Mark Levin’s “American Marxism” – Book Highlights & Commentary

  Note: these are my notes on the text and don’t represent the text, they represent ideas I found particularly meaningful while I studied the text, and they’re in my own words, not the authors. For the more accurate and complete understanding of the authors intended message, read the book. The following is shared underRead more

AP Government Textbooks Full Of Democratic Anti Trump Propaganda

Leftwing Textbooks Predominate in Public School AP Programs: Greg Price reviewed five of the most commonly used AP (Advanced Placement) US History textbooks that cover all the way through the Trump presidency, and found them all extremely biased against conservatism and Trump in particular: See ( Used every day by high school students in college-levelRead more

For Greater Glory” Movie Highlights: The true story of the Cristeros (A Moroni-esque Christian Army vs Tyrannical Government)

This was an excellent movie on religious freedom. It is not suitable for small children as it depicts some of the tragedy associated with religious persecution. Here’s a trailer: Some highlights: The Bible says there’s a time for war and a time for peace. The Mexican government stopped all church meetings. Many other religiousRead more

Cleon Skousen: God’s Plan for America – Lecture Highlights

These notes are from a lecture found here, which was uploaded with permission of Ensign Publishing: Everyone who came to the USA as a minority had it rough so don’t think that just a certain minority the blacks are the Hispanics are the Chinese etcetera have it rough in America. Nephi was probably 16Read more

Cleon Skousen: The Life of Thomas Jefferson – Lecture Highlights

Notes on a lecture in the “Favorite Speeches” series found here: Note on Samuel Adams – he decided to give his life to the betterment of mankind and knew that he would not be wealthy. He considered politics a Divine Science when administered correctly. Thomas Jefferson’s father was a very large man and veryRead more

Cleon Skousen: The Constitution & Prophecy – Lecture Highlights

Notes on Favorite Speeches series, a lecture found here Sometimes you have to work till 4 a.m. to get what the Lord wants you to do done The twelve apostles were giving him an assignment they went around the circle each person voicing his opinion multiple times until consensus was reached in the spirit confirmedRead more

Cleon Skousen Highlights the Life of J Reuben Clark

Notes on a lecture found here: Note on Heber Grant: Terrible at handwriting and pitching baseball but really wanted improve so repeated so much that he became very good Heber studied many fields chemistry and other very different fields. Clark became one of Grants counselors. Clark was told by Grant he was called to leadRead more

Year Analysis Overviews by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes

Sections: 2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 2016 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes     2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes I suggest you watch the lecture and the Q&A session at the end. Watch this lecture by using this URL: At the video URL, you will findRead more Lectures, Featuring Joel Skousen, Stephen Pratt, Scott Bradley, Ken Bowers, Michael Gaddy, Noolander & Chuck Baldwin, Christian Markham, etc. Topics Include Constitution, Globalists, Inflation, War, 9/11, Zion, America, Unknown Republic, Secret Combinations, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Two Churches Only, Isaiah, Food Storage, etc.– Lecture Notes

Here are my notes on many of the brilliant lectures which can be found at Sections: The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes 2016 Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 9/11 & Conspiracy by Joel Skousen & Steven Jones – Lecture Notes Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy &Read more

Politically Correct VS Polite, & How Microaggression Isn’t Aggressive at All

Sometimes people want to say that they are freedom fighters against political correctness, and excuse themselves in using foul language, saying that not swearing or being vulgar is just politically correct and thereby feeding into the political oppression of our time. There’s a difference between the political correctness and common courtesy. Political correctness is filteringRead more

Government: Authors, Sites, Forums, etc. shows that the social sciences are increasingly bias toward liberal views -Patriot reading list by age and category – the American Family Association: Boycotts against company’s hostile to Christians and American family values. -Free Economics Courses: MR University -Joel Skousen – -Ben Shapiro –, Young America’sRead more

We are Wicked as Sodom – Prophet Quotes

-“…when I review the performance of this people in comparison with what is expected, I am appalled and frightened. Iniquity seems to abound. The Destroyer seems to be taking full advantage of the time remaining to him in this, the great day of his power. Evil seems about to engulf us like a great wave,Read more

Jordan Peterson Videos & Notes

Peterson isn’t right on everything but who is. There are interesting insights from his lectures on psychology, sociology, government, etc. Peterson is a Christian, but his lectures can be meaningful to a broad audience.   Jordan Peterson: Why not just be childless and happy? ——————– Jordan Peterson – best comebacks -the politically correctRead more

Give me a State of Refuge! The Dangers of Federal Homosexuality Laws

Excerpts from my comments in a debate over laws espousing homosexuality and enforced accommodation of homosexual lifestyles in places of business. Treated are the notions that the homosexual rights movement is erasing gender from society, and that I, having a religious view of the importance of gender, should be allowed to practice my religion inRead more

Covenant on the Land by The Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

-some think the signs of the times are dangerous and fanatical, but the Lord said in the D&C that the righteous will seek to know the signs. -Both America and Book of Mormon societies were founded on scripture. Pilgrims’ religion is what brought them to America, like Nephi’s religion is what him and his familyRead more

Divinely Sanctioned Governments: Exploring the Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

In the For Our Day Series -there is a painting “the apotheosis of Washington” of him surrounded by 13 women representing the colonies. Washington was found praying often during the war; there is plenty of evidence of the US as a Christian nation. Some historians call Washington a deist, but this is absurd, he consistentlyRead more

The Perfect Law of Liberty by Marion G. Romney – Lecture Notes   -Joseph Smith though captive in almost every other way, enjoyed the liberty of the soul. He was persecuted like Paul. -Don’t rely on the government to take care of you. Use your own skill and industry to become independent. -Ancient Israel in the Book of Genesis failed to use their own thrift andRead more

The Majesty of God’s Law: It’s Coming to America by W. Cleon Skousen – Book Notes

DISCLAIMER: These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it isRead more

The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil (Communism) by H. Verlan Andersen (Seventy, Lawyer, Professor) – Book Highlights

DISCLAIMER: These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, itRead more

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon

Scriptural List of the Abominations of Babylon I don’t recall where I got this list but it’s brilliant. Brought to you By Nate Richardson Updated 1-27-18 –incest (Lev. 18:6-16, 26-27); -homosexuality (Lev. 18:22); -idolatry (Deut. 7:25; 12:29-31; Mal. 2:11); -impure sacrifices to God (Deut. 17:1); -human sacrifice (Deut. 18:10, 12); -using practitioners ofRead more

Religious Freedom and homosexuality: Battles Won & Lost

Religious Freedom and homosexuality: Battles Won & Lost The SB-100 Bill By Nate Richardson Updated 1-27-18 The SB-100 Bill I spoke of earlier asking people to help that bill not get passed because it adds gender identity to the list of protected rights; scientists classify every other creature as either male or femaleRead more

Political View Brief

Political View Brief by Nate Richardson Updated 1-24-18 -“The solution of the great world problems is here in the Church of Jesus Christ. Ample provision is made not only for the needs of individuals, but also for the nation and groups of nations” (Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, InRead more

Tax Cuts for the Big Do Help the Little, & Government Welfare Doesn’t

Concerning Trump’s 2018 Tax Cut Debate: Joel Skousen, several attorneys & I defend lowering taxes. Getting away from non-constitutional federal government welfare (forced redistribution of wealth)   Topics: tax, constitution, SSI, states’ rights, federal system, 10th amendment, deficit, government welfare as forced redistribution of wealth, inflation as government thief I commented on tax cuts forRead more