Politically Correct VS Polite, & How Microaggression Isn’t Aggressive at All

Sometimes people want to say that they are freedom fighters against political correctness, and excuse themselves in using foul language, saying that not swearing or being vulgar is just politically correct and thereby feeding into the political oppression of our time. There’s a difference between the political correctness and common courtesy. Political correctness is filtering what you say because it’s unpopular. It’s never good to be politically correct and apologize for telling the truth. It’s always good to tell the truth. It’s also always good to be polite and use decent language. You aren’t furthering the cause of truth by being vulgar.

Now for microaggression:


Microaggression means hurting someone’s feelings for trying to get to know them better. I.e.. ask them where they are from. This is entirely appropriate. It’s like getting kids to eat broccoli: it may offend them, but it’s entirely appropriate. Eventually the mature child will not be offended, and the mature adult won’t be either. When someone is doing their best to love you, don’t second guess their intentions. Aggression suggests violence & crime. Well do the scriptures say that in the last days men will call good evil. Everyone needs to deal with being embarrassed until they’re mature enough to not be embarrassed. When someone says, ‘you’re from Utah, you must be Mormon!’ Does this offend me (not all Utahns are Mormon, and the term Mormon isn’t our preferred title!)? Have they been aggressive? Not in the slightest. I have more respect for people who ask me about myself than for people who are silent regarding their healthy curiosity. I’ve met people who get offended when I ask them about themselves, these are usually the immature group. I find most people I ask these questions to are thrilled that I’m taking an interest in them, and happily respond telling me all I asked, and more. This is thrilling humanity! So be patient when someone invites you over for tea and it’s not your favorite flavor. And for God’s sake, don’t seek legislation to make them into criminals. If you’re bothered by something, deal with it civilly, don’t accuse innocent people of showing aggression, not even tiny or micro aggression. They’re trying to be nice, and so should you.

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