Lectures, Featuring Joel Skousen, Stephen Pratt, Scott Bradley, Ken Bowers, Michael Gaddy, Noolander & Chuck Baldwin, Christian Markham, etc. Topics Include Constitution, Globalists, Inflation, War, 9/11, Zion, America, Unknown Republic, Secret Combinations, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Two Churches Only, Isaiah, Food Storage, etc.– Lecture Notes

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The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes

2016 Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes

9/11 & Conspiracy by Joel Skousen & Steven Jones – Lecture Notes

Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy & Food Storage

Joel Skousen 2013 – Lecture Notes

Marc C. Peterson on Zion America & Isaiah – Lecture Notes

Michael Gaddy on the Constitution – Lecture Notes

The Unknown Republic by Stephen Pratt – Lecture Notes

Scott Bradley – Lecture Notes

Noolander & Chuck Baldwin – Lecture Notes

Intro To Secret Combinations by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes

Satanic Ritual Abuse by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes

Two Churches Only by Christian Markham – Lecture Notes


The True (Religious) History of America by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes




-in school they don’t teach us about the 4 encounters George Washington had with direct gun fire without getting hurt. Are they trying to brainwash us?

-Moroni appeared at least 3 times to Christopher Columbus

-Moroni is appointed as overseer over America

-Moroni was with Washington in his battles

-Moroni gave Columbus his dreams about America

-Columbus said he had seen in vision the people he would find

-Columbus appointed his translator for dealing with the people he would find to be a former Jewish Rabi who spoke Hebrew who had become a Christian. He knew from inspiration that the Indians would speak something similar to ancient Hebrew. The translator confirmed this to be the case. (*we know from The Book of Mormon that the native American Indians are a remnant of the House of Israel who came here originally from the Holy land many years ago mainly from the tribe of Manasseh).

-French were preparing ships for attacking America but the day before they couldn’t make it

-An Indian told George Washington that he fired his rifle at him 17 times and could not kill him

-one Indian shot at George Washington 15 paces away and he was unhurt

-George Washington had bullet fragments and holes in his coat and hat but no wounds.



2016 Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes


The following notes of the lecture will not convince the reader of the points covered nor does it preview all topics covered. It will encourage the reader to see the entire presentation where reasons for these things are given. These notes I wrote for myself to remember some takeaway messages, but they don’t come close to showing the reasoning behind these like the lecture brilliantly does.

-MASS SHOOTINGS: no human being would gun down children without being drugged or hypnotized. Skousen says he doesn’t know of any mass shooting which doesn’t have the fingerprints of being a government inside job. In the lecture, Skousen gives much evidence for these claims, in addition to similar claims about bombings and other terror attacks including 9/11. These help the gun control narrative advance.
-HYPNOTISM: this requires giving up the will; never do that; this allows the hypnotist and Satan to plant ideas in your head, and to leaving you thinking you had experiences which you thought you had which you didn’t; records and video of US operations (named in the presentation) show the extent they can and do use this for
-DISCIPLINE, CHILDREN, SCHOOLS: there needs to be justice and guilt not just love and acceptance; we don’t discipline our children; Christ does the full range of personality from mercy to fury and knows how to use it; anyone who listens to conscience knows you get more chastisement than praise. public schools you can’t be thrown out for behavior because it’s a right to be there. European schools are better because they are quiet, and a disruptive student can be permanently removed from the school; that’s the main issue with public school, the attitudes and lack of discipline is toxic. False lessons we can fix when they come home, but the attitudes learned there stick to the children very powerfully.
-WHY NUKE SHELTER: 50% of Hiroshima who weren’t even prepared survived, but were very sick; then many died later of terrible cancers; so you need a fallout shelter for the nuclear war. All of the retired CIA higher ups etc. are building underground bunkers in remote locations because they know what’s coming and you don’t. Types of missiles and military strategies in US policy are disguised. Russia US agreements disguised including the 50% display US forces to not appear a threat policy which leaves us sitting ducks. Likely the US government will seek to imprison those who claim the US is responsible for the nuclear fallout out; you need to have set up like the Jews, places to hide people in your home.
-FOOD STORAGE: less than 10% of the active LDS have a 6-month food storage, even less have a year supply. Also have a place to grow food away from the city so neighbors don’t steal it before it gets ripe.
-EMP: an EMP would take down the grid for 6-12 months. An effective one couldn’t be a lone ranger event.
-NORTH KOREA: no sanctions, no military option on the table, no regime change required for North Korea; we give them a pass, unlike Iran. So they’re keeping North Korea there, a living prison the worst place, keeping it there so that an attack on North Korea would be retaliated by them with a major war.
-GATHERING DURING WAR: in the war police won’t come to work and there won’t be jobs so there won’t be a reason to stay in the cities; so people will flee cities. The prophecies say it will be safe among the Mormons, not because they are totally prepared, but because they will knit together faster than other groups and they have an alternate form of government, home teachers per every 5 families, hierarchy, etc. Then with these groups gathering together, we won’t be a minority anymore, there will actually be sizable groups of people who are good.
-GLOBALISM: Obama is a-religious and doesn’t believe any religion; Russia and China are promoting their own versions of the New World Order; a war is needed to push us into global government. Both political parties have for a long time had US Presidents puppeted by the globalists. Same with the Supreme Court, they aren’t really 50% conservative, but have betrayed the conservatives last minute when getting notes from their leaders etc. in many cases, some presented in Skousen’s lecture. Launch on warning explained. Presidential order 60 explained. Seems Russia not ready for a world war at this time, but would be in the early to mid-2020 2025-time frame. Reasons for this in the lecture. We don’t know what type of weapons Russia has since they have a “mining area” underground city we’ve never explored. Russia and China do plan to nuclear strike the US.




9/11 & Conspiracy by Joel Skousen & Steven Jones – Lecture Notes





Joel Skousen:

-local government in the USA is not so corrupt, but the higher is.
-he suggests Jack Monnett’s book
-it’s hard for good people to believe in systematic evil
-in the Soviet Union, communism never fell, it just went underground. This is a government coverup.
-people in Utah often have wistful thinking from all of their training on positivity
-Mormons have the Book of Mormon, and hence the greatest heritage in understanding secret combinations, but most of them choose to be blind to it.
-the government doesn’t tax us for the war because they don’t want us to feel the impact; they will endure war to get us into the new world order.
-the public news omits certain things, that is how they lie to you
-there is never a time in history where there has not been conspiracy; go study history and see
-assassins were not lone rouge based, but were covered up conspiracies.
-the biggest reason that people reject conspiracy is because they still want to have status in the world, to be popular, their views to be popular, to have the acknowledgement of the world in your professional life so they don’t blackball you. Hence some of the most educated people will never be wise nor equipt to fight these battles. Blessed are the working class who don’t care too much about their social status to get them not involved. It’s on our shoulders to carry this work on.
-many have lost many of their children because they have sent their children to public schools rationalizing that.
-when we are overweight that can get in our way of survival as well
-listen to your consciousness that is the most crucial thing
-national security is the boon of secret combinations, they say trust us or you’re fired
-they love to hire Mormons on the white side of the CIA, they are naive and trusting in their leadership.
-communists believe in killing the free market
-socialists believe in using the free market to feed the needs of socialism
-Orin Hatch was sold out to pleasing the Bush Admin. he was promised Supreme Court and running for President; that’s how they deal with people who aren’t necessarily evil.
-the lesson people learned from Katrina was to not get in a FEMA, it turns into a prison camp;
-in the new world order they will impose upon us gay rights and international taxes; they know American’s won’t go for this, that is why they are going to have us get into war;
-the war with Iraq etc. they are using to get those areas of the world to hate the USA
-in the east, they don’t hate the USA lifestyle like the script writers of Pres. Bush had him say, they are mad at the USA for getting in their way of their adapting the USA culture.
-the BYU political science experience is very liberal and socialist; it’s because the professors there want to “make it in the world”
-USA will stupidly get involved with the new world order as the USA tricks us into thinking that we need to help the WW3 effort thereby. Then they will have us take an oath of allegiance to the new world order. (*another one of his lectures, he relates this to potentially being the mark of the beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation). You’ll be tagged. Your neighbors will be asked to turn you in.
-at 2:32 he suggests books to read


Steven Jones:

-the Church now encourages us to have a 3-month rotating food storage
-Pres. Packer said that not all the persecution will come from outside of the Church, and to not be among those who persecute, and Packer read the secret combination warning scripture from the Book of Mormon, and Packer said the youth will see much trouble in their lives, but much inspiration. This was at a BYU devotional.
-Jones teaches the science behind how 9/11 was not just from planes crashing into the buildings.
-there are over 440 architects and engineers on the project showing how it was explosives is a site which has their research on Scholars for Truth and Justice about 9/11.
-NIST refuses to release the videos they have about building 7. They investigated certain floors of it only, and the other floors are where the reported inner explosions were.
-the towers had government rooms and a terrorist couldn’t just walk in there to plant bombs it was well guarded.
-the collapse is too rapid unless there are explosives moving materials out of the way.
-the NIST ignores the speed of collapse in their thousands of pages long report
-the year prior some 60 planes went to check out planes out of coarse; no planes were sent to see what was up with the planes coming towards the towers.
-one plane went off coarse about 50 min before crashing to pentagon; there was time for us to intersect but we did not.
-they knew of the plane coming to the pentagon 50 miles out yet none were warned to evacuate
-the government is hiding the videos of the pentagon getting hit
-sulfur in the beams of the building which weakens them
-thermite involved
-iron and aluminum
-iron rich spheres in the dust; these were 10-15 blocks away, so didn’t come from cleanup.
-3000 degrees Fahrenheit couldn’t have happened by office supplies being burned; but thermite reactions give those high temperatures; the gov won’t explain this
-they invested in the destruction in the stocks just before it happened; United and American Airlines.
-9/11 commission report includes this on footnote in pg.499 on how there were allegations of insider trading, it says unusual trading occurring, but says that it wasn’t tied to Alcaide. But the problem is that it was conspiracy from within the USA government like the Book of Mormon teaches in the book of Helaman.
-Pres. Hinckley said the Book of Mormon is as current as the morning news when it comes to politics
-Pres. McKay said that we should study constitutional principles and wake a sleeping nation
-Joseph Smith said we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing all the hidden things in of darkness to light.
-The Church manual which just came out now encourages us to always have at least 3 months of food storage which we rotate through and use daily in addition to having a 1 year food storage.
-North American Union: look them up




Joel Skousen on Inflation War Globalists Conspiracy & Food Storage


Nov. 2012 from


-half of computer hackers work for the government. They break down our computers, so we keep needing to buy new ones

-there are many false conspiracies, Joel helps sort them out and has an article on his site on how to sort them out

-the “right wing” news isn’t true right wing; they always push pro-war, and never have anyone debate against them with much of a different opinion than they have.

-Obama was a Marxist, but is now bought out by the globalists.

-to get on the dark side of the FBI and the CIA you have to violate all kinds of morality; you have to cheat your wife and all kinds of immoral behaviors like that.

-many former CIA agents are in prison for they wanted to blow the whistle on the dark side of the CIA.

-people in the CIA think they know there is no dark side, but they aren’t aware of how things operate on levels.

-they have a special ring they wear which designates that they are on the dark side of government (*they only wear it at certain times for what it seems)

-there will be a special medal in heaven for those who saw conspiracy when no one else believed it. They will all know “he is one who saw! And over there was one who did not see when it was right before them!”

-emails about Drake and Doug Hegman are not real conspiracies

-anyone who is former army and keeps getting feeds from his buddies is a scam, for the government is on every phone call ever make at least since 1983

-the collapse of the dollar will not happen; they don’t like to disturb too many people too much of the time or we will find out that they are maneuvering this

-they don’t intend to pay off the national debt; it can’t be done

-it should be illegal to make a contract that you cannot pay for

-for hyperinflation you need much money from the government and a way for the gov to put money into your pocket so you can pay the high prices; most people can’t pay high prices so this won’t happen; it causes stagflation.

-Satan tells people to help him overthrow God then he will void them of punishment; read in Isaiah, it tells how people are waiting in hell for deliverance, then they see Satan come down in chains and ask, “art thou become like one of us?”

-at BYU the political science school is corrupt

-one of the biggest things you can do to train your conscience is the temporal promptings, from there come ninety percent of the promptings

-at BYU now they want no more Hugh Nibley or Cleon Skousen or Truman Madsen, but they want yes men, predictable people is what some higher ups said.

-there is hands off policy with North Korea dispute all they do to us

-launch on warning is the best but Clinton stopped it. This is good because the ones who launch second in a nuclear war are the ones who win

-we have a pact with the Russians showing them that we can be taken over

-don’t send your children into the military for supposed patriotism, it’s a setup

-the globalist wars are to provoke hate against the USA.

-going to war more is falling into their hands; it’s right where the globalists want us

-the best people in the world are who feel something is wrong with the government

-Mormon missionaries now have to leave Russia because the USA has provoked the anger of the Russians.

-in the next war they’ll say it’s the great patriotic war, don’t believe it. They’ll have you swear allegiance to the USA, to the new world government, and swear to how it wasn’t the USA who bombed the world towers. Don’t follow this, but they will hate us who think there are problems with the USA government.

-Mitt Romney is too feisty, wanting war, this gets us in the hands of the globalists.

-there will be an EMP where we lose our electricity

-we will be fat and rich and stupid right up to the day of the economic collapse.

-gold and silver save you from inflation; plan on selling it before the crisis comes

-get his weekly current events for 48$ per year via his website

-baking soda softens the hard-old beans you stored

-get a ton or 2 tons of wheat; it’s cheep

-get tons of the basics not the expensive freeze dried; it’s better than nothing

-JFK set out to stop the black CIA group, and they the USA government killed him.

-Romney won’t believe in conspiracy, this is so he can win President. But if he gets in then tries to dethrone the evil he will find, he will be assassinated like JFK when he tried to do that.

-he doesn’t believe we will ever win back our liberty as a nation; Moroni said if you let the conspirators get power it won’t turn out good, and they have. The USA is unrighteous, and is unworthy of being saved in general; but he always saves a remnant.

-if you become a chronic violator of conscience, you can’t expect any protection.

-God lead the Mormons to the west for it’s safer there than the east USA.

-the issue with the west USA is the Mormons who hate the Mormons who believe in the constitution and conspiracy

-he has a book on strategic relocation

-those of you who want liberty, you must learn how to re-establish the government

-share these things with people who have a sense that something is wrong, they are who will appreciate these things

-since the 1980’s globalists have been trying to get the Russians to strike the USA, but our secret weapons scare them away.

-The USA will give their weapons to others who will use those to nuke the world

-there are no one but ‘yes men’ at the top ranks of the military

-there are no Chinese troops in China; they have enough thugs in the USA if they want to control America.

-Glen Beck when he started to talk about a new world order and at that point was kicked off of Fox News.

-Glen Beck is sincere but wrong in many things, like not believing that 911 was from the USA government, and refusing to believe conspiracy theory; he makes 40 million a month and such would jeopardize such.

-retirement savings with the government that we have the government will likely turn that into government retirement, so just get gold and store it

-Obama is a homosexual, various witness

-Obama is an illegal immigrant, didn’t go to his class, was on international passport while in college

-they can control electronic vote machines; they can fudge 4-5%

-the numbers on who is in the lead are also fudged

-reporters are trained on neutrality, and hence are vulnerable

-Martial Law kills the economy and hence will not happen until the 3rd World War comes

-he thinks WW3 will not come until at least year 2020

-best defense against getting rounded up is to have a place to disappear; watch for when Joel Skousen disappears, then you know it’s begun

-the government says the don’t tread on me people are the future enemy of the USA

-it’s false to think that all would repent if they knew the gospel

-Alex Jones is a flawed person, it makes it hard to believe in conspiracy when you listen to him.

-don’t try to reform public schools, they are of the government, when you try to fix things the lawyers come in and say don’t do that here are the laws

-get out of public schools asap; there are poisonous peer attitudes, forced vaccinations, and bad psychology pushed upon them.

-conspiracy theorists can’t run for public office; if you’re not known as such, then perhaps you can get into office and try to fix emigration law or something

-not even at BYU law school do they like constitutional lawyers.

-Ron Paul hasn’t been sold out

-there will be gun control in the USA, Romney bought into the saying that we don’t need assault rifles. Don’t ever turn in your assault rifles. Have cheap guns to turn into the government when they ask for them.

-shielded wiring protects a home from an EMP, called tre wiring

-a basement and 3000$ you can have a fallout shelter; the cheapest way is shown in his book

-have a strong bedroom door so who breaks in makes noise trying to get to you at night

-conceal your food storage so when the government comes to take it you cannot have it taken, leave for them the things in your pantry.



Joel Skousen 2013 – Lecture Notes




-Obama is a-moral he has no morals; the globalists converted him to be a globalist instead of a Marxist by offering to not let the public know about his a-moral life.

-Obama isn’t a Christian, he isn’t a Muslim, he is an atheist. He cares nothing about religion or God. He is a puppet.

-Bush was a skull and crossbones man, and claimed to be a Christian. Skull and crossbones group is a Satanic group.

-the issue with us as Christians is that we are not skeptical enough of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

-read the Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen and the Naked Capitalist by Cleon Skousen

-no one but Satan himself could’ve orchestrated the WW1 and WW2 and the power to the individuals it went to

-Vietnam war was a legitimate war against communism

-our wars today are for globalist purposes; they give the “support our troops” stickers out now to support such, but notice such was not given in the Vietnam war.

-The Chinese have a 30-mile underground bunker network in preparation for a nuclear war.

-The USA is now internationally hated not for its people but for its government.

-the USA in USA is seen as the savior of the world but elsewhere it’s seen as the bully of the world because of these current wars

-the USA won the war with Iraq by buying them out not through millenarianism.

-Romney won by 8 million votes in the 2012 election, 8 million votes were buried we know since they said that many less people voted in 2012 than in 2008 when John McCain was running, and we know there was much more excited for Romney than McCain.

-USA has made themselves vulnerable the Russian to assure Russia that we can be their friends

-read the Naked Communist and the Naked Economist by Cleon Skousen



Marc C. Peterson on Zion America & Isaiah – Lecture Notes




-The USA had kept 2 years of food storage, but Clinton sold most of it and Obama sold the rest of it.

-There will be a time after Armageddon in which the gospel will be preached among the eastern countries

-Isaiah says mountains it means nations, he says hills it means small nations.

-Clinton had 70 of his friends died; follow where much death is and there you know secret combinations are.

-People will work for anyone when they don’t have food even evil unions.

-There will come a time when we can’t move except for with the Church

-The Church is buying many plots of 50 miles of land for girl’s camps which could be used for a retreat of the Saints.

-A Priesthood organization under the direction of Jesus Christ will govern the earth eventually. It will be a separate organization than the Church.

-The founding Fathers said we must never have a democracy; such leads to dictatorships for it’s not sustainable; we want a republic.

-the Founding Fathers wanted us to have our guns so that in case our government became oppressive we could have our last chance to overcome it; now the government wants to take our guns; they say it’s about hunting but not so, they don’t want us to have power to stand against them.

-President Benson said he believed Joseph Smith said the members of the Church would save the constitution.

-many today including Church members buy into the socialist lie.

-his wife went to a school meeting where they told them that they would slowly put socialism and homosexuality in the public and college schools.

-The law going out from Zion, the prophets have clarified that such is the Constitution of the USA.

-The persecution will be worse than it was in Missouri said Brigham Young. It then was that they killed our man and children, raped our women, and burned our houses. It will be worse in the last days.

-People say it’s only because we are doing science wrong that the earth is having catastrophes, but it’s from our sin. It’s not global warming it’s global wickedness.

-thousands of scientists have evidence that the earth is cooling not getting hotter, but they can’t get on the news for it doesn’t fit on the political agenda of the politicians.

-since the 1920’s the storms have doubled and since the 1990’s it’s more than that

-given the choice of a cat and a bag of gold people pick the cat for you can eat such

-it says long term food storage, call the welfare department of the Church, they clarify that such means a year.

-hail storms are a very effective way of destroying crops; such are prophecies to come; such would even knock down buildings like missiles.

-the reason Satan doesn’t want missionaries to go out is because they are what happens just before Satan is overthrown.

-there will be another Civil War in the USA then the missionaries are called home then there is to be an international war see Isa. 10 and 13.

-before Japan attacked us we gave them weapons

-we are giving weapons to other nations now

-the missionaries go out, they are called home before the destructions, then after Armageddon a 3.5-year war, they go back out to preach more.

-the USA economy will soon crash, then civil, then international war.

-D&C specifies that Mt. Zion is the New Jerusalem; (The Pearl of Great Price clarifies that New Jerusalem is in America in Missouri).

-With Moses we see the power of one righteous Priesthood holder is greater than a whole nation. Wicked sorcerers imitated the snake, and made a bowl of red water, but they couldn’t imitate the greater plagues Moses brought, and they confessed Moses’ God was the real one.

-China and Russia will invade the USA, there will be attacks on Utah. Where will the Church members hide? We don’t know but the Church is buying much land in many places.

-one reason the Church leaders tell us to get an education is because it will help us rebuild destroyed America. Knowledge is the one thing they can’ take from us.

-the prophecies say that there will be a time when we can see from temple to temple there will be so many. There will be a temple at the center of each city. When the city gets full it doesn’t overpack but moves on to make another city.

-some of the Brethren have suggested that the meeting of Adam-ondi-Ahman will be able to accommodate all the Saints via doing that meeting in several sessions like we do temple dedications.

-he says Gog means evil leader and Magog means people of the evil leader; that there will be such a battle before and after the Millennium, each are a type of each other.

-he says the parable to the ten virgins is about active members of the Church who go on Sundays etc.; each have their lamps and are dressed for the marriage etc. But when we go against what church leaders tell us to go for like Prop. 8, we are getting on the wrong side of the line.

-Adamic language, the old language, the letters had symbolism to them as well as phonetic meaning (*like Hebrew)

-San Pete will probably be one of the places we will go if righteous

-13-month war he thinks will be the one against the USA, the then 3.5 year war to be the one against Jerusalem.

-Joseph Smith said that if the USA doesn’t make right the wrongs they committed against the Saints, they’ll have mobs until they’re sick of it. They haven’t righted those wrongs.

-many who have had visions about the attack say it will be in the harvest time at a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas

-secret combinations are what rob the people by making laws that force us to pay for other peoples’ benefits that they don’t deserve. Also to make lying ok in business. Also it’s to make it okay to fornicate.

-if the government ever tries to take your guns or your freedom of religion, it has lost it’s legitimacy.

-when they start arresting Church leaders, and sending the missionaries home, beware, that’s when the destruction comes.

-many who have seen the destruction in vision say it happens in a matter of days, Isaiah said it happens in a day.

-people say it’ll get better; it won’t. Not until the Lord is ruling on the earth.



Noolander & Chuck Baldwin – Lecture Notes





-when people say that to be an American isn’t anything but a feeling, they’re wrong.
-religiously we speak in the name of Jesus Christ. Governmentally we speak by the Constitution, which says we are to be Governed by God.
-if it’s not right for me to do something as a person, it’s not right for the Government to do it; the creature can’t become greater than the creator.
-the founding fathers saw democracy as a great evil, which would mean that the masses could live in evil if they were evil; hence they set up rather a republic
-we have the right to do what we should, not merely the right to do whatever.
-put dirty gas in a good car, and the car won’t work. It’s like having bad leaders in the government with the Constitution. Hence our Constitution is only for a moral and religious people.
-what’s being taught and how it’s being taught are the fundamental issues for our society
-the real issue isn’t same sex marriage or posting the commandments, the issue is whether the Declaration of Independence is our moral creed or just an old document, for it answers such questions.
-socialism is evil; it destroys people and nations.
-centralization of power of communism; it’s same sex marriage; it’s abortion, etc.
-the more a nation embraces socialism, the more it will be godless and secular.
-the New Deal was a step toward socialism
-do you sell your liberty for government and socialistic programs? In other words, do you sell what you have for money? “You can buy anything in this world for money.”
-we should not offer social benefits for those who live outside the marriage covenant. We cannot defend such a position on judgement day when we stand before God.
-good wise and honest people don’t vote for the best bad choice, but for correct thing on the Constitution. God himself says we are only to vote for these kinds of people. Do what is right and leave the event in the hand of God.
-once freedom is lost, that man is damned.
-to surrender freedom without a fight is offensive to that God who died to bring us those rights.
-Patrick Henry speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech hear. Speaks of war already upon us and how we must take a stand now.
-if people can oppress us politically, they (have the potential to if we are not aware) damn us spiritually.




The Constitution by Michael Gaddy – Lecture Notes

from for a cheap alternative to Obamacare where you don’t have to pay the fees.

-George Washing ton said Patrick Henry was the most Christian of the founding fathers, Christianity is the first thing he left to his posterity in his will. is a site where we can see which quotes of the founding fathers are actually from them.

-gov. isn’t reason it’s force and is dangerous George Washington said.

-James Madison and Alexander Hamilton tries to get the government for themselves in 1786 with a convention in Annapolis Maryland. Jon J. sent a letter to George Washington said the articles of Confederation don’t work because we don’t have the ability to cooers.

-Patrick Henry fought long and hard to get the bill of Rights

-many of our leaders don’t realize that they are sworn to uphold the law of this land which is the Constitution

-Patrick Henry wanted no direct taxation on the people because the more money the nation has the more it can be corrupt

-Rush Bater Ginsburg is a judge high in USA government who said sex between children and adults should not be illegal.

-The Federal Government should deal with the states not the people.

-Patrick Henry asked why we didn’t say we the states instead of we the people.

-the original says we the people of then it names all 13 colonies, signifying that it’s about the states as the middle man, which is how it should be.

-we don’t want a national government under one head, we want a federated government where the states are our governing bodies.

-since 2012 the president can order a person killed without a trial jury. We are becoming, thus, like Nazi Germany, whom also had socialized medicine like we have with Obamacare and in part with something Bush set up.

-thinking that the government is the Almighty is what leads to destruction.

-we should not want to merely uphold every law the government passes, but to uphold the Constitution.

-the Constitution doesn’t say that Sheriffs are the enforce the law of the state or the fed. They are to support the Constitution of the United States and uphold the peace.

-Sheriffs are to know how to determine the Constitutionality of any act, and should immediately resign from office.

-laws don’t decide for themselves if they are valid; Nazi Germany was a nation of laws, and everything Hitler did was legal.

-Jeremy Loch “The End of Evil” a book; speaks of how people think they need to obey them no matter who wrote them.

-the Republicans and the Democrats are just 2 wings of the same buzzard.

-“When the river run’s backwards, someone is messing with it.”

-it’s crazy that a man with an Arab name was elected for public office shortly after 9/11; they had plans for this guy Obama.

-the worst time of monarchy is an elected one

-Obama is a diversion, not the real issue.

-by Randalf Born “War is the Health of the State” book

-they have every gang in America represented in the military

-local elections are the important ones

-we can sit on a jury and tell the judge what to do; it’s not the judge who tells us what to do; we have the power we just won’t use it because we are comfortable.

-lawyers don’t know the Constitution



The Unknown Republic by Stephen Pratt – Lecture Notes


lecture from downloads
Apr. 7, 2007 etc. is his website


-can mail him questions at his home address

Stephen Pratt

HC 74 Box 6410

Cove Fort, UT 84713

-888-322-1414 contact him


-2003 Judge Robert Bork updates the book “slouching toward Gomorrah” written by a judge about the USA.

speaks of Lawrence VS Texas on how if the Supreme Court can do that, the Constitution is simply gone!

-the Constitution doesn’t guarantee us rights any more than having a Bible on your table guarantees that we keep the commandments.

-“How Tyranny Came to America” has this booklet

-today they call those who believe in the original intent of the Constitution “right wing cooc’s” is his website; can contact him via his mailing address on this site

-Diet VS Turner case: Utah Supreme Court says USA Supreme Court has followed social reformers and doesn’t use the original intent of the Constitution anymore. That they are foisting (imposing by fraud) whims upon the American people. They go on to show with 4 pages how the 14th amendment was foisted upon us.

-1972 book “Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the 14th Amendment” by Rob Burger; legal historian; (the book “Betrayed by the Bench” is another book on the subject published more recently) ; William Rehnquist called it raw tyranny, he is a Supreme Court Justice. He was speaking of Roe VS Wade; now we kill as many people a day via abortion as were killed in the day of 9/11, but you don’t see that on the news, it’s all in a days work so to say. about 50 million people have been killed via abortion in the USA. No other nation ever has done this before.

-read the words of Justice William Rehnquist said this is an improvident and extravagant move of the supreme court.

-Antonin Scalia also speaks of this; how only the courts own say so make the belief in God which the society has unconstitutional.

-the wall builders; go to for reading on Jefferson and the First amendment

-Frederick Bastille (French Author); legalized plunder is taking from haves and giving to have-nots.

-Richard Mayberry, “Whatever Happened to Law?”

-Sir William Blackstone; a great jurist and author Founding Fathers referred to

-Law which is contrary to the law of nature are creeds or robbers and isn’t law at all; the law of this land is the Constitution, and laws made contrary to such we can question as to whether they even are law (or at least know those aren’t good laws)

-Clarence Thomas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court says there are only 2 ways to interpret the Constitution, the original intent of the Founding Fathers, or the Supreme Court just makes it up. He says the way we do it today is we just have the Supreme Court make it up.

-Sociological Juris Prudence is how we operate in the USA now, it’s about the people getting whatever they want weather it’s Constitutional or not. It’s from the idea of evolution, and goes hand in hand with SOCIAL DARWINISM, that because we evolved from slime, some humans are more elite than others and can rule the others, and also that because we are evolving, we can have new needs that make the old laws not apply to us, and this is how they rationalize not using the Constitution anymore.

-“Trial by Jury” by Lysander Spooner written in 1852; free at

-J Reuben Clark, “Roman Civil Law”

–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was an American jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1902 to 1932, and as Acting Chief Justice of the United States January–February 1930; he said people are no greater than sand or apes because of evolution, and hence laws should be made by the elite humans to govern the rest of the humans, that their opinions don’t matter.

–Alfred Charles Kinsey is the father of modern sex education; extremely exploiting

(*Wikipedia on him: (/ˈkɪnzi/; June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956) was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist who in 1947 founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University,[1]now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. He is best known for writing Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), also known as the Kinsey Reports, as well as the Kinsey scale. Kinsey’s research on human sexuality, foundational to the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His work has influenced social and cultural values in the United States, as well as internationally.)

-Steven Brayer sides with Clearance Thomas; Obama speaks with them, saying how the Constitution is a living document which we morph to fit the needs of our changing society. This is a way of saying they do whatever they want with it.

-Antonin Scalia helps us to understand that the battle isn’t between conservatives and liberals, it’s between original Constitutionalists and living Constitutionalists.

-Nancy Pelosi raged the healthcare law for all was legal by the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution which is ridiculous.

–The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot by Russell Kirk; written in 1953 explaining the original meaning the claim to the word “conservative”

-the 20th Century has been the most blood thirsty one in the history of the world because the USA has killed about 50 million people via abortion; this is more than any other nation today, and more than any other nation in the past! Civilizations have been destroyed by God for less!

-the order of the power of the three branches was originally intended to be thus: Legislative>Executive>Judicial. You’ll read in school books that they were created to be equal, but not so. The Federalist Papers number 78 says that the Judicial branch should be the weakest of the three to site one source.

–None Dare Call it Treason – 25 years later; by John Stormer

-Dr. Larry McDonald is good

-Dr. Ron Paul is good

-war mongering is the essence of neo-conservativism

-J. Reuben Clark in 1940 said that the USA has been taken over by an alien and foreign power.

-The President never declares war anymore, he just says we are sending thousands of troops here and there.


–Dyett v. Turner — Utah Supreme Court — 1968

In this court case, Utah Supreme Court calls out the federal government as having foisted (deceived) the 14th Amendment upon the USA, etc. They denounce supremacist judges in Washington D.C. ; they push for Constitutional law as opposed to social law.


-Amendments imposed by fraud on the US people include the 14th, 17th, 16th, and the 13th was modified by fraud.

-“Betrayed by the Bench” by John Stormer: book about how judge-made-law has transformed the Constitution courts and culture

-Congress has the power to say no to the President

-Violating the Constitution is (or at least it should be) grounds for impeachment.

-The source of the evil power of the Supreme Court today is the ignorance of the people.

–The Supremacists – June 1, 2006

by Phyllis Schlafly ; esp. see Ch. 15 about how to stop Judicial Supremacists;

-The exceptions clause says Congress can make exceptions to the Supreme Court rulings; they don’t use that power enough.

-Republic of Republics would be heaven on earth, whereas socialism is hell on earth.

-in the Maccabean revolt they had enough holy oil to light the Menorah for one day but by God’s hand it stayed lit as a symbol of God’s constant care until they were able to make more holy oil.

-Ezra Taft Benson was pleased with homeschooling of Robert Owens.

-Article 6 Clause 2 and 3 says the Constitution is the supreme law of the land

-June 1952 Department of Army Field manual which says that the USA is a democracy. This is the opposite of what the 1927 version said about democracy being bad. This shows how the country is becoming more socialist, and changing what the original methods were. We are supposed to be a republic!

-“Democracies and Republics” by Robert Welch

-President Bush said he wanted a democracy and rule of law.

–North American Union

-“The Empire of Debt” book

-see Edward Griffin

-Alexander Hamilton said that a national debt would be a blessing so long as it not too big and something which would cement out nation. Ridiculous. Thomas Jefferson had a different opinion.

-The unkept promises of the federal reserve act are many, such as how interest rates would always be low.

– 260billion $ are given as gifts each year by Americans. This is the most charity of any nation, a good thing.

-in the French revolution, pornography was used to pollute the minds of even the people who cannot read.

-“The Lies my Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen; about history textbooks.

-Millard Fillmore was a great President for he stayed in the Whitehouse and just minded his own business, no new deals or anything.

-“The Creature from Jekyll Island” about the Fed by Edward Griffin; also treats the United Nations.

Scott Bradley – Lecture Notes


from Jan. 26 2006




From Lectures for download at download section of
(This is from about 5 lectures of his from above mentioned site, some things from one lecture I may have accidentally put under the sub-category of another lecture here, but the info is all from him.)

see also

-book he compiled, “LDS pronouncements regarding socialism communism fascism welfare-stateism and other collectivist forms of Satan’s plan” on what the prophets have said on the matter.

-Ezra Taft Benson said that many waited too long and ended up not fighting with George Washington, and that we need to fight now against the evil, that there has never been a greater time to do so than now.

-the patriot act destroys the Constitution and our sovereignty

-why is the word on government quite for a while it seems? Perhaps the tares are being allowed to grow up with the wheat to not choke out the wheat while it is young and tender.

-Book with Joseph Smith words, called something like Joseph Smiths premier on the principals of government and USA or something

-here is another reason why prophets don’t tell us everything: Mormon 1: 15-17

15 And I, being fifteen years of age and being somewhat of a sober mind, therefore I was visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.

16 And I did endeavor to preach unto this people, but my mouth was shut, and I was forbidden that I should preach unto them; for behold they had willfully rebelled against their God; and the beloved disciples were taken away out of the land, because of their iniquity.

17 But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden to preach unto them, because of the hardness of their hearts; and because of the hardness of their hearts the land was cursed for their sake.

-if next conference they don’t mention adultery being bad, it doesn’t mean it’s okay! So it is with politics!

-One man wrote Elder Neal A. Maxwell about why he doesn’t talk more about liberty or conspiracy or something, he wrote back, “Why don’t you?”

-we don’t understand what God has given us already, how could God possibly give us the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon?

-for the past 25 years he has read The Book of Mormon at least 6 times a year and continues to find new truth in it.

-D&C 84 says we are under indictment for not taking the Book of Mormon seriously.

-the Brethren can’t carry us all on everything we must start moving forward

-President Benson said The Book of Mormon is one of the greatest handbooks on liberty.

-H. Verlan Anderson wrote Many are Called but Few Are Chosen and The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil

-we don’t speak much of these things in big Church meetings because the Lord teaches in parables, and personally one by one on introductory messages via the missionaries.

-the USA military is in over 130 countries around the world

-the USA military is spread very thin

-Dec. 1945 1st Presidency message

-McConkie 1979 Gen. Conf. talk says there is a nuclear war that shall happen, and that we have no promise unless we are faithful

-speaks of a nation who nearly required military service of their woman regardless of marital status or having children.

-he defeated fluoride in his community

-his email is to share ideas or to ask for information; address the subject as Constitution party or something like that to get his attention.

-says certain times he is on the radio

-he ran a community homeschool of about 25 children who met 3 times a week in his basement

-we need to fight for liberty for without such we cannot do temple work or family history work etc.

-Helaman 6 shows that conspiracies are generational

-see History of the Church 6:323

-it’s good to join other nations to ours under the rule of the true Constitution, but what people want to do is get a new world order ruled by a socialist government.

-see “False God’s We Worship” 1st Presidency Message where they rebuke us for worshipping stele, and for training a man to kill then calling him a patriot

-if we must go to war, the damage we do is upon the head of the person who started that war, for we are powerless against the government.

-Joseph Smith said that it’s better to throw away your vote on voting for a good candidate that won’t win the election rather than voting for a “lesser of two evils” candidate who could win and then use that weapon we gave him to destroy us. (Comprehensive History of the Church by BH Roberts Vol. 2: 208-209)

Scott Bradley 2011 11 22

-Dec 1945 First Presidency Message against a universal draft (Messages of the First Presidency Vol. 6 or Improvement Era 1945 and 1946) They say that it’s good for children to be in their parents’ home after age 18. They say sending all our children to the military would be bad for they could develop a desire to kill, and be out of the refining area of the world and put them in a hostile environment, and a list of other issues, 17 of them.

-Benson said if our foreign policy is correct we would be safe

-June 1976 Benson talk

-Dec. 14 1945 1st Presidency Message: encouraged letters to be written to the Senate about an issue of war

-John Kennedy spoke at the tabernacle at Provo and said that what the founding fathers said doesn’t apply since we live in different times. (Sept. 26)

-war and debt are what make the many be governed by the few

-St. George Tucker, “View of the Constitution of the United States; suggested by Scott Bradley; Tucker is best Constitution scholar writing shortly after it written.

-see Washington’s farewell address

-President of the USA doesn’t have authority to declare war, that is what the congress does; and you can’t relegate a power which the Constitution enumerates.

-have comers with all, and alliance with none.

-Book of Mormon Moroni was sworn to defend his country not go attack others; we are to be on the defense side.

-via abortion we have killed over 55 million people; those are innocent people we are killing.

-J Reuben Clark 1937

-J Reuben Clark 1930 he plead with us not to get into war

-J Reuben Clark Conf. Report Apr. Conf. 1942 ; speaks of how the wars will take our Dr.’s out of our land so we need learn to care for our own children. Says we need obey the command of our country leaders when they force us to war, and that killing in such wars they will not be held guilty; but no free pass to those who become involved in war crimes;

-there is a difference between war and unconstitutional war.

-God said what comes more or less than the Constitution concerning law cometh of evil see D&C.

-In The Book of Mormon there is a period of time preceding the Coming of Christ where the people have a Constitutional rule, this time parallels ours.

-don’t rewrite the Constitution, just apply the Constitution.

-President Benson said that we should try to expose the secret conspiracies/secret combinations

his lecture on education:

-see 206 time on Prat HG

–Archive Publishing reprints many of the Ezra Taft Benson books. You can reach them at 754 East 50 North, Heber, Utah 84032; 435-654-0824 (office) and 435-654-4289 (fax).

his lecture on the Constitution on March 23 2006

-Humanist Manifesto’s (1-3) can be found at; they are how the public-school systems work today, not allowing anything supernatural (religion), encouraging evolution, denying existence of a God, encouraging socialism, speeding of the wealth, government handouts, free education, euthanasia, etc.

-national popular public education will be the most effective tool for spreading atheism the world has ever known Dr. A A Hodge said in 1887 a Princeton Theologian. It’s about who believes the most must give way to who believes the least in the public education system.

-suggests the clear and present danger film

-April 1965 Benson Conference Report; see Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson (Bookcraft) pg. 569-560 he speaks of how some were too late to help with George Washington waiting around for something big; we are in a similar position and need to act now.

His lecture 2013 11 15 with Mark Porter:

-book biography of Lorenzo Snow by Eliza R Snow Ch. 17 July 24 1829 celebration; speaks of patriotism of LDS; Oct. 2008 President Packer commented on such.

-President J Reuben Clark gives the idea that the las just war of the USA was the war of 1812.

-The wars we fight with Iraq and Iran they said it was because they may someday have weapons of mass destruction and that they violate human rights; neither of those reasons have anything to do with the Constitution of the United States.

-The Federalist Papers # 42 as well as the Constitution as well as NW Ordinance of 1787 and 1779 show that the Founding Fathers wanted to end slavery

-Government controlled healthcare is the keystone of a socialist society

-President Obama tried to change the law by FIAT; he isn’t allowed to change the law in any way!

-When Scott Bradley ran for Utah Senator he had people calling him asking him what he was going to give them if they elected him; this is how people are now wanting handouts. He told them he could only help them be free to act for themselves, and that wasn’t enough for them.

-people told him to become Senator by running as a Republican and getting money from others who would support him, then once in office he could do whatever he wanted, to the right things contrary to what he would tell those who would give him the money to run would say. He refused the offer, not wanting to be a liar like those already in office, and said he would rather be good with God than win political power. The good ends don’t justify the evil means!

His lecture on Secret Combinations:

-“As bearers of the priesthood, we have been placed on earth in troubled times. We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political machinations ruin the stability of nations, despots grasp for power, and segments of society seem forever downtrodden, deprived of opportunity, and left with a feeling of failure.” (2008 April General Conference Examples of Righteousness President Thomas S. Monson President of the Church)

-definition of machination from Mariam Webster: “a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end” (

-by verse count the main topics in The Book of Mormon are Jesus Christ, war, secret combinations.

-The Founding Fathers of America are who coined the term Secret Combinations. They also used the word Priestcrafts, understanding such.

-The Nazi’s didn’t call themselves Nazi’s they called themselves national socialists, and those words slurred together to make the word Nazi.

-Ezra Taft Benson 1965 Conference Report

-Apr 6 Message to the Saints Messages of the First Presidency (see book “Messages of the First Presidency)

-“To Preserve the Nation” book by Scott Bradley

-The Founding Fathers never used the term “Democratic Republicans” exempt in speaking of how such is evil. Who say that the Founding Fathers liked such are either deceived or part of the conspiracy.

-Free Education is a Marxist philosophy

-News Week Magazine Feb. 2009

-President Benson said to do these 3 things, learn of the founding fathers and what they meant, be involved in politics, and educate others on these things.

-Moroni 8 says that the nation is basically gone, but we have to try to help it anyway or we will not be guiltless before God.

-The duty is ours, the result is Gods’. That is what they said much in the days of Joseph Smith.

-Article 6 of the Constitution says that the law IS the Constitution of the US. That is what D&C means when it tells us to uphold the law of our land.

-Suggests listening to Glen Beck, and Mark Lavin, and others.

-Illuminati in 1847 became Communist Union. For the federal investigation of the Illuminati, see the History of Jacobism book

-The Communist Manifesto says in the beginning of it that it is socialist literature. Communism and Socialism are the same thing. It also refers to it as being a secret society and very well spread through the nations.

-The Illuminati and the Communist goals are the same, that we should have no right to personal property, get rid of the current government, and get rid of family.

-J Reuben Clark ran for Utah Senate 2 times but the Saints rejected him

-the United Nations is mostly police states

-when the USA helped Iraq write a Constitution we gave them a soviet style Constitution; nothing of separation of powers and checks and balances; we basically created a tyranny for the people of Iraq

-when we put our military in other nations it makes them want to do the same to us

-NATO and other groups like them are about not having borders, and that is what Marx wanted us to have.

-the humanist manifesto is the thing that is on our public education system now. It’s about building a global community; dissolving America.

-the countries that we are attacking as the USA are the ones which are not in the big banking system like Libya wasn’t involved and Iraq etc. these places wanted to do their own thing, but it could be the USA conspiracy that is trying to get these places in the big banking.

-the purposes of the pre-mortal war were to see weather God would stay enthroned (Lucifer said “give me thine honor” to Elohim), and to see if man would get agency.

-55 years after the shot that was fired which was heard around the world, the restoration of the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ occurred.

-George Washington was chosen to be President on April 6. 14 years later Joseph Smith was born. 14 years later the first vision of Joseph Smith occurred where he saw God The Father and Jesus Christ The Son of God.

-Brigham Young said he believed the Constitution is correct and the best form of government that he could ask for, but he didn’t like “the damned rascals who administer it.”

-It looked like Joseph Smith was going to win as he was running for President, that is probably why he was assassinated.

-see Joseph Smith pamphlet on his political platform

-Idaho Falls temple dedication prayer spoke of the Constitution as majestic etc. see

-President Benson said that the bearers of the Priesthood will save the Constitution

-President Benson said that to neglect to vote for a good political candidate is a sin

-Joseph Smith’s ideas on crime and punishment are very different from what we do in the USA now.

-see teachings of Ezra Taft Benson pg. 569-560

-Joseph Smith’s solution to the slavery issue was to sell some of the federal lands and use that money to buy the slaves so they are employed rather than slaves; the remaining land would be given to the slaves. Nobody loses.

-Our schools have children re-write the Constitution, making them think that they can write better than the founders; this is ridiculous; we rather should help our chidden understand that there is NOTHING wrong with the Constitution and to uphold it!

-India Russia Europe USA you see all of these with similar secret conspiracies

-Destruction of the USA is now more eminent than it was in the 1860’s with the Civil war for people are trying to get rid of the Constitution so we will have no blueprint with which to fix the nation.

-History of the Church vol. 6 to see Joseph Smith’s views on popular government.

-Joseph Smith said to make popular that which is sound and true and to make unpopular that which is not.

-“The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” by Ray Kurzweil is a book about how they are trying to use artificial intelligence to connect humans to robots and not require humans to have bodies etc. Very evil. (Download it at

-“We Are All Socialists Now” Newsweek Magazine 16 February 2009 (Cover Story)

– “The New American Magazine.” President Benson read regularly and gave subscriptions of the magazine to both President Hinckley and President Monson

– Archive Publishers out of Heber City, Utah see them for the publication on the political platform of Joseph Smith. See also (History of the Church, Vol.6, Ch.8, p.197-209; Vol. 5. No. 10. Nauvoo, Illinois, May 15, 1844. Whole No. 94, Times and Seasons, Vol.5, p.528-533)

-John Birch Society. See President Benson was a huge advocate, his son Reed worked of them, and his wife Flora was a chapter leader.

-The first comprehensive American dictionary was published in 1828 by Founding Father Noah Webster. In this book he captured the meanings of the words as they were used during the American Founding era. The title of the dictionary is “American Dictionary of the English Language” Noah Webster 1828. Scott Bradley’s book, “To Preserve the Nation,” has a large appendix of words from George Washington’s “Farewell Address” which were defined from this dictionary.

– “It is a paradox that men will gladly devote time every day for many years to learn a science or an art; yet will expect to win a knowledge of the gospel, which comprehends all sciences and arts, through perfunctory glances at books or occasional listening to sermons. The gospel should be studied more intensively than any school or college subject. They who pass opinion on the gospel without having given it intimate and careful study are not lovers of truth, and their opinions are worthless.” (John A. Widtsoe, [1872–1952] of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Evidences and Reconciliations, p.16-17)

-At a breakfast meeting with Elder Dallin Oaks I (Scott Bradley) quoted John Adams as writing to his wife: “The science of government is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take place of, indeed to exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.” (Quoted in Adrienne Koch, ed., The American Enlightenment [New York: George Braziller, 1965], pg. 188). Elder Oaks seemed delighted by the sentiment.

– October 1987 general conference talk “Our Divine Constitution” (see Ensign Magazine, November 1987) President Ezra Taft Benson quotes Joseph Smith, saying: “The Prophet Joseph Smith said: ‘t is our duty to concentrate all our influence to make popular that which is sound and good, and unpopular that which is unsound. ‘Tis right, politically, for a man who has influence to use it. … From henceforth I will maintain all the influence I can get’” (History of the Church, 5:286).

Other Notes from Scott Bradley:

– in regard to “celebrities” who endorsed the so-called 1968 Gun Control Act, at least the following endorsed it: Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Tom Laughlin, and Kirk Douglas.

-in regard to comments about so-called “celebrities” who have come out in favor of a convention to change the Constitution, there are many “celebrities” who have endorsed a convention to alter the United States Constitution, including the ones noted here and others such as Sara Palin, Rush Limbaugh, David Barton, and sometimes (he seems to drift in and out) Mike Lee.

-Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” is a good example of poorly conceived proposed changes to the United States Constitution. Implementing most of his proposals would fundamentally change the foundation principles of this nation and destroy the way back to proper government. Perhaps we should be grateful he authored the book to show us what is at stake and the depth of misunderstanding of those who wish to change the Constitution.

– the Founding Fathers had under the inspiration of God when the made the Constitution etc. (see D&C 98:4-11; D&C 101:77-80)

-to get old J Reuben Clark talks etc. many talks are available in a multi-volume publication from Brigham Young University Press (available at Amazon Books and some other sources), and many are published in LDS general conference reports.




Intro To Secret Combinations by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes



Ken Bowers worked with W. Cleon Skousen on many projects for 4.5 years.

This is from the downloads Intro to Secret Combinations

see also another speech giving more insight to many of these subjects where you will also find many wonderful resources for source study of the topic: Two Churches Only by Christian Markham post and website and book etc. at

-The Fabian Society in Sussex England has as their logo a wolf in sheep’s clothing;

-Michael Merit; Rothchild descendant who is LDS and left that family way. he was offered 100 million dollars to quit his LDS mission and quit the LDS church and go work for his grandfather in the Rothchild business. Today he has 60 billion dollars built up available for him if he leaves the Church that his grandfather has offered him that sits there in a bank hoping that he would accept it.

-W Cleon Skousen read Ken Bower’s book and said it’s the best research he has seen done on the subject, that Ken is one of the few people in the world who really understand how this world is run.

-Mayer Anshel Rothchild is the person who founded the illuminati.

-Satan is the only one leader of all the world secret combinations.

-They have a god; their god is Lucifer.

-President Ezra Taft Benson said the string that the constitution is hanging by is our vote; so we need to vote and that correctly.

-Whatever the government funds the government controls!

-never again vote for government subsidies, or a candidate who wants such

-at God’s judgement bar we will have to give an account of what we have done with his precious constitution

-voting for two evils is still voting for evil!

-the Constitution party in Utah is a small 3rd party who wants to get the constitution back to the way it was originally

-pressure our congressmen to do what we want.

-when the government subsidizes something, the recipient becomes the slave of the government.

-desert republican and democratic political parties in mass.

-the book “Memoirs of David Rockefeller” page 405 has him saying that he is trying to take over the world, but that those who proclaim such are radicals.

-the book by Carol Quigley “Tragedy and Hope”; his book speaks of how Rockefellers and Rothchild’s families have banks throughout Europe to control their finances etc. It’s history of the west.

-The hierarchy of the church of the devil is like this: the Rockefellers and the Rothchild’s families are the ones which are at the top. There are 5 other families which help settle disputes when those families fight. Those are the top 7 governing families. There is a council of 13 under them. Those 13 are presided over by a group of 3. Then under those is a group of 33, whom are the highest 33 Masons there are. Under them are many other secret groups like the Round Table.

-The Free Mason group started out good, and in most places, it still is. But its things done in secret, and Lucifer has a way of getting his hands into such. Joseph Smith and George Washington were Free Masons, this is before 1870 when the group became infiltrated by the illuminati. The illuminate worship Lucifer. They believe there are 2 gods, one is Lucifer and they say he is the good one. The other is Adonai, the God of the old testament scriptures rendered in Hebrew. There was European Free Masons, and American Free Masons. European Free Masons got corrupt, then in 1870 when they joined with each other they had a compact with the most high levels wherein you have to promise to worship Lucifer. Today this is administered only in Rome and Berlin and Washington D.C. Most the Free Masons are good people, almost none of them know of these things.

-Much more evidence of this in the authors book and sources referenced

-The history of how America came to be is changed by the current people who have us with their text books; they take out the element of how God helped this country to be born and preserved. George Washington was subject to direct gunfire 3 times without getting any harm. There are many other examples of this. These are taken out of the textbooks. (*They are just as well recorded history as anything, it’s just the atheist agendas of those who rule the education system.)

-The reason that there is much evolution and much socialism and much anti-bible stuff taught at the more prestigious schools is because the professors agree that they will teach those certain doctrines when they are hired. There are people higher up who are pumping those institutions with their political agenda, and the professors who are hired to work there are under contract to teach those things.

-The radicals are the ones who are doing the big bad evil things. Don’t call the people who tell you about it radicals. They, rather, are the patriots.





Satanic Ritual Abuse by Ken Bowers – Lecture Notes



-James E Faust talk against Satan and all his devils. He says be careful with the devil, but that Brigham Young said that it’s important to study evil (*to know what we are up against etc.)

-There was a Satanic group in which you were required to get on Prozac to be a member.

-The Glen Page document is of 800 Mormons who were in Satan rituals to abuse children

-they brainwash them with drugs

-there have been several children burnings in several countries

-these terrible things happened in the Book of Mormon as well.

-federal reserve and council on foreign relations and a religious branch are 3 branches of the Satanic Ritual abuse. The name of the religion of the elites is Luciferianism, in whom they believe and worship. It requires human sacrifice, they do so, it’s usually children. This is satanic, know that whenever we see human sacrifice. When the old testament says they made their children pass through the fire this is what it’s talking about.

-there are members and leaders in the LDS Church who practice SRA. We don’t know if any General Authorities do, but recall they are able to turn against the Church and become devilish. Christ had his Judas. Joseph Smith and John C Bennet, William Higbee brothers, and others who at one time thought he was a great prophet then turned and sought his blood.

-Petrona Blavatsky founded the New Age group, Wickery, the new kind of witch craft. She was funded by the Free Masons, and is Luciferian.

-Doug Millar was LDS is excommunicated, he believed the General Authorities did SRA as a policy. a bad guy.

-of this magic also, they believe in the 3rd eye etc. This is evil.

-there are people who have flashbacks of their childhood of dark rooms, people in robes, knives and blood, children being sacrificed on alters.

-Dr. Tru Ott is an excommunicated member of the Church, he made reports of top General Authorities doing SRA, that there is an alter for sacrificing children under the SLC temple. This is ridiculous. He is a liar. The holder of the master key of the temple that lets him in to the Holy of Holies etc. reports that there are 4 levels under the temple, and the bottom one is filled with family history things, not alters.

-children who are victims of SRA get split personalities, one is the front normal one; another is a Manchurian candidate personality, where they’re told to do something, then once they do they snap out of it, even like a murder. The third personality is the one that has a vivid recall of what happened, such is pushed back, and they try to forget that personality exists.

-The Children who see the SRA, the killing of the child on the alter, evil men say that the person with the knife doing the sacrifice is Gordon B Hinckley, or Thomas Monson, or Boyd K Packer, to get the child to believe such, and this is to denigrate and possibly destroy the LDS Church. They will believe it so strongly and fight to the last breath saying they saw them do that. It takes much recovery to overcome such.

-even though the truth can be ugly, it’s always empowering to make correct decisions to allow us to save ourselves from the evil of today.

-one therapist tapped into a subconscious of one who did evil, he found an evil spirit inside the person, a report was made on such, Ken Bowers took notes, and recalled: the therapist asked him why he does these evil things, the spirit said it’s because he must. The spirit was asked if there was someone above him making him do this; the spirit said if there was someone making him do it, it would be below him not above him.

-tell what’s doctrine of men and what’s originating in Satan by those of men go on tangents, but those of the devil are totally 180 degrees from the truth. They say Lucifer is the Son of God and that Jesus is the imposter, which is totally the opposite of the truth.

-in Jesus Christ’s Church, we have people who have authority over us unto Jesus himself; in Lucifer’s Church it’s the opposite, their authority is under them until the very bottom, Lucifer.

-99.9% of Free Masons are good people who do good, no question about that; but they aren’t the ones in control of Free Masonry.

-at the very top of Free Masonry and Satanism and Witchcraft are Luciferianisms. The intake for witches is the same as that of top levels of Free Masonry, word for word.

-Joseph Smith said Free Masonry is the apostate temple worship copying.

-Joseph Smith, George Washington, first 5 Presidents of LDS Church were Free Masons in the 1840 era; this is because that was the time before the Free Masons went bad up top.

-May 1 1776 Illuminati were formed, Adam Weishaupt the founder was a Luciferian. They had a rite called The Palladian Rite which introduced it’s members into the worship of Lucifer. They saw Free Masonry how it was secretive and wanted to get into it. In 1784 they got on to Free Masonry, introducing the Palladian Rite only at the top levels of Free Masonry. There were 2 centers of Free Masonry in those days, European and American Free Masonry; George Washington said the Illuminati got into the European Free Masonry, but the American Free Masonry they didn’t have that influence. So they didn’t have the Luciferianism in it. Hence JS and GW etc. could be in and not detect the devil in it for he wasn’t. But in 1870 European Free Mason united with American Free Mason. Josepi Mozini and another man did this. They made it all under one head, and introduced the Palladian rite to the new big union.

-Berlin, Rome, and Washington D.C. are the only places which administer the Palladian Rite today. The head of Free Masonry locally won’t know anything about this.

-the 33rd degree is divided into two in Free Masonry; this small part is who is introduced into the Luciferianism, and they lead the organization and set the agenda.

-they hide behind the good works of the lay men to look like a good organization, but since it’s lead by evil men, it’s an evil organization.

-what’s the evil Free Masonry does? Influencing politics; the advisors, the power behind the throne.

-not even the 32nd degree of Free Masons knows about the evil in the organization.

-the Free Masons try to get the One World Order, the New World Order.

-33rd degree Masons are interviewed if they are Christians and weather they would spit on the cross. If they say they are not Christians and would spit on the cross, they are told that they are going up higher in the organization, those who are Christian and who won’t spit on the cross don’t get to move up higher. Those who hate Christianity are the governing powers of Free Masonry.

-Free Masons are good people, but they don’t understand the organization they work with.

-we read in history books that Christians accused others of being witches and burning them; the truth is that the witches were accusing the Christians of being witches and having them burned so they could take their property.

– the truth was that the Pod Family who came over on the May Flower were Witches. More witches came. They were lazy, and the Christians would work hard, and they took their riches by pretending to work hard and getting into political power. They would become Sheriffs etc. The accusers in the Salem witch trials were all teen-age girls, and were children of witches, and they were told that when they brought someone before then, to accuse them of being witches. 18 women and 2 men were killed for being accused of being witch. These young women accusers would fall on the ground and bark like dogs, and howl at the moon etc., saying that the witches had put bad spirits into them.

-once the Christians were killed for being accused of being witches, and the witch Sheriffs etc. would make sure that the auction of the property of the killed person would fall into the hands of the witches.

-those killed from being accused of being witches were people who had no posterity to inherit their property, old widows, etc., these were people from whom they could get the property.

-Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, the book the Free Masons give the 32nd degree Masons as instruction. see pg. 321 for where it praises Lucifer. pg. 566 it says demons told Adam not to eat the fruit and that Lucifer made Adam. It says an angel of light, Satan, induced him to transgress, but that the demons made Eve who messed things up even more. It says that Lucifer created and governs the visible world.

-Ken Bowers has 20 lectures he gives, he says contact him and he will come present them to you in your home or to your group etc.

Sharon Williams:

-at 3-9 victim of SRA; at late 30’s memory of such came, plaguing her through the night.

-she had multiple personalities, believing one thing one day and another; her answers were the answers they programmed in her to answer; she was driven with terror to obey those who programmed her.

-you can look up online the effects of SRA and thus be able to notice this in victims.

-she has a book on her life story and healing

-SRA is much more common than we believe

-if the SRA people can’t split the personality of their child victims they will often slay them

Cristi Greenouch:

-she was held under the water in a barrel by her ankles until she was about to drown, and they said to her “see, Jesus didn’t save you, we did.” She was about 9.

-she saw that as a child, her spirit checked out of her body while they did these abuses to her. She saw Jesus holding her spirit while the evil men hurt her body as she recalled these times, and she asked Jesus why he would allow this to happen. His response to her with tears in his eyes was that he allows this to happen because of the agency of man, but that he never left her during the hard times.

Judy Byington (Therapist) (author of book “22 Faces” about recovering from SRA abuse):

-the SRA investigators report that there are 8 SRA groups in Utah

-book by Jenny Hill called 22 Faces reporting the SRA abuse to her and how it caused her to have so many different personalities. Dr. Greenbomb is the name of the man who programmed her.

-30 years after the SRA human programmers came is when the people began to have a fear among them they called “The Satan Scare”.

-the human programmers have ways they access the mind of the human and control them by calling out the names of certain alters and so forth.

- is the website to support stopping SRA and other government mind control

-Ivory Garden is a network of about 3,000 survivors of SRA

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

Chris Anderson:

-speaks of a Catholic monastery with catacombs beneath it where the women (including herself) were raped

-she felt blood being pulled out of her soul while standing there, and called upon God for help.

-it takes 30 min. for an SRA person to split a personality. There is a ritual to it. The SRA person knows how to do it. The SRA person can grab them, do this to them for 30 min, then put them back on time to catch the bus for school. The child may not know what went on but not feel right. Then they may grow up with all kinds of compulsions and anxieties etc.

-when a child says they don’t feel good about a certain leader or Dr. etc., trust them and don’t make then see that person.

-the Satanists are willing to die for what they believe


Brandon Scott:

-Bayer family changed their name to Rothchild’s. From them comes the funding for SRA and Illuminati. They say the power in their order lies in its concealment. They take existing organizations and infiltrate them from the top down.

-Albert Pike is one of the main people involved. He also is the only General with a statue in Washington D.C.

-Webster’s 1828 dictionary says the root word of combination is conspiracy

-John Robison book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” written in 1798

-“Operation Paperclip” is about CIA conspiracies

-Darin Brown, “The Experiments of An Assassin”; find on google etc., about 47 min research. Shows that SRA and torture and fear of drowning etc. can engage mind control on people.

-The Eagles, album Hotel California is laid out in Luciferian language. The Hotel California is the Church of Satan.

-Look up Allister Crowley

-Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to heaven” it was written by Allister Crowley in his mansion, then when the Zeppelin band reported writing the song, they said they just picked up the pen and the song wrote itself.

-J Reuben Clark and David O McKay said they were living in the biggest era of propaganda that the world had ever seen.

-J Edgar Hoover said that in America the people will be faced with a conspiracy so large they will even question that it exists. This goes back to the 1400’s and is a family blood line. It involves incest and rape.

-Glen Pace report on SRA. He was asked to do research on this by President Ezra Taft Benson. See; see also see

-Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Paperback) by David Shurter

-“Operation Paperclip” about SRA, see

-“Allister Crowley” is a major SRA founder; search him; for example see

-The Quintus Tribe: claims to be the ascendants of Cain; Flavious Josephus historian writes about this




Two Churches Only by Christian Markham – Lecture Notes



I also read his book, “Two Churches Only”. It is very good. However I didn’t like the second half of volume 2 at all, where the author succumbs to apostacy.


For a vast resource of media materials free on his website, which are very useful for research, see




-The job of the prophets is not to tell us everything, nor are they better than us. They merely have a more weighty calling in the church, more responsibility to teach us the gospel. They give us the tools, and we are responsible for finding truth from the tools they give us. We are responsible for working out our own salvation, and standing up against secret combinations. The Doctrine and Covenants says that when we see secret combinations arise, we are commanded to then stand up to fight against the rising of these things lest our society fall!

-The Book of Mormon has many examples of how secret combinations, secret societies have carried on throughout history and have been used, infiltrating societies, and how the devil is the founder of such.

-They Egyptians had 2 sets of eyes when the one was open the other was to be shut. This means they were to live double lives, to appear nice to their loved ones and friends then to be their real selves when they did their works in darkness. There was esoteric and exoteric, exoteric is the evil we see in the world, and esoteric is the underground/secret evil in the world that is kept secret.

-The Greek philosophers many were Luciferians, such is how we have the western culture entirely.

-The Greek mythology, those Gods were not worshiped by them, but they were symbols which they understood. They laugh at us when we think we know what those mean, they are the ones who have the keys about what those things mean.

-Prometheus in Prometheus Bound for the Greeks meant Prometheus was Lucifer, one who took something from heaven and gave it to the humans, and that they God’s punished him for doing that, thinking that the humans are unworthy. They think Lucifer is a misread character who we should worship follow and sympathize over. So they thought that they had secrets to keep amongst themselves and that they had the right to rule the people being superior to the rest of the people that are not a part of the group they belong to. They kill those who reveal their secrets. They know magic and have always been interested in such.

-Hidden groups are not like the mafia we know of them; the hidden groups are sworn to secrecy as we see Cain was in the bible. The first to reveal the secret combination in the bible was put to death. President Benson said that hidden groups are gaining power. These are not those who we know of, but deeper conspiring people who do their works in the dark, and “prove the destruction of an entire people.”

-The secret combination groups want to kill all the people so there is less population and they can have children at their leisure without overpopulating the earth they say.

-Aladdin: another film couched in nice things which slowly softly indoctrinates with socialism views.

-The Lion King: It’s about socialism, how the lower class is forced into government by the higher class, and the bad lion represents Jesus Christ, who is trying to liberate the people; the funky magical monkey represents the initiate of the mystery schools, who inspires the son of the old lion king to take the throne that is ‘rightfully’ his.

-*President Barak Obama making a ‘joke’ on where he was born played a clip from the Lion King film in which he holds up new baby lion prince, which we know symbolizes the anti-Christ!

-Need these things for Satan to rule: (and Hugh Nibley agrees, for such is learned in antiquities and the Kingdom of the Devil has been around from the beginning):

-Star Trek has much luciferianism and communism portrayed in it.

-The Secret Combinations people teach us their doctrine subtly by portraying it packaged in good things, like Disney movies.

-Can download other books from his website as well.

-The True Church is not a pyramid in its government, even the prophet Thomas S. Monson has to go to his bishop for his temple recommend. The members are all of the same worth in God’s eyes. Only Jesus Christ would be considered above any member of the Church.

-The Devil’s Church is a secret pyramid hierarchy.

-There are current mystery schools, like a Harry Potter school; it’s the .001% of those of the Church of the Devil that go to such, Lucifer and his cohorts are in attendance in such meetings.

-They believe all good things are from Lucifer, whom is the giver of light and good in this world, and is tragically misunderstood by humans, namely Christians. They believe he will be their Savior. He makes people think that free agency leads to doom and that they must surrender their self-control, that they are too stupid to make it on their own, like not using drugs etc.

-They use Satanists as pawns, and think such are stupid. The Luciferians are very well organized.

-They believe Jesus Christ’s gospel is a bastardized corrupted version of the mysteries. That he was in intro-level incite in the mysteries who went apostate and taught that he is God.

-They believe in re-incarnation for it’s the only form of eternal justice that doesn’t require a Savior! They use it to justify elitism and oppression, and especially with Hitler’s case, eugenics. They think that they have been reincarnated 1000 times and that they are now at the top and that if they do well they will become Gods. They think that slaughtering people i.e. all those Jews is just helping them progress in their re-incarnation; they think those they slaughter will thank them in eternity.

-The way Lucifer works with his church is intellectualism.

-The Masons are nice on the outside, and on the deeper levels, it is a way of getting people into the mystery schools, where they learn how to do Luciferian science and magic, and are part of an extremely secret combination.

-A letter from the Masons which was not for the general public but slipped into such on accident revealed that the society was nice on the outside, but that on the inner levels it is for the purpose of getting people to an elite society where they are combined throughout the world to their political purposes and to subjecting the human race to their control.

-His friend was a man who worked on large machinery, and was called to a small town in Texas to fix a massive scanner; it was at a Mason Lodge, it looked so small he didn’t even know how it would fit the scanner; he went in and a disconcerted lady who seemed frustrated that he was there lead him down many long hallways and down many floors in an elevator to get to the room where the scanner was. He fixed it then not knowing how to find his way out for only that lady was there and she had gone away somewhere, he wandered around to find his way out. He saw that the floor had carpet, the walls were lined with marble, and in some areas deeper in even the ceilings were lined with marble. He came to a large wooden door and it opened right up. Inside it was like a football stadium large, a room which would hold 30,000 people, a massive conference room; when he went in he felt something come over him, then in his mind he heard a shout, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE! GET OUT NOW! He quickly left and eventually found his way out of the building.

-in the mystery schools, which are hidden schools, Harry Potter Hogwarts schools are a fantasy version of such, they teach godly sciences, which Lucifer knows, for he has no veil of forgetfulness, he remembers all of these, he leads them on by intellectualism, he is present at such meetings at times. This is the same group which taught some of these as in times of Egypt to levitate, live under water, endure torture without experiencing pain, etc.

-One of the methods of the Luciferians is that they lie massive lies so big that the people will think they no one would lie that big so there must be some truth to what they are saying. Even if their lie can be proved wrong right away, still people think there must have been some truth to it because someone said it and people think that people may tell little lies but never big ones.

-*The massive lie idea we see in Obama saying that he has helped the national debt issue. read posts on Dinesh D’Souza and see the links to his speeches and documents for more information on such.

-Homosexuality, like the groves of old, are the way that people in this secret society bond to each other; they may even prefer heterosexual intercourse but they do homosexuality as a part of their way they bond to each other. So Sodom and Gomorrah was not just a bunch of homosexuals running around, it was a bunch of Luciferians!

-looking at history, any practice which has followed the Luciferian practices and had such become legal in their land has soon been destroyed. This is what is happening to America.


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