Outdoor & Indoor Activities for Child Play

We could get more extravagant, but these are simple affordable ideas for independent child play.




-trampoline, swing sets, jungle gym

-explore the town, meet people, buy candy

-city park

-skate park, skate, scooter, bike, rollerblade

-airsoft guns

-sand box, dig holes, find bugs

-play with farm animals, walk the dogs

-basketball, soccer, baseball, frizbee, golf, croquet, badminton, wrestle

-field games: hide and seek, capture the flag

-set up camp tents, fires, picknicks, ropes in the yard­

-swim pool, sprinklers, water balloon fight



-put wrestling/gymnastic mats on floor of garage, make it a rough n’ tumble play area

-fun or educational video games

-board and card games

-nerf guns

-dart board

-sword fencing (metal or foam depending on age)

-Legos, knex, etc. hand building toys (better than Minecraft as increases hand eye coordination, etc.)


-color & paint

-reading! Make this a popular event in your home!

-fun or educational movie, educational shows


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