Lecture Highlights – What the Bible Has to Say About Plant-Based Diets and Animal Rights by Dr. Milton Mills



If you just sit on the couch you start to look like a couch.


God made the perfect world where there was no death, and the diets did not involve killing, it was vegan whole food.


The New Jerusalem will have the tree of life whose fruit will make us immortal and the leaves will heal the nations.


God cursed the Earth for our sake, it’s a good thing that we have to work.


Eating right and having good health is an important factor in our ability to connect with God.


How was Isaac decieved by Jacob, to mistake him for Esau when he came with the goat skin? First, animal foods cause cross linking proteins in eyes making new attachments, making vision cloudy, causing cateracs, resulting in blindness. It’s like the clear egg heated and mixed which becomes white. Isaac was blind from his diet. Second, meat fats proteins etc. constrict blood vessels to the brain, causing Isaac to be confused when full on the savory meat. This he couldn’t discern the trick of Jacob.


Esau becomes desperate for a pot of lentils.


While Moses was on the mount, it was after a huge feast that the Israelites gave into their based passions and fears and made an idol. The meal made them deluded.


Num. 25 there was a giant party, feasting leading to dillusion.


Nebukenezer saw the hand writing on the wall after a major feast and taking from the temple. Again, foolish diet related to big trouble.


Daniel refused traditional Babylon food of animals and particularly unclean animals. He knew it would influence his relationship to God. Daniel just wanted vegetables. The overseer was worried about them not eating meat the same reason people today are – their protein levels, them getting sick, etc. But the test was done, and they became physically and mentally more fit.


John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey. The locusts weren’t grasshoppers, it was bean pods from the locust tree that grows in the middle east. He was of the Essene order, strict vegetarians. This allowed him to have great wisdom.


Jesus said to the plant based sadducees, they strain at gnat and a swallow camel. They would not eating animals, so they would strain their water to ensure no gnats were in it. But Jesus tells them that in conspiring to kill him, they’re doing something like eating a big unclean animal, a camel.


Sin in Eden came from a dietary discretion. Jesus was able to redeem us as he resisted dietary temptation to make stone into bread.


Jesus’ first miracle was dietary, changing the water to wine.

Most sacred events were celebrated by feasts.

Wine will be drunken by the Lord at his return feast.


When they saw Jesus break bread they recognized him. Apparently he had a way of breaking it that was recognizable.


Eating the right way brings health and spirituality, but eating the wrong way leads to sin. Junk food clouds our ability to discern.


Isaiah 7:15 says Jesus would eat simple foods so he would know how to discern between good and evil.

“15 Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.” (KJV)


Note- most religions say to fast, and the bible certainly does. Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarian, and studies show they are much healthier than the rest of the population.


God said it’s not good for man to be alone, next he makes animals which Adam named, and naming the animal recognizes their sentience as thinking individual beings. Then Eve is made.


Proverbs says the righteous are kind to animals.

The day of rest is for humans and animals.

Duet. 24? Bible says must we treat animals well, to not muzzle the ox when treading the grain so they can eat when they’re hungry.

God feeds sparrows daily.

Salvation is to know God, and God is kind and cares for all living things.


Israelites insisted on having meat. God said ok since you incist, have these cleaner meats.

And boil meats, don’t not grill or fry them.

Blood in meat is bad, lots of iron, promotes cancer.


Depression anxiety and ADHD are related to the mind, the mind is made of fat, and the fats we are eating in animal products have many toxins. God communicates with us through the spirit and the mind, so we had better keep a healthy body to have a good healthy mind. Don’t inflame your brain with toxins and constrict your blood vessels.


The Bible rarely mentions Jesus eating but when it does it’s usually about what he was doing at the time not about what he was eating. For example the resurrected Jesus shows up and the apostles doubt he is real, so he says give me some food and I’ll prove it to you, then they gave him some fish and he ate it. It’s not a lesson about how it’s good to eat fish, it’s a lesson about the reality of the resurrected Lord. When Jesus fed the multitude of 5,000 etc, he used what he had at hand and expanded it. This is teaching us to be wise about our resources. But the Bible is clear that God designed us to be plant-based and that is the most healthy way and it is the way we eat in heaven.


(Note – there are also verses about missionaries humbly eating whatever is offered them (within reason) rather than focusing on food (and it doesn’t mean pig out either).)


When we reject scriptural teachings on a healthy diet and we get a disease, we think “oh Lord why me?” but we should really be thinking “oh Lord why not me? Why not sooner, why did you wait so long before giving me this consequence for my actions?” God in mercy forestalls many of these natural consequences.


We say blessings on food before we eat, but some foods aren’t really worthy of this. For example, nobody would ask for a blessing on cocaine or heroin before using it. We know that God cannot bless us for doing things that are wrong.


Jesus said in the last days it would be similar to just before the flood when people were eating and drinking.


(Note- this is a good point, why does it mention eating and drinking? Perhaps what we are eating and what we are drinking draws a parallel of being ripe for destruction because of what those foods lead to in our actions.)


The wicked King Manassas brought false idols to worship to them inside the temple of the Lord. This is of course appalling, but it is very similar to when we eat unhealthy foods because our body is a temple. We sacrifice our health at the golden arches of McDonald’s. We got some unhealthy food and make it the centerpiece of our dinner table, the center of that ritual so to speak. We may not be burning incense to false gods, but we are burning bad foods to eat them!


The bible and science are united in telling us that animal foods are not good for us. So resorting to them can only be because we like the taste and the pleasure. The scripture says in the last days people will become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Are we willing to defile our bodies which are the temple of God, out of our love for pleasure?

No one was born with food preferences, we all learned those things, and we can unlearn them. Pray to God

for the desire to eat right, and the knowledge of how to eat right.





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