A Christ Centered Home – Life Teachings & Example of James Stoddard etc. – Book Notes

Note: These notes are shared with permission of the author, but they do not represent all ideas of the text, and much more effective and through treatment is given in the full text, which can be found at JosephSmithFoundation.org. Intro: This book highlights the life teachings and family of James Stoddard. It is a mostRead more

Whisperings: The Still Small Voice of Conscience: Essay by Joel Skousen

When you finish reading this, you may not view life in quite the same way again—even if you are indifferent about, or passionately dislike, what I have to say.   I do not claim or presume that the reader will actually change what he or she is. That’s a more difficult and individualized process. But whatRead more

Strict Parenting

Administering Justice as a Parent in Zion While Avoiding Abuse For my companion document showing another side about Parenting with Gentleness While Avoiding Overly Enabling: Parenting with Gentleness While Avoiding Overly Enabling (*Note, spanking or other physical harm is likely never ok, and prophets have taught it likely does more harm than good, and thatRead more

On Sleep: Wisdom & Courage from Prophets & Other Inspired Individuals

Let us remember that not only scientific laboratories but wisdom from the ancients and insight from inspired individuals can give us information on matters of importance. To ignore historical and prophetic wisdom at the expense of focusing on the laboratory, or the opposite, to leave the laboratory to just listen to leaders and wise men,Read more