AP Government Textbooks Full Of Democratic Anti Trump Propaganda

Leftwing Textbooks Predominate in Public School AP Programs: Greg Price reviewed five of the most commonly used AP (Advanced Placement) US History textbooks that cover all the way through the Trump presidency, and found them all extremely biased against conservatism and Trump in particular: See (https://gregprice.substack.com/p/apush-textbooks-are-covering-the) Used every day by high school students in college-levelRead more

Topical List of Best Books to Re-Read Through Life

Sections: Scriptures Religious Doctrine Life of Joseph Smith Religion Manuals Religion & Temples in Antiquity End Times Prophecy Marriage & Parenting Education Government Conspiracy History Economics From the Reformation Classical Literature Poetry Science Nutrition Psychology Philosophy Scriptures: -The Holy Bible -The Book of Mormon -The Doctrine and Covenants -The Pearl of Great Price -Semi-Annual GeneralRead more

2020 Church Education System Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes

2020 CES Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes Based on this lecture: https://youtu.be/Wn_GanV0WxI “I’m a really simple minded person, if you’re doing your best, you’re consecrated, you’re devoted, you’re not going to mess somebody up. Heaven is in charge of this, not you, not me. As a member of the 12 I have assignmentsRead more

70+ Signatures & Many Stories: Dear President Worthen, Stop Teaching Evolution at BYU

I compiled and sent the following to BYU President Worthen June 15, 2020: President Worthen,  Please consider my story about evolution being taught at BYU, signatures of those who feel similarly, & stories of others as presented below. I am a 2019 BYU graduate. During my wonderful time at BYU, I took many science classesRead more

Musical Instruments: Theory, Composition, Resources, Tips, Videos

Here are a few resources on learning instruments generally, then we will look at instruments individually.   Here is a great video on how learning music should be fun, rather than obsessed with teaching sight reading. Playing an instrument can be fun, that’s why we want to learn and teach it, more so than forRead more

Board & Video Games: Suggestions & Info

Board Games I’m not a huge board game fan, but to some extent they can be used to bond with others when not taken to an extreme. Sad and rebellious is the life of the man who endlessly plays cards. Insomuch as they do have a use, here are some suggestions from a friend ofRead more

Homemaking a ‘Real Job’: One Mother’s Response

(Author unknown) Setting: Career Days at school; daughter wants her mother to present her “job” at career days but principal says no because homemaking is not a “real job.” This is that mother’s actual reply: “Dear Ms. Brown, of course, homemaking or domestic labor is not an official job as specified by the Department ofRead more

Convincing Professors of Truths Not Found in Academic Journals: Who’s Empirical, & Who’s Religious?

Sometimes it’s so hard convincing professors of truths which aren’t published in some academic journal. The only altar they know how to worship at is that of objectivism and empiricism, and that often of their own choosing. They have no regard for tradition or faith. Colleges are churches, with priesthood, covenants, ordinances, rituals, doctrines, theRead more

Voting Your Conscience Doesn’t Violate Tolerance or Separation of Church & State

Video of this presentation click here. The video goes into more depth and clear explanation than the following text:   People confuse the separation of church and state to mean that you shouldn’t be able to say any social policy with your church also happens to hold in the state realm.   For example, manyRead more

Government: Authors, Sites, Forums, etc.

-heterodoxacademy.org shows that the social sciences are increasingly bias toward liberal views -Patriot reading list by age and category http://www.hearthstoneplan.org/uploads/5/0/5/0/50504815/patriots_reading_list.pdf -AFA.net – the American Family Association: Boycotts against company’s hostile to Christians and American family values. -Free Economics Courses: MR University mru.org -Joel Skousen – WorldAffairsBrief.com -ConstitutionParty.com -Ben Shapiro – DailyWire.com -LatterDayConservative.com, -YAF.org Young America’sRead more

Is Genesis History? – Documentary Notes

I share these notes with permission of the author. Caution: these are my notes on my understanding of the presentation, and do not exactly capture the ideas presented.   -Mt. Saint Helens made geological structures which we usually attribute to being extremely old. Deep bedrock can be cut in just a few days with powerfulRead more

Resolution of Teenage Delinquency through Independent Family Structures

For decades now, we have been perplexed about crime and delinquency of teenagers. Is there something fundamentally chaotic about this age of the human being, or is there something about the way we treat them which triggers this rebellion? Let’s look at the most basic unit of society: the family. Adult divorce is through theRead more

Holy Inertia: How & Why Return Missionaries ‘Hit the Ground Running’ (Toward Marriage)

Some say returning from a mission is ending a fast of women. Indeed, the missionary has no romantic feelings, he is at war, and must focus lest he lose the battle. Some suggest that a man must not quickly marry like a man fasting thinks highly of simple bread & cheese, but should wait forRead more

Joy: The Key to Learning

Here are ways to ensure that any training has joy at its center, so the learner remains motivated and rewarded for his efforts. We will look at just a few subjects:     Language: Teach speaking skills so some even if small communication can take place, long before details of grammar, conjugations, declensions, etc. areRead more

Homeschool Forums

-Large Family Homeschoolers (626 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/230225423659316/ -Large Family Homeschoolers (another group, 38 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627937923988768/?ref=br_rs -LDS Homeschooling & Unschooling of Northern Utah (201 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDSHSUSNUtah/ -Utah County Homeschoolers (712 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/548091715279811/ -Utah Homeschool Mentors (2,358 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/293628930774982/ -Utah Homeschoolers Network (1,140 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahHomeschoolersNetwork/ -Large families of 4+kids – Homeschooling (280 members) https://www.facebook.com/groups/137692863532395/?ref=br_rs -Utah LDS Homeschoolers (634Read more

Educational Resources

Library Resources:   -britannica.com -Online Liberty Library – free pdf etc. – oll.libertyfund.org -librivox.org – free public domain audiobooks -archive.org – free public domain texts, movies, audiobooks -survivorlibrary.com (public domain PDF book downloads on many topics) -openculture.com/freeonlinecourses – Free Online Courses from Top Universities (movies, eBooks, audiobooks, textbooks, language lessons, business courses, K-12 Ed, etc.) -DeseretRead more

The Ideal Classroom, Why we don’t Give Graded Homework, and Gospel Analogies

The following link is to a summary recent educational research supporting my claim of the minimally helpful or even hindering role graded homework can play is found here: click here Note though graded homework can be negative, feedback on assignments is still critical. Assignments aren’t tests, they are about learning, and thus ought not toRead more

Video Game Philosophy: Disadvantages & Advantages

I polled opinions from forums of homeschoolers and large families to see their feelings on video game usage, what follows is a synthesis of those opinions which highlighted the possible drawbacks of gaming. Then I show a synthesis of comments regarding possible benefits video games can cultivate.   Disadvantages -Beware the virtual reality effect, whichRead more

Jordan Peterson Videos & Notes

Peterson isn’t right on everything but who is. There are interesting insights from his lectures on psychology, sociology, government, etc. Peterson is a Christian, but his lectures can be meaningful to a broad audience.   Jordan Peterson: Why not just be childless and happy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z6k81PNySM ——————– Jordan Peterson – best comebacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ0ln8gKvDI -the politically correctRead more

Little Sleep: What to Expect, How to Stay Awake, Polyphasic Sleep, Morning Routines

“My life like my shoes, worn out in the service of God.” -President Spencer W. Kimball -when much is at stake, you must lose the calendar, and just go full throttle. This means you sleep when you must, not when a clock says something. And when you must sleep, you do so incrementally, then getRead more

The Doctrine of Opportune Moments: Priorities of a Successful Saint

    It seems to me that there are certain ideal or opportune moments wherein if we act, we will succeed. Consider the following evidences:   (A somewhat related note: Truman G Madsen speaks of how apparently women have a particular sense of timing, they know things before men, they can discern things spiritually andRead more

Family Mission Plan Example

Introduction: Every family has a mission. Work together to discover this mission. Part of that mission will of course be spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Categories: Memorize Learn Be Friendly Pray Finance   Memorize The 10 commandments The Beatitudes (9) The Articles of Faith (13) The “Doctrinal Mastery” Passages (100) Learn these inRead more

Developmental Outline Sketch for Raising Children

Themes herein are early autonomy via accountability, home education, empowerment with adult roles / responsibility, attention to family creation, vocation, independence, & respect. Use revelation from God to you to fine tune your personal developmental family outline.   Introduction The children need to know what blessings and expectations we have in store for them. ThisRead more

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) Facts

It is known that homeschooled children perform 15-30% better on the ACT/SAT exams, and lack nothing, yea even excel in peer competence including leadership abilities and community service (see https://www.nheri.org/research-facts-on-homeschooling/). The following link shows the research to support these claims: NHERI research facts on homeschooling   What a great joy for father and mother toRead more

Public Education Fraud by Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from the World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen dated 4-27-18   The entire world of both military and educational standards are falling as both public institutions succumb to political correctness and fail to support good judgment and discipline that are the key to success in every aspect of real life.Read more

Should we Limit our Studies to General Authorities & Conferences?

A rebuttal: This is a response to a letter from a friend. I had sent him several of my compositions on gospel and social issues and theories (including information on the dangers of the CSE (Comprehensive Sex Ed program), and some resources on how to combat it with a better/appropriate method.). The friend seemed concernedRead more

Swear Not At All: Considering Home and Vocational Duties

Swear Not At All: Considering Home and Vocational Duties by Nate Richardson 5-13-17 RichardsonStudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com On 5-5-17, I considered the scripture that says to swear not at all, but let your communication be yea, etc.: when we swear to do something, our name is damaged if we don’t comply. Things get in the way thatRead more

Sex-Ed “Bean Up The Nose” Reaction

Sex-Ed “Bean Up The Nose” Reaction From Slight Hope to Despair: How Public Schools Supplant Parents and Wire kids for Fornication by Nate Richardson 2-1-17 RichardsonStudies.com rrnmailbox@gmail.com Some schools are pushing detailed surveys on regular and irregular sex practices in middle schools; there is much equalization going on among their peers, forcing all students withoutRead more

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping

Emphasize service, brotherhood, & grass-roots-education; de-emphasize careerism, status seeking, & hoop-jumping Balance of Vocational and Religious Duty Another Episode in the School of the Prophets by Nate Richardson 4-17-17 Topics: service, vocation, education It occurred to me today or yesterday one of the two, that it doesn’t matter so much that I use all myRead more

Joseph Campbell Literature: Message of Myth, First Storytellers, Love & The Goddess, Hero’s Adventure, Sacrifice & Bliss, Masks of Eternity – Documentary Notes

From documentary series “The Power of Myth” with Bill Moyers – a Winstar Fire Video       The Message of Myth   -Campbell says don’t be interested in things merely because they are said to be important but get a proper introduction to them and you may find indeed that they are very important.Read more

On Sleep: Wisdom & Courage from Prophets & Other Inspired Individuals

Let us remember that not only scientific laboratories but wisdom from the ancients and insight from inspired individuals can give us information on matters of importance. To ignore historical and prophetic wisdom at the expense of focusing on the laboratory, or the opposite, to leave the laboratory to just listen to leaders and wise men,Read more