Family Tribe Unity: Taking Back The Rituals: Some (Radical?) Old School Parenting Tips

(The focus is to do as much as you can together as a family; to raise children in the adult world; to show them by example how you live well in the world, to make the kids part of the team.)








Electronics / Entertainment









Give them many. These are the best teaching tool. They learn to care for others, etc. The shocker to modern mankind is that having more is in many ways easier than having one or few.




No naps or early bed time (ok modify this as needed…)

Families used to bed down at the same time.

If no one is tired from hard labor, less time to rest will be needed. More time studying etc can be had later and earlier. Also the sun used to dictate much of bed and rise time for all.

Kids should be raised in the adult world if they’re to become good adults. Extra rest for children can be had as needed rather than regularly.




All work together until all is finished. All ages participate.

Children of course are involved chores from as early an age as possible. Chores are to be a happy time where all visit together, and imperfect efforts of children are always welcome. Children are to be exposed to parents performing chores so they can learn by example.




No scorning yelling or beating are required. Talk about consequences and give natural consequences similar to what an adult would have. Don’t intervene every time.




Recreation should be edifying. Schooling can best be done at home. Reading good books is the heart of education.

Families can learn together.

Children should hear their father talk about the good things from his work day so they learn to appreciate work.




Pajamas can be worn all day particularly in winter when little outdoor play is had (the point is to avoid changing clothes often and excess laundry, but keeping the bed clean is a factor)

Clothes are to be washed only when visibly soiled or heavily odorous.

Clothes are stored in a separate / locked location, and only 2 outfits go in the children’s room dressers (1 clean 1 to wear when soiled clothes are in the wash).

When laundry is done, all put it away right away.



Electronics & Entertainment


No electronic gaming due to its addicting distracting and unintelligent nature.

(I’ve seen they spend less time in more worthwhile things when these are readily available; they are less inclined to piano, to reading, etc.)

Minimal edifying movies.

No cell phones (if these are allowed, great trust must be built first, and regular checks, and confiscation upon any foul play; when you consider whether a phone is truly needed for a minor, you may find often it is not) (children having social media is also extremely questionable, likely to be avoided)

Tablets/laptops for educational purposes for responsible children used an hour a day.

Kids should watch mature movies to learn realities of life and history.

Kids used to play outside essentially all day and have little breaks for snacks, perhaps we could use to bring some of that back.




Parents know the family of the date.

Parents direct the child to date youth from homes if family friends.

Kissing signifies engagement

Don’t agree to a date unless they are marriage candidates.

Seek marriage as soon as adult / returned from mission.

Ensure partner doesn’t want to delay family creation before agreeing to marry.

Do many dates with the family especially in early stages.




Friends have to keep the same rules as your kids do when at your house. They’ll eat work play etc. all along with the rest of the family.

They’ll keep the rules of the home. If kids aren’t allowed internet, the visitor will have to check their phone at the door (or something) or else that’s what they’ll be doing the whole time.

If friends aren’t dressed modestly (yes this is a hard one), they can be asked to come back with some dress more suitable to the home (especially if they’re a regular guest).




Consider giving a small financial incentive for children doing extra help at home

Where possible identify a craft and work at it while in youth.

Get a job & car early as possible, typically 16. This helps teach responsibility and adulthood.

Go to a cheap local collage while living at home.

Work while in school, life is a mixture of working & learning. Never stop working, never stop learning.




To instill personal study, have time where all children and adults have personal study together quietly. Then share what each is learning for family study. Ideally this is done in the morning as several prophets have counseled.

Follow the Joseph Smith Sr. family example to have 2 family prayer/song/scripture devotionals a day.




Let kids see you exercise or they’ll never get into it; this is why retreating to a gym alone is minimally helpful. As a parent, you always are thinking about how you can teach by example to your most important audience, your kids.

Go to a park together for active recreation. Parents can run laps while children play. Children encouraged to run.

Morning dance class together imitating dance performances.

Work the garden and other chores together.

Chose healthy activities to do as a family regularly.

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