Cleon Skousen: God’s Plan for America – Lecture Highlights

These notes are from a lecture found here, which was uploaded with permission of Ensign Publishing: Everyone who came to the USA as a minority had it rough so don’t think that just a certain minority the blacks are the Hispanics are the Chinese etcetera have it rough in America. Nephi was probably 16Read more

Cleon Skousen: Prayer in Schools – Lecture Highlights

Notes on a lecture found here which was uploaded to YouTube with permission from Ensign Publishing: Some make a ridiculous claim that prayer in school violates the Constitution. the Constitution says nothing about separation of church and state however all it says is that they won’t make laws about the free exercise of religionRead more

Cleon Skousen: The Constitution & Prophecy – Lecture Highlights

Notes on Favorite Speeches series, a lecture found here Sometimes you have to work till 4 a.m. to get what the Lord wants you to do done The twelve apostles were giving him an assignment they went around the circle each person voicing his opinion multiple times until consensus was reached in the spirit confirmedRead more

Cleon Skousen Highlights the Life of J Reuben Clark

Notes on a lecture found here: Note on Heber Grant: Terrible at handwriting and pitching baseball but really wanted improve so repeated so much that he became very good Heber studied many fields chemistry and other very different fields. Clark became one of Grants counselors. Clark was told by Grant he was called to leadRead more

Cleon Skousen – Meaning of the Atonement Lecture – Highlights

Notes on a lecture found here:   See Cleon’s book The First 2000 Years an Appendix called Why Was The Atonement Necessary (pg352) for the write up this lecture is based on. Cleon’s mission president was Elder Widstoe who put him on a long (about a decade or two) scripture chase to find thisRead more

Cleon Skousen Notes on Lecture on Prophecy & Modern Times

Notes on a lecture found here: Messiah Ben Joseph before messiah Ben David: Ben Joseph is Joseph Smith. The prophecy is that the Ben Joseph will be killed before Ben David (Christ) comes. (Ben in Hebrew means son of)   A great one David will come doing miracles like Moses on Israel (before Christ’sRead more

Cleon Skousen on God’s 10 Commandments VS Communism

Notes on a lecture found here: Knowledge is the only defense against deception I’m the coming struggle ideas will be more powerful than atomic bombs said a communist leader Moses first got the commandments with the congregation the God started talking and then everyone got scared and they ran away. There were a millionRead more