 prophecy not point to Jesus.

Genealogies: Saxons in England have a genealogy going back to Adam, and the Danes and Norwegians have lists going back to Noah.
Note- I know several people with genealogies back to Adam. One is presented in Universal Model.

Don’t trust the Egyptian king list it is greatly exaggerated.
The oldest historical records which are reliable are less than 6000 years old.

75% of kids raised in Christian homes to attend public schools reject the Christian faith by their first year of college.


Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 2: The Garden of Eden (& Pre-Flood Conditions) – Highlights
Poor audio on this link, I’ll try to upload the series, Hovind freely shared the series and encourages its spread by any means.

2 Peter 3:5 people are dumb on purpose when it comes to God speaking the creation.

The King James version says “the first day” other versions have changed it to “one first day” or “a first day” to downplay the creation, and to suggest the Gap theory of billions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Several Bibles now talk about the creation days as periods of time rather than days.

Hovind speculates about Lucifer’s fall from heaven. Note- he does not know about the pre-earth life where we all existed as spirits before coming to Earth to get bodies, and how Lucifer fell in the spirit world before Adam came here.

Plants are not alive in the biblical sense. Here Hovind speculates about generations of plant regeneration before the fall of Adam when death was introduced to the world and this makes sense because Adam ate the fruit of the garden before falling.

God told Adam to replenish the Earth but the 1611 Bible King James version using a 1611 dictionary the word replenish just means fill it up, it doesn’t mean fill it again, only the modern meaning means that, so there weren’t people before Adam.

Evolution requires death before sin, which is a heresy.

If Noah’s flood was small and local why would God have told Noah to build a large arc to stay in for a year and put all the animals in it? If it was local he could’ve just told Noah to move!

Hovind says the two scriptures in the Bible about 1,000 years to man is a day to God are just general references to how God doesn’t use time in heaven, and that these verses do not refer to the creation. Hebrew scriptures clearly teach a creation of 6 24-hour days.
Note- I do think there are other references in restoration scriptures which could indicate at 7000 year creation. Also note that during that 7000 years of creation, it could have been more being created than just our earth, perhaps the entire galaxy. The Pearl of Great Price and doctrine and covenants give additional insight which make a very real possibility of each day of creation being 1,000 years, but of course it’s not millions of years, and Hovind points this out too. We also replicate this by a 6-day work week followed by one day of rest.

The sun wasn’t until Creation Day 4 and if the days of creation are literal 24-hour periods that’s easy to have the plants before the sun as it’s just a day later, but if there’s millions of years in the days those plants would die without the sunlight.

Note- there is a possibility for 1000 year days even in this instance of the plants needing sunlight, if God provided the light another way. This could be similar to how it is suggested that in the celestial Earth the sun won’t be needed anymore for light on it because God will be there and the light will come from him. We also have teachings of Earth made in Gods presence in the cosmos, and falling through space at the fall to its present location.

Some say that the fall of Adam impacted only human death not the entire creation, but the Bible says otherwise – that because of the fall, the plants grew thorns, thistles, etc. Scriptures say that all creation suffered because of the fall.

Evolutionists frequently claim that the average person is not smart enough to understand evolution, and some Christian evolutionists try to argue that God simply taught the early people in a simple way when he said six days creation, but in reality the ancients were probably much smarter than us.

Note- I agree; to start a good University you take really smart people and hope that continues, it’s the same way with Adam, he was extremely smart (and righteous).

The firmament could be water in space because it’s above the heaven or above the place where the birds fly. The firmament of water could have fallen at the flood and contributed to the flood waters.

Hovind has a theory that the 1st heaven is sky where birds fly, 2nd is where the lights like sun and stars are, and 3rd is where God is.

The Bible speaks about the round earth being created, so Christians have always known that the Earth is round not flat.

A canopy of water in the sky could have blocked out harmful radiation from the Sun

Cracks in the plates are likely places where water came out from fountains of the deep during the flood as spoken of in Genesis.

One dinosaur that’s 80 ft long had the same nostril size as a horse, and in order to oxygenate this animal, sucking air through that small nostril would have lit a fire, so it is likely that oxygen content at the time of the dinosaurs was higher!
Air bubbles trapped in Amber Rock (which is petrified tree sap) often has 50% more oxygen in it than our current atmosphere being 32 rather than 21% oxygen!

A water canopy firmament could have doubled air pressure before the flood, and the more air pressure the easier it is to breathe (as noted by difficulty breathing in high altitudes where the pressure is low).

More oxygen percentage and more air pressure would saturate our plasma with oxygen which would make us much more physically strong.
Hyperbaric oxygen Chambers have been shown to heal many wounds quickly which could not be otherwise healed.
Stroke leprosy cerebral palsy multiple sclerosis many diseases are being treated with good success using hyperbaric chambers.
More oxygen during surgery results in much less infection and much faster recovery.
A football team uses a hyperbaric chamber as their athletes were covered much faster in it.
Hovind went in a sealed chamber where the atmosphere pressure was tripled and it saturated his blood with oxygen and he felt great energy from this exposure.
An tomato plant was raised on increased oxygen and it grew to a massive tree-like size and produced a massive number of tomatoes, and the cherry tomatoes go to the size of baseballs.
The birds chirp an hour before sunrise and the frequency of the chirping triggers the stoma in the plants to open. There are similarly positive effects in classical music as this bird frequency is often found; a man experimented with playing classical music to his corn and it grew to a massive size of 15 ft. tall.
Sonic bloom is a term used to describe growing plants to a very large size with special frequency and minerals.

The national Center for Science education was started by Carnegie to keep evolution in schools. Is a tiny building.

Sometimes in coal human artifacts are found. A bell, a soul of a shoe, an iron pot… he lists many things.
Coal formed in the flood. Genesis 1:29 says there were green herbs over all the face of the Earth.

Hovind says flood waters were deposited as ocean and that there didn’t used to be oceans before the flood.
Note – I disagree with that. Earth was made from water and always has been mostly water.

There are leaf deposits in Antarctica.
This helps us understand how there is a lot more biomass that was turned into coal; during the flood there may have been a lot more vegetation than we currently see, which leads to lots of coal.
Note- again, Hovind says all of earth could have had vegetation without any oceans pre-flood, I don’t think so. I think land precipitated out of the waters. But to his credit, Hovind does promote a water based rather than magma based creation of earth, as the scripture says.

Some tried to say that the ancients before the flood did not live up to 900 years; they say those were counted in months rather than years, but this cannot be, otherwise the known birth ages of some would put their father at 5 years old which is nonsense.

We have found various super tall skeletons; the Bible says there were giants in those days before the flood; as people get older and older, they grow.
Note- particularly in the better environment, the likely higher oxygen content, and less genetic defects from that early time, etc.

Only one bone in the human body grows back if you take it out, and that is the lower rib. This is compelling evidence for Adam’s rib removal to make Eve.

Nevada, Illinois, all over America they find these 9 10 11 12 ft. tall human skeletons.
(Note- this builds the case that there were people in America before the flood.)
They found a 39 lb. copper ax head it must have been swung by a giant.
The Smithsonian museum actively hides skeletons of giants as it goes against evolution theory that we started out small and are getting bigger.
It is true over the last 100 or so years we’ve increased on average 6 in industrialized countries due to increased sanitation nutrition etc.

Turks claim to have found the skeleton of Noah, a 12 ft. tall skeleton. (Note- perhaps it wasn’t Noah himself, he wasn’t buried in the flood, he wouldn’t have petrified. I suppose there’s a chance his remains were preserved.)
If Noah was quite tall his cubit would have been larger this allows for possibly quite a larger arc.
A 47-in femur was found which would indicate about a 13 ft. tall person.

2 Peter chapter 3 points out that in the last days people will scoff at God’s word and say that all things continue as they have from the beginning of the creation. It says they are willingly ignorant of the creation and the flood.

Genesis 1:6-7 speaks of a firmament of water over the Earth.

The average age before the flood was over 900 years.

The Bible said you are made in God’s image, so it should offend you when people claim you come from an ape.
Those who teach evolution and destroy children’s faith are in serious trouble- scripture says if you offend one of these little ones that believes, it’s better that a millstone is hung about your neck and you drown in the sea.

Nebraska man was a supposedly between apes and humans and all they had for him was one tooth. They built the entire man and his wife from that one tooth and it was later discovered that that tooth came from a pig

1912 Piltdown man was in textbooks for years and was found to be a deliberate fraud. It was in the books for 40 years destroying faith. It was a human skull and an ape jawbone filed down and fit together.

Neanderthal man still in the books was proven wrong 50 years ago to be just an old man with arthritis. The back was curved. He is slowly going down not slowly coming up. All of the approximately 300 Neanderthal skeletons they have found are all perfectly normal human skeletons with the same average height of people today etc., yet they claim it’s a missing link.
One expert dentist who made teeth for various ages etc. pointed out that Neanderthal teeth are just normal teeth of people with diseases.
Neanderthal was named after a place in Germany called Neander and that place was named after a man who wrote the song praise the Lord the Almighty which speaks about God’s creation.

Evolutionists tell artists who create designs for textbooks and museums to dress these supposed human link creatures up all fancy to depict devolution with skin color and hair etc., though you can tell none of that from the bones.

The eyebrow ridge bone continues to grow as you age so a very old person could have a very large eyebrow ridge bone, and people lived a lot longer before the flood.
The back of the head would elongate as well due to the muscles always pulling the head back.
Neanderthals are humans living several hundred years old, not missing links.

The bones of the Clydesdale are slightly bigger than a normal horse, but that doesn’t prove the horse is becoming a truck.

Chromagdin man was another claim proven wrong.
Australopithesis africanus was also in the textbooks but was proven wrong too.

Lucy was found by a man who went to Africa on grant money to find missing links to evolution and two weeks before this grant money ran out he found the Lucy skeleton and claimed it as missing link. He was highly motivated to be able to renew his grant money and he was not an unbiased observer.
The Lucy skeleton was probably a monkey skeleton, and the skull bones were very crushed so you could not tell anything about it from the skull bones; but in the textbook they show a half human skull for Lucy, and this is part of the propaganda.
The knee joint was found a mile and a half away from the rest of the skeleton and 50 ft. deeper in the strata!

The St. Louis zoo put human feet on their Lucy display; no not a single foot bone was found, and all similar skeletons had the feet of monkeys. The zookeeper was informed about this deception and refused to change the display saying that they just wanted to focus on the general impression of the display rather than updating the display with new evidence; this zoo boss was deliberately promoting evolution against real evidence to the contrary; he was lying to the children just to promote the narrative.

In Africa in some ash they found normal human footprints and they dated the ash as 3.7 million years old, yet they claim normal humans did not exist that long ago, so they claimed that they were some kind of non-human footprint, and they said if they didn’t know better they looked just like normal human footprints. A human footprint expert verified that these footprints were exactly like normal human footprints, yet they persisted in saying they were not normal human prints due to the carbon dating of the ash at 3.7 million years old. Evolution theory is a hindrance to common sense research!
They still made exhibit depictions of people making these footprints as half monkey half man! No bones were found and the foot looks exactly like a human footprint, so these were propaganda pieces.

Peking man was found in a cave where they had human tools and some monkey skeletons, but also a lot of human skeletons, and they didn’t tell anyone about the human skeletons; they claimed it was monkeys in there learning how to use tools, but it was obviously humans eating monkeys, as some cultures do to this day.

One man took a bunch of convicts and had them go anywhere and bring him back bones they found. He would haphazardly label them as half monkey half human bones. He took human teeth and an ape skull cap and put them together and said he found the missing link. He hid the fact that he found two normal human skeletons in the same area, he hid them in his room under the floorboards!

See book Bones of Contention which analyzes the various caveman humanoid claims.

Most states have laws requiring the textbooks in schools to be accurate.
Many evolutionary claims about human-monkey creatures have been proven wrong, yet they persist in the textbooks.

Originally they called humans homosapien meaning wise, but now they call us homo sapien sapien meaning very wise; there is a verse in the Bible that rebukes the people who call themselves wise, that they are truly foolish. The Bible says professing themselves to be wise they became fools. If you believe your ancestors were a monkey, you are a fool!

If you find a fossil in the dirt all you know is that it died; you do not know whether it had any children. You cannot prove it had different kinds.
Today animals cannot produce anything other than their kind, so neither can bones!
Evolution only happens in the imagination, never in reality.

The Stone age was likely people after the flood quickly making tools of mediocre quality so they didn’t have to stop in hunting a long time to make complex tools when following a pack of animals. There are people still today making stone tools.
He suggests a several hundred year ice age after the flood, and that when you catch up to a herd you make tools on the spot to hunt and leave them behind instead of carrying them.
Note- this quick tool making on site and leaving them behind works whether or not there was an ice age, either way.

The word prehistoric was added to the dictionary about a hundred years ago. There’s no such thing as prehistoric.

He suggests a pre-flood canopy of water would have increased the air pressure and resulted in much larger animals.
Insects in oxygen rich water grow a thousand times bigger than their counterparts.
Dragonfly fossil with 50 inch wingspan.
Fossil cockroaches 18 in. long.
Fossil centipede 8 1/2 ft. long in Germany.
Fossil grasshoppers over 2 ft. long.
Fossil tarantula 3 ft. leg span.
Fossil cattails 60 ft. tall.
Fossil donkey in Texas 9 ft. to the shoulder.
12 ft. buffalo horn span fossil.
Giant elk 12 ft. antler fossil.
10 ft. tall kangaroo fossil.
Fossil goose the size of an elephant.
Fossil Beaver 8 ft. long, there were probably bigger trees back then too for them to chew.
An increased air pressure environment would diffuse more oxygen into the water and allow for larger fish.

Shark tooth fossil indicating 80 ft. shark.
Some people are growing fish four times the normal size in pressurized environments.
Massive fossil turtles.
Oyster shells in mountain tops of Peru 2 miles above sea level two and a half feet wide.

Petrified clams in the closed position are found around the world so they must have died quickly as they usually open when dead.
They have been found on top of Mount Everest.

After the flood the mountains rose taller.

Reptiles never stop growing so if they lived a long time they would get very big.
The word dinosaur means terrible lizard.
Today apparently the jeans for largeness in reptiles are gone. (Note- or they just aren’t living long enough; I’m not sure why he says this about genes gone, but it’s possible.)

Human fossils and human fossilized prints have been found alongside dinosaur fossils and prints around the world.
Science magazine pointed out that there were dinosaur and mammal fossils found together.
Stone carvings in Peru show humans and dinosaurs together ICA stones.
There have been human footprints found next to dinosaur tracks.

Hundreds of dinosaur track sites have been found around the world and museums take great care to not display where there are human prints alongside dinosaur prints as they contradict evolution theory.

It is logical that people would walk where the dinosaur tracks already were, those made a path to walk more easily.

Book Texas Tracks and Artifacts

Size 24 fossil footprint of human

There was a dig where there were dinosaur and human prints together and an evolutionist came and Nova showed up and didn’t film much of the tracks of the dig but they did interview the evolutionist and the evolutionist claimed that he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution; but what he didn’t tell the camera man was that he refused to even turn around and look at the tracks they had been working on so he could claim he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution! Nova knew that he would not turn his back to look at the tracks, and they would not let the person doing the dig respond to the evolutionists claims.
Evolution is not real science because it is closed-minded to any evidence that goes against it!

Book Footprints and the Stones of Time.

Fossilized hammer.

Some think there was no iron before the flood but the Bible says there was. Tubal Cain was an artificer in brass and iron Genesis 4:22.

Coal was formed in the flood.
Brass bell found inside coal deposit.
Gold chain found inside coal.
Iron pot found in coal.
Toy doll found in rock 300 ft. down in rock that’s supposed to be 12 million years old.
Human tools found in rock supposed to be 55 million years old.

Egyptians knew about electricity there is a hieroglyphic showing them using electricity.

One person said perhaps if the finder of these understood evolution like we do today, he would have hesitated to announce his findings.
In other words if this person knew how important our theory was, he wouldn’t have told anyone what he found.

Advance stone tools were found in glacial deposits supposed to be 60 to 125,000 years old. The director of the museum was fired for refusing to fire the discover.

God told Adam and Eve to eat fruits vegetables nuts and seeds, and when you eat seeds you get vitamins that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

It’s a nut inside of peach seeds. Cyanide found in the seed is harmless. Take this and it will selectively destroy cancer cells. A tribe who traditionally lived very long was well known for eating apricot seeds. Apricot seed oil on the face prevents wrinkling.

The Bible says bread strengthens your heart!
Healthy oils omega acids and vitamins in natural bread will make the bread go bad, so to make more money people took those out of the bread for a longer shelf life, and now the bread isn’t so healthy.
This is why the Bible talks about daily bread it’s not supposed to last long. And why money is the root of all evil.
When we went to white flower without these oils from whole grain we began to develop strokes heart attacks etc. The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead.
White bread fills you up and keeps you from getting all the vitamins you need.

Drug therapy is evolution based because it says you’re nothing but a bunch of chemicals so treat you sickness with a bunch of chemicals.
Medicine for pain does not treat the problem only the symptom; you need to go in and fix the problem; your body gives you pain as a warning signal like a check engine light in a car- you don’t just cover the light.
The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil and drug companies don’t make money when you’re doing well.

See Bill Sardi on nutrition.

Fluoride is extremely toxic to the immune system.
Many doctors and dentists are recommending not putting fluoride in water or toothpaste.

The Bible says to wash your hands when you’ve dealt with blood or a dead body, and early doctors weren’t doing that, and then when a doctor suggested you have to wash your hands between patients he got fired from three different hospitals in a row, then he was put in a mental institution for making this suggestion, and a patient murdered him.

See Hovind’s video on the Bible and health.

The teeth of many herbivores have some sharpness, so we can’t just say any sharp tooth means meat eater. Like the fruit bat or the panda or the monkey.
The Bible says everything was vegetarian before the flood.
Genesis 9 the fear of man came upon the animals after the flood.
After the flood God said they can eat all the things all the creatures.
Note- perhaps the animal sacrifices before the flood were not eaten?

You can eat meat but it does cause suffering.

When you see a smashed car you don’t wonder why the manufacturer built a smashed car, you know that it got smashed, it didn’t start that way, and it’s the same with the way things are in the world today; this is not the way that God made it originally. Suffering we see in the world today is not the way God created it, we live in a junkyard. Man has wrecked God’s world but God will fix it.
Note- God allows us to choose good or evil, and that gets messy.

The Bible says the lion will eat straw.

Get involved in the war for God. If you’re not going to fight then carry bullets, do something.


Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 3: Dinosaurs & The Bible

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals.

National geographic claims that no human being has ever seen a live dinosaur.
But obviously they have not talked to everyone who has ever lived so they can’t know that, they can only believe it.

Remember the fact that God created the heaven and the Earth in six days, this is part of the ten commandments that was written on Stone!

Psalm 24 speaks of a water creation.
Psalm 136 God stretched out the Earth above the waters.

He claims that most of the water on the surface of the Earth now used to be beneath the crust.

Note I would say the flood was more of the continents sinking down into surrounding waters and then going back up after the flood.

Only 3% of the world today is habitable for men; God designed the world to be inhabited, it used to be more habitable.

Billy Graham claimed that dinosaurs were dead before man arrived on Earth and this is wrong as it places death before sin.

Noah was smart enough to know that he could have brought baby dinosaurs on the ark which wouldn’t take up so much room.
The biggest dinosaur egg ever found is smaller than a football.

Genesis 7 is clear: Noah only had to bring the various kinds of animals, he didn’t have to bring every specific variety.

Noah only had to bring those in who’s nostrils was the breath of life, and only those who were on dry land. Bugs would survive a flood easily, whenever there is flood waters receding you see there are many bugs.

Many experts say there are just about 8,000 basic kinds of animals in the world.
If you just talked 60 words per minute you could name all 8,000 animals in just over 2 hours.
Thus we see Adam well could have named all the animals in one day.

Atheists claim that Noah could not have put all the animals on the ark but they don’t know how big the ark was, and they don’t know which animals were brought! Ask them these questions, they say, “I don’t know, I just know he couldn’t do it!”

One textbook claims that the percentage of oxygen was zero near Earth’s beginning, but the rocks absorbed it. Absorbed what, the non-existent oxygen? Make up your mind!
Then it says it rained for millions of years making oceans, and there were complex chemicals in the waters. The book says progress from complex chemicals to the first living organism is very slow. That’s right, it’s so slow it doesn’t even happen! They claim that the first life must have emerged from organic soup. And apparently that first life form found someone to marry, and something to eat, and slowly evolved to what we are today. Therefore they are claiming your great grandpa was soup!

Most atheists do not know what they believe you have to tell them, that 20 billion years ago a big bang, and 4.6 billion years ago Earth cools down, and it rains on rocks for millions of years making soup, then the soup came alive 3 billion years ago.

One atheist professor said “how can you believe that all the dogs in the world today came from a single set of prototypical parent dogs on Noah’s ark?” Hovind responded to the atheist Professor, “but you are teaching that all the dogs in the world today came from a rock!”

Atheists will claim we did not come from a rock, that we came from a macromolecule, but where did that come from… From the oceans of prebiotic soup… And where did that come from, it came from rain on rocks for millions of years… So yes they do indeed claim we came from rock!

Jeremiah 2:27 “saying to a stock thou art my father and to a stone thou has brought me forth

Today there are 270 flood legends.
Noah would have lived long enough to tell of the flood to Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
Hawaiian legend of Nuhu who had giant house on a canoe, and everyone was killed who wasn’t on it by a flood.
Chinese story of Fuhi, that him his wife has three children and their wives all were on a boat and survived a flood when everyone else perished.
Indian legend of all dying by a flood that covered the highest mountains, and only one family who survived.
Maybe the Atlantis legend is another flood legend.

In Turkey there are signs showing which way to Noah’s boat.

Noah was in the boat for a year but everything being covered completely by water may have only been a few weeks. Perhaps it was too muddy, perhaps no trees survived and he had to wait in the boat a while.

The Bible says the ark landed on the mountains of Ararat so it may not be on the specific mountain of Ararat as some claim.
The ark may have landed in a valley because it would seem unlikely to land on a mountain when waters are receding.

One ark finding of a teardrop shape. the Ron Wyatt finding, the pointed end is uphill not downhill so it’s not just lava flow around an object, they have rivets it was held together by, the government of Turkey affirms that was Noah’s ark and they built a visitor center.
The standard Egyptian Cubit is 20.6 in. and this arc matches the biblical description based on that length exactly. This is about 2/3 the size of the Titanic. About two football fields long.
Drogue stones to stabilize a boat in a storm were found.

The ark did not have any masts, it was designed to float not sail.

Note- if God wanted the ark to go somewhere he could blow it there by the winds and currents like the Jaredite vessels. I do believe it started in America and went to Turkey.

Many longboats built out of wood have survived; the Chinese had some very big ones some time ago.

The moon pool on the floor of the boat helps it not to snap in half, it’s a big hole with tall balls on the sides. It relieves the stress as you go over the waves. It also acts like a giant piston to pump Air into the boat every time you have a wave, and it would be a good place to dump garbage.

The question is not how did the dinosaurs go extinct but did they go extinct at all. They are good at getting us to argue about the wrong question.

An example of getting us to argue about the wrong question is the question of whether creation science should be taught in public schools. This question must be proceeded by the more important question of whether we should have public schools at all!
There are many good public School teachers but the curriculum they work from is corrupt. Unfixable. Get your kids out of public school if you can.
The 10th amendment says our government has no business and being involved in education. Public schools are part of progress toward a new world order and Karl Marx is clear about this in The Communist Manifesto item number 10 which is free public education.

After the flood people only lived 400 then 200 then 100 years.

It’s possible that dinosaurs could not live long enough to reproduce after the flood in the new environment.

Sir Richard Owen invented the word dinosaur in 1841, before that they were known as dragons.
Dragons are mentioned in the bible 35 times.
Dragon population went down because no one wants to live by a dragon.
Many ancient recipes call for dragon bones as a part of medicine.
Gilgamesh slew a dragon.
The Babylonian God Marduk is shown on top of a dragon.
The Chinese had to kill dragons, there are all kinds of legends.

Sure there were fire breathing dragons, the Bible talks about fiery flying serpents.
The Bible is very plainly says fire goes out of the mouth of a beast.
Note- this gives more support to the idea that some of the serpents mentioned in various scriptures are more like dragons than little snakes.

Apocryphal account Daniel 14 he slays a legendary dragon which people are worshiping.
Daniel knew science so he used sticky pitch and hair (and hair cannot be digested,) and fat which is very salty tasting and most animals like salty tasting things, it made the dragon burst asunder.

Saddam Hussein thought he was Nebuchadnezzar reincarnated.
He rebuilt the ancient city of Babylon.
The original City was destroyed around 600 BC and much of it buried in the sand was preserved quite well. They found carvings of lions and dragons.
Apparently Nebuchadnezzar had a dragon in a cage.

Roman Mosaic with two long neck dinosaurs.

275 AD St George says the dragon, and is very famous, there are carvings of it all over.
Beowulf slays a dragon by pulling his arm off.

One depiction of dinosaurs holding a sheep between their mouths.

Gargoyles on cathedrals are from a legend of a gargoyle coming up out of the water in France.

Stamps, coins, legends, dragons are everywhere throughout world history.

An Irish writer said they killed a dragon which had nails on its tail. Stegosaurus has large spikes on its tail.

Vikings ships have dragons on them. There is an 11th century Viking depiction of a man being swallowed by a dragon.

See book After The flood by Bill Cooper, about Noah’s sons and genealogy etc. He mentions many of the ancient people having to fight dragons.

Norwegian hero who slew a dragon.

Marco Polo said the emperor in China was raising dragons to pull chariots in his parades.
In 1611 old Chinese law books tell about the post of royal dragon feeder.

A city in France was renamed Merluk to honor the man who slew the dragon.

Indian Picture of dinosaur on Grand Canyon walls. A scientist in 1925 reported on the dinosaur drawings on the Grand Canyon walls and said that the drawings completely upset all of their theories.

True science is where when the facts don’t match your theory, you throw out your theory, but they don’t have any theory to replace evolution other than God, so they keep it.

They used to say dinosaurs went extinct 12 million years ago, now they are saying dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.
In 1770 some textbooks said the Earth is 70,000 years old. 1905 they say 2 billion. 1969 it’s 3 and 1/2 billion. Today it’s 4.6 billion. The Earth is getting older at the rate of 21 million years per year. 40 years per minute.

Blanding Utah cliff wall carvings of dinosaurs.
Australia painting showing Aboriginal running away from long necked dinosaur.
Canada dinosaur cliff drawing and Indian legend of the great animal that lived in the lake.
Yet we have scientists claiming no one has ever seen a dinosaur.

The Icca Stones: in the Nazca desert there are giant images of spider with one leg slightly longer, they thought these were incompetent drawings, but it turns out that’s indeed how the spider appears during a short period of time for reproduction. This was a tiny rare spider and you would have needed a magnifying glass to even know about the leg lengthening.
2000 years ago Nazca burial stones show dinosaurs, brain surgery, putting on artificial limbs, steam engines, etc.
About 500 of these stones show dinosaurs with people.

We have an ancient depiction of a dinosaur with circularized skin patterns and we have now also found dinosaur skin with the same pattern.

There are 56,000 ceramic figurines of dinosaurs in Mexico in the basement of one house.

There’s a Roman sword with a man and dinosaur on it. Scientists said it must be fake because they know man and dinosaur did not live at the same time.

There are hundreds of sea monster sightings in log books of navigations at sea.
A 60 ft Sea monster was seen swimming under one’s boat
Stories of giant octopus pulling large ships underwater
There’s been several finds of massive octopus
Squid and octopus never stop growing

Behemoth cannot be elephant or hippopotamus as some Bible reference books claim. Behemoth is probably the Brachiosaurus. Behemoth has the tail like a cedar tree and elephants have tiny tails.

Boys Don’t touch the girls until you’re married to them.
Proverbs 6:26 the adulterous will hunt for the precious life (and not find it).

For the last 200 years children’s books have began by saying that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

We need hundreds of creation science museums, go start one.

Dinosaurs that may still be alive:

Communists go places and kill tons of people and claim they have liberated them.

The canopy of water in ancient times over Earth (note- or something like that) may have created an environment for long life of humans and animals and this could result in large size.

There’s a large unexplored swamp in Africa the size of Illinois.
In the early 1900s there were reports of living dinosaurs in that swamp of Africa
There are massive swarms of mosquitoes like swarms of dust in this swamp.
1980 report of dinosaur in this swamp as well.
Natives who live near the unexplored African swamp report several large dinosaur findings.

Animals are good at avoiding detection.

Book Claws Jaws and Dinosaurs – a middle school aged text about living dinosaurs.

A meticulous recorder of facts wrote of seeing a dinosaur in the Amazon jungle.

The Scientific American paper is now very careful to not include anything that would support creation science.

Recent giant snake who swallowed human.
Colonel Faucet said he shot and killed a 62 ft. anaconda and the natives reported that there are many much bigger.
A 98 ft. snake was recently killed with machine gun, it was two foot in diameter.
Snake with 5 ft long head.
130 ft long snake with 15 ft diameter in Peru 1997.
150 ft long snake carcass floating on a river.

The Amazon is often over 9 miles wide.

They Scotland Loch Ness (lake) is up to 900 ft. deep in places. Several miles wide.
The Loch Ness lake was hidden behind a mountain, they eventually put a road to it, and many sightings of the Loch Ness monster were recorded once the road was built.
The first year they put the road in there were 52 separate sightings, and now there have been around 11,000.
Alexander Campbell, the long time game warden of Loch Ness, saw the monster more than 10 times.
Loch Ness is so big that everyone in the world could drown in it at the same time.
A Loch Ness sighting was recorded in the reader’s digest magazine but they reported the image of the whole monster with the head out of the picture.
The Loch Ness is not only large but includes a network of caves which the monster could hide in.
The main popular loch Ness picture is one that they declared a fake after the man who took it died so he couldn’t defend the claim.
Scientists repeatedly throw out all of the evidence of recent dinosaur sightings due to evolution theory.

In China Russia etc. there are many reports of large dinosaur-like sea creatures washing up on the shore in the last century.

We have Swedish and Norwegian artwork depicting dinosaurs.

People frequently say that these sea monster sightings are a basking shark but the descriptions do not match.
Some say that these sea creatures are whales but whales do not have long necks.
Many report plesiosaurus sightings.

Book Shipwrecks and Sea Monsters
Book Mysterious Sea Monsters of California Central Coast

In 1973 a city passed a law making it illegal to harm the White River monster it was so well known.

There are various instances of coincidental misses of attaining stirring evidence of living dinosaurs.
Note- it seems the Lord is testing people’s faith, keeping these animals hidden.

Just about every week Dr. Hovind gets calls from people who claim to have seen these living dinosaurs.

Lake Champlain monster many sightings
About 30 feet long
Weighing 3,000 to 5,000 lb

Isaiah 27 “dragons in the sea”

Five teenagers scuba diving in the Massachusetts sunken ship were caught in a storm and dragged out to sea, only one survived an attack from a long necked sea creature. The neck appeared to be a long 10-ft Pole straight out of the water. A bulb like structure was on top of the head. Green eyes, oval pupils, 12 ft. long neck, and a round green color head like an elongated turtle. The next morning the surviving one was found by a rescue unit. A stepmother of one of the men who died approached Dr. Hovind and affirmed the account after he told it.

A bus full of Christian students on a trip were driving and saw everyone saw a dinosaur; they thought people would think they were crazy if they told.
Note- it would make sense for God to bless Christian students with a rare opportunity like this, signs follow belief.

Dr. Hovind has interviewed about 80 people who say they have seen a living dinosaur.
There have been 20,000 reported sightings of living dinosaurs in the last century.

Various living pterodactyl sightings.

A man from Kenya reported pterodactyls in their village with about a 4-ft wingspan and a bump on the back of the head; he asked Hovind, “why do your schools in America say they lived millions of years ago?” Hovind replied “because we are dumb over here”

These living pterodactyls have been described as lizards with wings like a bat.
Living pterodactyls have skin not feathers.

In Venezuela people talked about a giant bat that would capsize canoes.
Shown a picture of a pterodactyl the natives explained that this was the bat and even today they will not fish or drink from the river in fear of the creature.

A doctor from Indonesia verified that living dinosaurs exist in their village, and again was puzzled at why in America we teach these animals lived millions of years ago.

14 ft. wingspan bird was seen off the coast of Alaska recently.

Natives told settlers be careful of the giant Thunderbird. A Sioux Indian saw one get struck by lightning they found it they had a 20 ft. wingspan and a bony bump on the back of its head.
The Thunderbird was a pterodactyl!

An Indian prayer stick shows the head of a pterodactyl.
An Indian tribe had a painting of a pterodactyl on a cliff wall about how there used to be a giant bird who would come and carry off people.
Then their Chief prayed to the great spirit about how to take care of this bird and the great spirit showed him away to kill this bird.

Satan is using dinosaurs to turn our kids away from God and we need to set the record straight.

1st Timothy women should dress modestly.
1 Corinthians 11 men should not have long hair.
Bible says let no corrupt communication leave your mouth, so no swearing and other idle speech; the Bible says you’ll have to give an account for Every idle word.
Psalm 101:3 I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: this should warn us about television choices.
Eph 5:19 use spiritual songs and hymns.

Paul used creation as his means of evangelism when he taught the people on Mars Hill about the unknown God who created the world.
Note- not everyone knows about scripture or religion, but everyone knows about nature, this is a terrific way to connect.

Hovind says feel free to copy and spread around his videos. He says feel free to use his material however you want. He says if there’s something in there you don’t like edit it out. He says eat the meat and spit out the bones, a very good lesson. He says copy everything he does, it’s fine.
Note- bravo Hovind, this is the spirit of Zion!

Dr. Hovind spoke some 800 times in one year; he says it’s better to burn out than to rust out, and a lot of Christians are rusting out (not doing much).

There’s not tons of pictures of dinosaur sightings because it happens quickly; it’s like a car wreck, you’ll often see the aftermath but not the actual event.
Note- and far less likely to be caught than even a car wreck, these animals live deep in nature where we do not frequent.

The video includes an interview Hovind did with a lady who saw the champ lake monster who also has a stirring photograph.

Many who have seen these things do not tell about them at the risk of others thinking they are insane.



Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 4: Lies in the Textbooks – Highlights

Take the lies out of the textbooks and there will be nothing left to support evolution theory.
There are state laws requiring School textbooks to be accurate, but none of the states enforce that law.
Some school textbooks say evolution is a fact not a theory.

A textbook claimed that only a marginal number of Christian fundamentalists don’t believe in evolution, however the majority of Americans don’t believe in evolution!

They claim we are trying to prevent students from learning what science has to offer, that is not what we are doing, we love science, we just don’t like lies, and we don’t want our science to be full of un-demonstrable theorizing.
Evolutionists claim that without evolution teaching people will not become smart and will not be able to compete in the market, but these have nothing to do with evolution.

One popular textbook has 100 pages of evolution theory and no mentions of creation.

There are charts of states and how well they think each state does at teaching evolution.

There is outdated false information in books and deliver it, lies to get people to believe evolution theory.
Tear out the pages of lies from the book!

Creation says the Grand Canyon was formed in a little time with a lot of water, and evolution says it was formed with a little water in a lot of time.
Textbooks state that certain things are facts which certainly are not, such as how the Grand Canyon formed.
The top of the canyon is higher on one side by 4,000 ft.; the river, unless it flowed uphill, could not have carved the canyon.
There is no delta of washed out the mud etc. from the Grand Canyon carving, so there is no way a river made it.
The Grand Canyon is a large washed out spillway and was formed over a short period of time.

2nd Peter says people are willingly ignorant of how God created the heaven and the Earth and of the flood.
Peter also prophesied that in the last days people would teach that everything has been going on the same way from the beginning, and this was directly fulfilled with James Hutton and his theory of uniformitarianism (that the present is key to the past, that all formations we see are from very slow continuous processes taking place now, no catastrophism, no creation, no flood).

Charles Lyle was a lawyer who hated the Bible. His book principles of geology speaks of hatred for the Bible on almost every page. He says people are outdated if they believe in the Bible and goes on and on about religious prejudice. Charles Lyle said his goal was to free the science from Moses.

In 1830 they made the geologic column, names for each layer, and index fossils for each layer. This was all before any type of radiometric dating.
It’s a fact that there are many layers of rock, but the geologic column dating is all fake.
Get a jar of dirt shake it up, it will settle out into layers in a few minutes, it’s called hydrologic settling.
Those who believe in evolution always try and make you think that their theories are facts.
The only place on Earth you will ever find the geologic column is the textbooks.
They say there are 26 places on Earth where the geologic column is found, this is not true, what is the case is that there are 26 places on Earth where the fossils are found in the order they want to see them.
If there was a geologic column in one place it would be 100 miles thick.
Evolutionists don’t know where all the dirt came from for all these layers.
There are no erosion marks between the layers, they are all stuck tightly together indicating there was no time between the layers.
The geologic time scale in the museum is behind glass, lit up, very holy, don’t touch it.
80-85 percent of earth doesn’t even have 3 of the geologic periods appearing in “correct” order.
In the 1830s when the geologic column began to be taught people began to discard belief in the Bible.
The geologic column is one of the greatest lies to be perpetuated.

They say you can tell how old a layer is by what index fossils are in it, then you go and look at the index fossils and they say you can tell how old the index fossil is based on what layer it’s in – this is circular reasoning!
Note- I was in a college geology class the teacher had a specific writing assignment on why this is not circular reasoning (it’s a touchy subject for them!) but none of us could come up with anything, we just rambled on with more circular reasoning. The professors know this is an issue but they can’t get around it, no matter how many writing assignments they assign on it!

People who don’t support evolution theory lose their job in the public schools.
Evolution is a carefully protected State religion all based on circular reasoning.

There’s a fossil of a human shoe print stepping on a trilobite. One response is to blame it on aliens who visited the planet 5 million years ago, and strangely this is not an uncommon response. Another person tried to say it was a trilobite shaped like a shoe!

2 Peter: they are willingly ignorant- in other words you need help to be that dumb, you can’t do it on your own.

Trilobites are supposedly one of the first creatures to explode into life in the Cambrian explosion, but a trilobite is very complex, it has an eyeball, etc.

Mutations of species are a loss of information, not a gain!

Graptolotes are fish that were supposed to be living millions of years ago, yet they are still alive, so they could be buried in any layer.
When evolutionists do have to admit that there is a dinosaur or otherwise ancient creature thought to be extinct still alive, they say “isn’t it surprising that this has survived millions of years!” it doesn’t cross their mind that their geologic column could be wrong.

Dinosaur blood was found in a T-Rex bone. That would not last 70 million years.
Note- many of these have been found.

Fossilized human hands have been found in the same strata as fossilized dinosaurs.

The layers of strata are not different ages.

All over the world petrified trees are found standing up connecting different rock layers, therefore the ages are not different layers. A dead tree can’t stand there that long before falling down. Hundreds of these polystrata trees going through multiple layers have been found.

Some trees are petrified upside down through the layers of strata. You can either believe the obvious solution which is that the tree was just one of the deposits of all those different layers being deposited at the same time, or you can come up with something ridiculous (to support evolution) like that tree went mining through the rocks to look for something.

Note- He claims the Mount St Helens trees are beginning to petrify but I don’t think that’s true, I don’t think the recipe for fossilization is occurring there, they are just buried, I think more likely they will just decay, and they are already decaying. There are 2 possibilities: rapid fossilization (which is against evolution theory as it happens so fast), or simple decay (also against evolution theory, getting rid of their mechanism for fossilization). What’s not a possibility is them sitting around for a very long time and getting fossilized very slowly (which is what evolution theory calls for).

Petrification can occur quickly there is a petrified dog in a tree, there’s a petrified cowboy foot in a boot made in the 1950s, a petrified hat found in New Zealand, a petrified pickle in a jar made between 1930-1960, petrified flour, etc.

The only degree Darwin ever got was a theology degree. He shold be called Revrend Darwin.
Charles Darwin brought with him on his 5-year voyage the book by Charles Lyle principles of geology, and the Bible.
The Charles Lyell book changed his life forever. He said the influence of that book crept over him slowly.
Charles Darwin’s wife made up a rumor that he repented on his deathbed, but that is most likely false.

Charles Darwin said that because the finch breeds were related with a common ancestor (a finch), that they must also be related to a banana!
See page 170 of Darwin’s book where he says all plants and animals are related.

There’s no proof that any animal is related to any other type of animal other than maybe a common designer.
Microevolution is a confusing term but it is a true thing – it is where there are minor changes, adaptations.
Macro evolution is falsehood, saying that animals can change into completely different kinds of animals.
A good description was given by Walt Brown in his book Earth in the beginning says microevolution is horizontal and macroevolution is vertical, changing to a different kind.
Dogs wolves coyotes, they have a common ancestor, but they’re all the same kind of animal (very similar).
The Bible says animals bring forth after their own kind, not their own species.
People can believe whatever they want, but they shouldn’t call it science (when its not demonstratable).

There are 6 types of evolution:
1. Cosmic Evolution: the origin of time space and matter, the big Bang
2. Chemical Evolution: the origin of higher elements from hydrogen
3. Stellar Evolution: the stars have to evolve, and no one has ever seen a star form.
4. Organic Evolution: the origin of life from non-living material.
5. Macro Evolution: changing from one kind of species to another. No one has ever seen a dog produce a non-dog.
6. Micro Evolution: minor variations within a kind. This is the only one of the six that actually happens, all the other five are religious.
The definition of the word evolution is confused for the students and it is on purpose.
Teachers give one definition of the word Evolution to get them to start buying into it, and then they slowly feed them all the others for which there was no evidence.
They are selling the whole theory of evolution, all six of these types of evolution, as a package deal.

There are limits to what changes a kind of animal can experience!
They’ve been trying to breed bigger pigs for a long time, and they see obviously there’s a limit.
(Note- elsewhere in the lecture Hovind points out that possibly, genes for larger animals are no longer present. We do know of animals getting very large pre-flood.)
Cockroaches get resistant to various types of pesticides, but they’ll never develop a resistance to a sledgehammer! There is obviously a limit.
When varieties of dogs are produced, the gene pool becomes more limited.-
The Chihuahua is swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. People took a long time breeding to make the Chihuahua.
Genetic information is lost not added when you get variety. If evolution were true it would be an increase in genetic complexity, not just shifting existing genes.
There are many types of corn, but crossbreeding corn always results in corn.
If two animals can bring forth a child, they are the same kind. If they cannot, they are not the same kind. In most cases the kinds are very recognizable to anyone with average intelligence.
Evolutionists do not want to admit that there are any limits to the change an animal can experience.

75% of Christian children who go to public schools will lose their faith after 1 year in college.

No fossil counts as evidence for evolution. You don’t know those bones had any kids that lived. And why would a bone in the dirt be able to do something that animals cannot do today, which is produce something other than their kind.

All of the supposed evidence for evolution has been proven wrong years ago. We aren’t against scientific evidence, we are against lying to children.

Evolution is based on two faulty assumptions:
1. they say mutations make something new. That has never been observed.
2. they say natural selection means it survived and they take over the population.
That would suggest that everyone who doesn’t have the good genes has to die, or the good would be blended back into the best. Thus we see that evolution is a religion of death, not life. (Note- It’s destruction, not creation, and can’t explain the obviously created reality.)
The Bible says man brought death into the world, evolution says death brought man into the world.

Biologists know that mutations don’t form anything new.
A bull with five legs is a mutation without any new information, just another set of what it already had. Mutation is a scrambling of existing information.
You can scramble the letters in a word and get a word from the scrambled letters, but you can’t get a word which has letters other than those which already existed in the original word.
Scrambling a gene code will not give new information.

Most mutations are harmful yet they claim that beneficial mutations are how evolution happens.
A textbook gives an example of a bad mutation (which is harmful to the animal), and then turns around and says good mutations are what we base evolution on; so why didn’t they give an example of a good mutation? Because there aren’t any! Beneficial mutations are pure imagination.

Whenever trying to come up with a beneficial mutation they always use sickle cell anemia because it’s all they’ve got even though it’s not really beneficial.
Those with sickle cell anemia are less likely to get malaria, but you can’t say this is a beneficial mutation because people with this disease are far more likely to die from blood issues; that’s like saying if you cut off your legs you can’t get athletes foot!

Natural selection does not make evolution, it just selects; for example, if you want a race of everyone who’s 12 ft tall and you kill everyone who’s not 12 ft tall, you’re never going to get that 12 ft tall race.
We could create a race of the tallest people that currently exist, but not a race of people who are taller than those who currently exist.
Natural selection selects, it does not create.

It is pure propaganda to say that finches with the stronger beak were able to survive and that this was natural selection doing evolution in a year, because it was just a short-term change and as soon as the dry spell was over it reverted back, and these birds already had the gene for tougher beaks; natural selection wasn’t creating anything, it was selecting something that was already there, and this wasn’t evolution because it was still a bird.

If you are in a quality control job at a car manufacturer and you found an eliminated all problems with the car, how long would it take for that car to turn into an airplane?
Natural selection is like quality control, it doesn’t create things.

The peppered moth famous evolution support story was a fake, they glued dead moths on the tree to try and make their point.
Note- just the other day I saw a popular new biology book which used this as it’s evidence for evolution.

Survival of the fittest does not explain arrival of the fittest.

Why did it survive? Because it is the fittest. Why is it the fittest.? Because it survived.
Once again, circular reasoning; a sentence that means nothing. A tautology.

If a whale goes through a school of fish and eats 80% of them, it’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the luckiest. That’s what really happens.


Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 5: The Dangers of Evolution – Highlights

Evolution theory is based on nothing but lies, and Satan is the father of lies.
Evolution theory removes all morality.

Evolution is the root of communism Marxism socialism Naziism etc.

Everything that has ever been used as evidence for the theory of evolution has been proven wrong.

Atheists rate the different states on how well they think they are teaching evolution.

Hawksley said they used evolution of species to get rid of God, so God would not interfere with their sexual tendencies.

Evolution was used to justify poor treatment of prisoners of War and their being killed by Hitler and Stalin, and aboriginals being treated like animals, and one third of all cambodians being killed. Every single Tasmanian aborigine was killed. All of this for evolution.

During Dr. Hovind’s lifespan, violent crimes in school had increased 1,000%.
He remembers when you did not have to lock your house, and you left your keys in the vehicle so you don’t lose them. And when shotguns were kept in these unlocked trucks.

Columbine shooters confessed before their attack, basing much of it on evolution.
One shooters t-shirt said “natural selection”.
Evolution theory belittles us to the philosophy of might equals right.

Satan’s plan is to reduce the population to zero, God’s plan was that he made this Earth to fill it up with his children. Opposite plans.
The devil uses various means to decrease population such as birth control, abortion, vaccinesto kill children as in SIDS, and low fertility rates. Chemtrails, GMOs, etc.

There are peaceful Muslims, but the Muslim religion is not peaceful. The Quaran says to kill those who aren’t Muslim.

Satan knows of the prophecy that the seat of the woman would crush his head so he tries to kill everyone, just like how Herod did when Jesus was born.
Quotes many prominent leaders who suggest dramatically reducing the human population by 95% etc.
They say that for animal rights to succeed many humans have to die, how ironic.
Quotes someone saying the world has a cancer and the cancer is people.
One leader said he wanted to be reincarnated as a killer virus to reduce the human population.

70% of your food is GMO. GMO has been banned in Europe.

See book Emerging Viruses, look at this before you chose to vaccinate a child.
See book the Vaccine Deception. on vaccine damage

When 50 percent of Australia opted out of mandatory baby vaccines, SIDS dropped by 50%.

In Elberton Georgia there are “guidestones” written in stone, the ten commandments of the New World Order in 12 languages, and item number one is maintain the human population under one half billion.
Note- a religion where death is the top priority!

Be simple concerning evil says the Bible, so don’t teach your kids about all the details of evil,
all the details of drugs, etc.
Don’t put them in sex ed classes in 7th grade, it’s a plumbing class at that point; let them be ignorant, let them learn from Mom and Dad, not some heathen.

Taking life and giving life are very serious, God has rules for both, and adultery is a serious commandment which tampers with the giving and taking of life.
Note- this is why the Book of Mormon identifies sexual sin as next to death in seriousnes!

1st Timothy 2:9 women should dress modestly. Women should not tempt Men by the way they dress.

Evolution is connected to the increasing rates of divorce, and evolution is foundational for the humanistic theory that there is no God, and we are God, and we can do whatever we want.

He asks evolutionists all around the world how they decide between right and wrong, and they have never answered it. What defines what is right and what is wrong if evolution is true?

Atheists claim to know that there is not a god, but they admit that they do not know everything, and they should consider how God could exist in the region of knowledge of what they do not know!

Some boast that they own creation, and they make the rules, and they establish the parameters of reality. That they are the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Atheists are committed to a materialistic philosophy and cannot allow God at all.

Once you reject God you try to control things, and often their first way of doing that is killing people.

See book The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict by Henry Morris

Aristotle taught a form of evolution, and the Egyptians taught a form of evolution, that life evolved from slime on the Nile River.
Note- I had heard that the Egyptian legend was land coming up out of the water, this does make sense, some sort of precipitation reaction perhaps. We do read of a water creation.

The full official original title of Darwin’s book was “The origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.”
Darwin spoke of the civilized races replacing the Savage races.
Racism became a lot more popular after Evolution was taught.

Kingsley was a priest who went around promoting Darwin’s book, he said the Australian Aborigines could not be saved, and did not consider them human.
Kingsley considered Irish to be white chimpanzees when he saw them starving.

Aborigines have a bigger jaw bone because they use their jaw a lot as a tool, so it is more developed. Any bodybuilder will tell you the bigger your muscles get the bigger your bones will get too.

Charles Darwin’s cousin started the eugenics movement to get rid of inferior races.
Many Aborigines were killed to collect their skulls for a evolution museum.

In America the eugenics related laws allowed for doctors to sterilize people they didn’t think were fit to be parents.

Ota Banga was a pygmy who was captured from his wife and children and put in a cage with chimpanzees for a display; he later killed himself.

Darwin said “a married man is a poor slave worse than a negro”
Darwin taught of men being superior to women.

Note- Hovind says some things about Mormonism and race which do not accurately characterize Mormonism. Hovind also fails to address biblical provisions for slavery, etc. I don’t have all the answers for everything in church history, but I know today all worthy members can perform priesthood duties, a privilege which was withheld from all people (black and white) for centuries due to worldwide apostasy.

Mussolini and Hitler were strong believers in evolution.
Hitler’s book Mein Kampf is full of evolution philosophy. His entire thinking was dominated by the idea of one race being superior to the other.

America had racist immigration policies before World War II. Germany offered to send the Jews to America, America said we don’t want them.
900 Jews were sent to America, America who refused to take them and they were sent on a boat back to Europe.

Hitler walked out of the Olympics when a black man was winning all the medals, he said ‘it is not fair to make my men race against this animal.’

Hitler saw people as a collection of chemicals, that we can get certain chemicals out of them for various products, and this of course is taught in modern science, that we are just a collection of chemicals.

Hitler said the evolution was the best way to fight religion, and that “I regard Christianity as the most fatal seductive lie that ever existed”
Hitler pretended to be a Christian but he was very anti-christian.
See the Barmen Declaration
See book Hitler’s Cross
We wonder where the Christian resistance to Hitler was, but we will soon be wondering where the Christian resistance to the new world order was.

There are Nazi alters, Nazi baptism, it is a religion.

Hitler said people are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one.

The Japanese love Darwin’s book, it studies to see which race has the least hair and it is the Japanese, so they thought they had evolved the most.
Japanese had been taught that the people they were dealing with were inferior, and this explains a lot of the horrific treatment at prisoner of war camps at Japanese concentration camps.

Marx dedicated his book to Charles Darwin, “from a sincere admirer”
Marx hated Christianity and capitalism.
Marx never worked a day in his life. 3 of his children starved to death in infancy. 2 died by suicide.
Everything Marx did was intentionally anti-christian, if the Bible is for it he is against it.
Property rights are essential to freedom because what good are rights if you have nowhere to exercise them?
Leviticus 25:10 in the year of jubilee property was returned, you could not permanently lose your property.
Karl Marx is the one who came up with graduated income tax.
Proverbs 13:22 a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.
Karl Marx called for a central bank and we are doing that in America today.
The Federal reserve is not federal it is private, see book The creature from Jekyll Island.

Marx called for government ownership of communication and transportation and agriculture and labor. Corporate farms. Free education for all in public schools. Hitler said “let me control the textbooks and I will control the state”

Martin Luther said “I am very much afraid that the schools will prove to be the great gates to hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the scriptures, engraving them on the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the scriptures do not rain paramount. Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the word of god, must become corrupt.”

Hovind discourages public schooling and says at least send to a bible college for a year before other university training; even if the school is not accredited it will be a good opportunity to get them more grounded in scripture.

Hovind reports that 75% of Christian children who go to public schools leave the faith after the first year of University.

In the early days of America public school textbooks taught the alphabet and reading with christian messages. Bible verses for all the letters of the alphabet etc.

Communist rules for revolution include:
-corrupting the young,
-breaking down old moral virtues,
-encouraging a soft attitude toward crime (like three strikes and you’re out which ignores victims rights),
-dividing the people into hostile groups by race, religion, etc.
-Communists get people more interested in athletics and sex than what the government is doing (people know more about sports teams statistics then who the representatives for their state are, etc),
-get control of all media like CNN,
-destroy people’s faith in their leaders,
-require registration for firearms, etc.

Lennon said “those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

Lennon said one person with a gun can control 100 people without one.
Imagine a bank robber coming in telling everyone to lay on the floor with a gun, but all the people instead respond by drawing their own guns and telling him to lay on the floor.
Dictators throughout history have wanted gun control. It’s not about guns, it’s about control.
There’s a pin people wear that says proudly unarmed, which is quite a ridiculous invitation to be robbed.

Joseph Stalin was Christian but read Charles Darwin’s book, and it made him an atheist.
He killed between 60 and 100 million of his own people.
Evolutionists see inferior races of humans like weeds to pull out of the ground.
Pol Pot killed 1/3 of his people in Cambodia.
When Communists took over China in 1949 they began executing Christians at the rate of 15,000 each month. Mao Tse-Tung murdered about 60 million people, and he listed Darwin and Huxley as his two favorite authors.

When the Communists came into the schools in China they didn’t start teaching communism, they started by teaching evolution because they know that is the foundation of communism.

By their fruits you shall know them. Evolution has bad fruit!

Psalm 24:1 the Earth is the Lord’s

Isaiah 14 talks about how we’ll be astonished when we see this tiny little Satan guy who caused so much problems, and there’s an analogy of that in The wizard of Oz where they finally pull the curtain back and they see that great wizard of oz is just a tiny little guy, symbolic of his weakness and insignificance. Tin Man was heartless commerce, yellow brick road was gold, wizard of Oz was ounces, follow the yellow brick road (money talks, the golden rule: who has the gold makes the rules; that sort of thing).

Book seven men who rule the world from the grave by Dave Breese

See book Citizens Rule Book about jury nulification etc. The point is not “did you break the law”, the point is “is the law reasonable”.

Dr. Hovind highly recommends the book by Dr. Morris called The Long war against God which traces the history of evolutionary thought and its effects over the last 6,000 years.

See video Megiddo

See The committee of 300, world domination plans
See book The Medusa File by Roberts
See book the Top 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati

There are man-made crisis events to make people cooperate like
-the civil
-War World War I
-the 1929 depression (where the Federal reserve made the stock markets crash and it got a social security numbers)
-the Cuban missile crisis
-The Oklahoma City bombing was intentionally allowed to get anti-terrorism legislation that had been installed in Congress
-Many are convinced the government was involved in taking down the Oklahoma City building from the explosives found etc.
David Rockefeller said we just need a crisis to get in the New World Order

George Bush rightly told soldiers to disobey bad orders to participate in war crimes, foreign or domestic, because they were going to be judged after this life.

Various groups bringing in the New World Order include:
-the United Nations
-the World council of churches
-the CFR trilateral commission
-bilderberg IMF international bankers
-The club of Rome
-communism and socialism
-national education association
-the NOW and ACLU
-Masonic lodges (not just a do gooders club)

General Albert Pike 33° Mason instructions say that “the Masonic religion should be by all of us initiates of the high degrees maintained in the purity of the doctrine luciferian doctrine.. yes Lucifer is God..”

See book Masonry Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelem

Jesus grew up when the Roman empire was in charge but he didn’t spend his time trying to change the Roman empire, he focused on people.

The Bible says pray for those in authority, and you can’t really pray for someone if you don’t know their name.

Salt preserves things, you should be a preserving force in your community.
Salt irritates and if no one is irritated at you, you’re not a good Christian.

Hovind called in to the overseer of science curriculum in his local school district complaining about evolution, that overseer told him he is the only one who calls to compain.

Plenty of prophets were involved in politics like King David and King Solomon.

People will listen to sermons on dinosaurs and creation who would never otherwise come to church.
In the New Testament when they spoke to Jews they used lots of scriptures, and when they spoke to heathens they used none. In Acts 17 Paul didn’t quote any Scripture. Paul talked about the unknown God, the Creator who made the heavens. He used creation to win these people who are not religious.

The average American watches 1500 hours of TV a year. That’s enough time to read your Bible 22 times!

Make a rule that if someone swears on your TV you shut it off for 2 hours, or that if there’s someone not modestly dressed you shut it off for 2 hours, or if you see someone drinking alcohol you shut it off for 2 hours. It won’t be on much!

Proverbs 28:2 for the transgression of the land many are the princes thereof; this explains all the bureaucrats all the managing. Heavy-handed government is God’s judgment that we have earned!

Sports take thousands of hours of dedicated practice to master, and they are pointless!
The Bible says he that loves silver will not be satisfied with silver. This is true in lots of ways: if you have a big house, you want a bigger house; if you have a fast car, you want a faster one; if you have a lot of shoes, you want more shoes. Etc.
Don’t invest your life in things that are going to burn.
Watching the weather channel is pointless.

Some people hope to be raptured saved and delivered before tribulation comes, but there are many Christians who have died in recent times without this, and we cannot say that we will be delivered any more than they have.
Note- very true. Hard times are here and much harder are soon to come. Prepare, and get right with God.
Satan will have his new world order government for about 7 years according to scripture.

After a thousand years nothing will matter other than whether you have won souls for God.

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 6: The Hovind Theory (of the Flood) – Highlights

Evolution theory is an obstacle you encounter when teaching the gospel, so you ought to know how to overcome that obstacle.

In all of his work he has never seen an exception to the fact that the reason people hate the Bible is because they don’t want to listen to God’s laws due to their lust.
There’s no scientific reason to accept evolution and there’s no scientific reason to reject the Bible; the only reason they reject the Bible is based on their lusts, their unwillingness to listen to God.

The Bible says the scoffers are dumb on purpose, willingly ignorant of how God made the heavens and how the Earth was standing in the water and out of the water.
The scripture says the two things that the scoffers are ignorant about are the creation and the flood.

They don’t want to admit that God created the Earth, that would mean that he owns it and he makes the rules.
They don’t want to admit the flood because it means God has the authority to judge his creation.
Suffers also don’t like the idea of a forthcoming judgment.

It’s a good thing that God curse the ground so that man would have to go out work all day and come home tired at the end of the day otherwise we would just sit around thinking of ways to get in trouble. God’s welfare plan is if you don’t work, you don’t eat.
Hovind did this with his kids- if they don’t get their chores done, they don’t eat.
You give them a list of things to do in the morning and when it’s all done they get to come to the meal. He only had to do that once to get their attention.
Note- don’t blow up about this, he is not suggesting that you starve your kids.

It’s a serious problem when we pay people to not work because God cursed the ground for our sake. Work is one of the best things for you, it’s a wonderful therapy.

The flood left evidence of a miracle. If God just killed all the wicked, it would not leave the kind of record/evidence which the flood did. This is why God did the worldwide flood, so there would be plenty of evidence left behind that this judgement happened.

God telling Noah to build the boat gave everyone warning time.

It probably never rained before the flood. (Note- mists from the ground could have watered the plants)
So Noah was saying that something was going to happen that they had never seen happen before, and today we’re doing the same thing – we are saying that Christ and the angels are going to come down out of heaven, which we have never seen before.

When it rains heat is released, and if it rained enough to cover Mount Everest, the heat would cook the world; we are not claiming that it rained to cover Mount Everest; Hovind says Everest was probably not there when the flood happened. (Note- good point, it is agreed by many that several mountains were formed in the flood. But we still have very deep waters, likely 5 miles deep covering earth.)

The fountains of the deep were supplying much water, most of the water of the flood. (Note- true, rain wouldn’t be nearly enough.)

Psalms 124:1-2 earth was founded upon the seas.
Ps136 he stretched Earth above the waters
Job38 earth born like a baby

Earth broke at time of flood, the scars are fault lines. Plate boundaries.

He doesn’t like pangea theory (note- but I do). He says the shapes fitting are conincidence of water level. He says the fossils are everywhere not just in the lines of connecting continents. He says all are still connected when the water is gone. He points out some shrinking of Africa and turning of continents and missing central America to make the continents fit together.

Note- I disagree here and I promote pangea. All the continental crust was together, not just oceanic crust joining it. Oceanic crust formed near flood time. It’s also likely we have always had ocean, not just ocean from the flood. Also the continental crust and oceanic crust are clearly different, and I say continental was made in the creation, whereas oceanic developed in the flood as the continents seperated.

There are no reversed polarity magnetic reversals! The textbook diagrams don’t represent the reality. It’s likely flipped rocks, and some areas with greater and lesser magnetism.
Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker. So it used to be too strong for life, even recently, and this is an issue for evolution, so they say it’s reversals.
Supposed magnetic reversals are Old cracks from water rushing in where basalt broke. No magnetism can exist with great heat! Water entering the crack locked in a stronger magnetic field. See min25
Note- this is an important point for why there isn’t a magnetic iron core in a molten earth: heat destroys magnetism!

Walt Brown (author of creation textbook “earth in the beginning”) proposes that continents were in fact together before the flood, and there were large bodies of water between land areas. Here are some points of his “hydroplate theory”:
There were water fountains over 20 miles high producing terential rains.
Muddy sediments were thrown up by the fountains, and these sediments made the fossils.
The mid oceanic ridge was formed when a hydrofountain crack widened and exposed. Underlying rock then without the cap crust rock came upward (pressures were released).
Hydroplanes moved 45mph until encountering resistance, then buckling occurred to form mountains and ridges, which is why they are along these plate boundaries.
A huge lake spilled into the area of grand canyon, forming the canyon.
He says there was no canopy of water firmament around Earth (Note- which sounds probable).

Note- I think the Grand Canyon sediments were deposited in the flood, then an earthquake ripped the hardened sediment open, creating the canyon. But this water carving theory may be a possibility, though the canyon walls appear rigid, rather than smoothed from water erosion.

Scientists studying a massive Canyon on Mars claimed that it formed in weeks due to melting water from a crater that washed out the canyon quickly.
So here they are saying Mars, the planet where there’s no visible water, had a massive Canyon carved out by water, but here on Earth where there is visible water and lots of it, that it’s impossible that earth’s great canyon could have been carved out by water.

There’s rock scrunched like an accordion. This would have formed when the sediment was still soft.

Hovind suggests oceanic crust subduction into magma during flood.

There’s only a few thousand years worth of mud in the oceans. Mainstream science says that it’s because the ocean floor is being recycled. More likely it’s due to the youthful nature of the oceans!

The mountains are eroding, why aren’t they smaller by now if earth is so old?

He says there is strong evidence for an ice age based on terminal and lateral moraines, Isostatic rebound, and kettle lakes.

Mammoths are found frozen standing up with food still in their teeth.
In one year 20,000 mammoth tusks were extracted from the ground.
Estimates are that 5 million mammoths perished in one catastrophe.

Under 1,000 ft of permanently frozen ground drillers found a 300 ft tall tree standing up. This was in Bero Alaska where there are no trees.

Inverse square laws apply when you’re dealing with light forces, gravity, and girls. (The closer you get, the stronger the attraction, the further, the less)

He has been home 8 Sundays in 14 years.

Stonehenge was built to worship the Sun at summer solstice, but today it does not line up due to the Earth wobble changing the tilt.
Same with the temple of Amun Ra, it was built to worship the sun at summer solstice, but it does not line up now.

Hovind suggests that the poles of the earth were once habitable for farmland because the Lord made the Earth to be inhabited.

Mizner effect: place two magnets one on top of the other, and the one will float.

Note- He poses the question of how all the craters on the moon got there because we never see anything hitting the Moon (true). He doesn’t answer the question, but here I will. The answer is that most of them are water implosion gyser-like craters, not impact craters; these are are implosions rather than explosions a sort of geyser remnant. Universal Model has a lot of great information on this.

He says the Earth used to be much more magnetic and that this would have drawn ice comets to the poles. (Note- I’m guessing with those comets having some iron in them.)
He says a dump of snow on the poles cracked the Earth releasing The fountains of the deep,
and that the spreading ice caused the glacier effects that we see, and the mammoths to be frozen standing up.

There was massive runoff causing vast erosion, like the Grand Canyon.
Note it seems rather that the Grand Canyon was made split open by an earthquake after the sediments were deposited by the flood due to the jagged edges rather than smooth; but this massive water erosion surely was at work in many places.

Genesis 10 mentions it being the time of Peleg when the earth was divided. Joctan his brother is mentioned, which means shortened, as in the lifespans were shortened around that time.
There was likely atmospheric change after the flood resulting in shorter lifespans.
Today there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, shortening lifespans.
By the time of peleg this shortening of lifespan took effect.

There are massive pockets of oil and massive fossil graveyards.
Coal is from plants being buried, oil is from animals being buried.

Mountain ranges and ocean basins form from shifting plates.

He claims craters on the moon and Mars from craters of impact from when The fountains of the deep of the earth were opened and rocks came flying up out of the Earth and beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
Walt brown thinks that the water on Mars came from Earth when the fountains of the deep broke open, and he thinks that the craters on the moon came from rocks launched out of Earth.
Note- it is my opinion that these are water fountain implosion craters rather than impact craters from water native to those spheres, not from Earth.

He says the canopy of water over the Earth would have broken to fall as rain, and that this would change the atmosphere, and more sunlight would get in (leading to more radiation and aging), etc..

He says flood waters rose up for 150 days and people would have been looking for higher ground throughout that rather than just all being wiped out in the early stages. He says this is why we could be seeing less human fossils than animal fossils.

Note- it seems it could have happened faster as far as wiping people out goes with those fountains opening, sending miles long plumes of water which would come crashing down as massive flood waters. As the old primary song goes, “the rains came down and the floods came up”. Those floods came up out of the ground, it wasn’t just rainwater piling up!

They’re finding massive pieces of ice in space etc., water everywhere in space. Note- much more on this in Universal Model.

The Atlantic Ocean has no tide.

There is coal under the ice at the South Pole.
Admiral Byrd saw Palm leaves at the South Pole.
They find plant eating dinosaurs in northern Alaska, and today there are no plants there.
The animals got frozen standing up because they were caught with a deep snow drift
People think mammoths are designed for cold weather because of their long hair, but this is not so; we see many jungle animals with long hair.
He says the mammoth were living in a tropical area and then a massive snow storm happened that they had not experienced anything like before, and they were caught and buried standing up in it.
He believes in an ice age that happened at the beginning of the flood.
Some say the ice age caused the flood others say the flood caused the ice age (note- some say there was no ice age).
He thinks the ice age would last several hundred years after the flood.
Cold air hitting the warm air would cause it to rain, this is what induced 40 days of rain at the flood. (Note- it seems obvious that some weather phenomenon triggered the flood rains, perhaps this is it.)

People didn’t want to carry around heavy tools, they made tools on the spot when they found a herd of animals and left them there when they left; they were not unsophisticated tools due to a lack of intelligence, they were just in a hurry.

Joshua chapter 6 talks about the Lord shaking the Earth, and a massive storm, and the fountains of the Earth being broke open in one day. We also read in Genesis that the fountains were all opened in one day.

He says the dump of ice on the poles caused the Earth to crack

He says the stronger magnetic field at that time would have caused these incoming comments of ice to go to the poles.

Bible says all the high hills were covered, this was not a local flood, it was worldwide!

One drop of water could cover the whole world if it was spread out really really thin, that’s just an interesting side note.

He says some measurements of how our Earth could be covered in water easily if it were leveled out.

Petrified clams on mountain tops in the closed position indicate rapid death and burial as they usually open when they die, so these were buried alive.

There are soft tissue fossilized such as eggs jellyfish and the arm of an octopus.
Very special conditions are required for fossilization, especially for soft tissue fossilization.

British Columbia mountains pressed from the ends wrinkled up like an accordion.

They found an 80 ft long whale skeleton that had been preserved and diatomaceous earth and diatoms are usually preserved at a much slower rate so in this instance we have a massive deposit of diatoms.
A whale at the bottom of the ocean will typically dissolve in a matter of months, even the bones will disappear.

Animals trapped in diatomaceous earth fossils are with their gills and fins extended as though they were terrified at a catastrophic event that killed them.

During the first few months of the flood the dead animals would settle out. There are less human fossils found because humans are smarter and would avoid drowning until the last possible minute. Things buried on the top and very shallow soil won’t fossilize. We do have some 4,000 sets of human remains found.

Note I don’t know about this I think the flood was so deep that anything could have fossilized but perhaps it has to do with the layers of mud.

Moving water forms multiple layers of strata simultaneously and higher levels can even be older than lower levels.

Turbidity currents – talks about how sorting can happen in these.

Swirling eddies of water can explain why we have animal bones mixed up sometimes.

Fossil graveyards are very common all over the planet.

They found a concentration of fossils like logs in a log jam.

800,000 million skeletons of vertebrate animals we have in fossils.

There are Iguana skeletons in a Belgium coal mine extending through 100 vertical feet of rock.

There are many examples of where things have petrified in less than 100 years. He gives many examples of petrified things – petrified wood, petrified hammer, petrified dog in a tree, petrified foot in a boot, a petrified hat, and a petrified crayon.

They were going to bury a man’s wife next to him 14 years after the man died and when they dug the hole for the wife’s grave water came flowing in so they didn’t bury her there in the water. They were worried about the man being in water so they dug him out and found that he had petrified within that 14 year time.

One woman did not know she was pregnant and the baby in her died and petrified. It was later seen on a x-ray when she reported pain.

Acorns were left in a bucket of water for a year and turned to stone.

For centuries people have known how to make petrified rock out of wood so it will last longer.

Note I don’t know where he got that, I’m not aware of anyone making petrified wood experimentally other than experiments done in Universal Model.

If there is any sorting in the fossil record it is better explained by a flood.

Note: there probably is no sorting.

Cavitation: moving water sucking Rock off of wall quickly.

Hydraulic plucking: due to abrasion of moving water. The moving water has items in it like rock and tree making it into a sandpaper to quickly erode through solid rock by abrasion.

Liquefaction: from sand grains pressed and pressure relieved.
You can test this by standing in sand on a beach. Stand knee deep in the water. The high part of the wave weighs more than the low part of the wave because there is more water there. The high part of the wave pushes down on the sand under your feet when the low part comes past you the pressure is relieved and sand grains start popping up off the bottom as the water squeezes out of them.

In the worldwide flood you would have a 200 ft tide every 6 hours 25 minutes. Raising pressure and releasing pressure repeatedly would cause sorting.

One person filled an empty aquarium from the bottom by putting a bladder with many holes in it attached to a hose at the bottom and on top of that he put rock concrete dead fish reptiles mammals and as it filled these items sorted themselves by density. Birds mammals reptiles amphibians fish was the order (remember acronym FARM). They didn’t evolve in this order like they claim, rather they sort in that order.

In certain conditions less dense layers can be covered by more dense layers. This occurs in a sand plume when a more dense layer breaks to the top.

Ayers Rock in Australia is probably a sandflow formed in the flood.

The tunnels all over these formations, that’s the air coming out.
Note: Or water coming out!

An earthquake can shake the ground & the land becomes like soup, things sink into it as we have seen with modern disasters of buildings sinking into the ground etc. due to liquefaction.

Clams are found at the bottom layers of the fossil record because that’s their habitat, and the birds are found at the top because that’s their habitat. The bird flies around till he runs out of gas, then he’s buried; but the clam is already at the bottom and would be first to be buried.

Sorting by intelligence is another idea because the clams would not have figured out how to avoid burial, and hence they are at the bottom.
Sorting by mobility is another idea.
Sorting by density is another idea, of course shells are heavier than bird feathers.

Genesis says all the mountains were covered then the water assuaged, or dropped down.

Psalm 104:5-6 says the waters stood above the mountains.

If the flood was only local God would not have told Noah to build a huge boat and put all the animals on it to save them and stay in it for a year, instead he would have just told Noah to move!

Psalm 104:7 at thy rebuke they fled, referring to the water
Verse 8: the water goes down to the valleys that the Lord founded for them.

When mountains lifted up water rushed into new low places.

There are large amounts of water trapped under plates which settled down after the flood.

Massive rock formations came out of the ground.

Nearly all mountain ranges follow the coastlines, probably because they formed at the same time, during the flood.

See Guadalupe River flood damages.

Bent Rock layers indicate the rock was bent while it was soft because bending hard rock makes shattering fracture lines all along it. All the layers that are bent were all soft mud at the same time, they are not different age layers.

On the sides of Grand Canyon there are sinkholes where water flows down. Eventually this will make wash out to make another side canyon.

After Noah got off the ark it is possible that not as much percentage of the world was under water and this could explain why there are kangaroos in Australia. Kangaroos could have hopped to Australia from the mainland in Turkey. Less aggressive animals would be pushed to the migration fringe preferring to run rather than fight. While these peaceful animals like kangaroo and wombat were migrating further away, the ice caps were melting and ocean levels were rising. Then Australia became an island.

If you lowered the Ocean 60 ft Russia and Alaska would be connected. If you raise the ocean 10%, the eastern half of America except some of the Appalachians would be underwater.
Water between Vietnam and Australia is very shallow, about 100 ft.

We have a continental shelf due to ice melting back and adding to oceans.

If the Earth was the size of a one foot globe you would not be able to find Mount Everest. Globes with bumps for mountains are extremely exaggerated. If you shrunk the Earth down to the size of a cue ball to play pool the Earth will be rounder and smoother than the cue ball. A 5 mile mountain on an 8,000 mi Earth is insignificant.

In 1964 there was an earthquake in Alaska which dropped neighborhoods down 40 to 60 ft.

Mount St. Helens blew enough mud out that everyone on earth could have a ton of it.

There is a place called The Little Grand Canyon because it’s a 140th essentially to scale model of the Grand Canyon, and it was formed in a flood.

A 1000 ft. wide 140 ft deep channel was carved into the ground in a few hours.

When dams break natural or otherwise things erode very quickly.

Mudflow from Mount St. Helens is stratified and people wonder why because we know it was all in one occasion. This is because moving mud automatically stratifies.
Get a jar of dirt with water shake it up it’ll settle into layers quickly.

In the aftermath of Mount St Helens many of the trees in the mud flow and spirit lake stand upright.

He says many of the trees from Mount St. Helens in Spirit lake are beginning to petrify.

Note: I don’t think they are beginning to petrify, I think they are decaying and don’t think we have the correct environment for fossilization; I don’t think there are any in process fossils (perhaps other than the occasional weird petrification of something); I think the wide-scale flood petrification was a very unique recipe that we had not seen in modern times, involving lots of pressure from deep waters, lots of heat from violent crustal movement, etc.

We have several petrified trees which are broken into log-like small pieces. When you cut a tree down it doesn’t break like that, so it must have been standing up petrified and then it fell over and was brittle and broke.

There have been many experiments where they have made coal in a matter of hours.

During the flood there would have been large log mats the size of Texas where insects could survive.
The debris trails would have made layers of coal.

One coal mine has dinosaur tracks on the ceiling, so the dinosaurs were marching around on this stuff as it was forming.

All of the biomass on the Earth today if it were made into coal would not make as much coal as we see in the ground, this suggests that before the flood there was much more biomass than we see today. Hovind suggests that there were no oceans before the flood and that where we see ocean today were forests.

Note: I don’t believe it is necessary to have the whole earth without ocean in order to provide all the biomass for the coal formations, perhaps just a more fruitful environment in general then we see today. Hovind has a few unpopular ideas when it comes to not allowing for the Pangea supercontinent and pre-flood surface oceans.

Human artifacts are found in coal sometimes. A gold chain, a bell, a carved tablet, an iron pot, a soul of a shoe in Nevada, etc. all found inside coal.

Genesis 8:2-3 says the flood waters were going and returning. Layers would be deposited, soft sediment would be pushed together in places, erosion would take off top layers in places, unconformities would form with new layers deposited on top of all that, etc.

Noah stayed in the ark 13 months which is 7 months after he landed. He stayed in because it was so muddy, the waters were still coming and going, there was no food out there, and there was nothing to build a house with.

Genesis says the waters decreased continually. It is probable that the ice caps retreated.

See book “Noah to Abram the turbulent years”

The Earth being divided in the days of Peleg many see as the continents dividing; Hovind sees it as water levels rising which divides land areas; some see it as a geographical survey to divide land ownership; others see it as language confusion after the Tower of Babel.

Note: I see it as the continents dividing, and I think most creationists do. There is also modern revelation about how it’ll come back together at some point, so it had to break apart sometime.

The melting ice made oceans deeper wider colder and increased CO2 shortening life spans.

Note: I’m not sure an increase in CO2 would shorten lifespans, but certainly the lifespans shortened somehow.

Underwater cities are found in many places. Naturally the water there didn’t used to be so deep.
In the Black Sea underwater cities were found under 150 feet of water.

Whenever you put gas in your car think about how that gas was made by formations from the flood.
Whenever you use electricity which is likely powered by coal, think about how that coal came from the pre-flood world. Trees from the garden of Eden.

Satan is taking what God intended to remind us of the flood and is twisting it around as evidence for evolution instead!

Scripture says Jesus’ soon coming to the world will be sudden like the flood was.

Kent Hovind Creation Science Seminar Part 7: Questions & Answers – Highlights

1 Peter 3:15 Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

There have been many scientific falsehoods perpetuated in the past which we now acknowledge are false, such as the geocentric model of the solar system, bloodletting, and so forth. A majority believing something does not make it true!

In the Bible the Pharisees send the soldiers to apprehend Jesus rather than going themselves, and this is what Hovind has seen, that the professors send their students, but rarely go themselves to confront him. Professors send students with a list of questions to ask him and he answers them all.

People use legal tactics to try and exclude the Christians; they make Christianity illegal at public schools. They can’t handle the message so they shut down the message.
So the people don’t get a chance to hear it (compare John 7).

The evidence that the Pharisees give for Jesus not being the Messiah is that none of them believe he is, and we see the same now with the belief in evolution – the popularity contest winner.
Not all scientists believe in evolution, and even if they did that wouldn’t make it true.

The Pharisees said ‘this people who do not believe the law are cursed’ in other words, you don’t have the right degree you don’t believe in the right theories.

They say ‘we are smart everyone else is dumb.’
Even some of the non-believers were smart enough to see that Jesus was right, and similarly many unbelievers today who are shown the evidence for creation do believe and see the logic of it.

There was a false assumption that Jesus would come out of Galilee; this is an example of how people try to get you to argue about the wrong question.

You can’t base the truth of something on whether it gets published in an academic journal, because creation science is routinely excluded from these journals.

The science journals start with a definition of science, that it cannot include supernatural, so they exclude anything with any supernatural.

Note: surely the definition of science needs to be changed to include the supernatural. If we can never allow for this, we will never understand how the reality of supernatural power works.

Evolution is what’s not based on science: it’s never observed, and it’s all based on assumption. It’s never been demonstrated in the laboratory.

The Book of Numbers shows that the majority can and do choose the wrong way sometimes.
The majority of the world hated Jesus and the majority of the world hates Christians.

Robert Gentry published about radio polonium halos found in granite all over the world. Everyone was fine with his research until they realized it proves that the Big Bang theory is not true. Then they shut off his funding and grant money quickly.  See (I believe the title of his book is “Creations Tiny Mystery”)

Teacher Robert Dehart was told he is not allowed to tell his students about mistakes in the textbooks, because those mistakes were used to support the evolution theory. They said he could not even pass out current science journals to inform students on mistakes in the textbooks. That’s not science, that’s a “burn the heretic” attitude. The evolutionists are on a witch hunt against the creationists, they try desperately to get them fired.

One community college teacher was fired for exposing falsehoods in a textbook on things that had been proven wrong.

Some agree with Hovind that there are these errors in the textbooks, but they don’t know what to replace those errors with, so they leave in the errors. They won’t get rid of the current lies until you come up with something new to support the theory!

Note: And when they find that supposed new proof for evolution, eventually that’ll turn out to be fraudulent and incomplete as well, because that theory is false, and nature will never verify it! Oh how we must be diligent in finding true science, which will destroy the false science! It’s not fair that they keep in the lies till they find something that supports their theories, but we have to fight back however we can. The truth will set us free, and it’s the truth that they don’t want us to have.

Texas University fired a professor who advocated that there might be an intelligent designer.

One science writer who had written for scores of journals and magazines was denied a job as a writer at scientific American simply because he was a creationist.

Teacher Rod Levesque was told that he could not tell students anything that would cause them to doubt Darwin’s theory.

Darwin’s theory is sacred, you don’t question it without losing your job. Russia had a similar situation – if any teacher got up and said they didn’t think communism works, they would be out of a job, kicked out of the country, or killed.
In America those who don’t support evolution theory are sent to academic Siberia.

One superintendent told a teacher that he could not introduce creation science to his class, so the teacher quit.
Many good teachers are dropping out of the public school system because they are not allowed to teach the children truth.

The law does not prohibit the teaching of creation. The courts have ruled that it is okay to teach creation. But the boss says don’t do it.

Note: These bosses fear any negative press, they fear any fight, they won’t stand up for anything because it’s not about education for them, it’s about money and jobs.

ACLU knows that all they have to do is threaten to sue and a school will back down. ACLU knows that they would lose, but the threat is enough to get most to back down.

A tenured professor was found to be a creationist, he was fired for that. He fought it in court and was put back in as a lab assistant. He fought further and was finally reinstated as a professor. He wrote the book “Of Pandas and People” on the biological origins of life which does not use evolution theory.

One doctor posted on a site that to get a recommendation for medical school you had to believe in evolution. If you don’t believe in evolution he won’t recommend you for medical school.

Go back 100 or 200 years ago, there were plenty of scientists and all of them believed in creation.

Nearly all branches of science were started by people who believed in creation. The evolutionists don’t come up with anything, they come in and take over something that’s already been going.
Note: Destroyers, leeches, parasites, not creators.

Harvard Princeton and Yale started out as Christian schools.

See book “In 6 Days: Why Scientists Chose To Believe In Creation”

Separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson said there’s a wall between the church and state due to the first amendment. But that wall is a one-dimensional wall – it is designed to keep the government out of the church, not to keep the church out of the government.
The founders voted to give a significant amount of funds to help a missionary, so they obviously didn’t think that there could be no involvement.

See by David Barton. He shows how the founders were very Christian, and that they had desires for the government to not get involved in the church, but they did have desires for the church to get involved in the government. They would have hated the idea of no Christianity in public schools.


Now here are some questions and answers:

How do we see stars that are billions of light years away?
To measure one light year you’re working with and angle of .01, and then they try to measure hundreds of light years with ridiculously small angles – so it really can’t be that precise.
It’s like 2 people standing by each other in Florida looking at a single dot in Chicago – that would be a very small triangle.
We really don’t know how far away these stars are, we have no way of measuring it.
We also don’t know what light is, whether it’s a particle or a wave or a photon etc., so we really can’t say we can understand and measure it.

There are only about 300 discovered supernova remnants and this happens about every 30 years, so why can’t we see more of them if all is very old?

We have never seen a star form. We see spots getting brighter and nebula but we can’t assume that that means star birth. It could be that there was a dust cloud clearing and there was a star already behind it.
Boyles gas laws say that you cannot progress dust into a solid matter.
It’s very theoretical to claim that 20 stars exploding can create one star and this is bad economics, spending 20 to get one.

Bible says God created all the stars and gave them for the earth to have light and has named them all.
There may be a layer of water beyond the stars.

Stephen Hawking refused to debate Hovind.

We assume that our sun is composed like the other stars.

No one has proven that black holes exist and it’s based on the assumption that light can be attracted by gravity. That would mean the speed of light can’t be a constant.

In Labs they’ve slowed the speed of light down dramatically. At Harvard Smithsonian and Cambridge they slowed it down until they got it to a complete stop. At Princeton they speeded light up to 300 times the speed of light.

They say the speed of light has declined in the last 150 years. This could be because we switched to the atomic clock to measure the speed of light. And the cesium atom light is used to measure light, so there you have light to measure light!

The Big Bang theory says the speed of light must have been much faster at the beginning.
Many admit the speed of light can change, yet they still say it’s constant in the books.
See book “faster than the speed of light.”  Einstein was wrong about speed of light as constant.

Jesus made water into wine. He made bread for many out of a little bread. We shouldn’t limit God’s creative power.

Redshift, the idea that the stars are moving away, perhaps, and this was their big bang proof. Quasars show red shifts do not indicate distance.
“Evolution Cruncher” book has a section on Doppler effect and supposedly expanding universe.

The Hubble constant they change, it’s not a constant. Reported huge errors from it.

Cepheids can’t be measured distance.
Those who question red shifts etc. are persecuted.

Scripture says God stretched out the heavens. Perhaps this is why we have red shift. Perhaps the light is getting tired from traveling great distance. Perhaps light red shifts as it travels. Red shift Could be Doppler effect. Red shift could be a slowing or speeding up as light passes a dense object. Nobody knows!

Note: it’s likely that “red shift” is from light passing through interstellar water, which bends the light as it goes through these medium changes.

Is the sun shrinking?
Yes. So it was bigger in the past. You can’t say earth has been going around sun for billions of years, gravity would’ve been different.


Radiometric dating?
Radiometric dating would not have been possible if the geologic column had not been erected first. They use the geologic column, not carbon dating to date fossils.

Burning trees releases CO2 and makes neighboring trees grow faster, so it’s not a crisis.

Nitrogen blasted with radiation becomes C14, which is very unstable. The half-life is how long till half of it turns back into N.

They assume the ratio of C14 in the air is the same as that found in plants and animals, though no one has ever been tested for C14 levels.

C14 is always decaying, but it’s getting replenished so you don’t notice the decay until death.

Within 30,000 years the atmosphere would reach equilibrium with the C14 where you would never get any more or less C14 as the outgoing (or decay) would be the same as the incoming from the sun. The problem is that we still have not reached equilibrium, which shows the Earth is younger than 30,000 years old. There’s more C14 now than there was 20 years ago.

See on radiocarbon dating

Assumptions of radiocarbon dating are that the decay always occurs at the same rate, and that it started at a certain point in time which we don’t know.

If you know how tall a candle is and you know how fast it is burning you still can’t tell when the candle started burning because you don’t know if the burn rate was constant and you don’t know how tall the candle was in the beginning.
We don’t know how much C14 was in the dinosaurs when they died.

We don’t know where the dinosaurs died, we only know where they were buried.

If there was a canopy of water overhead before the flood, this would filter out a lot of the C14 radiation.

You can’t assume that the pre-flood environment is the same as the modern environment when it comes to atmosphere content and radiation.

In 1970 an article said that ‘if a C14 date supports our theories we put it in the main text. If it does not entirely contradict our theories, we put it in a footnote. And if it completely is out of the range of acceptable dates, we just drop it.’

Here are some nonsense carbon dated items:
-A freshly killed seal carbon dated 1300 years old.
-A frozen mammoth part of it dated 40,000 another part of it dated 26,000, and the wood next to it dated 10,000.
-Shells of living snails carbon dated 20,000 years old.
-The lower leg of a mammoth radiocarbon dated 15,000 years old while it’s skin and flesh radio carbon dated 21,000 years old.
-A living mollusk shell carbonated as 2300 years old.

-Two mammoths side by side one dated 22,000 the other 16,000.
-An absolute date of “300,000 years plus or minus 300,000 years” was given.
-Two samples of the same creature often get results of being different ages.
-There are several dinosaur dates that under 30,000 years.
-One man sent in various dinosaur bones and didn’t tell the lab that they were dinosaur bones, otherwise the lab would have said ‘they’re too old’ and wouldn’t have dated them. The scientists refused to carbonate dinosaur bones because they’ve decided that they’re too old for carbon dating, so they use another method.

If you carbon date something of a known age it does not work, and if you carbon date something of an unknown age it is assumed to work.

The helium content in the atmosphere is evidence that Earth is less than 2 million years old. If radioactive decay has been going on for millions of years there should be a lot more helium.

See book “The mythology of modern dating methods”

They say ‘the rocks date the fossils but the fossils date the rocks more accurately.’

Moon specimens were dated ranging between two and four million years old, that’s a 500% error.

One rock was measured to be 10,000 to several billion years old.

See book “Bones of Contention”, the last chapter called “The Dating Game” exposes how they change dates to make things fit their theories.

Potassium argon dating?
They’re looking for no argon just potassium as evidence of a melting for the argon gas to escape as a time of resetting the clock. It doesn’t work.
Lava flows that they knew how old they are by witnessing the flow dated to be extremely old.
In a matter of hours most of the argon can be distilled out.
They’re really dating things by the geologic column.

They said a lava flow was 200 million years old but they found a human skull under it so they adjusted it to be 1/2 to 2.5 million years old. 500% error doesn’t work, this would be laughed at in a court of law.

The Earth is getting older at the rate of 21 million years per year (41 years per minute) based on how much they keep changing the date to be older and older, because we keep realizing how ridiculous evolution theory is, so they make it longer to account for how ridiculous it is.

Potassium argon dating gives wildly different numbers and they pick the ones that fit their theory based on the geologic column.

Any dating method is based on the assumptions that
1. the original content is known
2. the decay rate is constant
3. the sample has never been contaminated
All these decay rates are based on a downhill slide not uphill; everything is decaying, this is the opposite of evolution; they need something that is improving.

The Mt. Etna eruption was witnessed, yet it was dated with potassium argon as 250,000 years old; another eruption tested 3000, and another eruption tested 350,000.

A Hawaiian lava flow gave a date of 1.6 million, and another gave a date of 8.5 million years old though it was fresh occurring that day.

See book “The Evolution Cruncher” gives detail of other dating methods with uranium etc.


Have fresh dinosaur bones been found? Absolutely yes.
In Alaska they found a bed of dinosaur fossils that were not fossilized.
Porous non-mineralized fresh bones of dinosaurs have been found in Alaska.


What about human fossils from the flood?

At the time of the flood there was much more plants and animals than people. In the beginning God made a world full of plant life and animal life but not people, God only made two people.

Genesis 6:7 it says the purpose of the flood was to destroy man off the Earth.

The Bible says there were giants in those days and we have a giant human thumb bone fossil from near Mount Ararat where the arc landed in Turkey.

Humans are more intelligent than animals and would have been able to find higher ground to escape the flood until the end when the flood waters covered the whole Earth. Further, humans may have avoided some of the burial the other creatures experienced, and to fossilize you have to be buried.
Note: everyone was buried by water.

Since humans were bigger before the flood, bones we find might not be recognized as human. Evolution has a preconceived idea that man used to be small and we are getting bigger and smarter. Probably exactly the opposite is true: we are getting shorter and dumber.


Where did Noah get pitch?
Before the Flood there would not have been oil to make a pitch.
But consider: The 1828 Webster’s dictionary was before oil was used commercially, but they were still making pitch at this time. They made it from pine trees. Companies would make this pitch and sell it to waterproof boats, etc.

Was ancient man stupid?

See book “The Puzzle of Ancient Man” by Don Chidic

You can learn a lot in 900, years that’s how long they lived before the flood.

Adam demonstrated high intelligence. Adam walked and talked with God until the fall. He was pre-programmed with great knowledge.

Noah’s Dad could have known Adam for 56 years. They lived long enough to pass their knowledge on to many generations.

We have an artifact from 1,000 years ago of a miniature airplane, yet the museum labels it as an insect like object; no, it’s a plane.
An Egyptian tomb also had a model glider airplane in it from over 2k years ago.

We have found an ancient iron pot.

We see stones in a wall perfectly fitting together stones of up to 20,000 tons, and the largest crane on Earth today can lift only 3,000 tons.
See book “Secrets of The Lost Races” (be Rene Noorbergen)
They knew how to do things in the past that we don’t know how to do today.
Secrets of the Lost Races: Noorbergen, Rene: 9781479605002: Books

We found a sunken ship in the Aegean Sea from 100 BC with an analog computing device.

We found a hammer made mostly iron with no carbon stainless steel found in rock which was supposed to be 400 million years old.

A battery was found in Iraq from 2000 years ago.

We see Egyptian hieroglyphs with men holding wires and a generator.

We have evidence of brain surgery on skulls which healed up and people lived from anciently.

Ica Stone from Peru shows man doing brain surgery.
Another of these Stones shows man and dinosaur together.
Others show heart surgery and amputation and artificial limbs.
They also could reshape skulls.

We see Nazca lines of spider 1/8″ long, with one elongated leg for mating, they must have had magnifying technology.

Various artifacts use the “golden mean ratio.” Nautilus, pine cone scales, ram horns, many use that ratio.

The Great pyramid has a broad way to a pit, and a narrow way to the throne room. The king chamber is an empty tomb. The cap stone was never found. There are 144k sealed stones encased the pyramid.
New Jerusalem may be a pyramid as that’s the shape with only 1 corner stone.

Note: I think it is a cube shape, having a much larger volume than a pyramid, it seems the texts would have indicated a pyramid if it were so.  Pyramid levels do carry a symbols of hierarchy, who knows.

The dollar bill has been taken over. It says new world order on it. The left eye is featured, a Satanic symbol. The cap is not installed, meaning Lucifer will yet be the leader.

Note: I am familiar with some symbols having had different meanings in the past, but which symbols in recent times have been twisted into occultic meanings. I’m not sure on the conspiracy of the dollar bill and related theories. I do know the US founders were good men. I also know the Federal Reserve (and our dollars are federal reserve notes) is a corrupt institution and was foisted upon Americans.


Was earth molten in creation?

Scripture says the Earth was made as God moved over the waters, this means it was not a molten mass.

See Robert Gentry’s book “Creation’s Tiny Mystery” on radio polonium halos, see It’s in granites all over the world, these little tiny rings. It’s like a grenade exploding in jello making those waves that are preserved has polonium decays sends off particles that go a certain distance. You end up with a ring of particles. Molten rock will make this Halo disappear. Polonium has a very short half-life. This original polonium leaving a ring behind demonstrates that these rocks were never molten. When people realized that his research goes against the Big bang theory, he lost his funding.

Note: This is a very important point. Without the molten earth, they don’t have radiometric dating, which is based on a supposed molten rock clock reset. Without radiometric dating, they don’t have old earth. Without old earth, they don’t have time for evolution. Without evolution, they must confess God as creator of all things. It sounds peculiar, but the molten earth theory is VERY important to evolution, and they won’t let it go easily. Universal Model Vol. 1 debunks the molten earth theory thoroughly.


Global warming?
Do we really need to kill all the babies and save all the whales?

See book “Facts Not Fear”

There’s no question that we have hurt the environment but the government is not the one to fix it.

R12 refrigerant sinks, it doesn’t rise. Poke a hole in the can put a match under it and it will put the match out as it flows down.

A volcano can produce thousands of more times CO2 than the history of the modern world’s productions.

The real purpose of the environmental movement is to abolish private property which is Karl Marx’s communist plan.
The first plank of the Communist manifesto is to abolish private property.


Does the Green River formation prove an old earth?

Take two pieces of glass with different colored sand in between and flip it, it will automatically sort into different layers. Have only two different densities, and yet still you will get many layers. These layers are not annual deposits or anything else.
The layers are proof of moving water.

Sometimes between the same event horizon they find different layers; this further proves that supposedly same layers are not the same.


What about the Mars rock?

They think some rock found by one of the poles is from Mars and that it has evidence of bacteria in the rock that once lived.

Mars is very far away from Earth, the closest we ever get is 50,000 million miles.

If Earth was the size of a 4 inch tomato, Mars would be the size of a 2 inch tomato, and these two tomatoes would be a third of a mile apart.

The idea that something hit Mars, knocked the chunk off, and that chunk flew all the way to Earth and landed is silly!

They don’t know if this rock was really from Mars, and how would it have bacteria on it that survives the vacuum of space, and what would it be, and how would it survive entry and reentry?

NASA was looking for something to do to make itself look useful because it’s grant money was stalled in Congress at the time, so they worked on this rock. The annunciation of this Mars rock finding brought them the immediate funding.
It was found to be a normal carbonate crystal, but NASA kept the grant money.

Hovind does not think there is life on any planet except Earth because the scripture says that Eve is the mother of all living.

Note: I disagree quite strongly on this and say that this scripture only means that she is the mother of all living on this planet, or that Eve in Eden was named after her mother, who is also named Eve. She is obviously not the mother of God the Father, and God is living, and came from a prior planet. The bible and modern revelation indicate that God has made worlds without end that have people on them. This is the work of God! It is a protestant dogma to think that this world is the only one with life on it.


Could God have used Evolution to create?

No, not at all. The god of the Bible does not use evolution to create. The God who would need to use evolution is cruel wasteful stupid and deceitful.

God does not use misfits, blind chance, and death to create.
God gets it right the first time.

Natural selection is the most blind and cruel method of evolution. The struggle for life and the elimination of the weakest. All modern ethics revolt against this. An ideal society is a non-selective society where the week are protected. The reverse of the so-called natural law. It is surprising that a Christian would defend this process as the means that God used.

The Bible says waste not.

The evolution God is not someone who is loving who cares about his creations. Darwin said the war of nature famine and death is how we get evolution.

Note: how could it be any more clear that evolution is the church of the devil? Why have so many bought into this cult of death worship?

Clear evidence shows that there was a creator.

Note: this is very important, it is actually plain and obvious to tell that there is a creator, and that things are just right for life; it is only by supernatural evil power that so many have been deceived into disbelieving in the Creator!

Scripture says God made Man in his image, so anyone wanting to say that God used evolution is a heretic.

If God has to use evolution he is retarded, he does not know what he wants, he’s just playing around and seeing what happens.

Evolution eliminates the need of the death of Christ.

Evolution teaches exactly the opposite of the Bible:
-Bible says death was brought by man, and evolution says man was brought by death.
-Bible says Earth before the sun, evolution says Sun before the Earth.
-Bible says oceans before land, evolution says land before oceans.
-Bible has liked before the sun, evolution has sun before the light.
-Bible has land plants first, evolution has marine life first.
-Bible has fruit trees before fish, evolution has fish before fruit trees.
-Bible has fish before insects, evolution has a backwards.
-Bible has plants before the sun, evolution is backwards.
-Bible has marine mammals before land mammals, evolution has a backwards.
-Bible has birds before reptiles, evolution has it backwards.
-Bible has atmosphere between two layers of water, evolution says atmosphere above water.

The 1828 dictionary said “heresy” is basically a fundamentally wrong doctrine. A heretic is someone who teaches heresy.

The Bible teaches a 6-day creation, other philosophies are heretical.

Note: I think the one exception would be the 6000 year creation possibility, as scripture says 1 day to God is 1000 years to man. Hovind isn’t a fan of this theory and claims those passages aren’t about creation, and furthermore, Hovind spiritualizes the 1:1000 ration, claiming it just means that there’s no time with God. To the contrary, that is the time of the planet of God, as the book of Abraham further vindicates. And as I recall, there is a specific passage relating the creation to the 1:1000 ratio. This would make earth now 7000 years of creation, plus 6000 years since Eden, being in total about 13000 years old. This is one theory, the 6 24-hour day theory could also be true. But we all agree, the world isn’t millions of years old, certainly not billions.

Just because someone is a heretic in one area doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from them; eat the meat and throw out the bones; read books from people you disagree with if they have something good to learn.

Note: This is true, and a wise student will cautiously do this, or he will be kept in great ignorance. Joseph Smith taught people to bring the truth they have and join the saints, not to discard what they have. Joseph also hired a Jewish Hebrew scholar to teach Hebrew at the school of the prophets. It is obvious that we must all work together, even from different backgrounds. I place great value on these Hovind lectures for example, even though Hovind and I obviously disagree on which church is true. Hovind understands also that there are various views among creation scientists, and he often does well in pointing out the various views, then stating his own. As is obvious, I too have pointed out where I disagree with Hovind’s science views from time to time throughout these lecture notes. This is the proper way to go about researching.


Which religion is right? The Bible says not to be carried around with every wind of doctrine.
Some religious ideas sound great when you first hear them, but you have to search the scriptures. Jacob tricked his blind father, that’s where the expression of pull the wool over someone’s eyes comes from. Beware feelings above the word of God.

Note: But also don’t place your understanding of what a text says above what the Holy Ghost is prompting you toward. Hovind is a Baptist, I am a Latter-day Saint.


A pilot can be flying through a cloud and be going down even though they feel like they’re going straight.

Note: of course the conversion by the Holy Ghost is not just feelings, it’s not something you can conjure, and it is very important because God’s ways are higher than our ways and sometimes we don’t understand. If we just rely on our understanding of a book, we are relying on the arm of flesh.

It’s not the Bible and science that have a conflict, it’s the Bible and evolution that have a conflict.

Note: the way I like to put it is that it is not science versus religion, it’s science versus evolution.

The Catholic Church has said that their official position is evolution.

Note: Here comes some of Hovind’s stuff about Muslims. I’ve added a little commentary, he does get a bit rough on this.

See book “The Prophet” about how the Catholic church was involved in the creation of Islam to try and get the Holy Land back.

The sign that Muhammad was the Muslim Prophet was a mole on his back.

The Quran is loaded with things that are scientifically and spiritually inaccurate. It says those who leave Islam or encourage others to do so should be seized and slain. That all who oppose the message should be killed.

See book “Who is This Allah” by Moshe

The Muslims are determined to fight and kill the Jews by their own statement.

Muslims say the devil lives in the nose at night, so they wash their nose in the morning.
Muslims say you can’t look up while you pray or your eyes will get snatched away.

Note: these supposed things that Muslims do are not a huge deal, they’re just weird, and I don’t like hearing about it from a non-Muslim; I don’t know if that’s really what they’re doing these days, or if it was just a fringe, not that it matters anyway.

See book “Islam: America’s Trojan horse” by Don Boys

Don’t be anti anybody; if someone is 99% right and 1% wrong praise them for the 99% and correct them for the one (and the other way around).

Muslims bomb a lot of stuff – you can’t be a good Muslim without wanting to kill people who aren’t Muslim.

Note: Again, I put these parts of Hovind’s lecture in here, but do have reservations about these statements. I do, of course, know great people who are Muslim. As to whether their holy book calls for killing others, I don’t know, though from what I’ve seen it is likely. Of course, God has the right to kill who he sees just to kill, and we know that at Christ’s return, the wicked will in fact be burned.


Are there contradictions in the bible?
The Bible speaks of plant and animal made before man and later in Genesis 2 it talks about man and then plants and then animals.

Note: I say that Genesis 1 was the spiritual creation, Genesis 2 was the physical creation; we know from modern revelation that man was indeed on Earth before animal, Adam was the first flesh.

Hovind says Genesis 2 is about what happened in the garden not the whole world.
That he makes the plants that are good for food at that point and one more of each animal so Adam could name them.

Hovind claims there are no contradictions in Scripture.

Note: I say it is a fact that certain scribes and people messed some things up, and that’s why we have the Joseph Smith translation to correct and enhance it.

He goes over a few more supposed contradictions which bible bashers throw out, and shows that they really aren’t contradictions.

He would not want to defend any other version of the Bible in a debate other than the King James.

Latin vulgate is based on the wrong manuscript from a cult with Origen etc., Alexandrian manuscripts. Greek text similarly, and many modern Bible versions are from this.
Note: I don’t know about this.

See book “new age Bible versions”

What is God like?
Hovind says you simply can’t understand God at all.

Note: I say this is completely wrong, that God is a man with flesh and bone and feelings, this is part of why the church is restored, because this central once-obvious knowledge was lost.

Note: Hovind talks about how God is in all places at all times and it is true that God is omnipresent, but this is not by him having no body, this is by him having receptors programmed into all the atoms everywhere so he gets instant feedback from everything.

There are no different races, there’s only the human race, and we all have are different skin colors.

Note: Hovind goes off on some misconstrued and outdated ideas about race and Mormonism.

Hovind thinks the skin colors came as a result of the Tower of Babel incident.

Genesis says the tongues and the nations were result of the Tower of Babel incident.
Those of the same language would have to intermarry within that tribe.

See book “After the Flood” by Bill Cooper

Ham became the Africans, Japheth became the Europeans, and those of Shem became the Orientals.
Note: This is very good. Universal Model Vol. 2 further vindicates this idea.

The Chinese for flood is symbols of boat, eight, and mouth put together.

See book “God’s Promise to the Chinese”

Mitochondrial Eve – mother of the whole human race – they said at first she lived 200,000 years ago, then they had to reconsider more evidence that she lived only 6,000 years ago.
Then they said ‘we know that can’t be right’ so they kept searching.


This doesn’t make anything new.
There were 277 failures in the attempt to make the sheep clone Dolly. It was very expensive and this sheep aged much faster than normal and died early. $250,000.


Why did God make poisonous serpents?

Copperhead snakes raised in a hyperbaric chamber with also an increased magnetic field after a few weeks were no longer poisonous, this could have been pre-flood condition
Note: (or pre-fall condition)

Electric shock through the body neutralizes the poison bite.
Some people have devices where they shock the bite sites of poisonous spiders and snakes and they’re able to return to work.
If more than 30 minutes has passed connect one probe to each side of the limb at the bite site and deliver shock.
You can also use a spark plug to shock it.

See on a potential Noah’s Ark finding.

Big foot?
He has heard numerous reports of this which do not seem to be explainable.

Note: it was taught early in the church that Bigfoot is Cain.

He thinks these are the 1/3 fallen angels.

Note: I do not think so, they did not get bodies. I think they were just apostate men. But something supernatural may be the case.

Some claim the Nephilim were Seth’s line. There is no evidence that it is Seth’s line that is godly, these people also drown in the flood, and it is not uncommon for people to marry ungodly people, this would not produce the giant race.
It was not Seth’s line that was good and Cain’s line that was bad, everyone was bad, that’s why the flood was sent to take away all human life.

There may have been some sort of strange mixing of people and strange abilities but these were all wiped out in the flood and they are perhaps the source of Greek legends of gods.


See book “UFO End Time Delusion” by David Allen Lewis
See book “UFO 666”
See Chuck Missler alien encounter
See The cosmic conspiracy by Dan Deyo

Could be secret technology.
Could be weather balloons.
Hovind makes several book recommendations.
Most authorities on the subject say they are government top secret, or demonic.

How long were Adam and Eve and Eden?
He thinks that Cain and Abel could have been born while Adam and Eve were still in Eden.

Note: this cannot be correct, they could not have seed until they fell, that’s why they chose to fall.

The words made and created are interchangeable in scripture, we have many references of God making trees and animals, and man and creating trees and animals and other men.

Hovind has a PhD & he worked hard for 9 years to get. No it was not from an accredited University, but he worked very hard for it. Only people who are dumb and desperate attack Hovind for his degree rather than attacking the subject.

Getting a degree from an accredited University does not guarantee it is good, it does not guarantee the person didn’t cheat their way through it, it does not guarantee that school is teaching the right stuff or having high standards.

Most people who made evolution theory did not have degrees in science. Darwin only had a degree in theology, he should have been called Reverend Darwin.

Moses crossing the Red Sea – they weren’t just waiting through water, it was a miracle where there were walls of water deep water on both sides.
Note: True, the text vindicates this.

They found a pillar erected by King Solomon 1000 BC to commemorate the crossing of the Red Sea at the place where they crossed. You have to go through a narrow passage of mountains, then you end up on a large beach and there’s no escape, that’s when they had to cross.
Most of the Red Sea is very deep but there’s one place where there’s an underwater land bridge only 900 ft deep.
People scuba diving there found chariots with no wheels and seperated wheels and skeletons covered in coral, etc.
The same type of chariot wheels are found there that were used at that time. See the Wyatt museum.

What is commonly accepted as Mt. Sinai is just from some random Venetian princess who said ‘I think that’s Mt. Sinai’, but it’s probably not.
Galatians 4:24-25 says Mount Sinai is in Arabia.
At the bottom of this real Mount Sinai there’s a wall drawing of a calf.

When Moses smote the rock to watered millions of people and lots of animals, it couldn’t be a little stream, it was a major gushing out fountain. It had to be a river.
On site there is a big boulder as large as a five-story building split in half. On both sides there are erosion marks.

We have golf ball size pure sulfur stones that fell on the city of Sodom turning it to ash.
Wisdom teeth are not evidence for evolution, it’s just that we used to be taller and live longer, ancients used their wisdom teeth.
Note: how ironic that we call them wisdom teeth, the ancient wise ones used them and we cannot!
Proverbs 19:25 “Smite a scorner and the simple will beware.”
The philosophy of these professors is destroying people and we must stop them! We must show that their science is wrong.
When a scorner is punished he is made wise says Proverbs.
Proverbs 22:10 says “cast out the scorner and contention shall go out, yay, strife and reproach shall cease.”
In 1 Kings 18:26 Elijah made fun of the prophets of Baal.

Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees hypocrites, whited sepulchers. Matthew 23:27.
In Matthew 3:7 and Matthew 12:34 Jesus calls them evil, snakes, and vipers.
In Luke 13:31 Jesus calls Herod a Fox.
In acts 13:10 the apostle says “that child of the devil without enemy of all righteousness who perverts the ways of the Lord”
All throughout the Bible God calls people fools, brutish, simple, perverse, scorners, wicked, etc.
Yes we are allowed to use sarcasm with scoffers, we are just trying to be like our Heavenly Father. (Sometimes you need to call it what it is.)

He fields live question answer sessions. He has a standing invitation to debate anyone anytime on evolution, even ten to one as long as he gets half the time to talk, and they talk about one subject at a time. He offers $100 to debate him and a quarter million for any evidence supporting evolution. Many refuse to debate him. He speaks about 800 times a year and answers thousands of calls letters and emails. He doesn’t have time to answer every single claim on every single anti-Hovind website, and there are thousands of those websites. There are many who do want to hear, so we don’t waste all our time on those who don’t want to hear. Most of the questions the scoffers ask he’s already answered in his seminar and they’re just trying to tie up his time. Matthew 7:6 says “give not that which is holy unto dogs neither cast ye your pearls before swine.” So we don’t have time to answer every skeptic. If you have land to plant a garden for your family and half of it is good soil the other half is rocky, you start with the good soil, and if you have extra time you can work on the rocky. Invest your time and energy where it might produce fruit. If you’re talking to an atheist who doesn’t want to hear, you’re wasting your time. He doesn’t have time for email debates.

See for videos of debates, homeschool resources, etc.

Kent Hovind Smashes Atheist “Professor Dave Explains” in Debate on Creation Science – Highlights


Here is a really fun debate between “professor Dave” (atheist scientist) and Dr. Kent Hovind (Christian young earth creationist).

And no Dave doesn’t destroy Hovind as the video title claims! It’s on Dave’s channel and the audience is mostly atheist, and oddly, they let Dave keep ranting after the debate is over and Kent has left.

Notice how whenever Kent brings up a good point, Dave just claims it’s unrelated when it totally is. Dave claims that Kent avoids questions, but Dave continuously shuts down Kent by simply claiming that what Kent said isn’t related, and Dave makes no real response.

Notice how Dave repeatedly claims that Kent “doesn’t understand science” when Kent repeatedly demonstrates understanding of science. Kent gives an overview and points out how stupid and non-scientific evolutionary science is, and dogmatic “scientists” can’t handle that.

Notice Dave spews off many theories on how life COULD have began on earth, yet Kent calls him out to demonstrate any one of them in a lab, and Dave is stuck.

Dave makes a claim that a scientist made life in a lab, Kent looks it up on the spot and it’s just some guy who copied already existing life.

Dave claims mutations occur in meiosis which allow for evolution, but this mutation is very limited, as is evident by things not crossing to entirely different obvious species.

Dave aims Kent is close minded viewing the world from the bible, but fails to see that he himself is just a parrot of mainstream theories. Dave fussed about Kent not giving an inch, but when does Dave give an inch?

Notice Dave can’t connect the dots of how strange it is that a rock evolved into a human.

Notice that Dave is quite rude, and hilariously Kent dishes some of it back at him!

This is a dose of reality and truth that Dave was NOT ready for, more than he had ever heard in his life, and the dark couldn’t perceive the light.

Notice how Dave mocks Kent for teaching at a private school, yet “professor” Dave isn’t a real professor, just a teacher.

Dave repeatedly expresses his view that the bible is writings of immoral uneducated fools.

Dave claims that Kent is avoiding defining a kind or species, but Kent makes obvious statements that, for example, a dog won’t turn into anything but a dog, yet Dave reels and gnashes his teeth at this.

Dave claims genealogical science could prove we are related to an amoeba, but prove it, it cant.

Kent points out that complex systems don’t design themselves, as is evident by things we make. Dave rails at this and says nature isn’t like what we build, but isn’t it? Nature is all the more complex, and all the more impossible to make itself.

Dave claims snowflakes make themselves, but fails to realize the systems for those were by design also.

There are many other ways that Kent Hovind and creationism won the debate!


The Few Remaining Kent Hovind Creationist Lectures Online

Tragically, YouTube took down his channel. Usual reason, too much truth. Here are some remaining fragments still online.


Kent Hovind invites people to share his material (he isn’t in it for the money, the mark of a true preacher, he wants the message to get out every way it can), so if you can, upload some of his videos to your channels.




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(117) Creation Seminar | Part 1 – YouTube


(117) Creation Seminar | Part 2 – YouTube


(117) 19 March 2016 Saturday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 1 – YouTube


(117) 19 March 2016 Saturday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 2 – YouTube


(117) 19 March 2016 Saturday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 3 – YouTube


(117) 19 March 2016 Saturday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 4 – YouTube


(117) 19 March 2016 Saturday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 5 – YouTube


(117) 20 March 2016 Sunday – Kent Hovind Conference Part 6 – YouTube


(117) “In the Beginning” Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind Session 2 – YouTube


(117) Childrens Video About Dinosaurs by Kent Hovind – YouTube


(117) Nails by Kent Hovind – YouTube


Another version: (117) Creation Science Evangelism CSE BIBLE 2003 SEMINAR 5 by Dr Kent Hovind The Dangers Of Evolution 1 – YouTube


See also for a few materials available for purchase, such as thumb drives with his lectures and slides.

Finding Resources of Kent Hovind


YouTube has some material, but his channel was recently taken down. But some others have posted some things. He is open about how his lectures are used, he just wants the information out. is his official website and there you can get a thumbdrive sent for a reasonable price with all his slides, and his college series, his debates, etc. also points you to where you can see Hovind’s ongoing work for a reasonable subscription. is a place with much of his material free in audio and video files, including many the seminar series in many foreign langauges.


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