Cleon Skousen on God’s 10 Commandments VS Communism

Notes on a lecture found here:

Knowledge is the only defense against deception

I’m the coming struggle ideas will be more powerful than atomic bombs said a communist leader

Moses first got the commandments with the congregation the God started talking and then everyone got scared and they ran away. There were a million of them because the soldiers alone were 600,000 and that doesn’t count their wives children and parents

The problem is not that no one has seen God it’s just that it’s such a sacred experience that hardly anyone can endure it so not very many have though hundreds have

Communist hate and fear the Bible and Christianity these things teach that you can’t just lie whenever your superiors tell you to you can’t just steal and kill whenever your superiors tell you to in the Communist Stone words there are diametrically opposed to religion and no one can be religious and communist at the same time

The third commandment do not take the Lord’s name in vain involves not lying under oath this is the oath that we take in the courts of law in the United States it’s our word being held accountable to God that we do not lie

Our grandparents and woke up at 5:00 a.m. to knock the cows and work all day read the Bible more than us We buy a lot of bibles that we don’t read them God’s going to judge the generation as a generation of illiterate Christians if you read the book of Matthew out loud but it won’t take you 2 hours That’s how long it takes to watch a movie

To close the generation gap there are two things we have to do number one is to educate our children number two is to keep up on the issues that they’re facing Be able to answer the questions that they will have from living in this society

The Communists know that the Sabbath day is a time for renovation and renewal of the Christians where they strengthen their faith and so the first thing they do when they get in power is get rid of the seventh day of rest

On the sabbath day people get bored they don’t know what to do so they go find something to play at but common things that the scriptures tell us we should do on the Sabbath is to learn the gospel and to serve the needy visit the sick etc We often don’t have time for that as much during the week so this is a great time to do it

Honor thy father and mother that thy day may be long in the land this means that if we honor our parents our children are more likely to honor us this is all completely against the communist plan which tries to abolish the family
God commanded capital punishment. If we do not take the life of the murderer then the murders life becomes more sacred than the life of the man who has slain.

The Communists are very materialistic they say it’s not a crime to rape a woman.

Fred said that morality and chastity cause mental illness but his immorality and unchastity is probably what caused his mental illness

Stealing and redistributing wealth and taking tax money to put it to other things than what you said you would this is a trademark of communism

Profit is the price you pay for something you want that you would not otherwise get
Profit is a commandment from God The parable of the talents he said you must increase what you have

People property wealth and power are things that the Communists covet

It’s a commandment to multiply beautify and replenish the earth We just can’t take it from other people We have to go out and work to make it happen ourselves

There’s not such thing as honesty of a group only honesty of individuals

Francis Bacon said
It isn’t what you earn it’s what you save that makes you rich
It isn’t what you preach it’s what you practice that makes you a Christian

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