Cleon Skousen Highlights the Life of J Reuben Clark

Notes on a lecture found here:

Note on Heber Grant: Terrible at handwriting and pitching baseball but really wanted improve so repeated so much that he became very good
Heber studied many fields chemistry and other very different fields. Clark became one of Grants counselors.

Clark was told by Grant he was called to lead the church to awake the church and nation to the jeopardy of the Constitution. He knew more about the Constitution than anyone else in the church.

Church members were upset that he taught for the Constitution at conference. But it was established by God (D&C 98, 101).

Clark did 14 hour days. He made time to be a great student. Head of his class.

He said don’t go try to solve the problems of other countries we usually can’t do it as well as they themselves can.

His views matched those of the founding fathers.

He broke the Sabbath working to become a better lawyer on it and later repented of that. Says he was blessed in spite of it not because of it and called on members to keep it holy.

Goes over conspiracy that got federal reserve system in

It is prophesied that a generation will finally get it and do what God wants and what the country needs

He quoted from his earlier speeches from years back in which his prophecies came to pass.

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