How to Win the Culture War – The Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis by Peter Kreeft a Catholic Philosophy Professor – Book Highlights & Commentary

Introductory note from Nate Richardson: The following are my notes on this most excellent book. I found myself taking a long time to get through the text, highlighting just about every word and loving every page. When I first heard Peter Kreeft lecture online, I instantly knew I had found another all-time hero, and wasRead more

The Beatles: a Fulfillment of the Anti-Christ

There are other dual fulfillments of the antichrist, but this bands epic anti-Christ impact around the world as well as the Paul death coverup fulfill apocalyptic scripture. Sections: 1 OF 4 BEASTS DIES, IMAGE REVIVED: PAUL MCCARTNEY SUBLIMIMAL MESSAGES BACKWARD LYRICS, DEMON POSESSION CHRISTIANITY WENT DOWN CALLED THEMSELVES GOD ANTI-FAMILY ANTI-RELIGION JUST A POP BANDRead more