Cleon Skousen: Prayer in Schools – Lecture Highlights

Notes on a lecture found here which was uploaded to YouTube with permission from Ensign Publishing:

Some make a ridiculous claim that prayer in school violates the Constitution. the Constitution says nothing about separation of church and state however all it says is that they won’t make laws about the free exercise of religion it’s crazy that they misconstrue that so radically

It’s ironic how they say freedom of speech means you can burn a country’s flag with the same time it means you can’t have a little prayer

If one group wants to ban prayer for everyone it’s ironic because all the sudden they’re forcing their anti prayer views on everyone
We prayed in schools for a hundred seventy years after the 1st amendment was adopted before anyone questioned it

People would wear pins on their shirts that say God is dead Cleon made one that says my God is alive sorry about yours
The American Religion which the founders wanted taught in the schools included these basic 5 principles as identified by Franklin:
1. God exists we should thank him
2. God has a system for us that works with morals of right and wrong
3. We are responsible for how we treat each other
4. We live after this life
5. God will judge us in the next life for the things we didn’t get forgiven for in this life
(Notice all major religions believe these things)

Are we prepared to discuss with an atheist to persuade him to religion?
The declaration of Independence our pledge of allegiance and our coins and our behaviors and the beginnings of this country I’ll make it obvious that the constitution never intended to seperate religion from public institutions and functions.

Jefferson was happy about pastors using school rooms and court houses for their religious meetings

Jefferson called for teaching Hebrew Greek and Latin for studying the Bible

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