No, We Won’t “Shift Judgement to Curiosity!”


I’m seeing this all over the place, particularly in corrupt healthcare dogma.


“Shift judgment to curiosity!” Sounds nice, right? Wrong. It’s the farthest thing from nice. If your nice means no judgment it means no law, which means no order, which means anarchy. Anarchy is bloody, not nice.


This is a clarion call of the left, of the regressive agenda to topple our civilization.


No, we won’t shift judgment to curiosity. There is such a thing as right and wrong. It’s not anything goes. There is a god, there are laws of nature, we won’t bend the knee to your false idols.


You won’t get us to so quickly dismiss as standards of light vs dark and buy into your satanic agenda that all lifestyles are equally appropriate, and that anyone who says otherwise is to be silenced.


Go ahead and silence us. From the blood of the martyrs grows the tree of liberty.


So no, we won’t be curious about Babylon. We won’t dabble in her ways. Here we stand, with God, with the right, and all your wailing won’t bring us down.

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