The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown Ups, by Leonard Sax MD PhD – Book Highlights & Commentary by Nate Richardson

See also my video of these highlights & commentary: Table of Contents Collapse of Parenting: Part One: Problems. 2 Collapse of Parenting Ch. 1 The Culture of Disrespect 3 Collapse of Parenting Ch. 2 Why Are So Many Kids Overweight 8 Collapse of Parenting Ch. 3 Why Are So Many Kids on Medication?. 10 CollapseRead more

Learn from the Best Parents: Joseph Smith Sr.’s Daily Family Devotionals

In Faith Crisis Vol. 2 by James & Hannah Stoddard on pg. 228-9 we read about father Smith’s twice a day scripture devotionals with his family as recorded by William Smith and others. Often many neighbors would join in for the evening devotionals of song prayer and verse. How did Joseph Smith become so great?Read more

A Topical List of Progressive VS Traditionalist Philosophies: Awakening to the Great Divide

Introductory Notes: *I invite you to consider some higher ways as presented in this essay. Many of the comparisons here are manifestations of the progressive movement. Many do not even know that this dichotomy exists, much less know how and where to take a stand in it. This essay doesn’t give reasons for these stances,Read more

Movie Suggestions by Genre

Introduction: There are so many uplifting movies that we don’t need to trifle with the bad. No more sitting at the enemies table! When screening movies we should be sensitive to more than just flagrant sexuality or violence, we should be sensitive to rude attitudes toward peers and parents. To subtle suggestions of rebellion, etc..Read more

5 Prophetic Warnings about Music, & Other Media Guidelines

Sections: 5 Prophetic Warnings about Music Our Duties Regarding Music & Entertainment Church Approved Music Pre-Screening Basics Know the Background Seek & Stand in Holy Places Cultivate Creation Beware Desensitization Prepare for Zion Excuses aren’t Valid: You Knew God is Charming Christian Priorities Seek & Find Separating the Art from The Artist: A Virtue andRead more

The Parent Child Relationship in the Hereafter

Q&A On Exalted Persons being served by their children, and The Eternal Ownership of a Parent to its Child These are questions from various readers and brief responses with links to further reading. Question: Why do you say children will serve their parents in eternity? (Referring to document “Children an inheritance from the Lord more

Losing Your Children and Eternal Procreative Power Upon Disobedience

-“President Brigham Young explained that our families are not yet ours. The Lord has committed them to us to see how we will treat them. Only if we are faithful will they be given to us forever. What we do on earth determines whether or not we will be worthy to become heavenly parents.“(Gospel Principles [manual,Read more

7 Mistakes LDS Parents Make by Mark Ogletree PhD, LDS Living Magazine   Not teaching your children how to work effectively.   Solution: Parents should spend time working beside their children. Make work fun. Wonderful family discussions and memories can be made as families weed flower beds together, paint rooms, and clean their homes. Children should have chores to do each day, and when they become older,Read more

Homemaking a ‘Real Job’: One Mother’s Response

(Author unknown) Setting: Career Days at school; daughter wants her mother to present her “job” at career days but principal says no because homemaking is not a “real job.” This is that mother’s actual reply: “Dear Ms. Brown, of course, homemaking or domestic labor is not an official job as specified by the Department ofRead more

13 Discipline Principles by Jonathan Swinton, Therapist – LDS Living Magazine Hierarchy exists in the classroom. Exercise your authority. Co-teachers be on the same page & consistent Age appropriate rules. Ensure they know them. Punishments related to infractions, not random or “go to” punishments. Age 1-10 timeouts can be effective. When kids are in timeout, don’t respond to their tantrums. No physical punishment (includingRead more

President Hinckley Outlines our Top Priorities

“Each of us has a fourfold responsibility. First, we have a responsibility to our families. Second, we have a responsibility to our employers. Third, we have a responsibility to the Lord’s work. Fourth, we have a responsibility to ourselves.   First, it is imperative that you not neglect your families. Nothing you have is moreRead more

Resolution of Teenage Delinquency through Independent Family Structures

For decades now, we have been perplexed about crime and delinquency of teenagers. Is there something fundamentally chaotic about this age of the human being, or is there something about the way we treat them which triggers this rebellion? Let’s look at the most basic unit of society: the family. Adult divorce is through theRead more

The Family: A Proclamation to the World 1995

By The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Full text: This proclamation was read by President Gordon B. Hinckley as part of his message at the General Relief Society Meeting held September 23, 1995, in Salt Lake City, Utah. (It remains a flagship statementRead more

God’s People are His Glory: A Key to Knowledge of Eternity

Mormon 8:15 defines the glory of God as his covenant people. God is full of glory, having a numerous people, and his glory grows forever, the more people come follow him. He continues to have children. He doesn’t rule over anyone save they are his child. That is how heaven works. It’s structured in families,Read more

Effective Co-Creators: Everyday Saviors on Mount Zion

Thesis: not only God, but humans also, have the power to vastly effect, or “CREATE” the eternal destiny of human beings. Your contributions are significant, for good or ill. God’s plan includes, and perhaps is even based on, humans impacting each other. Complacency with the idea that “God will take care of everyone” is notRead more

Adoption To The Household of the Gods


Thou Shalt Keep a Journal – A Prophetic Mandate

Consider these evidences that the most important reason to learn to write is so that you can keep a journal (it’s also a good way to learn to write).   -“Although I was tired, I took out some paper and began to write. And as I did, I understood the message I had heard inRead more

Family Mission Plan Example

Introduction: Every family has a mission. Work together to discover this mission. Part of that mission will of course be spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Categories: Memorize Learn Be Friendly Pray Finance   Memorize The 10 commandments The Beatitudes (9) The Articles of Faith (13) The “Doctrinal Mastery” Passages (100) Learn these inRead more

Developmental Outline Sketch for Raising Children

Themes herein are early autonomy via accountability, home education, empowerment with adult roles / responsibility, attention to family creation, vocation, independence, & respect. Use revelation from God to you to fine tune your personal developmental family outline.   Introduction The children need to know what blessings and expectations we have in store for them. ThisRead more

Strict Parenting

Administering Justice as a Parent in Zion While Avoiding Abuse For my companion document showing another side about Parenting with Gentleness While Avoiding Overly Enabling: Parenting with Gentleness While Avoiding Overly Enabling (*Note, spanking or other physical harm is likely never ok, and prophets have taught it likely does more harm than good, and thatRead more

Gentle Parenting – Quotes of the Prophets

Administering mercy as a parent in Zion While Avoiding Overly Enabling   (Evidences for Authoritative preferred to Authoritarian parenting) (For my companion document showing another side Parenting with Strictness While Avoiding Abuse…e-avoiding-abuse/ ) -““When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”3 That concept isRead more

The Gospel of Creation Theory

The Gospel of Creation Theory By Nate Richardson 6-22-18 Thesis: not only God, but humans also, have the power to vastly effect, or “CREATE” the eternal destiny of human beings. Your contributions are significant, for good or ill. God’s plan includes, and perhaps is even based on, humans impacting each other. Complacency with theRead more

Celestial Education – Homeschooling in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ by Michelle Stone – Lecture Notes

Full lecture click here. See also her book.   -we don’t hate on public ed teachers, they are often very dedicated wonderful contributors -printing press, people got bible, main purpose of school was to study the bible. Libraries had sermons. -school was a very family centered thing -Joseph Smith was not as prone to perusalRead more

The Essential Foot Soldier

Thesis: Like a soldier acting in his assignment will lead to victory in the battlefield, so a humble family centered life is the key to fulfilling God’s plan, including the attainment of Godhood for all who qualify. Jesus Christ & Lucifer are prototypical examples of how any person can select either exaltation or damnation. TheRead more

Heavenly Mother as Nucleus of the Universe

-Mother is life, father witnesses and testifies that mothers’ message is life, she is the personification of life. -Dad points to mom and says, “see? Mom is the ideal. I’ll teach you how to go create more copies of this perfection.” Dad pushes the children beyond the bounds of home for the sole purpose ofRead more

Principles of Priority Family Creation as being Analogous to The Fall and Atonement

-Here we define “Family Creation” as 1. marriage and 2. childbearing -We often speak of the Fall of Adam & Eve as a fall “forward”. It was a good thing. That is a core doctrine of the restored gospel. They were stuck and the only way to advance was to fall forward, and praise GodRead more

Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory

Other similar reading at Richardson Studies: Family and Godhead in plan of salvation Exponential Exaltation Theory Great Expectations of Young People   List of points:   AGE OF MARY at her wedding and birth of Jesus “YOUNG” PEOPLE CAN DO GREAT, historic examples ARRANGED MARRIAGES have less divorces FORBIDDEN, THE YOUTH REBELS CAREER AT EARLIERRead more

Ministering: Friendly Missionary Work – A Joy, A Cross, A Time Travel Analogy, & Going Beyond Servitude

Sections: Befriending Others Time Travel: The Privilege and Cross of the Saviors To Minister: Not Just a Servant, But a Friend       Befriending Others -befriend those different than you. Travel from your planet to another’ to investigate the alien species, to learn to love it and help it rise with you. Each personRead more

Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing

Evidence of the Superior Individual Global Impact of bearing a Large Posterity   -for exclusive arithmetical evidence (the core of this theory) not featured on this page, see attached Excel Document here: Exponential Exaltation Theory by Nate Richardson, Updated 2-17-18,   I’ve calculated 6 generations (240 years) into the future to show the amountRead more

Children: An Heritage (Inheritance) of (from) The Lord: What & Why is a Parent here & in Eternity

For video of this presentation, click here. Are our children ours or do we return them to God later? Well, a bit of both. Join me for this thrilling exploration of eternal promises related to parents and their children, including the doctrine of adoption, which sheds more light on the eternal mysteries of who GodRead more

Do’s and Don’t of Pre-Marital Dating Touch

Do’s and Don’t of Pre-Marital Dating Touch The (behavioral) chastity line: affection before passion: by Nate Richardson April 2017 trailing thoughts from Dr. Jason Carroll, BYU In dating we wonder, “what is the chastity line? The line when we are in trouble? The line where I must go talk to my bishop ifRead more

Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example

A (privately owned) drive-in theater operated by a Christian refused to show the new Beauty and the Beast movie due to it normalizing homosexuality. One inactive latter-day saint was saying that it’s silly that some people don’t want to show a film with a homosexual partnership in it, a child’s movie with such… She hasRead more

Sex-Ed “Bean Up The Nose” Reaction

Sex-Ed “Bean Up The Nose” Reaction From Slight Hope to Despair: How Public Schools Supplant Parents and Wire kids for Fornication by Nate Richardson 2-1-17 Some schools are pushing detailed surveys on regular and irregular sex practices in middle schools; there is much equalization going on among their peers, forcing all students withoutRead more


Parent by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 -“There is not a young man in our community who would not be willing to travel from here to England to be married right, if he understood things as they are; there is not a young woman in our community, who loves the gospel and wishes itsRead more

Pre-Mortality, Corporal Resurrection, & Eternal Family

A letter to a friend (non-LDS Christians think that we did not live before this earth, and that the resurrection isn’t literal, and that the family is not eternal. They think there can’t be any truth except what is written in the bible, not allowing more modern universal modern written word from God. This letterRead more

Daughters in My Kingdom: Relief Society – Book Highlights

View full text of this book, click here. -Jesus Christ is the greatest champion of womanhood -Elder Talmage -Don’t let children in your home play with toy firearms or act out dying and to have pleasure in such acting. -Don’t worry if you are only a humble leader (humble here meaning poor, etc.). 85%Read more

A Love Greater than Terminal Illness by Ensign Magazine – Full Text

  For official text and audio of this article at the church website, see by clicking here or by using this URL: A Love Greater Than Terminal Illness by Laura Welkes, Ensign Magazine 10-2017 Megan and Nate Richardson will tell you that happiness doesn’t come from your circumstances—it comes from your faith. A fewRead more

400 Questions & Answers about the New Testament by Susan Easton Black – Book Notes

DISCLAIMER: These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it isRead more