Cleon Skousen – Ancient Scripture Lecture – Highlights

Notes from a lecture found here:

25 min Judah Joseph are supposed to work together in the last days. Could suggest temple institute Levites really will build the 3rd Jerusalem temple

Goes through key dates to take note of, easy ways to remember when prophets were

Goes over Anglo-Saxon history identifying them as the house of Ephraim

Joseph Klausner has a book on the Messianic Idea in Israel He talks about Messiah Ben Joseph will come before Messiah Ben David and the Messiah Ben David is the Messiah Jesus Christ Messiah Ben Joseph is Joseph Smith
See around minute 42

The prophet Jeremiah was anointed at year 14 just like Joseph Smith

We found the house of Lehi

Moses was 40 years a prince of Egypt, 40 a shepherd, 40 a prophet


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