Love and the Goddess by Joseph Campbell, summary

Love and the Goddess
by Joseph Campbell in series “The Power of Myth” with Bill Moyers
a Winstar Fire Video
Summary by Nate Richardson
Updated 1-24-18

Love and the Goddess:

-love is perfect kindness

-love is seeing your soul’s counterpart in the other person

-traditional marriages are arranged by the family, there is much family love. Today there is still this often. In the middle ages this is what the Catholic church sanctioned. So person to person love was considered adultery by them.

-any idea of life bliss should be chosen with the idea that no one can frighten me away from this thing.

-love sick is the kind the doctor cannot heal

-the heart, opening up to another person, is what distinguishes mankind from animals.

-much insight into life comes from experiencing it for yourself, trusting your feelings, having your own experience rather than word of mouth.

-Paul speaks of love enduring all things; love knows no pain.

-*Campbell has many ideas I don’t agree with, not in accord with the Restored Gospel.

-the main message of Christianity is legitimate love for all people.

-he learned religion from monks who felt no evil toward people who had committed mass murder on their people.

-the most sophisticated interpretation of why Christ had to be crucified was for Atonement, at-one-ment, to make us one with God; the injured one becomes the Savior, it’s the suffering that envokes the compassion of the human heart. By contemplating this mystery you’re contemplating the true meaning of life.

-life is the burning point of love, since life is sorrowful, the more love the more pain that it will bring.

-there used to be an idea of the golden age of the goddess, where women were looked upon with great esteem, but ideas of men being more important choked that out, but it’s coming back perhaps.

-*Campbell claims that all religions don’t claim a physical location of an extra-terrestrial heaven on some planet somewhere, but not so with the LDS.

-in Egypt and other places often it’s the goddess who is the dominant one

-the Hebrews calls the Cananite Godess an abomination whereas with the Greeks Zeus marries a lady (*some things are too sacred perhaps to speak of. But we do have some information about Heavenly Mother, the Goddess in the restored gospel, we believe this perhaps more literally and fervently than any other people. We merely don’t like mockeries of Her, she being so sacred we speak of her seldomly)

-*Campbell demeans the virgin birth of Christ. I appreciate some of what he has to say, not all.

-points out that oft we think too much of Jesus dying, but we could spend more time thinking about how we should be going through something similar; something of being born again yourself.

-Paul speaks of the former mythologies of death and rising now being incarnate by our Savior; that which was only talked about is now reality.

-the celebration of the rising of Christ happens in the solictice, when the days begin to be longer.

-in the ying-yang sign there is a light spot on the dark one and a dark spot on the light one, that is how they relate to each other.

-just because you die doesn’t mean your character changes

-*the inner reaches of outer space by Joseph Campbell another book he published, another run of the mill big bang theory book it looks like, though it may have some good insight about humans going on to become organizers of the heavens

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