Background on globalist hostility to Iran by Joel Skousen

From the World Affairs Brief 5/10/19

For new subscribers, here is the background on why the US is so intent on destroying Iran, and how the plan got diverted for so long. The core reason is that Iran is the only Muslim country trying to be completely independent of both East and West by manufacturing all their own military arms. None of the other Arab and Muslim countries have those capabilities and that’s why Iran must be defeated. Muslim nations must remains as pawns in the global chess match—not weapons-capable independent forces. Because of Iran’s arms industry, it is the major force in the Middle East in opposing globalist hegemony there, the real terrorist sponsors.


The globalist goals in the Middle East, which Iran opposes, must also be understood:


1) to create constant conflict by military intervention so that the US becomes the hated “Bully of the World.” This is necessary to help justify the next world war against the US and NATO,


2) to create a steady flow of Muslim refugees into Europe so as to dilute and destroy Western culture there


3) to control oil resources, and


4) to justify a steady flow of military aid and resources to the State of Israel.


The latter is not because of any religious notions of support for God’s Biblical promises to restore Israel to the land of their forefathers, as most US Christians believe, but because Israel is controlled by globalists like Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu and carries out most of the black operations in the region (assassinations, training of Arab terrorist leaders, giving medical aid to terrorists, and implanting spies in all other Arab governments) for the Deep State.


The US has long had 3 aircraft carrier task forces off the coast of Iran, clear back to 2004. They pulled back from their attack status in 2007 by issuing a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that shocked everyone by suddenly claiming that Iran did NOT have a nuclear weapons program. The entire rational up to this time for having aircraft carriers off Iran was because of this claimed nuclear threat. So, why now claim there was no threat?


It was because anti-interventionist sentiments were running high in the US and Ron Paul was running for president with a wide following who disliked US warmongering since 9/11. They put out a false NIE in order to justify standing down from the Iran attack, which, if carried out, would have made Paul’s candidacy even more popular and threatening to the globalist agenda.


By the way, Iran has long had a nuclear weapons program, knowing that the globalists wanted to attack them. The US actually provoked this nuclear program by giving Iran its first nuclear reactor (during the Shah’s reign) and then having the CIA-controlled Pakistani Kahn nuclear smuggling network leak plans to a nuclear weapon to Iran. The plans were flawed and didn’t work, but Iran got nuclear engineers from France to help them correct the flaws.


Bottom line: The CIA always knew Iran had nuclear weapons intentions because they made sure they had much of the technology—setting them up for a future attack based on nuclear plans!


After the controlled Republican Party engineered Ron Paul’s defeat in the Republican primaries, the CIA came back with a new NIE in 2008 and said that Iran DID have a nuclear program after all! How’s that for manipulated intelligence? Now the nuclear provocation for an Israeli attack on Iran was back on the table, with Ron Paul safely out of the way.


But then something else happened to stall the attack. Israel decided they didn’t want to start the war with Iran, out of fear that Syria, an ally of Iran, could retaliate against Israel with their hundreds of Scud rockets and even chemical weapons (which they got when Iraq shipped out their chemical weapons to Syria prior to the first Gulf war). They told the globalist high command (whoever they are) that they wouldn’t attack Iran unless the globalists took out Syria first.


I found out about this in 2010 though the published account of a high finance executive in the inner City of London (center of the Anglo-American conspiracy for decades) who was mistakenly invited to a high level informal meeting of globalists.


He quickly surmised that he didn’t belong at the meeting, but since most in the meeting knew him, he assumed that they mistakenly thought he was part of the globalist inner circle, even though he wasn’t. In any case, he got an earful about plans already made that included war with Iran (to be started by Israel), Japan being pressured into destabilizing the Chinese financial sector, and even world war three between the West, Russia and China.


It was not a coherent presentation but high powered people talking over one another discussing the problems they were having getting the globalist plans, like the war on Iran implemented. It is in that meeting in June 2005 that he learned that Israel was refusing to go ahead with the planned attack on Iran. Here’s a link to my May 7, 2010 issuewhere I cover what he said together with my analysis of the parts he didn’t understand. It’s a fascinating read.


The Israeli refusal to attack, until Syria was taken out of the picture, is what triggered the eventual change of US position against Syria, and set up the use of chemical weapons in Syria as the “red line” for a future intervention in 2012.


In preparation for that regime change in Syria, the US Deep State engineered the various color coded revolutions that toppled Egypt and Libya, which generated thousands of anti-Western Muslim jihadists and tons of arms, including chemical weapons, that could be transported to Syrian rebels eager to undermine the Assad government. Thus began the mass importation through Turkey of rebel groups, backed secretly by the US Deep State from Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. The media would continue to label this invasion as an internal civil war in Syria, which was only partly true.


It was the illicit transport of chemical weapons to US-backed Syrian rebels that caused Obama’s red line against chemical weapon use to be crossed in 2012. However, the intervention-weary politicians in both the US and Britain refused to back a full invasion of Syria like the US was planning, and so the Deep State backed off and proposed another “no fly zone” as they did in Libya—a way to do a back-door type of invasion, as they did in Libya.


But before that “no fly zone” secret attack could start, then-Secretary of State John Kerry made his big blunder at a London press conference when a reporter asked him, “It’s obvious the US is going to attack Syria. Is there anything the Syrian government can do to avoid this attack?” Kerry, off the cuff, responded, “Sure, they could give up their Chemical weapons and we wouldn’t attack.”


Immediately the Syrians and Russians responded, “we accept,” and the US was stuck with having to call off the attack. The Syrians followed through with the removal of all chemical weapons which was certified internationally by the US monitors.


Now that the US had lost control of the timetable overthrowing Syria due to the successful chemical weapons treaty with Syria, the US had to have an excuse to back down with their planned attack on Iran. They did so with the US proposing (not Iran) the Iran Nuclear deal. I documented in the briefs how the US started out in the first session making it easy for Iran to agree by not requiring much, and then falsely claiming in each successive public announcements that Iran had agreed to much stronger restrictions than had really been presented.


Each time Iran protested (and had the transcripts to prove their case) but Iran eventually relented, so eager were they to have the damaging sanctions removed. In the last of the 3 negotiation meetings, the US added a ban on nuclear capable ballistic missiles to the deal, knowing that Iran would cheat on this feature and thus give the US the excuse to attack sometime after Syria was taken care of.


As I stated earlier, Iran successfully argued after the deal was signed that the ban on missiles did NOT cover conventional missile development, only nuclear, thus escaping the trap the negotiators in the Obama regime had set. Here’s a list of the current inventory of Iranian missiles which can cover the entire Middle East.


Trump comes along and his neocon advisors start poisoning his mind about evil Iran, and how the Obama administration was soft on Iran. Iran was now free of sanctions and began to rapidly recoup its income flow which they applied to more military production and development.


So president Trump, being ignorant of the secret anti-Iran globalist agenda, gets talked into pulling out of the Iran deal, as part of his attacks on the previous administration. In the process, he puts deeper sanctions on Iran and parrots the false claim that Iran is the world’s biggest sponsor of terror. The globalist are hoping that Iran, once free from the deal and under new sanctions will start enriching again, which in turn will justify going back to that attack mode on Iran.


Even though Syria has not been defeated, its chemical weapons are gone and its military much weakened so that they are no longer much of a threat to Israel and so she appears decided to finally move against Iran. This is where we find ourselves today. I know this background is complicated, but all globalist machinations are difficult to track and understand.



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