For Greater Glory” Movie Highlights: The true story of the Cristeros (A Moroni-esque Christian Army vs Tyrannical Government)

This was an excellent movie on religious freedom.

It is not suitable for small children as it depicts some of the tragedy associated with religious persecution.

Here’s a trailer:

Some highlights:

The Bible says there’s a time for war and a time for peace.

The Mexican government stopped all church meetings. Many other religious freedoms were taken. When the people peacefully protested, the government began killing the clergy and citizens who were resisting the ruthless laws. Thousands died.

A priest who stood his ground refusing to go into hiding said just before his certain martyrdom, “Who are you if you don’t stand up for what you believe? There is no greater glory than to give your life for Christ”

There was a vast underground network of those who advocated religious freedom. They supplied weapons ammo food medical care etc for the revolution against the government who persecuted the Christians.

The general the rebellion hired wasn’t religious, but he respected religious freedom. Eventually, he did believe and confess his sins.

“Why did you let him disrespect you like that?” “Because with some people, respect must be won.”

Women smuggled ammo to the resistance, their services were vital to the movement.

The general gives a speech just like Captain Moroni, saying that Freedom is our homes, our wives, our children, our faith, our lives.

A boy was threatened by his father (a government official) to say death to Christ, and life to the federal government. The boy was then tortured as the father let them take the boy, and the boy said “I am in gods hands now.” the boy was tortured and killed while his parents looked on, allowing it. The Cristeros general arrived just after the boys death and laid waist to the officers.

Freedom needs no compromise, by definition it is absolute, that’s why it will prevail. That is why we don’t make agreements to have half freedom.
This reminds me of how Gandhi taught, he allowed for no compromise against Liberty whatsoever.

What God allows tremendous suffering of the righteous? God allows freedom to chose, and some people chose evil.

One boy is hanged, and miraculously came back to life, he was then known as Lazarus.


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