Cleon Skousen: The Constitution & Prophecy – Lecture Highlights

Notes on Favorite Speeches series, a lecture found here

Sometimes you have to work till 4 a.m. to get what the Lord wants you to do done

The twelve apostles were giving him an assignment they went around the circle each person voicing his opinion multiple times until consensus was reached in the spirit confirmed their decision

He says this is also how the United States Constitution was made it wasn’t just a collection of compromises it was people going around debating things inspiration would strike and people would eventually come to an inspired decision

Present Benson said with the right leadership and support the trend of the whole world could be reversed in 3 months
Don’t talk about which political party is right talk about principles not loyalty to person or party

Reviews socialism wrecking nations

People pay 60% in taxes for socialism and still think it’s free

Shares story of not being able to repair a home without a permit on pain of going to jail in a communist country he visited.

As the people prophesied as who will be turned to by the nation to save the Constitution, do we latter-day saints know how to constitutionally solve this nations problems? There’s a vacuum we in the church have never filled.
D&C says don’t wait to be commanded; don’t wait for a formal church program.
President McKay said it must be a grass roots movement of all people not a church program. The church can supply people, but not a program.

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