Cleon Skousen: God’s Plan for America – Lecture Highlights

These notes are from a lecture found here, which was uploaded with permission of Ensign Publishing:

Everyone who came to the USA as a minority had it rough so don’t think that just a certain minority the blacks are the Hispanics are the Chinese etcetera have it rough in America.

Nephi was probably 16 years old when called to be a prophet in the beginning of the Book of Mormon yeah. Three older brothers were not yet married and he himself became married to that year these indicate he would have been quite Young

About one-fourth of the whole book of Isaiah is about America
See his verse by verse commentary which took him 14 years write

After the revolutionary war was won America almost fell apart into three different nations the states were turning on each other treating each other like foreigners Washington back to the people to have a convention of Congress Jamaica Constitution to unite them which they finally became desperate enough to do

Jefferson tutored Madison and gave him hundreds of books and taught him what should be in the Constitution. Washington Pennsylvania and Virginia from which Madison came were the first ones at the convention and they were able to work out the Virginia plan before others arrived and it was a good thing they did

Rodger shoemaker from Connecticut helped and the month-long debate at the convention as to whether States should have vote by population or one vote per state. This debate was so heated and drawn-out that Washington wished he had nothing to do with the whole convention and thought it would all fail. Rodger suggested the state senate vote and the population house vote, “the great compromise”

Franklin pleaded for God to help in the convention I didn’t start to meetings with prayer because they couldn’t afford a pastor to come I was paid to pray and they didn’t want to take away that guy’s vocation so Madison says they all did their own praying

In the last few weeks of the convention it became quite inspired they put away old things they’ve decided on they put in new things they hadn’t thought of. They wrote of it being an inspired time, miraculous, impossible without the hand of God.

Cornwallis said even God Almighty wants Washington to win when a random hurricane blew their escaping boats back to Washington’s hands. Washington said many times God delivered them.

Federal Judges say don’t quote the constitution site a case. Lawyers spend 1 week on the constitution and the rest studying cases.

Most schools haven’t taught the constitution in 3 generations

Tocqueville said Americans would give up their freedom voluntarily as their prosperity would exceed their education and knowledge of principles of freedom. Says we are more concerned with our trivial business than our freedom, voting, etc.

Tax things don’t tax people’s wealth

Many business men went along with Hitler because it supposedly help their business but in the end they lost everything

President Benson said when you’re about to do something the devil will tell you don’t get involved you don’t want to be controversial you want everyone to love you you don’t have time for it with your church duties you don’t want to be political you don’t want to be controversial let the gentiles do it they have more time wait until the church agrees on something and then move forward.

Article 1 is for the legislature the first thing you have to do in a society is make rules article two is executive article three judiciary art before is for the states so they can live in harmony
Article 5 is to fix the Constitution with an amendment when needed article 6 is supremacy
Article 7 is ratification

When teaching your kids the preamble of the Constitution teach them the Indian sign language this will help them understand the vocabulary

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