Cleon Skousen – Meaning of the Atonement Lecture – Highlights

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See Cleon’s book The First 2000 Years an Appendix called Why Was The Atonement Necessary (pg352) for the write up this lecture is based on. Cleon’s mission president was Elder Widstoe who put him on a long (about a decade or two) scripture chase to find this out, occasionally giving hints of where to look. He complied his findings as instructed by Widstoe in his book.

Mark 14:36

Christ is told: All you created will go back to chaos if you don’t perform the atonement, but you have the choice. He chose to do it.

Luke 22:44
Matt 26 thy will be done

2 Ne. 2:14
D&C 93:30
Your I Am is an always existing little intelligence in you.

Intelligence is independent (verse)

Abe. 3;19-23
DHC 4:519 Joseph Smith: says he taught a thing but doesn’t explain it, we read the others on what he said.

JD 7:2 Brigham Young: element receives Intelligence

There are 2 building blocks: things to act and things to be acted upon.
Element is to be acted upon.
Intelligence is to act.

Alma 42 God could cease to be god
Mormon 9:19 God could cease to be god
Jesus says honor is his power.
He is a god of love but also of justice or his intelligences would lose confidence in him.

Abe. 4:9,10,12,14 element responds to commands it has Intelligence

2 Ne. 9:7-9 what happens if there wasn’t an atonement. Be cast back naked intelligence. Lord said never teach they get a second chance I’ve never authorized that.

Alma 34:11 one can’t pay for another. Atonement isn’t x suffering for x sin. Jon kills, we don’t call it ok if Tom pays Tom’s life for it. The key is one infinitely (universally) loved is sacrificed so as to trigger compassion in us all. It’s that persuasive, so those who are offended say “you died for him, if he means that much to you, ok, I no longer hold him to it”
See around min 103.
(Note from Nate: I’m not sure on this point, there is the verse by Amulek saying one can’t pay for another, but there are many teachings that it is an x amount of debt paid for. Perhaps there’s truth in both.)

When you cry being touched when hearing something that’s the spirit talking to you that k god for having spoken to you.

The name of the son, not the father, is the only be we gain salvation by. Father couldn’t save us.

We force, god talks, and is obeyed.

Once dead, Jesus became the Christ. Only once he won the fight. He was terrified and asked for a way out, but chose to follow through when he saw there was no other way to save his creations.

D&C 45:3

Abe Lincoln showed compassion overcoming justice. A man sentenced to die was spared as he was the only surviving son of a mother.

After the atonement complete Christ was very excited about it that he pulled it off he told people not to waste it.

Growing up Jesus learned more about what it meant to be the son of God and have that power. He commanded things and they obeyed. He wrote and thanked his father for showing him that power.

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