Cleon Skousen Notes on Lecture on Prophecy & Modern Times

Notes on a lecture found here:

Messiah Ben Joseph before messiah Ben David: Ben Joseph is Joseph Smith.

The prophecy is that the Ben Joseph will be killed before Ben David (Christ) comes.

(Ben in Hebrew means son of)


A great one David will come doing miracles like Moses on Israel (before Christ’s coming)


Jews are preparing and training in temple reconstruction and ritual, very complex. This will be done before Lord returns. (Note: Some say Jews can’t be the builders of the Jerusalem temple as they have no priesthood authority. Perhaps they build it and its later set apart as they’re converted, don’t know.)

The Arabs and Jews will be converted and called gods covenant people.


Talmud speaks of certain temple tunnel, was found, leads to dome of rock, meaning yes that temple will go there.


Baptism was practiced anciently Adam was baptized it was practicing the Old testament the Jews used to use immersion


Now the temple ceremonies are a rehearsal in the future the actual Messiah will embrace you.

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