Mark Levin’s “American Marxism” – Book Highlights & Commentary


Note: these are my notes on the text and don’t represent the text, they represent ideas I found particularly meaningful while I studied the text, and they’re in my own words, not the authors. For the more accurate and complete understanding of the authors intended message, read the book. The following is shared under provision of fair use law, and does not detract from the reader’s wishes to purchase the full text, but only to generate an introductory interest in ideas therefrom. These notes represent only a minor fraction of ideas and evidences presented in the text, and they include occasional commentary from myself. They serve to make some of the content of this work available in a new way. 

Ch. 1 It’s Here
Ch. 2 Breeding Mobs
Ch. 3 Hate America, Inc.
Ch. 4 Racism Genderism & Marxism
Ch. 5 Climate Change Fanaticism
Ch. 6 Censorship Propaganda & Subversion
Ch. 7 We Choose Liberty

Ch. 1 It’s Here


The counter revolution to the American revolution is here, it is Marxism.
Marxists today hide under new terms like Democratic socialists, liberals, antifa, or BLM.
They claim to promote justice and equity.

You can’t say that labor equals capital. Having a long work day doesn’t ensure something’s going to get done. Labor alone does not determine the value of a product or service.

Profit does not create exploitation of workers, it leads to increased worker pay, benefits, security, and job opportunities.

Ingenuity and capitalism are what made America advance, not plundering resources from others.

Illegal immigration is pushed by the Democratic party to change the demographics of the country and add to the Democratic party voting base.
Voting has been rigged to favor the Democratic party for decades.

The Biden administration is making more regulations on everything.

The Democratic party supported slavery and segregation.

Marxism is about oppressors and people who are oppressed, aka victims.
Marxism stresses classism over individualism, that a person is nothing unless they identify with the victimized group. Marxists want to topple existing social order and start everything over into an egalitarian society. The allegedly oppressed become the real oppressors attacking people who are not identifying with their cause. Their appetite for control and revolution only grows. Teachers unions and Ivy League colleges are particularly poisoned by Marxism.

The new elite are ignorant and they just want change. They don’t see any inheritance worth preserving. Marxists want to streamline power and get rid of checks and balances on power.
They don’t like free speech because it gets in their way; they want to label things as hate speech and control what is said.

There’s a very real possibility that there will be a Marxist revolution to overthrow America.
There are ominous clouds of tyranny which many people are not concerned about. Some people don’t think such a revolution could really happen in America, or they are too busy with their personal lives to know what’s really going on, and this book is to wake up patriotic Americans to what’s really at risk.

Today’s threat is more Byzantine than what the early Americans faced at the American revolution because the threat for us is more enmeshed within our society rather than an outside foe; this makes the battle more complex and difficult.
Ronald Reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, and the next generation must fight for it too.


Ch. 2 Breeding Mobs

Mass movements consume the individual identity making people indistinguishable from masses. They also decide an identity to assign each person based on their age race income etc. to draw class distinctions. This way they can speak to the well-being of people as a whole while dividing them against themselves. They want to collapse the existing society and rule over the new one. The dissatisfied of society who are not willing to be responsible for their own choices are drawn to these mass movements. They want to blame their surroundings on the system and others. They get a sense of meaning in speaking for this cause and trying to get everyone equal regardless of efforts. They emphasize absolute obedience without individuality, making us robots to build their society.

Antifa and BLM are anarchist Marxist movements with people wearing the same black uniform and mask without individual identity and unknown names. They shame and ban people who have different views than themselves, they cannot handle differences in opinion. It’s called cancel culture and is intolerant of debates etc.
They always resort to violence. They don’t run for public office, they stay behind the scenes and influence people who are running for office so they have minimal accountability. They couldn’t win office because their ideas don’t work.

When people lose their identity and are made to join in towards the greater good egalitarian society, experience has shown that this is the building block of a totalitarian society. Such a society seeks to control speech mobility and thought. Russo and Hegel and Marx proposed these ideas.

Marx says the worker is slave to the business owner and the only way out is to overthrow the whole system. The supposed workers paradise spoken of by Russo Hegel and Marx is an impossible ideology and none of them are able to define how it really comes to pass. In practice it just turns into a police state. China Venezuela North Korea and Cuba are examples.

Eric Hoffer book “the true believer on the nature of mass movements” says these mass movements are typically angry gloomy and self-deprecating, denouncing any sort of individual development. They denounce anyone who has success or is happy. Their revolutioning is never over, because they never achieve what they seek.

There’s endless statistical evidence that the police force is not systemically racist, but those converted to this racist ideology insists that it is anyway.

Fanatics are blind and without reason. Facts against their cause mean nothing to them. People unsatisfied with their lives tend to nurse grievances, and these grievances are readily offered in mass movements. Mass movements are pushed in colleges as the righteous way to resist, but they always end up in totalitarian government.
People are being programmed into being a cog in the movement. Collective identity and collective beliefs are given.
Class consciousness has been a key motivator of revolutions.

Mass movements are to activate people who would not otherwise be politically active and to create new political issues which were not before being considered. This is done by force rather than the political process.

Marxism is not about free speech, it’s about compulsion; it is a new faith promising a new society. It is known for mass death and impoverishment.


Ch. 3 Hate America, Inc.

Progressives talk as though they were helping individuals but really they’re just pushing individuals into the collective.

A tenured and unionized legion of teachers controls the narrative. Their purpose is to clear the way of traditional teaching to promote progressive Marxist ideologies.
They refuse to teach real history by claiming that no one knows real history because all we have are books of people’s opinions. (note- clearly a radical idea rejected by serious historians)

Only about 1/3 of the population graduate from a four year college so the Marxists try to get their indoctrination in before that at secondary and primary school. The Democratic party pushes for free college and canceling college debt because they want as many people there to be indoctrinated as possible. This also explains why there’s no free speech on college campuses, now they only accept Marxist views and fight against Americanism.

Individual liberty and capitalism go hand in hand, so the Marxists want to get rid of capitalism and have their collectivist society.

The Democratic party used covid to vastly increase the welfare state and buy people over to their side with this free stuff.

John Dewey claimed he was getting students to learn how to think but he was really doing the opposite, indoctrinating them into the progressive view.
Dewey did not want students learning laws of science nature morality and society which had been discovered, he wanted them to start everything over. People of faith and reason do not reject science, but they do not worship science either; they know they are eternal established truths (that don’t need to be rediscovered all the time). Dewey advocated that students open their mind, but what were the opening it to? Indoctrination. Dewey wanted schools to be more focused on social issues. Dewey was a fan of the Soviet Union propaganda style education.

The New York times was helping the Soviet Union cover up Stalin’s crimes of genocide against Ukrainians.

Students in America are now taught disdain for their own country. They’re encouraged to renounce its founding and founders. Parents are often appalled at what their children learn in mandatory government schools and involuntary post-secondary colleges which is so different from the parents’ values and understanding. In our own day we have seen great cities obliterated. We are seeing tribulations such as was not known from the beginning of the world.

We reject the wisdom of the ages in favor of the supposed scientists, their supposedly accurate instruments, and supposed data to seek to manage and control society. Darwinian evolution gave credence to social theorists who said that humans always act out of economic motivation. History was no longer the great man whose soul was at stake, it was now the wealth seeking consuming animal. The complexity of humanity was reduced to the simplistic ineffective theory of economics where the individual is a one-dimensional creature focused solely on material consumption. Then psychological behaviorism denied the existence of the will and the instinct and said everything is just training.
Note: True, we know that history was much more than economic. It was spiritual, it was heroic, it was noble, it was complex and romantic.

Religion was let go and replaced with education. Marxists separate all morals from knowledge and this opens the floodgates to indoctrination. Academia is the main place for Marxist indoctrination.

Diversity is now the signature of Marxism. They want to overturn society. They claim that capitalism is a machine the government is using to control everyone.

Marxism disguises itself as a champion of the poor seeking to bring in a millennium of peace but in practice it is always a police state. There’s a theological aspect of Marxism which promotes a rebirth of character which would supposedly come as they usher in their Kingdom. In 2020 there were many riots by antifa & BLM, these Marxist organizations tried to herald in their new age, the apocalypse leading to the new beginning.
These people live in a fantasy world and they want other people to live in it as well; when we resist, they strike us down or force us to strike them down.

People escape Communists supposed paradises to come to capitalist America, not the other way around. You’re better off as an employee in America than in slave labor in communist countries.

Economic equality is not so simple as people make it out to seem – how would it sustain itself, how would it change the nature of the market, what does it mean to be equal, what does it look like. Oftentimes employers are also workers, you can’t separate things so clearly, and therefore you can’t blame employers so dogmatically.

Unions are outdated in most industries and typically employers understand that exploiting your employees does not lead to a sustainable profitable business. This is why most people don’t belong to unions. Unions often develop into representing the state more than members of the union.

To Marxists society determines conscience, rather than conscience determining the society.

Marxists claimed that in capitalist America, all of your circumstances determine all of your opportunities and future; but we are not in a caste system of predetermined rules. Caste societies are most common in communist societies. Every society will have social snobs, but this is far different than a communist caste rigid society.

Note- scriptures on “slaves rising against their masters” surely refer to the overthrow of communist countries, not just the US civil war as many suppose.

Marx said we need to rescue education from the ruling class, but teachers are from all economic classes. But they are feeding leftist propaganda at the schools (teachers are trained in it, it’s in the curriculum, etc.).

Critical pedagogy puts race and gender into economic Marxism. It’s neo-Marxism in education. It’s to enlist people into social protest. Critical educators continue/distort the civil rights movement to take over schools. They are creating a generation of activists who will participate in protests and make their identity as part of the revolution movement. The Marxist faculty have an agenda to create a generation and army of Marxist’s who will leave the schools and enter the workplace to continue pushing Marxism in the workplace.

See book “the breakdown of higher education.”
8% of professors from almost 1,000 universities were conservative, 80% were left, half of that was hard left. One in five professors in the social sciences self-identified as a Marxist. In sociology it’s more than one in 4. But the general public do not like the word Marxist, so many have those philosophies without identifying with that title, they call themselves socialist, progressive, or activists.
The more people that are pushed through University the higher chance the Marxists have for their revolution.


Ch. 4 Racism Genderism and Marxism

Critical theory is based on Marxism.

Tolerance today is about tolerating things that used to not be accepted and not tolerating things which are currently accepted, it’s revolutionary.
Tolerance today is about suppressing alternatives and inflating the struggle for existence. They say it is fiction that America is the land of freedom and opportunity, they say people who don’t believe that it is fiction are mindless stupid zombies who cannot think for themselves but are slaves slowing down economic and political liberation. This is all nonsense.
They say that a society which does not let you overthrow it is not tolerant. If it does not sew the seeds of the demise of its own society by Marxist revolutionaries, it’s not tolerant..
Tolerance today is not balanced on the left and the right, it tolerates what the left is pushing, and hunts dissenters (note- aka they use the word tolerance when it has nothing to do with tolerance, only to do with accepting their radical agenda)

Real revolutionaries are willing to be personally punished for their actions. Their actions do not insight further violence but seek to stop a violence already taking place. As before noted in the text (Levin spoke of it either in this text or in his “American Marxism” book),, the antifa rioters in their black masks are not willing to take accountability, hiding their identity..

Note- Thus we see they are not willing to sign their name to their actions, not willing to risk their lives and their sacred honor like the founding fathers were. I wonder about the superhero frenzy in America, the heroes are always shown as hiding their true identity by masks. Add this to the list of why these heroes are fictitious and unhelpful as role models. Forget about running for office, voting, using the political process, let’s just solve everything by violence and abandon all law and order. Let’s self-appoint ourselves to do everything that really needs to get done. Forget about democracy, we know what’s best!

Critical race theory is racist and Marxist. It’s all about the oppressors and the oppressed.
It posits a racial hierarchy and says that race is the primary way to identify people. It says whites are on top and blacks are on bottom, and claims systemic racism. It’s about whites admitting that they are bad and as a group and at fault for society’s problems. CRT claims that whites are responsible for all minority grievances.

Note- here’s a fun idea, if you do not CTR (chose the right) you will RTC (residential treatment center); or CRT is babylon’s version of CTR.

CRT promotes what is now called intersectionality, that the present cannot be divorced from the past, and that today’s institutions must be corrupt because yesterday’s institutions were. Intersectionality also involves oppression from multiple different sources at present working together against you. This is where they get the idea that America is helplessly racist and must be condemned and overthrown. They ignore all that has been done for minorities including a civil war, lots of welfare, and laws changed to further protect everyone.
Humans are complex, you can’t just bunch them into these categories.
Critical race theory is not just about taking little steps towards civil rights, it’s about questioning and uprooting the foundations of society as a whole. Any improvements for everyone in society are projected as improvements only for whites.
Advocates of critical race theory are not satisfied with promoting general equality for everyone, they insist that the whites admit systemic racism.

CRT borrows from Marx about people being solely motivated by economics, but furthers that to include race. that white elites and even the white working class are part of the bourgeoisie.
CRT ignores people’s differences and focuses only on their color.
Marxism is all about creating subgroups and putting them against each other.
CRT is not teaching kids arithmetic reading and writing, it’s teaching kids what to think, it’s indoctrinating them and it’s marshaling them to be an army of activist revolutionaries.

Note- then revolution happens, and the elite emerge as the new kings. Kingmen. They would rather be rulers of chaos than citizens of order. Devilish to be sure.

Delgado who wrote the landmark book “critical race theory” (promoting it) points out that it is not like other curriculums in that it has an activist element to it, getting the kids to do stuff to make changes.Marxists call not for the political process to be used but for action and protest. Not to vote and run for office, but to go disrupt society.

Anyone who criticizes CRT and its advocates are called white privilege white ignorant etc.
Ironically, the CRT advocates are the only people who are systemically racist.

Walker, who was famous in the Civil Rights movement and basically the right hand man of Martin Luther King Jr., renounces CRT. He does not like that it separates people by their color (even children), and Walker says that we must unite not divide. Walker says each person needs to be not a symbol of a group but an individual in the common context of humanity. His views are rooted in real civil rights.

Derek Bell promoted CRT and Thomas Sowell refuted him.

People in the black lives matter group BLM blame everything on white supremacy, including the industrial revolution.
They say racism is a structure not an event.
They say there’s no point in pursuing your rights because there’s really no rights at all because even when you have your rights it doesn’t give you a Marxist egalitarian society; this is why they want revolution, not rights. They say rights are used to uphold the white power and deny minorities!

If you disagree with CRT advocates politically or philosophically they say it’s hate speech. CRT advocates claim that free speech is poisoned and should not be allowed. This of course leads to oppression, censorship, and today’s cancel-culture of firing people who don’t agree with the narrative.

They claim that school tests are racist because some people can afford more tutoring and others can’t. 

Note- this obviously doesn’t have anything to do with race, and is a fact of education, and an impossibility to level. Agency of people always impacts lives. If people use their agency to be charitable, all are better off. If they don’t, all are worse off. This is the test of life, and the accountability to God in the hereafter. The greatest good in life is not how much we are educated or even how comfortable and well to do we become. The test is to be a good person – the character of goodness is what the test of life is about. Leveling the playing field economically, this would be the same as Satan’s plan to ‘save all’, by force.

Sensoy and D’Angelo book “is everyone really equal” promotes critical theories. The book introduction talks about how many teachers resist these ideas. It’s about critical theory critical thinking prejudice discrimination critical theory oppression power ableism sexism oppression through racism and global racial oppression through white supremacy and intersectionality through classism etc. About discovering supposed deep unseen Injustice.

Note- I had to read this book for a class to get an educator license, it’s the most bizarre nonsense you ever heard. Every single proposed solution was leftist. The teacher promoted the book as though it were the bible of education, and whenever I or someone else questioned it, we were not given any attention, or worse, were just rebutted by more circular reasoning nonsense, ignoring the facts we presented. One hispanic man in the class who ‘pulled himself up by his bootstraps’ was particularly concerned about the book, and he emphasized that people should work hard, and of the greatness of America. The teacher never liked what he had to say, and always found a way to twist his testimony with more nonsense. You couldn’t get anywhere with the professor, she just had more of the same oppression talking points. Most of the students in the class were silent on the issues, or so ignorant that they bought the critical theories whole cloth. It was painful to say the least. They would say things like ‘I had no idea!’ Why did they have no idea? Because the theories promoted in the text were so radical and fictional, and the reported problems had so little impact on reality, that no one would’ve known without this pedaling of fictitious brainwashing.

The 1619 project by the New York times is a series of essays on a new version of history emphasizing the supposed lasting impact of slavery on all US institutions. It’s about making 1619 when slaves are brought over (not 1776) the time of the founding of America (to emphasize the role of slavery). The 1916 Creator Hannah Jones sees racism everywhere she looks. She points to the minimum wage laws, lack of paternity leave, lack of universal health care, low rates of union membership, poorly performing school systems in minority neighborhoods, and (hilariously) highway systems.

Wood responded to the 1619 project with a book called “1620”. It exposes how 1619 is all about people who hate America on the hard left. 1619 puts into mainstream the fringe conspiracy that the American revolution was a pro-slavery event. It’s phony research dressed up as history. The 1619 project contains no footnotes, bibliographies, citations, etc.
1619 makes slavery and white supremacy the dominant themes and they’re trying to make this into school curriculum. It’s a false statement to say that the American revolution was to enable slavery to continue. It falsely claims that black Americans have fought for their freedom alone.
1619 ignores the pro-freedom views of Lincoln who pointed to the Declaration of Independence to promote freedom for all, and it ignores Frederick Douglass who spoke of America’s founding documents as great freedom documents. In the 18th century anti-slavery was a very new idea and there was much more anti-slavery in the colonies than there was in Britain.
To claim that the American revolution was pro-slavery completely distorts the reason of the revolution and the American vision from it’s inception.

The New York Times covered up the Holocaust of the Jews, covered up the mass starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932, and defended Castro in the 50s.

With the death of George Floyd recently, mainstream publications have been bashing on white people and claiming we have a racial hierarchical caste system in America similar to Nazi Germany. It normalizes and popularizes “collective white guilt”. The times and the post beginning in 2013 dramatically increased uses of the words white and privilege etc. White supremacy is now an all-encompassing label, no longer about people who really are racist. White supremacy is now seen as the prevailing ethos of American civilization. It is clear to see that journalism has become very radical.

In 2017 the use of the words white supremacy went up in newspapers about 18% as compared to 2014. Trump tried to stop the spread of this and said it was misrepresenting the foundations of our country and its role in the world.
Douglas who opposed Lincoln claimed that America was made by whites for whites, but we rejected that and fought the Civil War over it. Trump issued an executive order explaining that CRT and its racist agenda were consuming the government. The executive order banned treating one race or sex as different or as inherently bad, etc. It said that no one, regardless of race or sex, should feel accountable for what people did in the past or should be made to feel guilt for what people did in the past. The first day Joe Biden took office after Trump he signed a different executive order to reverse Trump’s executive order on this. Biden wants equal outcomes not equal access and treatment; he replaced the word equality with equity which [equity] is a popular word meaning equal outcomes in the CRT movement. The pursuit of equity makes the pursuit of equality impossible. It is radical egalitarianism. 

Note – the 2nd latter-day saint article of faith here is helpful: “We believe that man will be punished for his own sins, and not for Adams transgression.” In other words, no one is to blame for what their ancestors did, only for what they themselves do. 

There’s a major White House organization pushing radical gender supposed justice.
A squad of people gathering data about people’s behavior and how well their behavior aligns with these Marxist agendas. People have an easier time who have higher social credit scores like in China; they have an easier time getting bank loans, discounts, etc. Sometimes those with the lower scores aren’t allowed to buy airplane tickets, etc. Students may be kept out of universities for their parents’ bad social credit scores.

Color blindness and judging people based on their merits and skills are not appreciated by CRT radical advocates. A famous museum recently said that the idea that hard work leads to success is just whiteness.

BLM founders are openly Marxist.

Marx attacked the nuclear family and religion because those got in the way of his theoretical paradise.

Mexicans leave their own country to come to America to escape crime, exploitation, & poverty to get a better life in America. The Marxists are trying to make America look like the bad place.

CRT rejects both the terms illegal and alien.

Yesterday’s shocking radical theory of separating sex from gender is today’s accepted norm, and there are more radical changes to come. They say there’s no more need to follow certain scripts.

Civil rights laws already protect people on the basis of sex but the Biden administration is taking it much further and trying to push transgender ideologies into every aspect of social life from sports to healthcare to school etc.

Equality in female sports is destroyed when you seek for ‘equity,’ allowing males who identify female to participate. This is one example of many where we see ‘equity’ meaning equal outcomes, destroying equality (equal opportunity).

Transgender ideology politics are corrupting our laws and intruding on the rights of children. Kids are being pushed to imitate the opposite sex and to get puberty blockers etc.
The non-scientific belief that gender is fluid and subjective is being pushed into the curriculum of schools in the name of tolerance. It is claimed that marriage and family are rooted in bigotry. Several states are now mandating teaching about sexual orientation and others are banning it.
It’s less about tolerance and more about indoctrination and submission. 

Note- It is painfully clear that CRT is of the devil. When you reject family, you reject Christ and everything he stood for.

Critical theory is used much more widely in schools and various parts of society today than any of the great original thinkers that have contributed to society.
Critical theory does away with the age of enlightenment and the vast freedoms that came with it; instead it focuses on oppressed groups obsessed with overthrowing American society, American culture, and supposedly oppressive institutions.


Ch. 5 Climate Change Fanaticism

When people are free, capitalism happens. Socialist ideals are impossible to achieve both logically and in practice.

Thomas Sowell points out that there is an inextricable link between economic freedom and political freedom. He condemns the supposed compromise of ‘democratic socialism’ as a delusion. A socialistic society cannot also be democratic because it cannot guarantee individual freedom.

Industrialized civilization has produced more food clothing and the means to transport it to the needy than ever seen before. No one in the industrialized countries need be homeless or hungry. Industrialization has also produced access to clean temperature controlled water,.sewage systems, vehicles, vaccines, antibiotics etc. putting an end to many diseases resulting in billions of more people surviving these days, and not only surviving but living a lifestyle greater than kings of old. The wonders of today’s technological advancements are the science fiction of yesterday.

Economic regression and radical egalitarianism are all part of the Green New Deal and its Marxist roots. GND (Green New Deal) also calls for autocratic rule.
They want radical “degrowth” change. They blame America and capitalism for all problems. The GND is based on theories which would result in disastrous societal outcomes. They want to eliminate carbon fuel and redistribute wealth as they see fit. The leaders of course would maintain the lavish lifestyles which capitalism brought them, but everyone else would have to regress to a state of nature and non-production. It’s about getting rid of capitalism.
They’re okay with having a season of despotism to harold in their paradise. Just like Marx taught, the green New deal advocates want to get rid of schools, families, history our economy, our nation, everything. They claim they can issue their degrowth policies and simultaneously improve human lifestyle quality (very absurd). They want to cut the work hour week in half and at the same time guarantee a basic income for everyone. Marxism dressed up as a green movement is still Marxism and it would not result in sharing and conviviality as they claim, but in poverty need indolence and the overall decline of civil society and the quality of life.
In degrowth literature the economy is not spontaneous and free, it is a political contraption. It is not based on supply and demand but on central control. It is communistic control of production and control of distribution (sound familiar?).

Ayn Rand wrote a book “The Anti-Industrial Revolution”. It’s about destroying capitalism and establishing a global dictatorship. The ecological crusade is a means to an end, by their own admission. The collectivist now is condemning abundance in general. They denounce people for being comfortable and secure. Instead of exploiting you to feel guilty about exploiting people, now they’re exploiting you to feel guilty about exploiting land air and water. It is an overall hatred for man and life itself. Reason is the precondition of man’s survival, and this movement is against reason. The industrial revolution made it possible for America the magnificent to be created, and this is the very thing they are trying to take down. Rand teaches that freedom and capitalism are inseparably linked. It is about people seeking unearned benefits. The whole of communism is one big impossible fiction. (Note- see also her book “Capitalism”)

The ecologists only talk about the needs of nature, they never talk about the needs of man. Man is treated as though he were an unnatural phenomenon. Man cannot survive in the level of nature that ecologists envision.

Note- this is just more logical steps in the evolution agenda to turn humans ‘back into’ animals rooted in a claim that we originated as animals and that it would be best for everyone and everything if we went back. Clearly anti-human and satanic. Of course, we can’t go back into animals because we never were animals. We are created in the image of God, God being the literal father of the first man Adam, as well as the father of our spirits.

The critical environmental justice movement is intertwined with other critical theories on gender race etc. It teaches pacifism and anti-America ideologies. The environmentalists are no longer asking for ‘clean water clean air and saving polar bears,’ they’re all on the Marxist bandwagon of anti-America in a quest to uproot the entire society and throw it all away. Somehow every possible evil is blamed on America, the one society in the history of the world that has lifted the most people out of poverty, fed the most poor, etc. They will force, brainwash, and wage all manner of war to bring about this egalitarian utopia fantasy.

Note- of course this supposed paradise is fictional from start to finish; Satan could never deliver on his promises. God can and does give paradise to the obedient, and Satan can only claim that he is going to give this gift as he carefully leads souls down to hell to bind them fast to eternal torment.


The critical environmental justice movement (CEJ) are anti-government in general and claim that the existence of any state always tends toward patriarchal racist oppressive situations. This is a far cry from the Declaration of Independence which makes it clear that governments are created for the purpose of ensuring rights and happiness. Apparently they want the law of the jungle and the hellish life that comes with it.

In societies without capitalism and where the dominant race is not white, the people do anything they can to escape those places and come to America. Advocates of Critical Theory cannot explain this!

Chavez and Maduro devastated Venezuela. They are starving, there is a complete breakdown in healthcare and other public services, and they’re trying to come to America. So much for the magical future Chavez spoke of.

Thomas Sowell in his book “The quest for Cosmic Visions” rebuked these people who seek Utopia. Lenin was preoccupied with visions and would not work. Much of the 20th century tyranny has been a result of these visions. 

Note- real visionaries work hard, and promote God’s law (not their own vision, God’s vision).

Earth is one big ball of chemical resources. Even though we’re using a lot more resources than we used to, we’re still using virtually 0% of Earth’s resources. Nature, for all intents and purposes, provides an infinite supply of materials and energy. We can even go beyond this Earth. Human intelligence can master these things. 

Note- and it’s here FOR us. That’s the reason it’s here.

Environmental policies should be based on sound science and realistic economics. Warming is slower than predicted and is influenced more by nature than man. Warming has not resulted in natural disasters. CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth. Many scientists reject the climate movement.

Human induced global warming is not scientific, and huge bodies of evidence are ignored in claims to the contrary. Procedures are treated as evidence. Funds are not available to investigate theories that are not in accord with government ideology. Cheap energy has given us the modern world but the education system has been captured by activists that are simply wrong on this issue.

No credible scientists can tell you whether it’s going to be warmer or cooler in 2030. We don’t need penal measures against CO2 emissions, we need preparedness for events of nature.

The climate movement is ideologically driven and anyone who disagrees is shut down and hated.

A laughable communist Green New Deal platform written by Alexandra O. Cortez is quoted in the text. They want free food, housing and money for everyone everywhere, and to repay everyone who’s ever had anything wrong happen to them etc. It wishes for remaking all buildings to make them more efficient, and to remake a power system grid, and many such things which are many trillions of dollars. She wants people to be taxed 70%. The Green New Deal would cost around $93 trillion over 10 years. Limited government, private property rights, and capitalism would all have to be abandoned. An even more massive bureaucracy with even more regulatory control, police power, and centralized decision making would be required. Basic liberties and mobility would disappear.

Biden quickly got us back into the Paris climate under agreement which should be called a treaty because of how much it’s going to affect us, but it’s not called a treaty because that would require more support from Congress etc. to get into it. Biden like Obama before him simply issued an edict rather than trying to get 2/3 of the senators on board. China also is in the Paris agreement but they have no intention of keeping it.

When asked about China, Biden simply said they are doing what they must to keep their people together and there are different cultural expectations in different countries. He didn’t seem to care that millions were being tortured there. Trump did call out China on these crimes against humanity.

Biden quickly shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. He justified this by parroting extremist climate propagandists. 

Note – You can thank Biden every time you buy expensive gas for your car.

Biden has made new departments and agencies in the White House about environment. He has made multiple executive order edicts to begin the enforcement of the radical Green New Deal. The epic money Biden is spending and planning to spend is only getting a reaction from the revolutionaries that it is not enough.

California has been an incubator for far left environmental experiments. In 2020 the climate policies there resulted in a widespread blackout to millions cutting off their electrical power in a heatwave. The inconsistent weather meant that the alternative energy resources needed to long-term store and transport the generated energy, very expensive and unrealistic.
The February 21 Texas energy crisis was similar to the California crisis. It was also due to their alternative energy mandates. Wind turbines and solar panels are of little value during extreme weather. Natural gas helps but it’s not enough.


Chapter 6 Censorship Propaganda and Subversion

See also his book “Unfreedom of the Press”

Marx was a journalist. He took current events and focused on the politics and economics of them. He wasn’t about actual news reporting, he was about shaping the news around his opinions and ideology, and that’s how much of journalism works today. The purpose was to propagandize, not inform. He hoped that every little riot would lead to revolution. When you see Marx as a journalist with the vast amount he wrote you can better understand him using rhetoric. He was not a reporter, he was a social activist.

The journalists have a reputation of being knowledgeable but they know nothing.
Newspapers deliberately antagonize and distort issues to make antagonism where there was none to get a better story so their newspaper will sell better or lead to its social agendas. They inflame and divide the entire nation along ideological lines.
Propaganda and pseudo events work to get rid of reality, to get rid of real history, to uproot society, and clear the way for the Marxist utopia.
Edward Bernays in his book propaganda says it’s about making and focusing on events that will bring about your purpose. Propaganda is the invisible arm of the executive government. Bernays was called a professional poisoner.

See book “The Origins of Totalitarianism.”

Utopianism is a form of totalitarianism. See Levin’s book “Ameritopia”

People advocating the Marxist Utopia blame their surroundings for their problems. They find meaning only in their complaining.

Totalitarian societies always have lots of lies told to the public. Propaganda lies are taught as fact and seek to oversimplify reality. For example, pseudo events of the ‘Trump Russia collusion to win the election’ were obsessed over and Pulitzer prizes were given for utterly false news reports. They say they have the freedom to creatively make pseudo events. When they speak of informing the people they’re speaking of a marketplace of competing fake stories and people choosing which fake stories they want to hear. We live in two worlds at once: in the media World which is fake, and in the real world which has nothing to do with the media world. Thus many live in a fantasy world which is more real to them than reality, and the lie is made to be more dignified than the truth. These pseudo events are inherently destructive to a free democratic society.

The extremists of the 19th century said man was made entirely by his environment, and extremists of the 20th century say man entirely makes his environment and their god.

Most journalists today are John Dewey followers, some of them consciously, most of them unknowingly.
Dewey and Marx called for radical change, none of the slow stuff. Marx said socialism was a bastardization of his communism making his workers paradise impossible. Bernie Sanders speaks of democratic socialism but they all know that’s just one step on the road towards communism.

Journalists and reporters are supposed to be unbiased non-partisan, just reporting facts. Now it’s called public journalism where it’s more about activism and politicization than information.

See book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. He talks about radical revolutionaries who don’t know what will work, but don’t like the current system.

There are thousands of scholars who have challenged the idea that the Earth is warming and that humans are causing it, yet the journalists have decided that despite this being a highly politicized and debated topic they’re no longer going to cover climate deniers; they’re no longer going to give time of day to the idea this can be false, they’re just going to pretend like everybody knows it’s true. They’re not experts in science but they are committed to the climate change movement agenda.

The same thing happens with critical race theory – journalists are reporting on it as though it’s a fact and ignoring the debate, ignoring the controversy. Dividing people by race does more to create bloodshed than to promote justice and equality. The media has promoted a false narrative about racism which the facts do not support, but if you ever criticize it you are labeled a racist. Nevermind the non-white groups who have income equality. Media heads repeat the same racial phrases over and over so much that people begin to believe that the chief defining characteristic of a person is their color. They’re encouraging stereotyping. They want everyone to believe that America from its birth has been and is an irredeemably racist society.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he has a dream that his kids would not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. This is certainly not what CRT advocates want; they’re pushing us back into segregation.

Universities are some of the most intolerant places for anyone who wants to question Marxism. Academic freedom and free speech used to be considered foundations of education but that’s not the case anymore.

The Soviets were made to confess crimes they didn’t do and people got used to lying all the time – this kind of pressure leads to a situation where only liars would speak freely. Cancel culture has evolved into discrimination where a person would not be hired if they were a Trump supporter etc. Conservative academic leaders report a hostile climate, and they self-censor fearing retaliation if they express their views to peers.

About half of the students no longer understand that hate speech is protected by the first amendment; they want their campuses to be some where they’re not exposed to his dissenting activities which they see as intolerant or offensive. Students keep their mouths shut in fear of offending someone. 

Textbook writers now focus more on reflecting various races in their literature curriculum than selecting quality literature to be taught.

Journalists are banned for writing on certain topics, professors are banned for bringing up controversial topics and are investigated for quoting certain literature, researchers are fired for citing a peer reviewed academic article, etc. Even US President Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter, but Big tech can’t name a big person on the left they ever censored.

MRC assembled a 2020 top ten list demonstrating “offenses” that caused them to sanction free speech: 

  1. Big tech shuts down New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden
  2. Twitter censors Trump tweet about mail0in voting
  3. Candace Owen’s Facebook page demonetized and suppressed
  4. YouTube removes COVID video featuring Trump advisor Dr. Scott Atlas
  5. Facebook demonetizes satirical site Babylon Bee over Monty Python joke
  6. Twitter removes all instances of Joe Biden meme
  7. Instagram removes FBI crime statistics, calling them “hate speech”
  8. YouTube removes video featuring man who reversed his transgender surgery
  9. YouTube suspends and demonetizes conservative news network One America News (OAN)
  10. Instagram bans ads for Senator Marsha Blackburn’s children’s book

We are using Chinese censorship methods to block speech with AI algorithms on social media, search engines, etc.

Parlor social media was killed, very tyrannical, big tech blamed it as a platform for radical right wingers, so they took the cloud space away, etc.

Big tech donations mostly go to democrats.

Michelle Obama called for Trump being banned from all social platforms for life.
Alexandra O. Cortez and other Democrats tried to make it so anyone who worked with or for Trump could never get a job again.

Democratic Party fact checkers claim Fox News had given lots of covid misinformation in just a matter of days, but they didn’t tell how they measured that, etc.
Democratic Party agencies put out scary letters threatening news agencies who show conservative views, and they go after television companies who allow conservative channels to be aired. Shutting down what the other side is saying is the trademark of totalitarianism.

The Marxists use fear and intimidation; they ban people from the workplace, they get rid of historical monuments, they don’t let you say certain things. They distort history and brainwash students. They demand deplatforming opposing views. They’re the ones using racism and sexism even though they’re saying they’re trying to get rid of those. They are using freedom to destroy freedom and using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.


Ch. 7 We Choose Liberty

Don’t ask ‘what can we do to save America’, ask ‘what can I do to save America.’

The Marxists are reprobates who defame our ancestors, slander our founders, hate the country we live in, and have not contributed to its betterment.

The inevitable outcomes of Marxism are mass murder – you can’t get around that, you can’t separate Marxism from murder. History has proven that repeatedly.

Celebrate and be invigorated by the teachings of the founding fathers – they defeated the greatest empire on Earth and made the greatest nation on Earth.

America is not a colonial power trying to take over the world; generation after generation its soldiers fight to preserve the American heritage. However Marxist critical theories on race and gender are now being taught to our military including supposed white rage.

Public schools are teaching children to hate America.
Teacher unions and teacher associations call for the use of black lives matter propaganda in curriculum. It promotes queer affirmation and racially charged essays like teaching about white supremacy in American currency in math class. A survey showed 81% of teachers supported the black lives matter movement. Marxism is invading the K-12 schools. It’s also invading religious private schools, but it’s the strongest in the universities and specially targets those who are getting degrees in teaching. The higher someone goes in education studies the more likely they are to be exposed to radical ideas.

Social media has turned out to be an oligarchy where content is vastly censored.

We must be activists and take back what’s ours. We need to be involved in institutions to bring good influence. Pushback against the Marxist movements. Organize, rally, boycott, write. We are losing the war, most are uninvolved. 

Note – a drive through downtown SLC Utah the other day left me quite sad, pride flags were everywhere, but no other flags, not even American flags. Conservatives are used to being the quiet majority, but this can no longer suffice. We must speak up. We must fight back in this flag culture war, it’s a little thing, but something we can do, and a good way to help show that there is a resistance to this overflowing scourge of progressive ideology. Sadly, it is apparent that many conservatives think that speaking up for traditional values is in some way harming minority groups. This could not be further from the truth. We want to be represented. We must stand up for the apparently new minority group: Christian family traditionalist Constitution supporting Americans.

Pressure government to withdraw support from those who support BLM and CRT.
Get CRT out, no more brainwashing our kids to hate America and focus on race.
File lawsuits against all who use CRT. freedom of information

Be involved in every aspect of public education. Attend every school board meeting to ensure the people are heard, not the unions and government who dominate education.
Require schools to teach civics and American government, real history as written by real historians, not the widely disputed 1619 project.

Parents, direct your kids to colleges which aren’t hotbeds for Marxism.
Universities have become their own states and insist no one interfere with their agendas.
Radical tenured professors preach sedition. They hire each other to keep their groupthink. Get rid of tenure. Most professors are leftists. It’s ideological inbreeding, and must be broken up.
Pursue litigation for false advertising and bait & switch against universities who claim to educate but instead brainwash. Students, demand your money back when professors teach these radical Marxist things.


Ayn Rand said industry today is criminal for allowing intellectual pollution.

Many major corporations have adopted CRT, etc. They squash others who don’t comply. Trump banned companies who use CRT, but now Biden is hiring executives from their ranks, and they are married to the Democratic Party.
While Marxists boycott pro American companies, we support those companies with our dollars. tracks company donations

Large corporations often support the Marxist movements, so buy with smaller ones who aren’t signed on to that.
Google Apple etc. joined to suppress Parler, suppress Trump, suppress academics who spoke against Covid, etc.
Antitrust laws need to be in place against companies that undermine our country, and those which are in place need to be strengthened so they actually have an effect.

Find alternative social media platforms who aren’t bought out:
Parler, Discord, MeWe, for forums
Rumble, Vimeo, BitChute
DuckDuckGo search engine

Big tech companies sensor what’s on their platforms with immunity which other small newspapers don’t have. It’s an oversimplification to say they’re just companies doing what they want. It is mass distortion of truth and false advertising.
For example, Google search engines pushed anti Trump, and had major influence on the election.

Sports teams have major impact and can’t be allowed exemption from antitrust laws.


This is a war on property rights, liberty, wealth etc. It is an attack on capitalism and vastly expands the bureaucracy. The more dire the threat, the more liberty people are willing to surrender. Crisis after crisis government authority gets bigger and bigger. Cherry picking experts are aired without question by the media and pushed on the public.

Environmental groups should not have special tax exempt status because they are not non-partisan charitable foundations. They should not have special statutory ability to bring lawsuits on behalf of the public because their goals are to destroy our society.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and rioters:

The government has failed to press charges on these organizations for the mayhem they have released and billions of dollars in property damage they have caused. In Florida Ron DeSantis has made increased penalty for rioters doing violence and damages caused during riots, so we see this can be done. They also have specific crimes for mob intimidation and cyber intimidation to deal with rioters who want to be violent and destructive.
Charge these rioters for the damages they have done so they can get defunded and taken down. Charge them for emotional intentional distress. Charge them for interference with contracts. Lawsuits are possible against the same group of people who keep showing up at violent protests. Charge them for property damage. Ask the IRS to investigate questionable funding elements of these groups. Other plausible charges and suits listed in the text.
Report the license numbers of cars leaving places of violent riots.


Note – this is very true. Mob behavior can get out of hand very quickly, and more police force and criminal charges against them are justified and necessary to keep the peace and deter the death and mayhem they cause.

Never tell people how to do things tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. -General George S. Patton

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