Ezra Taft Benson Government View Brief

Benson is a former President of the Church of Jesus Christ and worked for US Dept. of Agriculture under US President Eisenhower. These are some notes I jotted while listening to some of his lectures on government.

-socialism and communism are worst evil of our time and conspiring to get us they are super sneaky.
-when one works harder and thus has more than his neighbor, he can give of his extra and teach his neighbor is he wills, but he is not forced to, since PROPERTY is a divine right of humans. If a 3rd person walks up and sees one man with more than the other and takes from the one with more and gives it to the one with less and merely says, “Here be happy!” To the man with less, it’s bad.
-the government is for doing what the people have power to do but not time to do it in so they hire someone to defend God given rights like life and property.
-It’s not bad for church people to say how they feel about politics. Much of the bible is prophets condemning political leaders. (*also I note that Hugh Nibley said an honest man will say how he feels)
-The Book of Mormon has no conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy facts.
-Separation of Church and state is necessary, and it means that there be no church that is in charge of the government.
-We need to learn more about government by reading out of the best books so we can better be involved.
-It’s our civic and religious duty to be involved in local government and national government.
-Never have the bigger level of government come in and do what the smaller level of government can do.
-Government subsidies for anything are bad. Be it for school or anything.



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